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News stories from November, 2004


News links for Tuesday, 11/30/04...

Hellblazer Special: Papa Midnite preview

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund wins in Arkansas

Nick Cassavetes Helming Iron Man / More on Nick

Tom Raney Exclusive at Marvel / Raney interview

Geoff Johns & Don Kramer usher in new age for JSA

Super Prose: How Comics Can Make You a Better Writer

A closer look at Wolverine #23 / Info on Wolverine #23

Tim Seely Talks "Hack/Slash: Comic Book Carnage" 

Spidey slings his sequel on DVD  / official website

Sim/Gaiman Auction on Ebay / ebay auction

Craig Kyle talks X-23 mini-series / Info on X-23 #3


News links for Monday, 11/29/04...

The 'true' Green Lantern makes his comeback

A closer look at Marvel Team-Up #2 / Marvel info

Daredevil: Director's Cut / Elektra movie website

Marvel’s stars align for book beyond films

Comic relief: Looking at a shift from children to adults

Deepak Chopra Starts Comic Book Company

LDS comic book selling 'hundreds and hundreds'

City of Heroes Q&A / official game website

Superheroes helped man read / comics teach English

Superman's gal! Smallville and the upcoming film

Rob Zombie's 'Spookshow' comic goes SPLAT!!!


News links for Friday, 11/26/04...

Spiderman 2 DVD preview / official website

Brian Bendis Q&A ... Answers from Jinxworld

B&N Exclusive editions of Dark Horse Manga hit stores

Comicscape: The Hero that did it ... Identity Crisis

TV Guide picks Astonishing X-Men TBP as perfect gift

DC Comics sells out JLA: Classified #1 / Space Ghost #1

A closer look at Wolverine #22

Entertainment Weekly gives American Flagg! the love

Devil's Due publishing for February

Wesley Snipes speculates about playing Black Panther


News links for Thursday, 11/25/04...

Small Gods five page preview / movie optioned

Punisher Game Demos Available / game website

Wonder Woman - Season 2 extras / DVD website

Bendis offers "What If?" cover peak / Bendis website

DC to revive classic IPC comics

Metropolis Superman talks Superman

MV Creations facing bankruptcy, looks to fans

Who wants to be a comic book hero? 

Alan Moore: "Bojeffreis Saga" toplines the return of A1

DC Direct kicks off new line of Cartoon Network items

Bush Wayne - A " Caped Crusader" in a comic book world


News links for Wednesday, 11/24/04...

Marvel unveils "New Avengers" and alternate covers

Jeff Smith on the Complete Bone's allocation

Geoff Johns - Flash's Identity Crisis Tie-In

Rogers Talks Transformers

Check out the world's smallest comic book

Shuler-Donner on "Wolverine"

Owly: The Way Home & The Bittersweet Summer

British superheroes return with DC Comics and IPC deal

A Sneak Peek at Constantine Footage

Snipes on a Possible Black Panther

Interep Interactive and Partner

Paul Greengrass Replaces Aronofsky In 'Watchmen'


News links for Tuesday, 11/23/04...

Geeks, Gangsters and the Birth of the Comic Book

Comic Books of the West Head East

A closer look at the JSA vs. the CSA

Joss Whedon Not Out Of X-Men Running Yet

Comic book, sci-fi fans get in touch with their inner geeks


News links for Monday, 11/22/04...

Paul Greengrass to Direct Watchmen

Doom's Day is Upon Us: Official pic of FF villain published

Marvel: Bumbling Villain

Mid-Ohio-Con returns to Columbus, Ohio on Thanksgiving weekend

Marvel goes back to press on "Wolverine" 20-22


News links for Friday, 11/19/04...

First Look at the "Constantine" Poster

Author Q&A: The Will Eisner Companion

DC Comics announces upcoming collected editions

DC Comics Guide to Inking Comics

'The Flash' mourns his creator

A New "Batman" Trailer Coming?


News links for Thursday, 11/18/04...

Richard K. Morgan Talks Marvel's "Black Widow"

Cage a Lock for Ghost Rider After All

Tambor Raises "Hellboy" Again

Artist, 8, signs copies of her first comic

City of Heroes hits back at Marvel

Widow Says Reeve's Death Has Left a Void


News links for Wednesday, 11/17/04...

Spider-Man spins web in a version set in India

Marvel battles Role Players

The Incredibles: the name says it all

Bankrupt CrossGen Entertainment went for $1 million

Book signing for the Golden Age of DC Comics: 365 Days


News links for Tuesday, 11/16/04...

Disney Snaps Up Comic Book Publisher CrossGen

Comic Book Fans Pay Respects to Superhero

Marvel announces third variant cover for "New Avengers" #1

Speakeasy Comics to publish "Atomika"

AP Comics, Diamond sign booktrade agreement

Identity Crisis #5 Diamond's Top-Selling for October'

Holy Moley' exhibit a rewarding look at cartoon art


News links for Monday, 11/15/04...

'The Flash' Creator Harry Lampert Dies

Grimy background spawned superhero fantasies

Captain America enlists to fight for Bush in Iraq?


News links for Friday, 11/12/04...

Green Lantern: Rebirth #1 goes back to press for 3rd Printing!

Marvel sues firms behind online superhero role-playing game

Michel Gagné: Q&A

The Elektra Trailer Now Online

Check out Marvel's retailer of the month

DC Direct signs sculptor James Shoop to 2-Year exclusive contract

John Walsh joins up with the Outsiders


News links for Thursday, 11/11/04...

Cage: Ghost Not Definite

Hellblazer fans, start your worrying!

Pop Matters on Identity Crisis

Comic book collectors go for the old


News links for Wednesday, 11/10/04...

West Salem auction features old comic books

Adam Fortier launches Speakeasy Comics, Call for Submissions

Who's Got the Kryptonite?

Wizard World Dallas see 12,000 visitors

EMU exhibit draws attention to comics


News links for Tuesday, 11/9/04...

JLA Classified!

Fantastic Four Not a Goofball Comedy?

Ryan Reynolds Approached for Deadpool

Superman taking flight in '06 movie

A brief history of the Transformers


News links for Monday, 11/8/04...

Free overship of Swamp Thing #9

Comic book scenes may come to life in Broken Hill

Sacramento artist Jay Howell releases comic book

Marvel's Unseen Superheroes

DC Live from Wizard World Texas


News links for Friday, 11/5/04...

Justice League Unlimited #3 Reviewed

Super heroes are people, too'

Holy smoke!’ Batman warns against drug use

Winchester Residents Mull How ‘Simpsons’ Relates to Life


News links for Thursday, 11/4/04...

'Vespers' is NOW Comics' comeback

City of Heroes Collector's edition DVD coming soon

'Superman' finally is ready to fly again

Bowman Talks Elektra


News links for Wednesday, 11/3/04...

X-Men: Legends' brings out the best in the superheroes

Neal Adams Sunday Spectacular 11/21 in NYCA Golden Man

Having Faith:  Michael Uslan Talks "The Spirit" Film


News links for Tuesday, 11/2/04...

Marvel sues Disney over comic rights

Zack Snyder on the 300 Adaptation 

Neptune Comics, Waukesha, WI

"Hero Squared" delayed till December. 11-page preview

POW! Entertainment to Create Children's Superhero Christmas Special


News links for Monday, 11/1/04...

Dr. Doom and The Human Torch Revealed!

Marvel stock boosted by upgrade

Valley Life ... Uncanny Ability

Baltimore Comic-Con Announces 2005 Dates

Modern Tales Launches


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