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News Links for Friday, 12/30/05

A House Divided: Quesada talks Civil War / More on Civil War
Infinite Crisis Round-Up for Week 10
Get Smart: Sumerak and Eliopoulos talk Franklin Richards
Witchblade comic heroine has 10th anniversary
New Superman Returns pics / Pre-Order Superman Returns stuff
Tim Storm Talks About Spider-Man 3
Toy creator is hoping for shocking results
Comic misadventures at the MoCA
X-Men's new villain / Psylocke X-Men 3 / Psylocke joins Magneto
More news regarding Frank Miller's 300
V For Vendetta shots of Portman / Weaving on V For Vendetta
Colossal convention in Tokyo / Fans usher in '06 with marathon
A closer look at Daredevil #80
2005: A Year in Review



News Links for Thursday, 12/29/05


News Links for Wednesday, 12/28/05


News Links for Tuesday, 12/27/05


No News is Good News?  Monday... 12/26/05

The news staff (aka me) had to make way for the tech staff (also, coincidentally, me) as we did some server side work in preparations for a few upcoming "new features".  We'll return with all the latest news stories again tomorrow. 

Same bat-time, same bat-channel

Christmas 2005!  We wish you and yours the very best...


Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from


It's a comic book Christmas at Bags and Boards
T’was the Night Before X-Mas
Christmas-Time is Comic Time
Holiday oddball comics
Chung's Top 25 Christmas Comic Covers
Newsarama Holiday Gallery 2005
More Christmas Shopping To Do!
A look back on Smallville's Lexmas
It Came from the Quarter Bin: Marvel Holiday Special 2004
Joe Friday... Joe Christmas '05
Brett Ratner's X-Men 3 Holiday Card
Christmas Wishes: Holidays Hoarse and Buggy / WCG Comics 
Christmas Wishes: Merry Dangmus / Super Hero Times

News Links for Friday, 12/23/05


News Links for Thursday, 12/22/05


News Links and Press Releases for Wednesday, 12/21/05

News Links
What's your favorite Spider-Man variant cover?
Justice #2 sells out / Son of M #1 sells out
Hugo Weaving goes to the extreme to promote V revolution
Returning X-Factor sells out and wows critics
Catwoman's got a bun in the over?
Who will be Odin?  Runes of Ragnon art contest
DC's Crisis Counseling continues as Infinite Crisis #3 arrives
Know your SuperHero ABCs
G.I. Joe headlines Devil's Due schedule
Crusade announces definitive Shi collection
Espinosa talks Rocketo's move to Image Comics
Simon Furman on the return of Death's Head
Christmas time is clearly comic time / T’was the night before...



News Links for Tuesday, 12/20/05


News Links for Monday, 12/19/05


News Links for Friday, 12/16/05


News Links for Thursday, 12/15/05


More on Marvel's Annihilation!
Star War: Giffen talks Annihilation / Annihilation the next big Marvel thing

News Links for Wednesday, 12/14/05


News Links for Tuesday, 12/13/05


Press releases and News Links for Monday, 12/12/05

News Links
Walter Simonson set as Hawkgirl's new writer
A quick Nightwing chat with Bruce Jones / New blood in Bludhaven
Spidey 3 Budget, Costume, Casting News /
Spider-Man 3 Filming
Reed Richards to Logan in one step / Story, Frost back for FF2
DC Comics solicitations for March 2006
Del Toro Chooses Hellboy 2 Over Halo / Toro's Hellboy 2 update
The Batman series getting a Robin? /
The Batman next season
Teen Titans screen caps /
Teen Titans final episodes
From here to Infinity, Inc. / Unofficial fan site dedicated to Inc
Time travel with Archie and Friends /
Veronicas join with Archie
Brownstein & the CBLDF '05 in review Part 1 / Part 2
Blade TV Series Spot on Spike TV /
Nelson Lee Joins Blade Pilot
The Best of The Spirit
Comics present colorful choice for Christmas
John Powell to Score X-Men 3



Press releases and News Links for Friday, 12/09/05

News Links
You want more Beetle? Check out the new Blue!

Busiek discusses Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis
Decimation Round-Up Week 5 / Infinite Crisis Rount-Up Week 7
IDT Reports Results for First Quarter Fiscal 2006
Greg Rucka on the new Checkmate
An X-Men #180 preview / An X-Men 198 Files Preview
360EP announces Hyp-No-Tech Imprint publishes the Insiders
Dark Horse in March: What are you buying?
CBLDF launches second eBay round
Smallville's Lois Lane Has the Scoop
Del Toro Caught Between Halo And Hellboy
Marvel press conference covers Ellis / Ellis on newuniversal
Superheroes to fly into Clarksville



Press releases and News Links for Thursday, 12/08/05

News Links
Marvel's Next Wave/Ultimate Extinction Press Conference
Fox Unveils New X3 Look And Trailer Preview
Who's That Bug? Hamner on Blue Beetle
Neal Adams and Jim Steranko guests of honor at NYCC
Popular Russian director to make Wanted movie for Universal
Interview with Three of the Fantastic Four Stars
Q&A with Smallville's Michael Rosenbaum
Comic Genius: Overcoming the funny pages’ inferiority complex
Devil's Due announces GI Joe: Missions - Manhattan
Punisher Comic Writer Offers His Opinion of the Film
Joshua and Jonathan Luna: Ultra, Girls and Spider-Woman
Boy Wonder: Adam Beechen talks Robin
A full City of Villains review
Blade TV Series Set Photos
USA Today on Absolute Watchmen
Can Batman hit the curve ball?
Alex Ross Unmasked: The Full Interview
Create Your Own Superhero with HeroMachine 2.0



News Links for Wednesday, 12/07/05



A closer look at the post House of M Wolverine
DC unveils Rock covers / Kuberts Deliver / Band of Brothers
IDW Publishing's March 2006 solicitations
Playing Lex Luther isn't always a good (dating) thing
Chris Batista Signs DC Exclusive
More X-Men 3 Pics Online
A look back on DC's Sacrifice parts 1 through 4
Transformers: Infiltration #1 kicks off IDW’s robot relaunch.
Fathom #5 and Soulfire #4 Previews
PureHero to Introduce Marvel Super Hero Performance Apparel
Stan Lee on history of superhero books and his marvelous future
Julian McMahon Discusses Dr. Doom
Weir and DeFilippis talk Superman and Past Lies

News Links for Tuesday, 12/06/05



Breaking X-Men 3 Film News!
X-men 3 trailer unveiled on-line / On the films special effects
New mutants, director recharge X3 / 1st look at new mutants
Wolverine Tries to Avoid Typecasting / X3 in '06, will fans see it?
Tons more content on the official X-Men movie site


News Links
Guilty or Not: Batman and the OMAC's
New FF film fuse fired / Next Chapter / Fantastic sequel / More
Lost creator joins Ultimate comic universe
Stephenson spreads holiday cheer with Image Holiday Special
DC Comics named Publisher of the Year
Zap! Comic Book Man hit with collecting bug
Preview second issue of Warren Ellis series, Down
Comic-Con and Wizard Conventions from marketing partnership
Bob Hoskins playing Penguin in Batman sequel?
Teaser trailed for the upcoming Smallville Lexmas episode
Jack Colvin, Hulk's McGee, dead at 71 / AP Story
Narwain titles "on the way"
A six page Spider-Woman Origin preview


Don't Miss Special Event
Live Chat with Sin City's Robert Rodriguez today at 8:30 PM



Press releases and News Links for Monday, 12/05/05

Press Releases
The Edwin Awards @ Avengers Forever - Avengers Forever Website
Komikwerks goes portable with PSP packs - Komikwerks, LLC


News Links
Kirkman Mania with Zombies and the League of Losers
Mid-Ohio Con: Englehart and Rogers plus others
Sneak a peek at Image's Ant #3
Captain Carrot returns (Johns/Shaw) in Teen Titans #30-31
Post Crisis info: Beechen and Robin the Boy? Wonder
Stephen King's Dark Tower comics delayed until 2007 / More
To Boldly Go Where No Fan Has Gone Before 
Crisis Figures Return to Multiverse
Silent Devil Aims for top in '06 / Monkey vs. Lemur In April
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2 Sells Out
Top Cows Darkness Gets Picked Up
Win Sin City Recut- Extended and Unrated!
Comic book store gives to needy kids



Press releases and News Links for  Friday, 12/02/05

News Links
Bill Willingham discusses Shadowpact
Multiverse was dead, long live the Multiverse! / DC Comics RRP
What If? Is Back... With a Twist!
The X-Men 3 trailer / First Look: X-Men 3 / X3 Trailer coming early
Comic Book vieruoso Mike Carey in his own words
Powers: Who Killed Retro Girl? A fan film!
Interviews at Magazine care of Millarworld / New Sequential Tart
Video features Joss Whedon on Wonder Woman / Serenity Sequel?
Beta Ray Bill fans enjoy sharp new bust
Marvel Decimation Round-Up Week 4
Minimates Make DVD debut with the X-Men
Superman to Carry the Olympic Torch
A Young Avengers Special preview



News Links for Thursday, 12/01/05


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