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News stories from October, 2004


News links for Friday, 10/29/04...

Tough times for comic book plots

Life Inspired Incredibles

City of Villains Beta Test Information Released

DC's Outsides in the New York Times


News links for Thursday, 10/28/04...

Marvel Profit Falls, But Revenue Up Sharply

Birth of the Comic Book ... NPR Audio

Is it a bird? No, it's Colin

Comics Retailed Bill Liebowitz Dies


News links for Wednesday, 10/27/04...

Teaming up with Scott Kolins: Closer Look at Marvel Team-Up #1

Green Lantern: Rebirth Sold Out before it hits shelves

Newark Star Ledger on Solo

The National Comic Book, Art & Sci-Fi Expo


News links for Tuesday, 10/26/04...

"Green Lantern: Rebirth" #1 sells out

"The Seventh Shrine" coming from Dabel Brothers and Image Comics

Green Lantern gets another chance

Jakks Pacific, Marvel Expand Agreement


News links for Monday, 10/25/04...

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Brad Bird on Creating The Incredibles!

Book of Mormon to Come Out in Comic Book Form

Miller and Jones "Wanted" #6 Coming This December


News links for Friday, 10/22/04...

And Superman Is ... Brandon Routh

He Never Left: Peter David talks "Fallen Angel", "Hulk" and "Madrox"

The Green Lantern returns to the straight and narrow

Wizard World Hits Texas in November

Comic Books Help Break Red Sox Curse


News links for Thursday, 10/21/04...

DC Comics Plans Intercontinental Batman Project

Doing That Four Thing

'Super-Hero' Fathers Guilty over Bridge Protest

Scoop on The Green Hornet

Christopher Reeve - He Gave New Meaning to Being a Superman


News links for Wednesday, 10/20/04...

Die-hard fans of Spawn hit store opening

Artist Joe Bennet signs 2-year exclusive with DC

"Identity Crisis" #1 get 3rd printing, new cover

Little-known actor chosen as the next Man of Steel

Cousins publish Lewis & Clark comic book


News links for Tuesday, 10/19/04...

Avengers Disassembled: The Inside Story

Superman Finally Found: Director Bryan Singer makes his choice

New comic on Gandhi's life in South Africa

The Fantastic Four Speak!


News links for Monday, 10/18/04...

DC's Green Arrow #43 Sold Out

Image Collects "Small Gods" this January

First Look at Dr. Doom!

McFarlane spawns toy store


News links for Friday, 10/15/04...

DC's Indentity Crisis #1 2nd Printing Sold Out

Kevin Smith on "The Green Hornet" Script, "Star Wars" and Other Projects

DC Online Launches Searchable Monthly Comics

Mega Bloks signs deal with Marvel; superheroes to hit stores by Christmas

New Comic Book Series Launches with Free First Issue


News links for Thursday, 10/14/04...

Comic Book Superhero, Green Arrow, Gets HIV-Positive Sidekick

Comics hero tackles new nemesis - HIV

City of heroes: Get a tasty bite of the Big Apple

Bale Iced Batman

Metropolis holds candlelight vigil for Reeve


News links for Thursday, 10/13/04...

Politicians block comic over 'fake' Nanjing Massacre tale

Paul David Roberts Talks: AP Comics

Star Digs Deep Into Batman

The incredible shrinking superheroes


News links for Tuesday, 10/12/04...

Superhuman CourageMetropolis mourns Reeve's death

Tributes to Reeve pour inLearn more about Authority: Revolution

Marvel appoints John Dokes as Director of Marketing


News links for Monday, 10/11/04...

Christopher Reeve 'Superman' dies at 52

Didio named Vice President - Executive Editor, DC Universe 

Target teams with Marvel to promote literacy

Lafayette comic book artist loves life of horror


News links for Friday, 10/08/04...

Comic book artist recreates ancient Rome

Vertigo to Publish Harvey Pekar's The Quitter

What's coming out from Dark Horse Comics?

Henschel Auction racks up $190,000

Ostrander & Truman on the Future of "Grimjack"

Marvel Comics Solicitations for product shipping December, 2004


News links for Thursday, 10/07/04...

Wolverine movie in works

Handling the Marvel Handbooks

CNN International on New Fantastic Four TV Series

DVDanswers takes a closer look at the original Superman II movie

African artists draw up new breed of superheroes


News links for Wednesday, 10/06/04...

Famke Janssen Talks X-Men 3: Comeback and Dark Phoenix story uncertain

How about a change of pace?  Here's some 2000 AD news...

Streator area ‘Supermen’ in DC comic book

Lady Death DVD ... Just in time for Halloween

Marvel to Produce Fantastic Four Animated Television Series


News links for Tuesday, 10/05/04...

Alan Moore spearheads US launch of old UK comic characters

Marvel Dot Comics: Check out Amazing Fantasy 15 and others online

Batman in the 80's ... Must have Batman!

Hellblazer preview ... All His Engines

Wolverine Hires Benioff


News links for Monday, 10/04/04...

Boston Herald on Green Lantern!

Despite flaws, Spiegelman's work shows artistry and emotion

When nerdish boys dreamed up new comic-book heroes

Streator area ‘Supermen’ in DC comic book


News links for Friday, 10/01/04...

Naked comic book character raises money for free speech

Kerry Washington is Alicia in Fantastic Four

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Returns to The Comic Book Show in NH

Writer Puts X-Men 3 Back on Track

The 'ultimate' comic book compilation


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