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You've Got To Love The # 12

Posted by G-Man, Dec 29 2010, 12:33 AM

Not since those long ago days back in the early 90's have I loved the # 12 as much as I do this year. Back then the best quarterback that ever wore a Buffalo Bills football uniform was wearing that number as he would lead my favorite football team (the Buffalo Bills of course) to one AFC Championship victory after another....after another..and after another.

Making four straight consecutive appearances in the Super-Bowl with the Bills.. a feat that had never occurred before in the entire history of the NFL and one I believe will never be repeated.

And I know what all you "haters" are thinking right now.....BUT talk to me about not being able to win any of those four games...after your favorite team gets there four years in a row.

Fast forward to this year.....2010. And the number twelve starts to pop up a lot once again.....maybe not four times in a row...but it does reoccur 3 times in the same year.

Airship 27 a publishing company ran by good friends Ron Fortier and Rob Davis releases 12 books in one year! That's incredible!!!

Twilight Star Studios, a local studio formed by some very good friends of mine including Frank Raynor, Gary Church and Derron Church along with myself...and that would also later pick up such talent as Chad Strohl, Oscar Pena, Joe Pruitt, Chris Metzger, and Tim Hagans releases 12 books in the same year!!!

Awesome!!!!! More on that in the next Hell Yeah forum update.

But on a personal note.....12 books were released this year that I played a role in.....

The Book Of Nohiem- my first full length novel released through Wild Wolf Entertainment.
Tales From The 'Field #1 a 24 page comic from Twilight Star Studios-I was involved with two stories.
Tales From The 'Field #2-from Twilight Star-involved in two stories in this book as well.
Pandemonium Spotlight #1-Twilight Star-I inked the cover of this book and wrote two of the three stories in it.
New Comic Day-52 And Then Some-co-writer and guest artist in this collected edition of the award winning web comic seen here at Comic Related each week.
Tales From The 'Field #1-(second printing)-Twilight Star-involved in two stories in this book, which is a different book than the first printing with 25% new story and art.
Hello, Do You Work Here?-I wrote one of the short stories collected in this book from Alterna Comics.
Visions Of The Macabre-Champion City Preview Edition-From Studio Akumakaze-wrote one of the three stories that appear in this book.
Jack The Rabbit #1-Twilight Star-writer and artist on this full length comic.
Gapo The Clown #2-From Tony Meillo Productions-writer of the eight page back up story.
Prodigy #1-Twilight Star-writer and artist on this full length comic.
Ravenwood-Stepson Of Mystery (Vol. 1)-writer of one of the four short stories collected in this book from Airship 27.

What a productive year! Novels, Short Stories, Comics....what more can a guy ask for?

Find out in 2011 as I aim to completely bury this level of productivity with the help from the the New Comic Day Team, Twilight Star Studios, Studio Akumakaze, Penny Dreadful Press and the Price For The Asking team....and maybe something else from Airship27 who knows?

No Rest For The Wicked....or so they say.


  Mike Luoma, Dec 29 2010, 06:30 AM

And here I thought you'd become a Tom Brady fan, Bill! Ha ha ha...

  G-Man, Dec 29 2010, 08:45 AM

Tom Brady?!?-NEVER!

On a somewhat different note another milestone for the year 2010 involving the #12....my wife and I celebrated our 12th anniversary this year as well!

Maybe not exactly Comic Related but I would have never achieved any of those other milestones without her patience and support.

And while I'm here I want to take a moment to thank everybody I did get a chance to work with in 2010.

Sean Collins, Chris Metzger, Oscar Pena, Brant Fowler, Cary Kelley, Richie Fritz, Chris Hoskins, Gary Church, Derron Church, Frank Raynor, Raichal Gladman, Lisa Moore, Dustin Carson, Chad Strohl, BJay Johnson,Chuck Moore, Brian Latimer, Dan Matthews, Rick Berry, Eric Ratcliffe, Jef Price, Peter Simiti, Tony Miello, James Hill, Darren Mueller, Joe Pruitt, Kevin Hicks, Ron Fortier, Rob Davis, Bryan Fowler, and Charles Fetherolf

  Ron Fortier, Dec 29 2010, 09:13 AM

Hey, I love Tom Brady. dry.gif Last week's gave was heavenly. Oops, sorry. Hahahaha. Hey, Bill, I cannot wait for people to read your Ravenwood story in the new book. It's one of the finest things you've ever done.

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