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Ethan Van Sciver on Flash: Rebirth #2 - A work in progress

Posted by Conscientious Sequentials, May 23 2009, 10:29 PM

Comic Related: Alright, one thing that I've thought was really interesting is the multiple angles for a character in one panel. That's something that's been used for comic effect a lot over the years (I'm thinking Impulse) more than the way you're doing it. WHere'd the motivation to do that so regularly come from?
Ethan Van Sciver: I don't really understand what you mean...multiple angles?
CR: Where you'll have, say, Barry standing and talking to Hal, then kneeling to take off, all in one panel, as opposed to over the course of two or three images.
EVS: Oh, everyone has done that since Infantino. It's part of how-to-draw-Flash, and is certainly effective.
CR: Used to similar effect int he full-page promo DC's been running of...well, of Barry running. His hands and feet are everywhere.
EVS: Right.
CR: heh. I just guess it sticks out more here for me personally becuase I still associate you with Bart; is that bad?
EVS: Not a bit. I love Bart!
CR: Is it a little hard to differentiate Wally and Barry when you're drawing them running together?
Using the belt and boots is kind of an easy cheat, but if there's a word balloon or n arm obscuring the belt, suddenly it's just two guys in an outfit
EVS: Most definitely. It's a major problem, and will be dealt with in this miniseries. I do my best to always distinguish them from one another, but it's hard sometimes.
CR: (Wouldn't it be easier if Wally had just gotten fat, early in his career back when he had to eat all the time?)
EVS: Or Barry! But the easiest answer to to alter Wally's costume more drastically from Barry's.
CR: And if something like that were to happen, would you be in charge of designing the new suit, because you're just unassailably cool?
(Again, that probably won't be the wording I'll use in print, but you know...)
EVS: It's my job to find Wally a new suit that is familiar to fans and different than Barry's. Part of the gig.
CR: Good to know! How specific were the instructions on your monkey mural? for those of us used to decoding Rip Hunter's chalkboard, is there likely to be some arcane code buried in that image?
EVS: I wouldn't look for anything like that. It's fairly direct, and one-dimensional in more ways than one. Then again, maybe Geoff had something else up his sleeve. He always seems to.
CR: Is it tough, in a fairly photorealistic style, to draw a character like Chunk and not get jarred out of your rhythm?
EVS: No, because I see people who look like that all the time! And that wasn't Chunk!
CR: I just assumed in Flash book, a really heavy black man hanging out with the supporting cast!
My mistake
EVS: Yeah, a couple of people probably thought that as well. But Geoff named him in the script! I can't remember what his name is now, but I'm sure he'll be name dropped in the comic soon.
CR: And I guess the last thing--you're drawing people being turned to ash. Is this part of a "leave nothing behind" to avoid resurrections, a narrative device for Geoff or unknown/other?
EVS: It seems to be the established way Flashes die. I know nothing other than that!
CR: heh. I'll leave taht for the end of the interview. Off the record, my general take on the series is that I'm still not 100% on board the story, but I trust Geoff and am waiting to see what's next...but it is genuinely, and I'm not ass-kissing, some of the best work I've seen both out of you and in a Flash book.
EVS: Issue #3 will be a revelation for you.


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