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News stories from September, 2004


News links for Thursday, 9/30/04...

Deep Cover: Mark Waid Talks "Hunter/Killer"

Horrific Visions: Neal Shaffer Talks "The Awakening"

Miller, Baker, and Kubert hit the big apple!

The Brave and the Bold Team-Up Archives Volume 1 unveiled

‘Legends' marks the X-Men spot

'Ultimate' voice talent search underway


News links for Wednesday, 9/29/04...

DC & Mad @ NY is Book Country

Meredith signs book deal with Marvel Enterprises

Platinum/Icarus sign license for comic based massively multiplayer games

Out of the Shadows: Jim Valentino Talks "Shadowhawk"


News links for Tuesday, 9/28/04...

Wonder Woman Season One on sale June 19

Todd McFarlane baseball involved in new suit

RabbitHead Named Best Comic Book of 2004 by Vancouver paper

Now, bid for `Spiderman' on E-bay!

Check out the official X-Men Legends website


News links for Monday, 9/27/04...

Learn all the latest on the return of Hal Jordan ... Green Lantern

A closer look at those publicity photos of the Fantastic Four!

Meet Marvel's young guns...

The Influences of Batman Begins

Artist Jesus Saiz signs 2-Year Exclusive Deal with DC

Identity Crisis #1 goes back to press


News links for Friday, 9/24/04...

Actor comic fund announces free comic book day 3.5

Comic book art explored

Groo the Wanderer Heads for the Big Screen

Get a Free Batman Strikes Comic at Burger King

'Batman and Robin' protest ends


News links for Thursday, 9/23/04...

Publicity photos offer first Look at the Fantastic Four!

Comic book passion is turning a profit

Alex Ross Spider-Man 2 Art on Auction

Welcome back John Sable, Freelance

Hellboy 2 Delayed?


News links for Wednesday, 9/22/04...

Superhero! Spoofs Comics

Holmes Talks Batman Role

Identity Crisis in New York Times

Marvel Expands Alan Fine’s Role To Include Heading Publishing Division


News links for Tuesday, 9/21/04...

Locations sought for 2005 24 Hour Comics Day

X-Men Legends Powers in to Retail Outlets Nationwide

Image's "Amazing Joy Buzzards" Hits Stands This December

Comic sense: the huge preponderance of movies based comics

A closer look at Spiderman 2 for the Playstation 2

Radio Comix Signs with Diamond for Booktrade Distribution 


News links for Monday, 9/20/04...

Rave Reviews for Atomeka’s A1 Big Issue Zero!

Return of a superhero - Captain Canuck is back in action

The Joseph League Elite: Joe Kelly Talks "JLE"

More Actors Join the Fantastic Four


News links for Friday, 9/17/04..

Hulk's diary blog

A closer look at Fantastic Four #518

Nicolas Cage Talks Ghost Rider

Attenshun! GI Joe hits the big 4-0

Comic book heroes confront real trouble


News links for Thursday, 9/16/04...

Full Sin City preview trailer... Wow!

Peter Parker Becomes an Indian

Identity Crisis Sweeps Through the DCU with Tie-In Issues


News links for Wednesday, 9/15/04...

Marvel Toy CEO to Head Publishing

Bale Lifts Batman's Cowl

Weaver was nearly X-Men's Emma Frost

Grand Opening of McFarlane Toys Store and Showroom Set for Oct. 16

HeroClix: Chess meets comic books

Mild-mannered journalist by day...


News links for Tuesday, 9/14/04...

'Batman' protest at queen's palace

USA Today on Elfquest

Comics expo looks to the superheroes

SEC cans Stan Lee Media stock

Alter Ego TPB Scheduled for Early 2005


News links for Monday, 9/13/04...

The DC comics universe as tragedy

Hottest comic book in the world

'Spider Man' charged over father's rights protest

‘Identity Crisis’ rocks DC Comics’ universe Comics

Dress your computer with Mighty Marvel Wallpaper


News links for Friday, 9/10/04...

How comic books are created

Greetings From Sin City

Associated Press on Identity Crisis 


News links for Thursday, 9/9/04...

DC ships free version of Fallen Angel #1

Learn more about Justice League Elite

Previewing Daredevil #65 Anniversary Special

Jim Starlin launches new website supporting Kid Kosmos


News links for Wednesday, 9/8/04...

Dandy comic sold for record price

Kevin Smith's Clerks: icon of indie film still at work after a 10-year shift

7-year-old phenom stirs up comics biz

Stuff of heroes runs in our veins

Chris Giarrusso's "G-Man" coming from Image in December


News links for Tuesday, 9/7/04...

DC Wins 7th Straight CBG Award For "Favorite Publisher" and more

Hefner, Stan Lee team for 'Superbunnies'

A closer look at the X-Men: Legends video game

Smallville Scoop!  Clark Meets Lois

The Industry Gets Trade Association It Wanted - But Is It the Real Thing?

Vote on the burning questions from some of this summer's hottest events


News links for Monday, 9/6/04...

Marvel unveils successful second quarter financial report

DC Vertigo: The Next Ten Years

Gossett and Cadenhead Talk "Elektra: The Hand"

Caviezel may trade the dusty sandals for the blue tights of the Man of Steel

Heroes indelibly inked on our lives


News links for Friday, 9/3/04...

Imatoy Custom-Made Figures Turn Anyone Into a Superhero

Spend A Few Perfect Hours in September

DC's Identity Crisis #1 Sold Out

Batman Begins Starts, Oldman is Gordon!

Ron Perlman on Hellboy


News links for Thursday, 9/2/04...

'X-Men' star Patrick Stewart has angioplasty procedure

X-Men Legends Land on the N-Gage Game Deck  

Tommy Lee Edwards asks "The Question" for DC

Send this 'Catwoman' straight into the litter box


News links for Wednesday, 9/1/04...

Clerks DVD Inspires Kevin Smith To Write A Sequel

Passion star Caviezel poised to sign Superman deal

Wildstorm's Ex-Machina #1 Sold Out

Comic-book world's latest superheroine is a Latina

All grown up: Comic book fans are transforming popular culture


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