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Falling In Love Again

Posted by G-Man, Dec 16 2010, 05:42 PM

Well if you've read my last few blog posts...which have been really infrequent as of late....it's no surprise that it's seems my life long love affair with comics has come dangerously close to an end.

The only new comics I buy are Captain America and Secret Avengers....and thankfully another new Cosmic Marvel limited series is on the horizon. But there has been a big void in my comic reading for most of 2010.

I have not felt this disillusioned by comics during the 35 plus years I have been collecting comics. My passion for creating comics has never been more intense and the $30.00 to $40.00 I used to spend weekly at the local comic shop is now channeled into the printing of books that I have a hand in creating be it through Twilight Star Studios or other sources. And I'm not going to deny that feels great.....but I still love to read comics as well.

Being a co-host on the RaynMan Power Hour podcast here at the Comic Related site and being a re-occurring guest on the Zone 4 podcast has helped a great deal in taking the spark that came about by "weeding out " my personal collection a few months back and fanning that spark into a raging inferno that led to a fiery re-newed love affair...with my personal collection.

Talking about so many great comics that meant so much to me...or other members of these shows has encouraged me to go through the collection and create one entire long box of comics I can grab at any moment, sit down, read, and be proud to call myself a comic collector once again. I read about three to four books a night, and when this long box is read...I'll move onto the next.

What's in this long box?

This is what I'm starting with.

Batman and the Outsiders (vol.1) #1-13 (as mentioned on both Zone 4 and the RaynMan Power Hour....and Geek Street episode #3....matter of fact I've already re-read issues #1-10 and loved every one...finding new stuff in several issues that I missed when I read them all those years ago!)

Untold Legend Of Batman-#1-3-by Len Wein and John Byrne
D.C. Comics Presents #27-cosmic greatness by Levitz and Starlin featuring the villain Mongul. As mentioned on Zone 4...I recently re-read issues #28 and #29 but missed this one somehow.
"Operation Galactic Storm" All 19 parts...in the right order for the very first time ever! This story ran in various issues of Captain America, Avengers, Avengers West Coast, Quasar, Wonder Man, Iron Man, and Thor
Marvel Two In One #16, 17 and Marvel Team-Up # 47- a great three part story featuring the Thing, Ka-Zar, and Spider-Man.
D.C Comics Presents #26, New Teen Titans (1st series) #1-10, Tales of the New Teen Titans (limited series ) #1-4...the re-reading of the classic Marv Wolfman and George Perez run on this book starts here and I'm reading it all! (see Life In Four Colors archive for more on the Wolfman/Perez run on this book! http://www.comicrelated.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=7692 )
Black Lightning (1st series )-#1-11(entire run) re-reading Batman and the Outsiders got me in the mood for these classic stories by good friend Tony Isabella.
Wolverine #1-4-The Claremont/Miller limited series as mentioned on both Zone 4 and RaynMan.

Silver Surfer/Warlock: Resurrection-#1-4 more Jim Starlin Greatness!
Frank Miller's Ronin-as mentioned on RaynMan
Swamp Thing (1st series) #1-10 by Len Wein and Berni Wrightson...plus House of Secrets #92...as mentioned on RaynMan and Zone 4

(yeah...I know...THERE IS A LOT OF D.C STUFF ON THIS LIST!!!! what's up with that?)

Silver Surfer (vol.2) #1-by Stan Lee and John Byrne!
Special Marvel Edition #15-16 (Even more Jim Starlin Greatness! The re-reading of my Master of Kung Fu collection in the correct order for the first time ever starts here!) as mentioned on RaynMan.
Marvel Premiere #31 and #44-two Bill Mantlo and Keith Giffen classics featuring Woodgod and Jack of Hearts.
Marvel Spotlight (vol.1) #28-29-Moon Knight's 1st solo adventure.
Marvel Two-In-One #43-44-Fantastic two part story featuring the Thing, Captain America, and the Man-Thing featuirng jaw dropping art by John Byrne and Gene Day
Marvel Two-In-One #50-more John Byrne at his best-as mentioned on RaynMan.
Marvels-#0-4-Kurt Buseik and Alex Ross....as mentioned on Zone 4
Ka-Zar the Savage-#1-10 by Bruce Jones and Brent Anderson...the re-reading of my complete Ka-Zar series in order for the first time ever starts here! (this has always been one of my favorite comics)
King Conan #1-4 -The last battle with Thoth-Amon. Giant Size action brought to you by Roy Thomas and John Buscema...the ultimate Conan team!

Marvel Chillers #3-7....featuring Tigra in her first solo adventure and several of my favorite comic creators like Tony Isabella and John Byrne. Plus Red-Wolf and the Super-Skrull!!
Fantastic Four annuals #11-15.....real classic Mighty Marvel stuff with guest stars galore including the Inhumans, Captain Marvel, Daredevil, and the Invaders!
Daredevil #135-137-one of my first and still one of my favorite Daredevil stories ....featuring the Jester!

Man-Thing (vol.1)-#5-Steve Gerber and Mike Ploog....Nuff Said! My favorite Man-Thing story ever....mentioned in Life In Four Colors.
Man-Thing (vol.2) #1-another of my favorite all time comics...as seen in the motion picture Lost Boys !!! (no joke)
Man-Thing (vol.3) #1-8 (entire series) Strange Tales (vol.3) #1-2 (entire series) Peter Parker '99 One complete story...as mentioned on RaynMan.
Firestorm-#1-5 (entire series) Gerry Conway and Al Milgrom
Fury of Firestorm #1-18 and Annual #1-Gerry Conway and Pat Broderick-as mentioned on RaynMan.
Invaders #1-9, Giant Size Invaders #1-2, Invaders Annual #1-Roy Thomas and Frank Robbins. The re-reading of the complete Invaders series in the correct order...ever...starts here!
Warlock and the Infinity Watch-#1-10-under appreciated stuff from Jim Starlin and Angel Medina
Hercules #1-4 (first limited series) by Bob Layton-as mentioned on RaynMan
Captain Marvel (vol.1) #57-62, Marvel Spotlight (vol.2) #1-3, and issue #8. The last great Mar-Vell story (not counting the Death of Captain Marvel) with more great art by Pat Broderick....Spotlight #8 is a stand alone story that features Frank Miller.
JLA/Avengers-#1-4-Busiek and Perez....my favorite cross company crossover.
Batman-#608-619 plus Wizaed #0 The complete Hush story by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee ...plus Scott Williams...yeah I liked it!

And there you have it.....got to go...I think I can knock out the rest of the Batman and the Outsiders stuff tonight before going to work!

Mike W.Barr and Jim Aparo kick ass!


  G-Man, Dec 17 2010, 08:00 AM

Batman and the Outsiders are done. What a great read! I enjoyed it so much I (very briefly) considered going to a local comics shop to see if I could find more of the series but after looking up a few of these books on the computer I remember now why these other issues of this book are not already in the collection and the last thing I want to do is to start to clutter up my collection again with sub-par books.

So it's on to Untold Legend of Batman and Operation Galactic Storm (which I believe is nowhere near as bad as most people claim it is...I enjoyed it somewhat when I first read it almost twenty years ago now and think I'll enjoy it even more now....especially reading it as a complete story in the correct order)

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