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News stories from December, 2004


News links for Friday, 12/31/04...

What's "Next" for Marvel?

CBLDF Charles Browstein looks back on 2004

Salon on DC's the Originals

It's the year of the dead in comic-book land

France preparing to Marvel at comic strip invasion

Several spooky picture shows unleashed around first of 2005

Maryland schools teach with comics

ONI Press & Artist Hawthorne provide Hysteria incentives

IDW Publishing expands popbot's world in March

Previewing Marvel Comics Arana #1

Cage Still Wants to Play Comic Character

Corpse comic finds new life on the Internet


News links for Thursday, 12/30/04...

Fantastic Four Behind-the-Scenes Featurette

Ron Marz on Green Lantern: Homecoming

Marvel Comics names Mark Paniccia senior editor

Super-Articulate: The Best of 2004 in Toys

New Fantasy Novel Chronicles the "Rise of the Monkey Lord

The year of the spider

Sweet Eddy's store displays comics for the nonviolent

MTV's Never Before Scene: Elektra Online

Japanese comics big among girls

Collector's Just A Batman Kind Of Guy

Palms Casino Resort to Host Elektra Premiere

Legion of Super-Heroes #1 Advance Review


News links for Wednesday, 12/29/04...

Green Lantern: Rebirth #1 gets fourth printing

Sleepless over Lastikman

McDonald returns in March with Supernatural Freak Machine

After Christmas Gift:  Raven Gregory talks the Gift

Wolverine scribe likes Lady Mariko and The Hand storyline

Frank Quitely signs 2-Year exclusive with DC

David Benioff on the Wolverine Spin-Off

Mike McKone latest Marvel exclusive, will draw Fantastic Four

Celebrate Western Tales of Terror in Hollywood

Fantastic Four eyecatcher and why it's cool

The worst of 2004 in the eyes of Cinescape

Hollywood Reporter on comic-inspired cinema


News links for Tuesday, 12/28/04...

Legion World: Barry Kitson talks Legion of Super-Heroes

Spielberg To Bring Transformers To the Big Screen

More Constantine Reviews Roll In

Update on the Ghost Rider Production

Spider-Man: The Peril of Doc Ock Alternate Ending!

Astronauts of The Future

New Batman Begins Merchandise Revealed

Just spiffing!

Constantine Updates From Around the Web

Picture of Rutger Hauer as Cardinal Roark

A closer look at Justice League Elite # 6

A closer look at Green Arrow #45


News links for Monday, 12/27/04...

POW! Entertainment Armed with a New Superhero

Dark Horse rides new wave

Dick Grayson comes out swinging in fan film

Indian artist puts mystical new spin on Spider-Man

Fretting on his laurels

New Plastic Man series stretches cartoon artistry

Checker Book Publishing To Publish X-Files Comics

Comic-inspired cinema

Filmmakers Drawn to New Superheroes

A closer look at X-Men Unlimited #6

Girl Power Fuels Manga Boom in US

People in America - Christopher Reeve


News links for Friday, 12/24/04...

Lullaby In Image Land - Coming February 2005

What's next for Marvel Next?

Suit Up: Keith Champagne talks Armor X

Rock with the Hawks: Gray & Palmiotti talk Hawkman

Sci Scores Keanu Reeves' Likeness For Constantine

American Splendor top DVD for 2004

X-Mas Past Batman: Super-Star Holiday Special 1980

DC Comics’ CMX To Publish Four New Series in 2005

Dark Horse comics for March 2005

Millar and Land move to Baxter Building

DC solicits for March 2005

Gwen Stacy's children spawn controversy


News links for Thursday, 12/23/04...

Christmas at My Comic Shoppe

Santa's Gift of Comics

Mid-Way Through Enemy: Millar on Wolverine

Batman Begins Speculating

Holy comics, Superman!

Rising Stars & Lionel Zerb haunt Top Cow in April

Comics for everyone at new Heights shop

Todd Mcfarlane Files For Bankruptcy

Eyecatcher: DC Countdown

2nd Domestic Elektra Trailer & Featurette

Better Batman Begins Action Figure Pics

Where is the Martian Manhunter Movie?


News links for Wednesday, 12/22/04...

The Fairer Sex: Erik Larsen talks She-Dragon

Flash speeds into Hollywood / Flash mini-site

A closer look at Superman: Identity / Superman mini-site

Dynamic Forces holds sales to benefit actor comic fund

Keanu Constantine poster revealed / Movie website

Comics prove reading can be laughing matter

Frankenstein Mobster one-minute movie now online

John Byrne's IMO: Hail and Farewell / Byrne website

Blade cuts across racial lines / Movie website

Whedon's Wonder Woman / Wonder Woman fan site

Stan Lee's POW! Armed With a New Super-Hero

French culture shows its comic side

News links for Tuesday, 12/21/04...

Let he who Is without the new trailer

Comic-book legend writes Yuletide kid's book

Joss Whedon could do 'Wonder Woman

'Dynamic Forces takes acting lessons

San Francisco Chronicle on the Originals

Packing a punch in Hollywood

Spawn creator's biz, long balls losing value

America Online launches an original online comic book

X-tensive change

Spruce up your desktop with the Flash!

Darkness becomes new next-gen title


News links for Monday, 12/20/04...

Batman Begins tells story that's never been told

Warner Bros. To Bring The Flash To Big Screen

Jury award pushes 'Spawn' creator into bankruptcy

Nonprofit Prism Comics Seeks Donors to Reduce Debt

DC reveals new collected editions for April & May, 2005

New Updates on Ghost Rider

Putting comics to good use in Maryland

Stan Lee's Superhero Christmas

Hulk to smash consoles again

Top sales charts for actual sales in November, 2004

Check out DC's Pocket Superheroes


News links for Friday, 12/17/04...

Stunning Identity Crisis finale triggers multiple sell-outs

Being Human: Raab talks DC Comics' The Human Race

March 2004 ... Ultimate Iron Man flies!

Ron Perlman on Hellboy 2

A Sneak Peek at Batman Begins Toys

Artist leaves comic book superheroes in stitches

David Goyer To Direct DC’s The Flash

Holy tutor, Batman! Our comics are in the schools

New York Times has praise for DC: The New Frontier

Black Enchantress Debuts With Full-Color First Issue

NBM'S The Jungle sells out


News links for Thursday, 12/16/04...

G.I Joe casting call, one fan to be drawn into an issue

NPR audio update!  Book Bag: Grown-Up Graphic Novels

Popular African-American comic-book heroes featured

'Robin' kicks back after long career

Superheroes don't really need masks

Top Cow offers free online reader copy of Hunter-Killer #0

Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich Hands-On

19-Page Preview of Image's The Gift" #9

Sneak Peak of Astonishing X-Men #7

Platinum Studios selects shop to develop Dylan Dog

X-Men 165 Preview ... "Hark How the Bells"


News links for Wednesday, 12/15/04...

Orson Scott Card Pen Ultimate Iron Man / Action Figure

Identity Crisis inker Bair renews exclusive with DC

Flying High: Bennett talks about his new Hawkman gig

You should be reading comics

Clooney hails new Batman

Joss Whedon and Wonder Woman?

Website takes a look at terrible ideas in comics

Comic book heroes make it to the small (tiny) screen

Fantasy heroes populate new line of Egyptian comics

Dead Dog Entertainment Announces 2005 Line Up

DC's March 2005 highlights


News links for Tuesday, 12/14/04...

Another Spin-Off For 'X-Men' In Works / More on Magneto

Sheldon Turner to Write Magneto Movie

Mforma Wins Prized Marvel Deal / It's a Mobile Marvel

Producer Gives Transformers Details

Sales Comic Brings Levity to Business Selling/Trainin

Superman voted greatest superhero of all time

Batman Begins ... to take form in first full trailer

What is "DC Countdown?"  Winick discusses the new book

Maryland Schools Begin Comic Book Program

Incredible Talk Converges in Gotham

City of Heroes next update details


News links for Monday, 12/13/04...

New Constantine trailer available on-line / Interview

Super...Superman!  Outstanding Christopher Reeve tribute

The Return of The Authority? Alive and Well

Lois and Clark fired?

DC Begins The "Countdown" in March

Getting fuzzy ... Robertson and Nightcrawler

Now Appearing: Who's Coming to Your Store?

Holy stocking stuffer! These are perfect!

X-Men/Fantastic Four #1 eight page preview

Comics For the Troops

Comic books arrive in school as learning tool

David Goyer on Blade and Batman Begins 


News links for Friday, 12/10/04...

New Avengers #1 Sells Out

Fourth Elektra Featurette Online

'New Avengers' writer Bendis sweeps away the old

The Incredibles Soars to Top of UK Film Charts

The tide turns for graphic novels

Superheroes: fear behind the fantasy

A closer look at Deadshot #1

A closer look at Outsiders #18

Cowabunga Collectors! Historic TMNT artwork for sale

Mary Jane to return

Pop Culture Shock interview with Mark Miller

Comic Books for Kids: A NY After School Class

Re-Entering the Matrix Comics


News links for Thursday, 12/09/04...

Abbinanti's Atomika coming this January

Joss Whedon's Serenity prequel becomes a comic

Director makes comics come alive

Video interview with Blade director David Goyer

Comic book helped identify abductors?

Angel Medina visits Atomika / Official website

New Avengers #2 sneek peek

DC unveils new Legion of Super-Heroes mini-site

Raimi on Upcoming Spider-Man Sequels

Elektra Soundtrack Site Up / Soundtrack Site

Sub-Mariner Film to Debut in 2007


News links for Wednesday, 12/08/04...

Wolverine: Weapon X - Read the first 3 chapters

Batman Begins Poster Online

Sub-Mariner gets Harry Potter director

Gail Simone adds two years to DC exclusive

IDW exposes CSI: Secret Identity

Superman bigger than X2

Riddle me that in Legends of the Dark Knight 

DC Silver Age writer Bob Haney dies at 78

Constantine Trailer Footage Description

Fantastic Four Trailer to Preview at Elektra Movie

Len Wiseman Up for Wolverine?


News links for Tuesday, 12/07/04...

A closer look at JLA: Classified #4

Dimension Films Enters The Darkness

Sin City Is Faithful

Judd Winick on NPR: Reflections of AIDS in Pop Culture

A closer look at The Ultimates 2 #1

Five Manly Questions With… Gail Simone

After 63 pounds loss actor bulks up for Batman

Comic book gets rolling

There's Nothing Super About Heroes In Trench Coats

What's up with the Flash?

The Originals in USA Today's holiday gift guide.


News links for Monday, 12/06/04...

Mark Waid talks Legion of Superheroes

Superheroes Minus Masks

Talking to the Blade: Trinity Nightstalkers

Comic book heroes leap to film

Japan breeds a comic-book culture

Opinions on New Avengers #1

Uncensored DVDs for Stan Lee/Pamela Anderson Cartoon

Off on another adventure with teen superhero toys

Comic Book About Pope Is Hit In Poland

Artist Mark Brooks exclusive to Marvel

Columbus Nets Sub-Mariner

Draw the Marvel Comics Super Heroes


News links for Friday, 12/03/04...

Clive Owen on Sin City / IMDB on Sin City

New Constantine Images Revealed / IMDB on Constantine

Will Eisner Comic Book Industry Award judges named

NBM Publishing rewards with free signed graphic novels

Mid-Ohio Con's missing 2004 program books / Con website

El Gato Negro among new batch of comic book heroes

A dose of humor in latest Blade vamp film / IMDB on Blade

More on Bone: The Complete Cartoon Epic / Bone site

Christmas shopping for comic-book fans

The Force Between Freedom Force / Fan website


News links for Thursday, 12/02/04...

Comic Industry Giant, Irwin Donenfeld, dead at 78

Not Your Daddy’s Firestorm / Firestorm chronology

Star Wars Obsession 6 page preview / Official website

Brian Thompson could play King Conan / More movie news

Eyecatcher: New Avengers / Official website

Spider-Man puts spin on fundraising

Closer look at Supreme Power #13

Frank D'Armata Exclusive To Marvel

Deepak Chopra brings Spider-Man to India

Raimi Considers His Villains

American Flagg! Hardcover Collection / Out of print?


News links for Wednesday, 12/01/04...

Pat Lee Drawing the X-Men & Fantastic Four

Michael Ryan signs exclusive with House Of Ideas

Hawkman: DC on-line comic trailer / Official site

Phil Hester Firebreather & Leaving Green Arrow

Contest - Win a copy of True Brit / More on True Brit

Bighead’ skewers superhero genre / Official site

Bringing the FF to Life on Screen

Constantine may reshoot for PG-13 / Teaser trailer

Sneak Peek at 25 Minutes of Constantine / Full review

Closer look at Marvel Holiday Special 2004

Sam Raimi Talks Spidey 3 Villains


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