Tales of the Mundane
Reviewed by R. Krauss

Tales of the Mundane #4
By Brad Dwyer
Self-published, 2008
20 b&w pages, plus cover
Letter-size digest
$1 per copy

Website: http://www.blackmarkercomics.com

This is a nice collection of comic strips that ran on Dwyer's website from Aug. 2007 to Feb. 2008. Each comic strip ranges from two to six panels and features Brad and sometimes his significant other, Shannon.

The gags are quips, observations, and/or sarcastic remarks about something that happened in real life. Most of them are pretty funny and entertaining. The only ones that I really didn't care for take place in the bathroom.

I really like Dwyer's cartoon artwork. His characters are bold and he focuses on the framing, background, and detail that's important to the gag. This small press comic has a lot going for it. Be sure to check out his website for more samples of his comic strips. Adults Only.

Rating the Issue

Story: Overall 7
Concept: 7
Plot: 7
Writing: 6
Art: Overall 7
Style: 7

Storytelling: 8
Color/Tones: 7
Importance: Overall 7
To the Title: NA
To the Company: NA
To the Medium: 7

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