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Why I love Comics Extra!

Posted by doombug, Apr 17 2010, 06:00 PM

So with the podcast being out of action for a few weeks and the rest of the crew being in Chicago, I decided to use the blog to update you guys on the last two weeks worth of comics. So I selected some books from my pull to go over here and give my thoughts on for you! So let's jump right in:


Secret Six #20 - I really didn't see that coming but to me it shows but the strength of Gail Simone and the Strength of Catman as a character. Thomas getting the spotlight is certainly not a bad thing and the team splitting up the way they did adds to my curiosity, especially when Bane will try to lead a sub Secret Six. This is shaping up to be a great arc and I'm glad DC seems to be completely behind the series. It will be interesting to see if Blake eventually meets back up with Huntress and that speech by Floyd towards the end maps out the character perfectly.

Booster Gold #31 - I love Dan Jurgens, He is a creative force that encapsulates everything good about storytelling at DC. It's sad to see his run end here but it's a really beautiful ending. Not to mention that the chalkboard of old returns. It's going to be interesting to see where he takes Booster and Rip in the mini he's about to write but I would certainly follow Jurgens from now on on anything he does. Just a beautiful end to a great run.

JSA Allstars #5 - Courtney and Al get some quiet time together to work through their issues and Sandy joins the team officially as our first arc starts to wrap up nicely. Though it seem by the last 3 pages something weird is going on. I'm not sure Al is completely himself and I really worry how things will wrap up. This whole time i've been saying on the show that this JSA book matches up perfectly and feels like a sequel to the first goyer/johns series. It's really become a favorite of mine.

Brightest Day #0 - Deadman struggles with his new gift of life as the ring pullsd him to each of the people that have been brought back. We have some truly great character moments and over all mysteries are set up. From Max Lord resetting the world's memories of him, to J'onn attempting to reignite life on Mars. We also get Carter and Shiera trying to cope with their new found life and both Ronnie and jason struggling to be around each other. It's reall setting up all these great stories that I want to delve more into and I can't wait till we get issue #1 and find out what's going on.

Book of the week #1: Flash #1 - Barry Allen is back and while I'd prefer to have Wally around, this was a great start to this book. Barry gets comfortable with his old job as he's introduced to some new supporting characters and both he and Iris get comfortable with their lives again. I love Manapul's beautiful drawing's of Barry as the Flash and how he has control over the speed force. The scene where he introduces himself to the child is just old school comic book fun and I personally cannot wait for more. Especially due to that last page.


Hack/Slash #31 - Our story takes a turn for the darker. Cassie and Vlad go undercover in a villian bar as the teens from the last two issues start to gain superpowers. By the end of the issue, the villain stands revealed and Cassie vows to put a stop to everything in the way that makes you smile. Cassie really is growing into her own as a character and I cannot wait to see her fight the villian. Daniel's artwork is awesome and you can tell he's getting comfortable drawing the book. Cannot wait for more! (Also Dead@17 has a preview of the first Image mini and it looks awesome)

Army of Darkness #27 - Well there it is, that's all she wrote ladies and gentleman. The Army of Darkness book is over. But it sure went out with a big bang. Ash and the league of light do their best to stop everything that's gone wrong as they travel through time. Sadly past Ash takes out my second favorite character mistaking him for a deadite and our heroes do manage to save the day. It's really a somber ending to the series and returns Ash to the status quo of when he thought burying the book was a good idea. Though future Ash leaves him some steps in order to make sure the world doesn't end again. Just a really well done story.

The Astounding Wolf-man #22 - God I'm going to miss this book. He better be on the damn Guardians team Kirkman! Anyways this issue helps bring stuff to a close and gives us a character death I didn't see coming. Oh and the werewolves attack....this wont end well for Gary.

Invincible Returns one shot: This is Kirkman at his best and follows last issue perfectly. Mark is afraid of his anger and Cecil does his best to talk with Mark and show him that things have changed. It has some great character stuff as well as some really beautiful artwork and gives the perfect set up to the war. I cannot wait for the war!

The Unwritten #12 - Point blank, this is not for anyone under the age of 16. This is another fun done in one story that has a character stuck in a Winnie the pooh like universe due to something he tried to do Wilson Taylor years before. Its both creepy and fun in the ways that he tries to escape this world. It's a strong issue of the series which just gets better and better as things move forward.


Deadpool is getting his own little mini section here because well there were a lot of deadpool stuff here.

Deadpool corps #1 - This may be the strongest work Rob Liefeld has ever done. I say that as a compliment Rob. He seems to work really well Victor here and I can't wait to see what else they pull off. Every funny bit is hit perfectly and it's just an all around fun read. For replacing Merc with a mouth, I'm pretty content with that. Just all around a fun new book.

Deadpool and Cable #25 - This follows a story from the start of Messiah Complex as Cable hires Wade to help him keep the baby safe before the time jump. It's a great exploration of both men and their relationship and actually fills in a few gaps in story. Dwayne gets Wade's voice down perfectly and I really enjoyed reading through this. I hope we can see the two together again some point soon as it's been far too long.

Book of the week #2: Hulked out Heroes #1 - Hulkpool tries to go back in time to kill regular Deadpool and instead comes face to face with Blackbeard (also known as Ben Grimm) Jeff Parker gets Deadpool, even if it's a hulked out Deadpool. He also gets his supporting cast as we get some great time travelling moments from Bob via his notes. All in all this was a surprise fun issue from me and I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.

Moon Knight #7 - Yes this is in the Deadpool category because our Merc makes an appearance in this entire arc. It's an interesting appearance and I think it nails a darker version of Wade that we haven't seen in a while. Moon Knight definitely was the star of his own book but it's interesting seeing how much Wade get's him, even if Knight doesn't want to admit it. I love this book.

Deadpool Team up #894 - Easily the best issue of team up so far. For those who don't know, Deadpool and Frank Castle have a little bit of history. The last time they saw each other, Frank put Wade's head through a television. Here Wade tracks down Frank because he's tricked by a widow to hunt him down. When he realizes he's become a frankenstein monster...things get worse as Wade steals Frank's pills and shuts the voices in his head up. It's a great read with a lot of great gags and a clear understanding of both characters and a surprise guest star on the last panel.

Second Coming continues and as everyone knows, I am a big follower of what they are doing with this so we talk about it with:

Uncanny X-men #523 and New Mutants #12 - Everything from the last few years of stories is coming to a head. From the reveal of X-force to Magik disapearing in battle. Everything seems to be building up to something big. There are some general creepy moments with the villians and Sam's team gets some major spotlight. Just all around great X-men reading.

3rd book of the week: Marvel Zombies 5 #1 - Howard the Duck and Machine Man are a perfect and absurd match and make this series a must read. We follow the last of Marvel's gunslingers before he passes away and he passes he gifts to his daughters. Aaron and Howard are travelling the marvel multiverse for different zombie samples, this world being filled with "romero's" so we'll see where this heads.

4th book of the week: SHIELD #1 - "This is not how the world ends."

With those magic words we are taken through several points in time with such visionary men as Leonardo Da Vinci to an ancient egyptian king known as Imhotep fighting an army of creatures we haven't seen for a while. Each point in time is beautifully drawn as we see important men fighting to save the world from well known threats in the marvel universe over time.

Hickman plays with continuity in a fun way here, throwing everything and the kitchen sink in and as a reader you can't help but be sucked in. It's setting up a mystery as well as apparently one of the biggest secrets ever to be had in the marvel U.

We follow the journey through time via the eyes of a man who seems to be powered. His name is Leonid and he seems to be very important to the way things will go in the series. Seeing who I am assuming are possibly the fathers/godfathers of Tony Stark and Reed Richards is a bit confusing at first but I got used to it by the final few pages of the story.

Leonid himself seems to be cosmically powered by the way he flashes stars on his own body, I'm not sure if this was an art choice or he really is as I swear some dialogue hints differently and leads me to believe he's powered.

To me this feels like early Venture brothers history and a little of what Mike Carey is doing in the unwritten, it's using history and melding it in a fun way with history that doesn't feel at all forced to me.

I really believe the Night Machine could possibly be Nikolai Tesla, but I am not 100 percent on that theory. All of the mystery and excitement leads me to be very involved in what happens next, especially do to that last page.

Dustin's artwork is incredible and this is the hell of a way to start his career. He's certainly the luckiest guy in the business right now and I cannot wait to see what else awaits this promising upstart.

This isn't a cape book, it's not a mystery series, it's not even an action book. What it is is exactly what it promises, the secret history of SHIELD and so far, that is a journey this reader wants to be a part of.
(My review from the review group)

Black Widow #1 - Pure awesomeness and an easy understanding of Tasha and the men in her life. I'll be curious to see who the mysterious attacker was and how Logan, Tony and James all play factors into the book but I love everything about it so far. Widow is a great character and this is a strong start to a promising new series.

Last book of the week: Iron Man Noir #1 - Tony Stark is an adventurer. If that doesn't pull you in I don't know what will. There is some very classic Indiana Jones/Pulpy stuff being done here and I for one am completely on board for it. Seeing the reimagined Zemo and Strucker was awesome as well as the madam masque of this world. Tony Stark is likable and so is his supporting cast full of familiar faces and even Jarvis gets a great reinvisioning. I highly recommend seeking this out, you should love it.

So to my knowledge we should hopefully be back on track soon folks, with Tyler James joining us for the next edition of the podcast! We will see you then. (Though we recorded a show for 3 weeks ago that should be up soon)


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