Escape From Alcatraz #1

Reviewed by R. Krauss

Escape From Alcatraz #1
Reviewed by R. Krauss

Artist: Steve Lieber
Writer: Sara Ryan
Colorist: Jeff Parker
Publisher: Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Steve Lieber and Sara Ryan were contracted to produce this comic for the Alcatraz Gift Shop by the Parks Conservancy. Normally that's the only place you can buy it, but Steve had a few copies on hand at the recent Stumptown Comics Fest so I was lucky enough to score a copy. (However, you can order it from the Gift Shop online.)

The issue is numbered as the first and features the most famous escape attempt. It was in fact the thirteenth attempt, but the only one considered successful since the prisoners were never seen again. There were thirteen other attempts to draw on should the publisher want to a second issue.

The story for this one was based on Jolene Babyak's book, Breaking the Rock. Besides the drama of this famous escape, the comic is filled with lots of fascinating details and trivia thanks to Babyak's expertly researched volume.

The story, The Dummy Head Breakout, is named after the fake heads the convicts molded and placed in their bunks during their nighttime preparations and the night of the escape itself. When the guards passed by to check on the prisoners, the dummy heads were realistic enough to trick them. The comic includes a photograph of the actual dummy heads as one of its bonus features.

This is a terrific comic book. Ryan did a nice job adapting Babyak's book and Lieber's layouts and artwork keep the action moving forward from the opening page. Parker's color palette captures the drab institutional feel of the aging prison beautifully.

The bonus features include short bios of the four felons and the comic's creative team. There's also one-page write-ups on the escape and on the prison itself. The production values on the book are top-notch-paper, printing, and full color reproduction throughout. What a great souvenir and a wonderful new venue for a custom made comic book.

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