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Super Villain Team Up

Posted by G-Man, Oct 13 2009, 09:58 AM

I have very exciting news. As of a recent e-mail conversation with Brian Miller...the author of How I Became A Super Villain. (very, very good book) he proposed the idea of linking his blog "Brian's Villainous Blog of Doom" with my own blog here at Comic Related.

So if you are checking out my blog there will always will be a link to his and or course he completes the circle on his end.

He already has the link up for G-Notes over on his side of the fence. I'm close to figuring out the tech chinks in the fence on my side of that same fence.

But until everything gets finalized on my end I wanted to share this link so you can go ahead and check out his blog.


Just like his book, very intelligent, witty, thought provoking and massively entertaining.

I Can't Wait Until 2010-Part Two

Posted by G-Man, Oct 4 2009, 09:10 PM

Alright. Iím through with thinking about all the things that made 2009 such a depressing year. Like I said Iím already to pick myself up by the boot straps and look forward to a strong, positive, and productive 2010. I know it has to be better.

How do I know that? Because of the number three. Three in my regards is of course a magical number and I believe three is a number that brings me luck. 2010 if you break down this way (2+0+1+0 = 3)Ö.hey Iíll take that as a good sign.

Something else I know that is going to happen in 2010 that is just going to be great, my daughter Raichal will be graduating college!!!!! WOW! Those four years really flew by.

And during all the turmoil that made this year I did sit down and looked at what I wanted to achieve, what didnít get achieved, why, and exactly how was I going to change things to make 2010 a more promising year.

Hereís what I came up with. As soon as I finish the pile of books I have already committed to review I am going to limit the books I do review in the future. Favorites such as Mr. Jigsaw and Fallen Justice will still get reviewed but I have decided to cut the reviews done quite a bit. It has to be a project that I can stand behind 100% and be as strong as these two books before I dedicate time to them.

When my Life In Four Colors column re-appears here on the site it will be a monthly column instead of a bi-weekly column. New Comic Day will continue as Eric and I have well over 80 scripts knocked out and saved. Plans are also still in the works for a monthly podcast featuring my pal Frank Raynor and myself so my commitment to Comic Related will not waver, just change slightly.

Iíve decided to divide my creative projects up in several different ways. If it is a comic book projectÖbooks that actually have panelsÖI no longer have plans to release that material through Wild Wolf Entertainment unless it is in a collected trade paperback format... The main reason for this is because I want to have the ability to release single issues of the Prodigy series as I originally planned and collect it every six issues. Sean and I wanted to go this route when I first came aboard Wild Wolf Entertainment but somewhere the option of releasing this material through a series of oversized anthology like books seemed to be a better option and I wanted to call this Pandemonium Chronicles. Iím going back to formula with Prodigy and some of the other comic projects that would have been grouped together with Prodigy in that same book. The Jack the Rabbit illustrated novels with artwork from Chris Metzger that follow The Book of Noheim are still planned to go through Wild Wolf as are the other non panel stories I have already committed to. As a matter of fact if things continue to go the way the are the first of the four Jack the Rabbit books (which I wanted done by the end of this year) will be ready early 2010 and (fingers crossed)perhaps book two will also come out some time next year. This hold up is due to the fact I need to still type the last four chapters of the book which exist now in a hand written journal or sorts and Chris has yet to start the artwork for the cover and the ten chapter illustrations

Ravenwood: Stepson of Mystery-When Death Calls should also be coming out in 2010. I enjoyed working on this project so much I have already signed on to do at least one more Ravenwood story for a volume two of this anthology series and I actually already have an idea for a third story if Ron ever wants one.

I submitted eight Gapo the Clown strips to Tony Miello which he said he may use at some point in the future. This time Iím just writing, Tony is doing the art.

I have already finished a story called Driverís Seat that will be appearing in a still yet un-named horror anthology comic produced through Studio Akumakaze. I jumped at the opportunity to work with artist Chris Hoskins on this thing and he really nailed it! Thereís a good chance this thing may be out even before the end of 2009Ö.leading the way for several projects that already down and should be out in the very near future.

Iíve already finished the first two parts of a story called ďDualityĒ which should be the next thing that I do for Studio Akumakaze. Itís planned to be a four to five part story and each part is 6 pages long. It is a science fiction/detective story with a twist and will be going into an anthology book as well. Possibly their Cliffhangers book, but thatís not in stone yet. Iím working with artist Jacob Newell on this. I canít wait to sit down with Chris Martin and come up with something as well.

The studio that is forming in Springfield will also be doing an anthology book and one of the stories going in there will be a sequel to A Matter of Life And Death which appears in Wicked Tales. I will be working with Gary Church who did the art for the first part again with the sequel. Other projects that may be coming out through this studio that I will be involved with include.

Necrotrancer-This script has been collecting dust for a while now and I am currently looking for a new artist and letterer for this one shot story that will spin off into the on-going Un-Naturals series. The original artist decided to pull himself off the book due to the dark nature of the book. (Necrotrancer is a demon-hunter charged by Satan himself to hunt down and kill 666 renegade demons who once tried to over throw Hell and now have sinister plans for Earth).

The Un-Naturals-The follow up to the Necrotrancer book. Derron Church who worked as an inker on A Matter of Life And Death may end up penciling this book. Derron has already read the script to issue one and loves it. The two of us are discussing things in more detail later this week.

Prodigy-The tales of my cosmic hero fallen from grace written and drawn by myself will be coming out through this outlet as well. Issue #1 is done and ready to go as soon as I find a letterer.

Jack the Rabbit-Limited Series (Issues #1-3) Issues #1 and #2 are already done. Written and drawn by me. They just need re-lettered. Chris Metzger has shown a serious interest in doing the art for the third and final issue of the series that will also feature a back up story called Foreclosure of a Dream (Chris is already on board for Foreclosure). I would very much like to convince him to re-draw issues #1 and #2 so the whole series has the same look and feel. I think this can be done. When collected Jack the Rabbit Limited Series #1-3 will tell the same story as Jack the Rabbit Book One-Chapter One but in comic form.

Rage for Order-with art by Kevin Hicks. This book is still on the table but has slowed down a bit as Kevin has had some great things going on for him in his work and family life. Kevin has also been very busy on Trio with writer Dustin Carson. Not sure when this one will cross the finish line but I intend to give Kevin all the time he needs to finish it up. Love the work he has done on it so far.

Blood Cross-this one and done story features the ďmascotĒ of a local band with the same name. The story will feature a strong tie in with the lyrics from there forthcoming c.d and is about a warrior resurrected from the dead by a wizard to protect the wizard from even greater evil. Iím writing this and doing the pencils. Looking for an inker and letterer.

The stuff coming out of the Springfield studio is no holds barred blood, guts, bullets, and dark magic with several f-bombs thrown in for good measure.

I have one more story called Tears of the Dragon based on the lyrics from Bruce Dickinsonís solo material (lead singer from the band Iron Maiden). Tears is one part King Arthur and Merlin the Wizard, one part Close Encounters of the Third Kind, one part Odyssey, and one part Danteís Inferno all wrapped up in one story. Not sure where this story will call home. I have an artist in mind for itÖ.havenít proposed it to him yet. I may ink this as well as write it.

Tales From The Longbox: the un-named sequel with Scott Riley again on art duty will appear in the Champion City Comic Con program for the 2010 convention. Scott and I are already working on pulling in some top notch out of state talent for the 2010 show.

Speaking of conventionsÖMarch 14th 2010 I will be appearing at Cosmic Comic Con in Urbana Ohio. My first ever convention as a solo creator (I did do a few shows in the past while associated with Dragonsound Studios and while in partnership with Zonetrooper Magazine). At the moment things look very good to have copies of The Book of Noheim and Wicked Tales on hand. Other books I hope to have there would include the Studio Akumakaze horror anthology and hopefully whatever book the first part of Duality goes into, Prodigy #1, and the first issue of the anthology book from the Springfield studio.

Who knowsÖmaybe more but that stuff looks like it has the best chance.

See now you know why I canít wait until 2010!

I Can't Wait Until 2010-Part One

Posted by G-Man, Oct 4 2009, 07:42 PM

Iím sorry. I know October has just begun and I may be the only one that feels this way but I canít wait to get 2009 over with already. This year has been a complete train wreck.

I am just a few short weeks away from being without a job for an entire year. My fatherís health gets worse every day. The combination of both of these two things really wears me down at times. And even the things that I try to prop myself up against and catch my breath seem unstable. I missed Mid Ohio Con for the first time in nine years and the football season has gotten off to a rocky start for us Bills fans.

I had bigger plans for this year. Much bigger plans. I was pretty much on a plane to New York Comic Con in February until those plans literally burst at the seams. I planned to have so much work completed and published this yearÖas I write this the only thing that got published this year when it was supposed to have been was the six page story Tales From The Long Box: Collective Soul which I wrote and Scott Riley illustratedÖit appeared in the program guide for Champion City and was pretty well received.

The Book of Noheim has yet to be released. Ended up with serious egg on my face after running press and setting up book signings and then running into problems at the printer. Sean hurt himself recently which has also delayed the release of the Wicked Tales book. The important thing here of course is Sean getting back on his feet. Afterwards Iím sure things will get back on track to some degree and Iím still hopeful that Wicked Tales sees a release within the next month or so and The Book of Noheim still gets released some time before 2009 comes to a close.

Perhaps the most disastrous thing to really hit me as for as meeting my creative goals for the year was when my computer crashed back in early August. Not only did I lose two programs I relied heavily on to format artwork and photos for my Life In Four Colors column here at the CR site (which went on hiatus late June) but I completely lost the first three chapters on a book I was working on called True Horror @ Midnight. Needless to say that book is now in limbo. I donít really want to re-start it at the moment, donít have the time to re-start it if I wanted to. The recording project Eternityís End which ties into this book and that involves Kevin Adkins, Rick Lazear, Dave Arhar, and myself also on hold due to the fact I refuse to go back in the studio on Monday evenings opting instead to spend time with Dad watching movies. Everybody involved understands completely, plus Rick has just lost his job as well. This has kind of thrown a monkey wrench in his creative mood.

Good friend and vocalist Kevin Adkins hanging out with me at Champion City Comic Con just a few short weeks ago.

My Prodigy book never saw the light of day because that same computer crash cost me my lettering program. With Prodigy on hold that seriously delayed my Shadow War project. Prodigy had to reach issue #6 before the Shadow War could begin to start. I donít even have issue #1 out yet. PLUS the co-writer and artist that was supposed to be working with me on this project found religion and a girl on the internet about the same time and went A.W.O.L.

Top it all off my hair is going gray thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas and I continue to go the wrong way in my attempts to lose wieght.

Any other guy would probably drown himself in a bottle, run away screaming or just simply throw in the towel but I guess Iím just too damn stupid to do that.

There were successes in 2009. I helped to open up Main Street Comics and Games, helped organize Champion City Comic Con, raised money to get my friend Buff a headstone, launched a successful and well received web comic here at the Comic Related site with Eric Ratcliffe, Chad Strohl, and Lisa Moore, joined one of the most talked about creative think tanks in the area (Studio Akumakaze), helping the Brothers Church open up a local art studio, finished my Ravenwood story for Airship 27, (even got to meet Captain Ron Fortier in person!) filled in for Tony Miello on Gapo the Clown, and made a lot of great connections laying the groundwork for things to come.

So I guess the glass is indeed half fullÖ.and Iím filling up next year.

Becoming Wolverine

Posted by G-Man, Oct 1 2009, 07:58 AM

In a way this ties into Comic Related's fifth anniversary. At least it does in my world. But first allow me to explain the Wolverine reference.

There was a time (believe it or not) when Wolverine was quite the unheard of character. He hung around with a certain group of friends, some who were closer to him than others, and he thought he was content. But he had problems. His past was a shambles and he really had no clue who he was or where he was going. And at that point he only had one brief glimpse at the spotlight. But that was enough. He knew he wanted more but just didn't know how to go about getting it.

Then he met a guy named Chuck and all that changed.

Almost two years ago I met a guy named Chuck too. And everything changed.

Until I met Chuck I was a little lost. I admit that. I had a lot of ideas I wanted to see come to a conclusion but they just at times seemed to be distant dreams. My resources were limited. I was haunted by past mistakes I had made. The circle of friends I found myself affilated with did not always want to go down the same road I wanted to and I found myself a loner more often than not.

I came to Comic Related much in the same way Logan ended up in Winchester New York. I have had my own battle with the Hulk and neither of us won. I severed past partnerships and came to Comic Related with hopes of finding a place where I could be accepted for who and what I truly was.

Like Wolverine I found not so much a group of people willing to call themselves friends whenever convient but I found a family. I found a new level of confidence and inspiration. Chuck Moore like Charles Xavier encouraged me to look towards the future instead of staring back at the past.

In a few years after deciding to join the X-Men Wolverine was everywhere. First a limited series than the leading feature in Marvel Comics Presents, and on going series, or two and countless cameo appearances.

Since joining Comic Related I have been fortunate enough to see projects come to completion through Wild Wolf Entertainment, I guest starred over in the world of Gapo the Clown, wrote lyrics with the incredible Dave Arhar, and worked with a true Comic Related legend, Captain Ron Fortier, over at Airship 27.

Logan has teamed up with with almost every character Marvel has to over. I have been fortunate enough to work with and make friends with Carey Kelly, Brant Fowler, Dustin Carson, Lisa Moore, John Wilson,Chuck Kennedy, Scott Simmons, Derron Muller, Chad Strohl, Kevin Hicks, Liam Bradley, Dan Royer, and many many more.

Wolverine joined the Avengers.

I recently joined Studio Akumakaze.

Wolverine helped form the new version of X-Force. A covert team dealing with the dark side of the Marvel Universe. I am helping form a local studio in my home town with Gary and Derron Church which will focus are darker more adult material.

Wolverine along with that Deadpool guy are perhaps two of the most recognized characters in Marvel's roster of comic icons. I have teamed up with Comic Related's own version of Deadpool, Mr. Eric J. Ratcliffe, on a weekly basis working on New Comic Day. A feature the both of us have a lot of fun with and hope to be involved with for a very long time.

With the help of Charles Xavier Wolverine has found the confindence he needed to take his rightful place in the patheon of four color Marvels like Spider-Man, The Hulk, and Captain America.

Just less than two years after meeting Chuck Moore I have become a force for good in my own home town with my involement with the opening of Springfield Ohios' own comic shop in 15 years, the organizing of the first comic convention in this same town in 20 years and now the first local art studio in 10 years.

Wolverine couldn't have done any of that without a guy named Chuck.

In this we are very much the same.

Piggyback Monkey

Posted by G-Man, Sep 24 2009, 09:36 PM

I hope everybody got a chance to check out John Wilson's last blog entry. It was a very thought provoking entry and made a very valid point.

Don't just take my word for it....check it out for yourself if you haven't done so already.


Ever since reading it there has been a reoccuring thought that seems to manage to work its way into my brain over and over. If not for John's blog I may not have thought to mention this but since his post I can't get it off my mind.

Something else I have beeen noticing at conventions with a few artists and even a couple local guys that hang at the store is that a few are deciding to "shoot the art straight from the pencils". And they try their very best to sound all artsy fartsy when saying that.

I think you are fooling yourself as an artist to even consider this option unless you of course have the chops to pull this stunt off. Only problem is all the guys I have heard voice this possibilty are just not that caliber of illustrator. Sure when you're a Cory Nord, Jae Lee, David Finch or Steve McNiven...this is a real option. Or heck...to plug a home town boy...Chris Metzger. I have seen art from all of these guys that looked better in pencil than when it was inked.

But the people that I have heard mention this technique of late don't even come close to being in the same catergory as the guys I just brought up. When one of the guys who told me he was going to this to his latest project while stopping in at the shop yesterday asked what I thought I had to break it down like this.

"If your pencil work has nothing to gain by being inked and can stand on its own merit without being inked...do it. But if you honestly feel your would be strengthend in any way by being inked by all means go that route."

The key point here is being honest about your work, the person I am refering to just is not a strong enough penciler to even consider shooting straight from the pencils. And his reply to my comments were "Oh yeah. I have complete faith in my pencils." I only know a few pencilers (personally) who could pull this off and most of them seem to share the same first name. Everybody else....you work needs inked.

I'm not saying to ink it yourself. Not everybody can or should ink their own work. I hate John Byrne's inks on his own pencils. Same with Sal Buscema. But please....please be honest with yourself and know when your work needs to be inked. Or embelished if you prefer.

Why are so many artists out there even thinking about not inking their work? John hit on it to a degree in his last blog. They actually think their work is better than it is. I can tell you right now what looks like coloring book outline characters, bad anotomy and poor perspective, talking heads, and the lack of backgrounds is work that needs to be strengthened in several ways and inking it is just a good start.

Other artists just run out of time. This means that something must have went wrong in the planning stages, time wasn't used in a professional manner or something unexpected happened to affect what can actually get done before the deadline crunch.

And other artists are just lazy. They just don't want to make the effort to ink it. Have no patience when it comes to inking. They don't respect the talent it takes to ink properly enough to take the time to learn how to do it right. Or they don't take the aspect that their work needs inked to be brought up a notch or two seriously enough to go out and find an inker that would ink the work for them.

How many times have you heard this one. "I can't find an inker for my pencils because my stuff is just too intricate to ink." All the while you're looking at it and thinking "What's so difficult about inking this? There's no shading, no texture....nothing. I have a goldfish that could ink that." Once again people you've got to have some level of honesty when it comes to your work.

One of the things that impressed me the most about John's blog entry was how honest he was about his own work and the fact that he feels he is indeed a lazy artist at times.

I am as well. My laziness as an artist really comes into play when I pencil. I have gotten into the very bad habit of "cheating" with the pencils. If I didn't ink my own work there is no way in Hell nobody else could because there is no way they could tell what was going on in the picture. 99.9% of the detail that goes into something I draw happens during the inking stage and any artist that makes a living in art be it as an active artist or an art instructor will tell you firsthand that's the wrong way to go about it.

But ....I'm lazy. I don't draw with the pencil. And like John there are times when I look at my work and contemplate should I even be drawing at all.

In John's case and in my own I say yes...because both of us know where are strengths lie and what are weaknesses are. As I mentioned in John's blog there's only one project that I do the artwork on and it's one that I'm very close to and I feel I'm acting as a storyteller. A guy telling a story with words and images. Not necessarily a writer or artist but a morphing of the two that hopefully produces something that other people can enjoy. And if worse comes to worse...I enjoy it if nobody else does and I'll be happy if I sell just one copy....to my mom.

Unfortunately there are some out there who do not understand their own work well enough to know where it falls in with all the other great stuff that is out there....and the flood of poorly penciled comics pushed out the door just in time for the next con is going to continue.

Buyer beware.

Comic Related In My Ear!

Posted by G-Man, Sep 3 2009, 11:13 PM

My ears were starving to death. Ever since my computer crashed that dismal summer evening back August 5th 2009 my computer has been VERY quiet. Besides a loss of several photos, stored audio reviews, and various programs used to once format art....I lost all sound. My speakers were dead.

Not knowing much more than how to turn a computer on (if I'm lucky) I had no clue what exactly had not only hobbled my computer but also deafened me to the world of comic podcasting and new release rock music.. All I did know was that somewhere out there there was a whole day's with of audio that is supposed to be coming to Comic Related from the Wicked Tales summit August 22nd and I wasn't going to be able to hear it!

Somewhere out there I could probably hear new music from the forthcoming Kiss c.d Sonic Boom (out Oct 6th) and I couldn't hear it!

Comic Related was going to be recording live as is U.V.N.....Saturday September 12th at Champion City. A con I helped put together. My own daughter was going to be doing interviews. Chuck and I are scheduled to be on a panel together. And I wouldn't be able to hear any of it!!!!

To make matters worse....I missed the last three Related Warp Wraps, Outside the Panels, and Zone 4 podcasts and the Related Re-Cap was back on Weds. Night!

I was literally at my wit's end.

Until today....somehow the computer guru that calls himself Levi (my daughter's long suffering boyfriend) worked some kind of mechanical,techinal, miracle mumbo jumbo vodoo lovin' and restored the abitlty to broadcast precious sound waves through my long silent computer speakers.

Immediatly after listening to the new Kiss song (twice), I watched and listened to Ron Fortier's "5 Minutes of Fame" (twice), knocked out the latest Zone 4, caught up with Outside the Panels and the Related Warp Wrap and listened to Chuck talk me to sleep....well almost.

Not that he was boring. Far from it.

It was relaxing. Soothing.

Brant, Chuck, John, and Ron....and the Yellowbelts.

God I missed you guys. wink.gif

Now it's time to hit the sack...after one more trip to youtube and one more spin with Modern Day Delilah


Hell Yeah!

Crash and Burn

Posted by G-Man, Aug 9 2009, 09:56 PM

Last Weds. night (Aug. 5th) My computer crashed. Big time. Falling prey to cyper vandalism in the very worse way. And it couldn't happen at the worse of times (not that there is ever a good time for something like this).

I was just beginning to letter three of the last outstanding projects for the Wicked Tales book. And afterwards work on an actual Life In Four Colors column that would fill everybody in on all the things that have been keeping me busy as of late.

Well....now that just isn't going to be a possibility. Although thanks to my daughter's boyfriend (Levi) who did manage to re-boot the computer, I lost everything at one time.

Well not everything. I do back up my work on external software once a month, bad news is I haven't gotten around to doing so for the month of August yet, so I effectively lost 2 months worth of work that included...

Both versions of the Ravenwood story (that I thankfully already sent to Ron, but my copies are gone)
Copies of the art for A Matter of Life and Death (which did get lettered and once again already got sent to Sean)
The first three chapters of the True Horror @ Midnight book I was writing and hoped to release this October.
Over two hundred digital photographs.
Several programs including the programs I used to letter comics and format artwork for columns and reviews.
My sound programs
Stored audio.
Two months of logging and inventoy with the comic collection.

Which means as of now I have regained the ability to reach the inter-net, and e-mail and managed to re-install my printer, copier, and scanner I'm barely limping along.

For the foreseeable future I will not be able to prepare any new Life In Four Colors columns, at least not the way I would like.
Reviews will contain no art work (unless I can already find the art I need on the internet in jpeg)
I can't listen to anymore podcasts.
And it looks like my days of lettering comics are over, effecting a great deal of my current projects.

The good news.

I can still write stories that do not need artwork.

I haven't had to sell off my comics to pay to keep road runner on.


Whoever said life is like a roller coaster had it right, except they forgot to metion it's like a wooden roller coaster. It beats the Hell out of you even on the ups.

Feeling A Little Better Today

Posted by G-Man, Jul 18 2009, 09:37 AM

So I thought about deleting my last blog entry, but decided to leave it. It was what I was feling at the time that I wrote it and I'll just leave it at that. This entry will be much more like what I originally planned with out so much mood.

First and foremost.....for those who have continued to lend your thoughts, prayers, and support during this time. I thank you very much. The latest update with my Dad is this past Monday I took him to his last doctor visit. There is simply nothing more that can be done other than administer meds to fight off infections in the four or so open wounds on his right side caused by the cancer (the same side where the original tumor was found and already cost him his right arm) and to keep him on pain meds.

About two weeks ago they gave him too much pain meds and he almost died. He fell asleep and they couldn't wake him up. They had to give him two shots to fight off the over medication and kept him on oxygen for a day and a half.

He's back to noraml right now and to quote the old man himself "in pretty good shape for the shape I'm in." The doctor says the tumor has attached itself to his ribcage and is attempting to invade his chest caviity. He also claims that in all his years he has never seen a cnacer this agressive.

So that is all I have on that front for now.

I have tried to stay somewhat busy in the meantime. It has been difficult to find spare time to do anything, thankfully I do a lot of work late at night (between 9:00 pm and 4:00 am) but the schedule got a little screwed up when my oldest step-daughter and her two girls moved in with my wife and I for a few days. A decent somewhat unexpected visit and it was very nice despite the reasons for it. Things are looking better right now and she has decided to move back in with her boyfriend and try to make things work one last time.

But I did learn this.

Grandkids do not care if Grandpa was up until 4:00 in the morning...they are going to get up when they like...and chase the dogs through the house. So.....Not much work got done last week. I went to bed when the grand kids did (around 10:00) and woke up when they did (around 7:00)

Some of the things I did finish before our house was invaded by the midgets from up north included.

Ravenwood-Stepson of Mystery: When Death Calls. I really got into finishing this off and before the grand kids came off I got into it SO MUCH....I overwrote it. What was suppossed to be a story of about between 15,00 to 18,00 words turned out to be almost 22,000!!!! Needless to say a little trimming away at the fat had to be done before submitting it to Captain Ron.

For more info about this story ....


I also finished the eight guest strips for Tony Miello's Gapo the Clown web comic....which can be found here.


Be sure to go to the archive page to check out the other seven strips first (my lettering got better with each strip)

Speaking of web-comics New Comic Day has debuted on the site. I'm working on this with the talented team of Eric Ratcliffe, Chad Strohl, and Liam Bradley and both Eric and Liam are trying very hard to make this strip a regular Wednesday event here at Comic Related. And Chad has been kicking butt with the art. Believe me I had the easy part in this thing!

As far as lettering goes I just finished lettering one of the few stories I'm writing (the first to be completed so far) for the Wicked Tales book coming out in October from Wild Wolf Entertainment. I was VERY FORTUNATE to work with TWO INCREDIBLE ARTISTS on this project. Gary Church and his brother Derron.

Here is a sneak peek at the first "finished" page.

Wicked Tales is going strong with 10 of 17 planned stories for the book completed and turned in with several more close to completion. (unfortunately we did have one story THAT I REALLY WANTED to see in the book get dropped due to scheduling problems with the artist...hopefully the others will come through okay)

Been hard at work planning the Champion City Comic Con in Sprignfield with Scott Riley.

More about that can be found here.



And recently I started writing True Horror @ Midnight...a collection of (somewhat) true horror stories scheduled to be released this coming October through Wild Wolf as well.

Recording of the Eternity's End c.d that ties into this book has been on hiatus the last few weeks.

I have been asked to write the comic book adaption of the life of local televison host Dr. Creep and I am meeting with him today to talk this over at a benefit in town to help pay his medical cost.

Here's more about that.

And more on Dr. Creep.


I will be needing an art team for this project if everything comes together and wouldn't mind working with some "new blood" on this.....so any artists out there that may be interested let me know.

Life In Four Colors will be back...at least one more time within the next week. I will be putting together a whole column that has coverage of the Dr. Creep event, Buckeye Comic Con which is tomorrow and which will make the first con I ever attended...as a retailer!!! Scott and I will be sharing the Main Street Love at the show.

I had also did an interview with comic creator Pat Bumgardner about his book The Rev....which debuts at Champion City. That interview along with reviews on IF-X vol.2 #1, Pulp Dreams #1-5, and Wicket and Imp will all be in the same column. This is the last LIFC column I have planned for a while and thought I would tie up a lot of lose ends.

What else?

My daughter Raichal turns 21 tomorrow! Yea!!!!!. Having a small party for her tomorrow night and taking her out for dinner Monday.

And yes....I will be hanging with Chuck and Captain Ron...for a little while at least at Pulp Fest 2009 in Columbus Ohio!

Hope to see you there!

Sorry this thing was so damn long...but who knows when I'll have a chance to write another so I put everything but the kitchen sink in this thing!


Posted by G-Man, Jul 17 2009, 07:43 PM

I was going to make a blog entry tonight to let everybody know how things were going here in my neck of the woods.

To inform you all that my father's condition has not improved, but he does remain stable.

To discuss how my oldest step-daughter and her two children moved in with my wife and I for the better part of the last week until she was able to work things out with her better half and return home last night. And how despite it all everybody crammed into our little house made the best of it.

To share some news about somehow despite things being they way they are I still managed to get some things done.

To aplogize for those creators still waiting for a series of book reviews.

But as I was surfing the net for pictures and music to include in this blog.....I learned of the death's of Walter Cronkite and Ellie Frazetta.

So I apologize for the lack of new info, the lack of the usual G-Man wit, images , and music.

Man this year sucks.

Wolverine Is Not A Mutant?!?

Posted by G-Man, Jun 11 2009, 06:36 PM

During my recent interview with legendary X-Men scribe, Chris Claremont, he mentioned that Wolverine is not a mutant. This is not the first time I heard him hint of this. He goes on to say "Maybe his father was....but Wolverine is not."

I know that statement may have a few of you scratching your head. Allow me to step in and try to clarify exactly where Claremont may be going with this train of thought.

In his mind Claremont believes a "mutant" is a being who while in the birth canal and in the very earliest stages of evolution the genetic structure of this said being is acted upon by outside forces and becomes mutated.

Wolverine (I believe) will soon be revealed as only inheriting his fathers enhanced abilities.....meaning in technical terms that Wolverine is not a mutant, but his father was.

Now the only thing we need to learn is exactly who is Wolverine's father?

Any bets.

Five to one odds on this guy.

That does indeed explain the connection between the two characters, the healing factor, enhanced senses and the fact that good ol' Victor Creed seems to be the only person who knows Wolverine's birthday.

But it doesn't explain the bone claws.

Must have gotten them from his Mom.

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