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heroes for the cure(project), my art about this project
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post Oct 8 2010, 03:45 PM
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its a new fresh comic project about heroes and villains and here i putt the opening scenes script and
5 first scenes"

first chapter of 5 pages"the summoning

The full moon hung in the sky nestled within the clouds; the night air was crisp but not cold as it came off the San Francisco bay. Jack o’ Spades and Golden Dynamo stood looking off in the distance for what they wouldn’t know until they realized what it was.
“Do you think they’ll show?” Jack asked in his southern drawl.
“I don’t see why not, if Myrna told me was true this thing could devastate the world.” The Dynamo opened his vents releasing excess steam, even when not in action the suit still generated heat that the suit would release as vapor. Soon the sound of crunching concrete could be heard by Dynamo’s sensors...he turned in direction to where the sound came from and pointed in its direction. Jack looked as well. And under the light of the moon, they both could see an agile form running across rooftops several buildings away. On two legs and at other times on all four, leaping and landing some distance away rising slowly and striding towards them, at first they see a voluminous mane of hair and a muscular, yet feminine frame...as she threw her head to the left to move the hair out her face they could see in the moonlight that it had feline features, large green eyes and a mouth that resembled a cat’s with large pronounced canine teeth, although alluring.
“Jack of Spades, Golden Dynamo?” A throaty purr inquired.
“Glad you could join us, we’re not quite assembled…” Jack began
At that moment a projectile hit the wall behind them, attached was a length of wire and at the other end Stingray was sliding down it, his long coat flapping in the night air behind him. Nimbly running across the top of the wire was Midnight Rose who leapt on to the roof as Stingray landed.
“I stand corrected.” Jack continued.
Then the wind began to pick up and a small cyclone appeared and quickly dissipated and in its wake Spiderdragon stood.
“Who are we missing?” Dynamo asked aloud looking around.
“The summoning is complete.” A hollow in voice answered. It seemed as if the darkness took the shape of a man before them, Jack recognized this form as The Black Ghost. “We are here, Jack O’Spades.”
Thank you all for coming on such short notice, I received a message from a friend in Europe, who tells me of a crisis. It seems for lack of a better term, a “demon” has been awakened and wreaking havoc on some villages. I’ve contacted you all in the hopes of investigating this threat.”
“Know this Jack O’Spades…” Black Ghost intoned, “The being of which you speak is not to be regarded so dismissively, its name is Chernobog, and it was entombed in the hopes of being locked away from humanity until Judgment Day, but something or someone has loosed it upon humanity, its fury is beyond all imagining.”
“Wow.” Dynamo quipped, “Never let it be said you’re a ray of positivity!”
“If this is as dire as you say, what hope do we have against this thing?” Red Jaguar asked.
“It has been told that 7 who have been touched by darkness but are not its servants are all that stand between the destruction of mankind and it.” Black Ghost answered.
“I’m up for a battle against anything.” Spiderdragon responded, “We have been all tested by those forces who tried to destroy us, and maybe this is the reason for it.”

and the heroes i create about this story project:(is not all here but i will update this post)

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feel free your self for any question you have or ask me something for this project" smile.gif

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die as hero or live enough to see your self became the villain
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