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Change is coming!

Posted by doombug, Apr 23 2010, 11:58 PM

So the last couple days have been slightly chaotic for me and I know some other members of the CR family. So I figured I'd write this blog to talk about some changes in my own column/podcast.

The column: Not going anywhere anytime soon, It looks like it will be returning to it's original concept over all as I discuss each weeks worth of books. I will shorten the columns for my own health though and just pick the talk worthy books of each week instead of the whole haul. I am looking forward to getting back to basics as you've all seen with the last blog I wrote.

I would like to point out that the podcast isn't going anywhere. Brant/Chuck and John's schedules have got a bit chaotic so I am doing what I do best: taking on more responsibility for my own work.

Now your probably asking what this means. Well the short version is that I will be the sole producer on the Why I love Comics podcast. I am taking a more hands on approach to the recording/editing and over all flow of the show.

I know the other question this raises though is...what will be the content of the show? Well starting next week when I record it will be a bigger show with more mainstream guests and myself discussing things about the industry, their current books and what they are enjoying and their thoughts on the industry are. Now I cannot tell who any of these guests are (partially due to not having any booked yet) but the new show format will definitely be fun and exciting and will stay on a biweekly format.

It's going to be a fun experiment and should be great to really get into. I guess people can see me and my show as something similar to fanboy radio or Word Balloon for!

So pay attention to the next few weeks as things start to heat up. Looking forward to everyone seeing the new layout.


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