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Boston Comic Con 2010

Posted by doombug, Apr 11 2010, 06:39 PM

For the last 2 days from 10 to 5 both days I have been in Boston. Last year the Boston Comic con was at the back bay events center, my messenger bag's strap broke and I just went 1 out of 2 of the days, This year the event was held at a bigger location, the Westin Boston waterfront hotel. Right across from the boston world trade center.

So what did my adventure entail? Well let's jump right in!

I'd say right off the bat this year there was only one problem with the show and it was the wait time to get in. I myself fell victim to said wait but was lucky to only be waiting for a little over a half hour. I know others who apparently were in line for 2 hours. But with a bigger venue, of course any convention will run into problems like this.

Anyways when I got inside I did a little wondering on day 1. The con split artists alley and the vendors space completely which is another improvement from the previous venue. There were more spaces for more talent and some great deals at venders tables.

Speaking of the venders, I myself got my hands on the Ultimates Omnibus for $40, The X-statix first trade for only $5 dollars and criminal macabre for 10 dollars (the first volume with the very beautiful Ben Templesmith artwork)

My dad also decided to tag along on day one which was rather cool and I introduced him to good friend Tyler James who I shall speak a little more about down at the bottom of the page.

I spoke with Eric Powell and Mike Allred but sadly did not get the chance to interview or take a picture with either man. The picture thing because I forgot.

The entire weekend the cosplaying impressed the hell out of me. These are honestly some of the best costumes I think I've seen as a fan attending cons.

A very awesome Jimmy Olsen

The daughters of Magneto, Polaris and Scarlet witch.

Harvey Dent and Harley Quinn. This seems to be a dark knight harley quinn as I've seen photos of a dark knight cosplayed harley before. I think this is one of the strongest ones I've seen.

An extremely well done and beautiful obviously inspired by Jim Lee's Infinity Crisis Cover Wonder Woman. Just the detail is amazing.

Who do you think would win this one? Sinestro seems to almost be laughing at the Doctor's attempts to depower the ring.

R2! Seeing a working R2 made me grin like an idiot.

This was easily one of my favorite costumes of the show. Knowing Mike Carey's run as well as I do and seeing that costume brought to life is beyond awesome, she rally did an amazing job. The gambit also had a playing card in his hand the whole time which is pretty cool.

The young woman in the middle caught my attention when I was talking to Sarah and Tony at the Angry Penguin booth. Obviously as a Mockingbird/Hawkeye fan I had to snap a picture which I'll definitely be showing Jim McCann who will get a kick out of it too. The woman in black I believe is spoiler or at least that's my guess and a very beautiful Sue Storm as well.

Of course I spent a lot of my time in artist alley chatting up some very cool people. and running in to an old friend or two.

Kent Archer of the amazingly funny and absurd Dr. Mcninja. For those of you who haven't heard of this awesome webcomic he is a doctor, a ninja and has a raptor named yoshi. Heres the link! mcninja!

I walked up to Sara's booth out of curiosity and I have to say she has some of the most unique art and sense of style I've seen in a long time. She's also a really sweet person. I bought 2 stickers of her art, a harley quinn and a deadpool. I would really recommend checking out her website: Sara's awesome artwork!

Ben Templesmith is the man! Like the man! He was really cool and fun to talk to and was very appreciated after hearing Choker was on my pull list. I cannot say enough great things about him. I actually went back to him on sunday to get something signed for Tyler who was stuck at his booth during that time. He's got a great sense of humor and was just a pleasure to talk to. He's definitely got a longterm fan in myself.

Scott Cohn (really hope I wrote that right) who Liam actually has talked to before about Army of Darkness. it was great meeting him as you all know how much of a big fan I was of the book. He drew the last 14 issues of the series and is a complete class act.

For those who can't ;pick up who this is by the art it is none other then one of the coolest artists in comics, Jim Mahfood. Jim is the man and it was great to be able to talk to him for a while. We will definitely be having him on the show at some pint in the future.

If you don't remember these two awesome gentleman from last year, shame on you. The guys of fat cat funnies were busy promoting their books and sketching away and remembered me and the write up from last year. great guys and of course check out their site: fat cat funnies

Cosmic comic book legend Jim Starlin himself. It was great talking to him for a little while even if he knows nothing about what Dan and Andy are currently doing with cosmic marvel.

Sitting right next to Jim was JH Williams who I sadly forgot to get a picture of. He and his wife were very kind and awesome people and apparently we can expect some big Batwoman announcement next week!

The crew from comic coma who might be helping yours truly in his attempts at finding an artist for the Hunter Chronicles. We'll certainly see. comic coma!

Richard tenorio a political cartoonist who you can find on richard tenorio

Me and the very lovely Amber Benson who has a movie coming out which I believe she both wrote and directed. She played Tara on Buffy and is just an awesome person. The movie is called drones and stars a fellow comic fan favorite. I'll keep you guys updated when I'm finally able to see the film myself.

I'm sure most of you know Tyler James, fellow columnist and all around awesome guy who I consider a good friend. I was able to spend a lot of time with Tyler this weekend just talking and hanging out and watching his very cool spiderman prints almost completely sell out. I was also able to watch his table for him on 3 occasions and talk him in to eventually joining us on the why i love comics podcast! Check out tyler's comic work as well as his column here biweekly. it's chasing amy meets forgetting sarah marshall!

Finally we have a highlight of the weekend and people I consider new friends who I find rather awesome. I'm talking of course about angry penguin!
The story is that Sarah (soon to be pictured.) emailed me early on in the week and told me to find them at the con. I did and I found 3 very cool and awesome as well as inviting people who were funny and just great to hang out with.

This is Tony, Co-creator and just all around funny guy. We did an interview which when I fix my stupid technical difficulties and edit just a couple things out will definitely find it's way to the site...hopefully. I just need to work the kinks out.

Sarah and Brian manning the booth as I take a picture that Sarah didn't want me to post, but as she put it "I'm evil" wink.gif

Seriously though without Tyler and the Angry Penguin folks, I think my weekend would have stunk. I thank them the most for the fun I had this weekend and look forward to running into them in New York in October! For those at C2E2 next week, please seek them out! They will make your show better and give you an awesome sticker!

All in all this was an awesome weekend and I had a blast. Can't wait for next year as I will hopefully have a table. Just a great show that gets better every year and I cannot say enough positive things about the show runners who you could definitely tell put everything into this. cool.gif

(If I forgot anyone, I'm sorry. It was just a very crazy and awesome weekend.)

Look for the return of the main column soon folks, a very cool interview with David Hine!


  Ron Fortier, Apr 16 2010, 07:13 AM

Wow, awesome report and great pictures, Eric. Damn, wish I could have been there myself. Won't say next year, as most likely I won't be living in New England come next year.

  Tyler James, Apr 16 2010, 08:37 AM

Great write up Eric!

I'll let you guys know, Eric really came through for me on Sunday. Not only did he watch my table when I needed to stretch my legs and hit the men's room, he even tracked down Ben Templesmith before he left town to sign my 30 Days of Night trade. (Ben did a sweet zombie sketch inside, too!) Thanks again, E!

Boston was a great time this year...far and away my most successful show to date. I highly recommend you guys consider attending next year!

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