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SPACE Day 2 Thoughts

Posted by Gonzogoose, Apr 25 2010, 01:53 PM

Well, look at me, I start a blog to recount my tales of SPACE and then I go posting stories on the main site. So, check out my day one thoughts here:


Now, onto day 2...

SPACE is about an hour or so away from closing for the year, and so it falls upon me to give my thoughts on the second day, at least briefly for now. Look for a full recap or expanded thoughts or what have you.

Day two saw a lot of exhibitors walking around looking at each others' stuff, but crowds started coming in a little after midday as well. It felt a lot more relaxed today, with exhibitors constantly leaving their tables to take a look around.

As for Comic Related, we got a lot more attention today with a lot more people stopping by. We got a lot more audio thanks to Raichal Gladman and Brian Carson, and Kara Carson loaded us up with even more photos, all of which will be coming very soon.

As for me, I made more sales today. In fact, I am sitting looking at the books on the table and I have two copies of Wannabez and one copy of Zombie Cop left on the table of what I set out.

My thanks goes out to Chuck, John and Darren for suggesting I put my books out as I normally wouldn't have as I was here mainly for CR. But today has been good. It afforded me a bit of spending money to buy some of the cool indy stuff available, including a couple of sketches and some books.

I had a lot of fun hanging out with Darren, Krista, Jackie, Alecia and new friends Brian, Brad and Jake at dinner last night and a little bit after, and talking with all the regulars who are too numerous to list here (read, I'm too lazy to list them all).

The guy that runs the museum exhibit that Mau from Wannabez is hanging in just came by, that was cool. It's always awesome meeting people who dig my stuff.

But anyway, for the rest check out the roadshow podcast.


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