This is another one of those stories that makes me cling to my day job like a life preserver:

Itís really tough since Tony doesnít have insurance here. The medication is very expensive and hospital bill is paid cash 90% Our daily bill is around $1,500 even if we have some money itís drained out already. I have a house here but the process of getting a loan would take time and I canít be gone long away from the hospital.

As for Tonyís condition, I will give you a brief history and update Ė he had a stroke in the morning of Tuesday last week (weíre 16 hours ahead) The stroke damaged the brain. it has bleeding inside and they need to open up the brain but with so much medication they were able to stop the bleeding but the brain was swollen so they need to take the pressure out so they need to insert a tube to release the pressure but since I donít want them to open up it created an hernia. His condition is so unstable. He got infection that they need to treat, his pneumonia, need to be watched because heís having problem breathing and blood pressure on top of the heart. With too much medications his stomach bleeds. One on top of the other. Anyway. Any little help will be greatly appreciated.

Give what you can please.