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Change is happening here!

Posted by ChuckMoore, Jan 30 2008, 08:54 PM

As you can tell, what was originally conceived of as "The Point" evolved into "Rapid Fire News" and spread well beyond the confines of this blog (expanding throughout the forum and all across the front page of the site). It just made more sense to integrate that kind of quick news into the forum where it was easier for people to comment on plus it had the double benefit of driving more traffic toward the forum and the creators living there. Win, win!

That said, now I'm left with a blog with out a point (which is ironic as it was originally called "The Point").

This blog is going to become my private little spot to talk about the business of updating the Comic Related website and covering comics. Essentially, if you've read everything else, you can come here and find more to read.

This will be a bit more intimate (aka sometimes directionless) than the stuff in the forum or on the main site. It will be a bit behind the scenes. It will talk about things like how, today, I had a ton of meetings at work and ran out of time to write and had to punt with the Marvel "Quesada on Colbert" video (which was a bit of a no brainer, creativity-wise, I'll admit). Since the main links were a little thin (and only four in number) I really tried to make up for it with a few solid Rapid Fire News pointers.

How about that James Robinson/Jack Knight possibility? Please Dan Didio... PLEASE!

With this update, I'm changing the name of this blog. Farewell to "The Point". Welcome "Chuck's Place".

Until next time... Make Mine Indie... Cheers!

Sunday Into Monday

Posted by ChuckMoore, Jan 14 2008, 03:13 PM

Today I was able to fill in more gallery images launching a couple more areas. Before I get much deeper into the gallery build, I'm going to work on implementing some foldering options so various galleries (and titles) can be organized just a bit.

I still haven't pulled off skinning this blog successfully. I want that in place before I take The Point to it's next stage of evolution and utilize it over on the main site.

Each day, a little more gets done!

Saturday Into Sunday

Posted by ChuckMoore, Jan 13 2008, 07:54 AM

I managed to get a few more galleries launched on Saturday which is a good start. My first serious attempt to skin this blog didn't quite work out as planned. I'll try that again today. We've had about 8 new registrations in the forum in the last 24 hours. All in all a pretty great Saturday. After I watch a little CBS Sunday Morning (a tradition around my household) I'll get into more updates for the site today.

Conspiring Against Me

Posted by ChuckMoore, Jan 11 2008, 08:15 PM

Life has a way of conspiring against a person. From time to time it proves to me that I'm no exception to that rule.

The wonderful little wireless router which I use here at the house has bricked and may have died. This severely limits my ability to wander the house and work with my laptop (which many accuse me of having tied to my hip). I spent one evening (Wednesday) working away hammering at my hardware set-up only to finally say... "Yes, that looks to be dead." On Thursday night a rash of severe storms in the area pretty much killed my on-line work time. All in all, my plan to soup up the forum and roll out the galleries has been cut down to near zero as the day job (yep, I actually have an 8-5 M-F job believe it or not ... I know, I hide it well) has been pretty demanding this week.

Why did the storms impact me last night? My home is a bit off the beaten track. On the up side that means I have a great little ten acre horse farm to enjoy. On the down side that means that there is no cable, no cable internet and certainly no DSL. As I pretty much don't believe in land line phones (that's why they made cell phones right?) I'm a satellite internet user. That's great on most days, but gets a bit rocky when heavy rainstorms hit as my dish looses the ability to talk to the stars.

There are several books and comics I should have been reading last night (Ron Fortier rightly reminded me of one today which is now top of my stack and I will start reading momentarily). Instead I ended up watching a Leonard Cohen tribute which I had in the Tivo cue from the Sundance Channel. Utterly amazing. The man is an absolute genius and the ending where he sings Tower of Song with U2 was worth quite a bit to me.

Tomorrow I plan to knock out stories on the site pretty early then go on the attack finalizing the galleries and the look of this blog so that I can announce the new features on the main site and invite everyone to dig in. About that same time, this blog will shift to more "story centered" content and I'll move away from sharing all these wonderful tales of internet woes and person livelihood.


My favorite toy. Joined the farm back on '06.

Blog design today

Posted by ChuckMoore, Jan 10 2008, 05:49 AM

Today, I'm going to work on "skinning" this blog. A skin is an image package that you build and then apply to a section of the forum. If you look at the Cinemacomics forum [link], a skin was used to implement their logo at the top. Skins can be used to change the entire look of a page. For this blog, I want to start by rolling in a few features on the side bar on the right then implementing some new graphics at the top.

News flow

Posted by ChuckMoore, Jan 9 2008, 02:22 PM

Those between-the-cracks news stories will start flowing to this blog in a couple days. For the next 24 to 48 hours, I'm going to play around with the look and feel of this area (header graphic, organization, etc.) tweaking it quite a bit. I'll take it a bit more public and actually talk about it over on the main site once I have the look set the way I want. For now, this is an area where I can get a feel for the blog feature so I can help others who want to put it to use.

Welcome to The Point!

Posted by ChuckMoore, Jan 9 2008, 12:34 PM

I'm going to open this blog by posting a bit about the theory behind The Point!

The Point is a working title for a new feature I'm building for to the front page of the site. Basically, I've always championed the established story structure which provides 4-8 long form updates every 24 hours on the main page of Comic Related. This is the backbone of my main site's industry coverage and WILL NOT CHANGE. That said, great as it is, I just don't feel it's enough. I'm constantly stumbling across information that I don't have time to turn into a full story. Sometimes it's a great link to share, some cool art, some great commentary or just some interesting news. Last week, I started really brainstorming how I could get at sharing this information.

That's when it hit me...

Through our forum's new blog feature, I'll start a local blog (your reading it now). I'll use that as a spot where I can constantly add very short story pointers (hence the name) providing content I find (or content that's sent to me) from all over the net. Rapid fire coverage at its very best.

To share the content, I plan to build a small window within the right side column of the main page of Comic Related where the titles of these stories will flow (like a live RSS feed). Those titles will link back to this blog's posts providing all the information there as well as here. This will share even more story content and serve as a compliment to the main 4-8 stories already hitting the site every 24 hours.

More details as they emerge!

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