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Posted by doombug, Sep 12 2009, 11:31 PM

So I am a very impatient person. waiting to hear word on something big at some point in the comic week which makes me incredibly nervous. I'm being as vague as possible because I obviously can't talk about it when nothing is official.

Something I can talk about though:

Inglorious Basterds or as I like to call it, my new favorite tarantino movie. seriously this was tarantino at his best, a movie driven by dialogue but never short on action. The basterds are never on the screen for long and we follow at least 4 different stories but by the end of the movie everything connects. Oh and that ending, it's very much a war movie that you've never seen before. It lives up to that promise!

The actors in the movie were all casted perfectly and I was surprised at how much I found myself digging Eli Roth's acting debut as I'm used to the man being behind the camera. The lead "detective" who worked for the natzi's was a highlight of the film as well as Pitt with his thick southern accent who really stole the show for me. My personal favorite scene involves a bar, a few germans, a british spy and a young actress which I'm sure will resonate the most for a lot of people.

Highly recommend it to everyone.

Then of course there was star trek. Yes I know, shocking that I saw it this late but let me tell you that it was very much worth the wait. I'm a next generation/voyager guy myself but I always did have a special place in my heart for the original. JJ Abrahms had the balls to reinvision a classic sci fi series that broke boundaries and he does it brilliantly here.

I really liked the brash version of Kirk here as kind of a punk kid who never listens to authority. Oh and Quinto as Spock was pitch perfect casting. In fact all the casting was spot on. Simon Pegg's scottie stole every scene that he was in and a certain character from the original series was defintiely a pleasure to see used the way he was. Hopefully we'll see more of him in the sequel. The action was balanced out by a fair amount of humor and a little suspense as there were a few nail biting scenes and the introduction of Bones was definitely a highlight of the film.

Another movie that I think any sci fi junkie would be crazy to miss.

On the tv side of things we have Glee which I find myself madly in love with. The show is like the mathew broderick movie Election which was a very dark comedy. It's that meets best in show or the mighty wind with a little hairspray mixed in for good measure.

From kanye west to don't stop believing the show covers a lot of musical ground and all the characters shine with their quarks and talent.

I sadly missed the season opener of Supernatural which I am going to fix very soon.

I am also incredibly hooked on the discovery channel's The Colony. It's about a group of real people surviving a world shattering disaster which of course is simulated and it's a great watch as you have the mad professor who is my favorite person on the show. He's not really mad, I just enjoy calling him that. they have an engineer, rocket scientist, a mechanic, someone for security. they used to have a medic and it's great fun watching it even if it's all simulated. Like a end of the world survivor, just with no one getting voted off.

Finally tonight I wanted to recommend some new music for those who like unique and different things. I'm talking of course about k.flay and MC Lars new demo:

Single and Famous which can be found at It can also be found on itunes and it's cheap for a 7 track EP. K.Flay is really talented and lars has been around for a while now. Heck I'll let the single talk for itself in music video form:

Single and famous

Honestly they are awesome and the single is catchy as well as a fun music video. First heard k.flay on the YT Crack/Lars colab cd which I also recommend called THe Digital Gangster EP.

You better believe there are nerdcore things coming your way soon enough folks. But anyways that is it for this edition of the blog, another update coming very, very soon I promise!


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