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Take The Hell Ride!!!!
post Apr 28 2012, 08:57 AM
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The ROCK-N-ROLL HELL RIDE line of books produced by Twilight Star continues to become a thing everybody is talking about...so before hitting the road at stops at several comic shops over the next few months as well as a few scattered shows here and there I'd thought I'd break down the "Hell-Ride" as the characters appeared in our books.....so here's a complete listing including first appearances and art teams on every story and evey book that featured anything that had to tie into the Hell-Ride....from books already printed to the most recent round in production RIGHT NOW and out very soon!

Living Dead Girl-Tales From The ‘Field #2 (1st printing)
Bill Gladman Story and Letters
Art-Oscar Pena
Pin Up Of Necrotrancer by Brian Typhair
First Appearance of Jacob Shade/Necrotrancer, Casey, and “Stitch”
Available through special order

Un-Naturals Source Book-1st and 2nd printings
Cover Art-Gary Church, Joe Pruitt, and Lisa Moore (both versions)
Art Credits
Moonshadow-Derron Church
I’Kod Stahl-Oscar Pena
Challis-Brian Latimer-art first appeared as pin up page for Pandemonium Spotlight #1 (1st print) no longer in print

Challis-(picture #2)-Vasilis Saroglou
Albatross-Sean Forney
Albatross-(picture #2)-Bill Gladman
Epitaph-Derron Church
She-Wolf-Derron Church
Necrotrancer-Oscar Pena
Necrotrancer (picture #2)-Oscar Pena
Allister Fiend-Dan Matthews-art first appeared as pin up page for Pandemonium Spotlight #1 (1st print) no longer in print

Allister Fiend (picture #2)-Bill Gladman
Buff-Chris Metzger
Caz-Derron Church
Xotica-Oscar Pena
Valentino-Chad Strohl
Cindi Starr-Chad Strohl
Spyder-Chad Strohl
Lucifer-pencils Bill Gladman, inks Raichal Gladman
Lucretia-Josh Warner
Dante’ Nigerious-Bill Gladman
Asmodeus-Bill Gladman
Stitch-Chad Strohl
Powerslave-Gary Church
Widow Maker-Mike Watson
Painkiller-pencils Gary Church, inks Bill Gladman
Harvester Of Sorrows-Dan Matthews
Devil Digger-Brant Fowler
Bogg-Chad Strohl
Demetri Talbot-Chad Strohl
Third printing of the book (with no alterations) coming soon-currently sold out

Necrotrancer Sketch Book-featuring the art of James Hill
Cover Art-James Hill and Stephen Brewington
Featuring pencil sketches of the following characters by artist James Hill
Allister Fiend
Dante Nigerious
I’Kod Stahl
Available by though special order only

A Secret Place-Tales From The ‘Field #4 (four page preview)
Story and Inks-Bill Gladman
Pencils-Derron Church
Letters-Cary Kelley
First Appearance of Moonshadow and I’Kod Stahl
Still on sale

Necrotrancer: Shades Of Gray
Cover Art-James Hill, Joe Pruitt, Lisa Moore, and Stephen Brewington
Shades Of Gray
Story-Bill Gladman
Pencils- James Hill
Inks-Joe Pruitt (pages #1-4) Ge Carratala’ (pages #5-22)
Letters-BJay Johnson
First appearance of Allister Fiend, Xotica, and Valentino
Additional character appearances-Casey and Stitch
Cameo appearance by Moonshadow and I’Kod Stahl
The Journal Of Jacob Shade-Bill Gladman and Chris McQuaid
Origin of Necrotrancer
Still on sale

The Un-Naturals: Creatures Of The Night#1
Cover Art-Arno Del Toro, Mike Rickaby, and Stephen Brewington
A Secret Place (featuring Moonshadow and I’Kod Stahl-full story)
Story and Inks-Bill Gladman
Pencils-Derron Church
Letters- Cary Kelley
If You Want Blood (featuring Challis)
Story-Bill Gladman
Pencils- Stacy Gaston
Gray Tones-Mike Rickaby
Letters-George Warner
First Appearance of Challis and Svengali (cameo)
Hollywood Black (featuring Moonshadow)
Story-Bill Gladman
Art-Ed Cotungo and Liam Webb
Letters-Liam Webb
First Appearance of Devil Digger
Still on sale

Necrotrancer: Earth Is On Hell
Cover Art-James Hill, Bill Gladman, Oscar Pena, and Stephen Brewington
Story-Bill Gladman
Letters-Stephen Brewington
(an un-published Necrotrancer story that pre-dates Living Dead Girl-partial origin)
Shades Of Gray (insert)-Bill Gladman, James Hill, Ge Carratala’, and BJay Johnson
One Night In Chicago Pin Up-Tim Hagans
One Night In Chicago Preview-James Hill
Kiss Your Past Goodbye Preview-Bill Gladman, Raichal Gladman, and Rafael Carruso
Xotica Pin Up-Brian Latimer and Gary Church
Additional art-Oscar Pena
On sale May 2012

Twilight Star Team-Up #1 (Necrotrancer, Cyber-Cat, and Zodiac)
Cover Art-James Hill, Jonny Rizzo, and Stephen Brewington
One Night In Chicago
Story-Bill Gladman and Tim Hagans
Pencils- James Hill
Inks- Luis Alonso
First appearance of Cyber-Cat and Zodiac (characters created by Tim Hagans)
In production

Un-Naturals: Creatures Of The Night #2
Cover Art-Eric Johns, Greg Peterson, Mike Rickaby, and Stephen Brewington
Have A Drink On Me (featuring Moonshadow)
Story-Bill Gladman
First Appearance of Widow Maker
Additional character appearances-Devil Digger
Last In Line (featuring Challis)
Story-Bill Gladman
Art-Stacy Gaston
Black Swan-(featuring Albatross)
Story-Bill Gladman
First Appearance of Albatross
In production

Necrotrancer: Strange Highways #1 (untold tales of Necrotrancer)
Cover Art-Oscar Pena and Stephen Brewington
The Gate
Story and Art-Oscar Pena
Tells the first meeting of Necrotrancer and Xotica
First appearance of Cindi Starr, Spyder, Tony Delgatto, and Sebastian Romono
Kicked In The Teeth
Story and Inks-Bill Gladman
Pencils-Gary Church
Reveals the final fate of Jacob Shade’s wife, former partner on the Dallas police force, and his “skull jockey”
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
Story-Bill Gladman
Art-Oscar Pena
First appearance of Jacob Shade’s son, Nicholaus Shade. Also first appearance of Allison Blakely and Ted Fenton
In production

Twilight Star Team-Up #2 (Necrotrancer and Valentino)
Cover Art-Oscar Pena and Stephen Brewington
Kiss Your Past Goodbye
Story-Bill Gladman and Raichal Gladman
Art and Letters-Rafael Carruso
First appearance of Caz, Buff, Kutlass, Dr. Love, and The Blair Witch
Additional Appearances-Cindi Starr and Spyder
Featuring characters created by Raichal Gladman and Kyle Hilt
In production

Epitaph #1
Cover Art-Brad Linder and Stephen Brewington
Aces And Eights
Story-Bill Gladman
Art-Brad Linder
First Appearances of Trevor Meeks, Ted Dundee, Holden Forsythe, and Epitaph
Additional character appearances-Allister Fiend
In production

Un-Naturals #1
Cover Art-Brian Latimer, Ge Carratala’, Lisa Moore, Mike Rickaby, and Stephen Brewington
We Die Young (told in seven parts)
A Secret Place (revised)
Christian Woman
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead
Fell On Black Days
Drowning In A Day Dream
Moon Child
Blood And Fire
Story-Bill Gladman
Pencils-Brian Latimer
Inks-Ge Carratala’
First Appearances of Painkiller, Harvester Of Sorrows, Luna Fairchild, Demetri Talbot, Moonshadow (as Tom Sutton)
Additional character appearances-Moonshadow, I’Kod Stahl, Challis, Albatross, Casey, Widow Maker, Ted Dundee, Trevor Meeks, Buff, Jacob Shade, Xotica, Valentino, Cindi Starr, and Spyder
In production

Hell Rider #1
Cover Art-Will Harris and Chad Strohl
Suffering Overdue
Story-Bill Gladman and Will Harris
First Appearances of Colby Hackett, Landon Hackett, Night Eyes, Throat Shot, Dawn Star, and Hell Rider
In production

With more to come before the year ends!!!!

Twilight Star-WE NEVER SLEEP!

"Reality is only for those who lack imagination" don't know who first said that....but it works for me!
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