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Hey look mom, a blog post!

Posted by ChuckMoore, Mar 29 2009, 02:29 PM

Hey everyone! Yes, I've taken some time out on this fine, rainy Sunday afternoon to blog a little.

Since returning from New York, now months back, I feel like every waking moment has been a bit about catching back up (and watching Battlestar Galactica). I don't know what it was about that show and the preparation for that event, but it seemed to put me behind by about a week and I've never quite found that week to reinsert into my life. E-mail hovers at about 200 behind (and that's just March), there are areas of the site that need polishing and there are things that need to be launched, but... you know... I couldn't be happier. There are so many irons in so many fires these days and it's all tremendously exciting and upbeat. I hope that makes sense... It does to me.

I spent yesterday with Darren, Krista, Jackie, Bill, Bob, Mike, Jeremy and Luke up at Comics2Games. As Jeremy worked his way through keying in sketch cards on ebay (auctions to benefit of the American Cancer Society), Luke and Bill held down the store. In the back, much of the core team of comicsXP met and worked out issues like the upcoming CXP Magazine, communication routes within the company, budgeting and a host of other topics. In just a few hours we advanced several fronts and I'm proud that I have a stake in what's being built.

We sent out a press release earlier this week detailing how comicsXP will work to benefit creators. If anyone knows me, they know that remains at the heart of a lot of what I do. I was excited to see the evolution of the comicsXP pay structure for creators be finalized yesterday. We always knew the percentage, but it's always interesting to define what is meant by the word "net" in net profit. Why in the world am I discussing this here? Just wait until we unveil additional detail on the payout to creators... You'll understand why it has me excited. You're going to be surprised just how attractive we're making it and how far we're willing to go to build something that can help the broader comic community. Sure, comicsXP is a company that wants to succeed, but there is a tremendous amount of heart and love of comics also feeding into the decisions being made. My philosophy that within comics and among comic creators, we all rise or fall together has never been stronger and I think through comicsXP, we're going to see a tool that may help a lot of people. I'm very pretty proud of what's being built.

So, (getting off that bandwagon) in an continued effort to catch up, we've really ramped up the technology at the Comic Related compound. DSL finally became available for our farm (farewell satellite "fair access" policy hell ... hello REAL broadband) and Katie and I both made the jump to iPhones. She's been kind enough to do a lot of the driving recently so I can focus on catching up with the many social networks and e-mail.

You know, just answering questions and communicating is becoming a bit of a full time job 'round here. When I think about the fact that people can send me messages through our forum, though Twitter, through Facebook, through MySpace, through ComicSpace, over AIM and trough e-mail, it's a fire hose that I simply sip from rather than drink. I need to find a way to pipeline all this data to a single spot that I can also respond from. I think the iPhone may be a good start, but there needs to be an app that brings it all together. I know someone out there is working on such a thing. I have my $9.95 ready when you are...

Well friends, spots to watch in CR over the next couple days... the podcast archive and the blog page. I'm doing some serious work to ramp up the resources in those two spots. We'll do a bit announce when each goes live, but that's where I'm working right now.



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