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Fall of Cthulhu #11


Starting a new arc this week, Boom! Studios's Fall of Cthulhu, by Michael Alan Nelson and Mat Santolouco, has been a consistently underperforming, underrated book and one of the most entertaining monthlies coming out of Boom!'s prolific publishing house.


Nelson has proved himself over a master of adapting Lovecraftian concepts to an ongoing, monthly comic over the past year, and the new story--"The Gray Man," with no connection (presumably) to the Justice League villain of the same name--should prove to be an interesting one.  It's always a testament to a BIG, action- or science fiction-oriented story when the setting doesn't change much, and about 20 pages of this initial chapter take place in a local jail.  The reader only "escapes" that setting once things start to get really hairy, and then you're plunked back by the end of the issue, leading to the kind of feeling you got when Kevin Smith's Clerks left the convenience store to go to a funeral or rent a movie.


With the recent announcement that the title will end with #14 (to be followed by Fall of Cthulu: Godwar), this will be the final arc of what has been an enjoyable series.  Getting on board before the Godwar mini that will provide closure on the dangling threads of the overall story is a must.


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