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Behold I update!

Posted by doombug, Aug 15 2009, 08:56 PM

I determined the From the desk of Eric Ratcliffe I do for New Comic book day isn't enough. I miss blogging and I'm probably distracting myself from doing actual work.

Script revisions are taking longer then I like but I'm adding a few tweaks almost to every page and giving characters more depth in their voices. I know it will be rewarding in the end, it just is a very slow process.

Speaking of scripting, 16 more and we have the full first year of new comic book day done. I just got a little side tracked with the main project to work on any. Really looking forward to seeing chad's pencils for the next couple strips (especially the first really big arc)

I really don't want to reveal too much on that front by the way, Hunter Chronicles wise. I think I'll devote several blogs to creating the world and what I was inspired by much later.

Finally I wanted to talk about Batman Arkhum Asylum a little. I played the demo (which is now on x-box 360 marketplace) and must say that this was amazing.

I recent heard someone say that it would by this year's bioshock and from the demo alone I couldn't agree more. Just wait until you activate detective mode or grapple from gargoyle to gargoyle.

The fighting system is incredibly rewarding and the voice cast sounds just like they did back when they all voiced their characters in BTAS.

I counted the characters in the game to be around 50 I believe so we'll see just who they throw at us when it comes out. But right now? This is the batman game I've always wanted.

Definitely cannot wait. cool.gif


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