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Re: G-Man's 20 Questions

Posted by Conscientious Sequentials, May 21 2009, 04:50 PM

Okay...I think this fits best here. In the past I have asked several questions from the members here on the site in the somewhat regualr Comic Related Top Five feature.

This time around I had about twenty questions I wanted to ask.

Just a fun way to see the different background about each member and possibly give Brant and Darren future cannon fodder for their Comic Related based web comic.

So let's fire it up.

1. What was the first comic book you ever read?
I couldn't even begin to guess what the first I ever read was--I've always loved superhero characters and my father ran a grocery store for years and years back when grocery stores still carried comics. But the first one I can very distinctly remembering buying, new-on-the-shelf, and keeping in my collection for a while, was CAPTAIN AMERICA #350, featuring Steve Rogers facing off against John Walker to determine who would be the new Cap.

2. Who is your favorite ALL TIME writer?
Terry Moore

3. Who is your favorite CURRENT writer?
Dan Jurgens

4. Who Is your favorite ALL TIME artist?
Dan Jurgens

5. Who is your favorite CURRENT artist?
Dan Jurgens

6. What is your favorite CURRENT monthly comic book?
Booster Gold

7. What was your favorite ALL TIME comic creative team?
The DOOMSDAY!-era Superman team, featuring Roger Stern, Louise Simonson, Dan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway, Tom Grummett and Jon Bogdanove.

8. Who is your favorite hero that does not have a regular seies to call their own?
Hourman (853rd Century robot version)

9. Who is your favorite ALL TIME comic book hero?

10. Who is your favorite ALL TIME villain?
Darcy Parker

11. What hero would you personally love to kill off?
Barry Allen

12. What villain would you personally love to kill off?
Deathstroke. He's had all the moments he needs.

13. What was the first comic book series that you owned every issue of?
Sun Devils by Dan Jurgens and Gerry Conway, I think.

14. What is your most prized comic book posession?
I have four original pages; one from SUN DEVILS by Dan Jurgens; one from TRANSMETROPOLITAN by Darick Robertson; one from THE PERHAPANAUTS by Craig Rousseau (the page the featured the cast from SCRUBS); and one from 52, by Dan Jurgens again. All of them are pretty much equally valued, but if I had to pick just one to save in case of fire, it would probably be the Sun Devils page, since nobody but me liked that book.

15. What was your favorite ALL TIME 12 issue run of any comic book series?
Wow...this one's a trap, innit? Because of course there's Watchmen. But I'm going to avoid maxi-series and go with a twelve-issue run on a particular series, because that gives me an out on both Watchmen and Sun Devils. However, I'm still left to decide between Superman #74-86 (86 featuring the last appearance of the Sun Devils and 75-82 being the Death and Return stories); and books with short, beloved runs like H-E-R-O, Manhunter and Hourman. Ultimately, though, I'd have to say the first 12 issues of James Robinson's STARMAN. Final answer, Regis.

16. What was the best CURRENT 12 issue run of a series that you have read?
I think I'll just go with the easy one and say Booster Gold #0-10," which includes #1000000.

17. What comic book title do you have most issues of in your collection?
Well, due to a recent bout with poverty and the need to hawk most of my possessions, I think the answer for that might be "52," because I can't think of anything else (MAYBE Green Lantern) that I have more than 30 issues or so of.

18. What was your ALL TIME favorite limited series?
Kingdom Come.

19. Who is the comic creator you would like most to meet?
Mark Waid. I've only met him in person once, and it was back when I was a fan, so I didn't get to ask him any really good questions.

20. What was your favorite comic book movie?


  G-Man, May 21 2009, 05:54 PM

Thanks Russell.

I have that Cap book. (I have a lot of Cap.)

No love for Barry Allen, hunh? Can't say that I blame you.

Sorry to here about the change in finances, wishing you the best and hope things get better for you.

  Conscientious Sequentials, May 21 2009, 06:01 PM

Thanks, G-Man, but the finance change was a while back; it's just that when it happened, it signaled kind of a tidal change in my mentality regarding single-issue comics. I hardly keep any anymore, and the ones that I do, it's because there aren't any collected editions available (such as H-E-R-O, Hourman or Sun-Devils) or because I need them for work (I keep every copy of Booster, Manhunter, Perhapanauts, Savage Dragon since I restarted reading, Walking Dead, etc., on hand for reference for my columns.

As far as Barry, it's nothing against him. I, like every DC reader, loved him when he was dead. But I grew up reading the wonderful Mark Waid run on THE FLASH, and am comfortable with Wally in the role. Frankly, I was more willing to accept Bart when we were being told "Wally gets a happy ending, everyone move along," than I am in going backwards to Barry just to serve Dan DiDio and Geoff Johns's Silver Age fetishism.

I love Cap. Since Civil War and One More Day, I haven't read any Marvel Comics...except Captain America, which I've read every month.

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