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for the month of November, 2005


Press releases and News Links for Wednesday, 11/30/05

Press Releases
Wizard honors Geoff Johns as 2005 Man of the Year and Writer of the Year - DC Comics
George R. R. Martin's Hedge Knight charges into third printing - Dabel Brother Production
Independent Creators Signing at Midtown Comics This Friday - Terminal Press

Speakeasy and Ardustry partner ... Bigger, Stronger, Faster - Speakeasy Comics


News Links
Brian Reed on Spider-Woman: Origin & Ms. Marvel
Living laser, Spymaster and the ghost return in Iron Man
Death comes to Dillinger goes to Silent Devil
Paul Levitz on his return to writing the JSA
Marvel Knights Spiderman sells out gets scarlet variant
Ultimate Spider-Man Mobile Game Launching
The pros and cons of Mid-Ohio Con
New website celebrates the
current Manhunter series
Marvel signs deal with InterCasino
Veteran Comics creators join Narwain's creative ranks
Behind the pages with Mark Brooks
The five faces of Painkiller Jane
Who’s that Power Girl?  A close look at Infinite Crisis #2



Press releases and News Links for Tuesday, 11/29/05

News Links
An Ultimate chat with Damon Lindelof
X3 shots from FF DVD / Bright (Leech) on X3 set / More X3 info
Talking Spawn with McFarlane / Looking back and to the future
Check out the 24 minute comic book
Ten page Mouse Guard #1 preview available on-line
Activision extends Spider-Man agreement through 2017
DC pulls Albion solicitations
Looking inside the Speakeasy/Ardustry deal with Adam Fortier
Marvel moves into press conference podcasting
Amazing Fantasy #15 advance review
Goon’s creator draws fun from comic book efforts
Lois and Clark's second season makes it's way to DVD
Breaking Bat News: Christopher Nolan on next film



Press releases and News Links for Monday, 11/28/05

Press Releases
Independent Publisher Reaches Out to Readers and Retailers - Claypool Comics
Both Covers of X-Men Deadly Genesis #1 Sell Out - Marvell Comics
Red Sonja #3 in stores now - Dynamite Entertainment
The Lone Ranger Rides Again - Dynamite Entertainment


News Links
Keith Giffen discusses the new Blue Beetle
2005 Mid-Ohio Con Report

Epic-Scale Stories Excite the Superhero Universe
Putting the ‘super’ back in Superman
The American Way #1 Sneak Peek
Conan flexes thews for video game
Greg Rucka talks about his plans for Supergirl
Cartoon Network passing on sixth season of Teen Titans?
Cahill chats Silver Sable and Cominic Fortune
Comic fans gather at Mill Creek Fire Hall
X3 offers Beast a new point of view / X3 explores mind of the beast
Comic book publishers take cue from Hollywood
Grim Joker, Penguin in Batman Begins 2?



Press releases begin! ... Sunday, 11/27/05
News links for Friday, 11/25/05



JSA Remembrances with Keith Champagne
Dan Didio on more DC "one year later" changes
From Avengers to Superman, talking with Roger Stern
The Spectre Haunts Heritage!
Teen Titans headline a special episode of the Comic Reel
Image Comics announces Bergting’s The Portent
Green Lantern Kyle Rayner returns in a new series
Duncan Fegredo will do art for Hellboy: Darkness Calls
Creator reveals upcoming comics
And we thought these comics had faded away
The year of the comic: genre gets the respect
Generation M's Ramon Bachs signs Marvel exclusive
Marvel on iPod

Thursday, 11/24/05 ... Happy Thanksgiving!


We'll return with more Comic Related news and industry coverage tomorrow!

News links for Wednesday, 11/23/05



DC previews February titles / More on the preview
Marvel previews its December titles
Bendis talks Ultimate Spider-Man and Powers
Smallville 100th party photos / Someone dies in episode #100
Walter Simonson and Howard Chaykin talk history and Hawkgirl
Punisher: Silent Night preview ... many elves won't survive
Daniel Way talks Incredible Hulk and Wolverine
Aquaman Casting Call / More on the Aquaman series
Web column takes a look at graphic content / Article continues here
Sin City recut & extended release / Sin City uncut coming
Bring on the JSA bad guys ... A not to miss JSA Classified
Superman stops Newcastle traffic / Superman does Barbie?
The Government Manual For New Superheroes
Alias Comics signs exclusive with Diamond

News links for Tuesday, 11/22/05



Fantastic Four’s souls on the line in MK4 #25
Image Comics Solicitations for February 2006 / More on February
Wizard World Texas report / Wizard World wows Texas
Marvel to return to press on Marvel Knights Spider-Man #20
Complete review of
All-Star Superman #1 / Supergirl #3 review
Cheating on Heroes: A discussion of fan loyalty
Things to do with a Screaming Brain / Movie synopsis
Check out the
Marvel Legends series 12 action figures
Catwoman/Captain Atom writer Will Pfeifer chat / Pfeifer site
Jimmie Robinson Drops the Bomb in February / More
Robin voted Best Sidekick of all time / Unofficial Robin website
Marvel selects Fadel for Rights and Royalties Management
New Talismen series weds Manga with American Comics

News links for Monday, 11/21/05



Invincible #27 Sneak Peek
Wolverine and Hulk get Lost / Ultimate Sneak Peek
DC's marketing department continues to shuffle
Raising the stakes: Adam Beechen talks Justice League Unlimited
Superman Returns presentation /
Singer spills some details
Palmiotti and Gray put sassy spin on Daughters of the Dragon
Arthur Conan Doyle graphic novel back in print
Sparks fly in the Ultimate Universe as X-men face the FF
Preview Marvel's Son of M #1
Coming soon: Ultimate Avengers - The Movie
Cult sensation not for understanding / Aeon Flux Animated Collection
Comics are big news
Hulk tries to find peace and fails in Incredible Hulk #89


Check out the entire first issue of Atomika
Details from the Brighton Comic-Con

Casting a comic book from high school memories
Werewolf by Night movie update
Series might be dead, yet Buffy keeps vamping
A more intricate side of the Dark Knight
Judo Girl flies solo again in April
Entertainment Weekly talks Smallville
Spider-Man 3 Gets New Score Composer
Infinite Crisis lifts DC Comics
Zoom Suit comic series coming!
Aquaman casting details /
Aquaman pilot spoilers, cast news
A Too Much Coffee Man preview

News links for Friday, 11/18/05



Didio on DC cancellations, changes and future / More
Artists Alex Ross and Neal Adams declare their Patriot Acts
Hogwarts boys in New York for comic convention this weekend
Art Spiegelman discusses comics and film
Superman Returns teaser trailer available on-line
Kryptonsite screen captures of the Smallville Christmas episode
Steve Ditko, the comic book king
Comic store survives high-tech competition
Aquaman TV pilot spoilers page
The Return of the Acrid Smell of Gunsmoke
DC series continues Superman saga
Area artist's comic draws accolades
New images from the upcoming Spawn animated series
Joe Kubert talks current projects / Kubert talking Rock & gangsters

News links for Thursday, 11/17/05



Talking Iron Man With Frazer Irving
New Excalibur takes on the old X-Men / New vs Old?
The band is back together in Giant-Size Invaders #2
Quesada Paints the Palm / Joe Quesada’s Buddy List
Take a look inside Comic Book Artist's Eisner Issue
Image Introduces Peter Bergting's The Portent
Vertigo to publish Harvey Pekar / Splendor goes to Vertigo
Win lunch with Cerebus' Dave Sim
Singer Misses X-Men Films / Emma Frost, M Cast in X3?
Monkey vs. Lemur lands at Silent Devil
Talking Hero Squared and Planetary Bridage with Giffen
Chaos Comics, Diamond sign exclusive booktrade agreement
Captain Atom: Armageddon #2 review

News links for Wednesday, 11/16/05



Marvel Comics February 2006 solicitations
WB to dive in with new Aquaman TV series
How Superman Resurrects Brando
Red Sonja: One More Day Sells Out
Planet Hulk begins in Hulk #93 / Pak to Planet Hulk / Pak to Write
Daniel Acuña signs exclusively with DC
Bedard talks What If? Captain America
Spider-Man/Back Cat: The Evil That Men Do #4 preview
Lost character lands Tigress role / Lost star to play Tigra?
Websites get V for Vendetta images /
4 new V for Vendetta posters
Comic book manager will live out every fan's dream
Motley Fool look back on when Marvel was Marvelous
Everybody's a comic book artist

News links for Tuesday, 11/15/05



DC Comics February 2006 solicitations
Fantastic Four DVD set to contain extended Stan Lee appearance
Michael Uslan talks Shazam and the Spirit
Gotham Central: The end of the shift
Worldwide satellite teaser trailer debut for Superman Returns
Jim Lee, Brad Meltzer guests of honor at New York's Comic-Con
NY Comic-Con to showcase private comic art collection
Infinite Crisis boosts DC to October sales win
James Marsters may become a regular on Smallville
Classic Star Trek boldly goes Tokyopop
Dynamic Forces brings Star Wars to Canada November 18th
Planetwide Games Launches Comic Book Creator
Mid-Ohio-Con update

News links for Monday, 11/14/05



Journey into comics: The West is Back
Aquaman pilot swims to WB / Pilot gets green light from WB
More Blade TV Photos, Details / Cast Set For "Blade" TV Show
Batman director no dark knight / DVD set traces Bat-history
Aiming to Kill in Punisher vs Bullseye #1
Activision rights extended / Extended / X-Men & Spidy stay
Faeber on Captain Universe's Return to the Marvel U
DC news from meetings taking place in the Great White North
New Painkiller Janes Pics Debut
Welcome to Sin City, the bar
Chris Columbus Passes on Sub-Mariner
Devil’s Due ups the ante for GI Joe Sigma 6
Stan Lee Drops F Bomb in X3


Brubaker and the X-Men's Deadly Genesis
In with the quickly shrinking X-Crowd
Big Apple Comic Book, Art & Toy Show Returns to NYC
Comic Con brings superstar artist to Portsmouth
Spider-Man 3 LA filming pics / Koepp's version of Spidey Sequels
Morgan to adapt The Psycho for Universal / Psycho on big screen
Take a peek at Infinite Crisis #5 / Crisis Recovery looks back on #2
How Will Transformers Change on Screen?
Upcoming Superman Returns Filming
Infinite Crisis worthy of hype / Malaysia sees IC as gritty and real
Terminator Headed for TV
Deathlok Movie May Get Derailed Director
Comics that are missing in action

News links for Friday, 11/11/05



Devin Grayson on the Nightwing Crisis
Stan Lee talks about his new X-Men 3 cameo
Mike Marts offers fans a Marvel Decimation primer
Painkiller Jane re-launch, TV movie? / Painkiller Jane goes Sci-Fi
Top Cow offers fans a six page, lettered preview of Down #1
Sneak a peek at Image Comics Godland #5
Self Publisher's Association Releases 2006 Pinup Calendar
Comic book
continuity, does it matter?
Absolute Watchmen reviewed
New X-Men 20 and Spidey #2 total sell outs for Marvel
Ngyyen and Mahnke teach comic how to trough DVD
Details on the Big Apple Convention next weekend
Drawing Obi-Wan Kenobi

News links for Thursday, 11/10/05



Marvel Decimation Round-Up: Week 1
Comic powerhouse Marvel signs mysterious multi-million deal
Rumors true!
WB to introduce new Aquaman TV series
The Phantom Legacy: It's the ultimate Phantom
Paradox Entertainment and THQ to collaborate on Conan Games
Simpsons, Jackman & X-Men release / Vinnie Jones on Juggernaut
Say hi to Archie... in Hindi
Who's that girl: Explaining Power Girl's history
Jones Confirmed for Blade Series / Blade and Kirk "Sticky" Jones
Holidays Come Early for Marvel with Two Tremendous Specials
Underground Comic Book Exhibit / Big Apple Comic Book Show
Grave Grrrls #1 offers full first issue on-line
Previewing Top Shelf's The Surrogates #3

News links for Wednesday, 11/9/05



Counseling for Infinity Crisis #2 / Day of Vengeance IC Special
Buffy returns to comics, Whedon updates projects / Buffy lives again
Official Superman Returns site launched / Teaser Trailer Confirmed
Marvel 3Q profit sinks / Marvel difficult 06 / Steep Decline / More
A couple of new photos from Ghost Rider film
All Star Batman & Robin #2 sells out at DC comics
Two Up for Two-Face? Latest Batman sequel rumors
Shane Davis/Karen Palino sign DC / Jock & Howard Porter renews
Bill Duke talks about starring in director Brett Ratner's X-Men 3
IDT Entertainment Gets Hellboy License / Hellboy Animated details
Alias reorganizes and adjusts company plans / Alias Emancipation
The Invincible Iron Dan: Daniel Knauf talks Iron Man
Speakeasy puts on the Black Coat

News links for Tuesday, 11/8/05



DC Publishing solicitations for January 2006
Dark Horse January 2006 solicitations
September 2005 industry statistics
Dealing with Decimation in Generation M #1
Check out the first pages from King's Dark Tower
Dark Horse’s The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist
Marvel Regains Iron Man Film Rights
The artistic talent of Nicola Scott
Batman gets a bit educational for the Holidays
Marvel and DC Battle Dice roll into 2006 / Photos from Toyfare
Mark Millar Sick, Takes Leave / MillarWorld forums
Superman Returns stands at $250 million
Marvel Signs Scot Eaton to Exclusive Deal!

News links for Monday, 11/7/05



Full Wizard World Texas recap / Wizard World Texas tidbits
Church is Sandman in Spider-Man 3 / Speculation over / Topher?
Image & Dark Horse announce slate of films in production
Stephen King Marvels At Comics
Caldon promoted to Executive VP at DC / DC's promotions
Hine talks Son of M and X-Men the 198 / Jenkins' new Generation M
Sin City 2 Seduces Clark Duncan
Super Heroes 101: Preparing for a Con
Crisis Counseling with Dan DiDio and Bob Wayne / Still more
Ultimate Traitor Revealed?
Black Hole directed by Alexandre Aja / Remarkable graphic novel
Narwain's Jenna enrolls in Ninja High School
Former DC Editor Phyllis Reed dies


An Aquaman TV Show Emerges
New X-Men 3 Spoilers Galore
Will Smith
Nick Fury? / Marvel's Fury focusesh / Smith next?
Ex-Iron Maiden frontman PAUL DI'ANNO to appear comic soundtrack
Dr. Steve Gibson plans to teach a graphic novel class
Brad Meltzer signs DC exclusive
Masters of American Comics on view at the Hammer Museum
ONI Press delves into Past Lies this January
What If? Returns For Another Fifth Week Event
Matt Clark on drawing the Outsiders
Mark Millar set to take some time off
Who is Allan Heinberg? - Part 3 / What, me Bendis?
Comic book fights HIV/AIDS

News links for Friday, 11/4/05



Marvel previews fan favorite Ultimates 2 series
Second Army of Darkness mini-series now in TPB
The Other sell outs continue with Amazing Spider-Man #525
Ultimate Avengers DVD Poster #3 Released
Ellen Page Talks X-Men 3 / Master Replicas' Cyclops Visor
Comics Journals gives Eisner send off / Nominated for Utne Award
Screen captures of the upcoming Smallville episode
Iron Man movie returns to Marvel / Marvel Recruits Iron Man
Super-Baddie Cast / Superman Returns to IMAX in June 2006
Runaround: Adrian Alphona talks Runaways
Jesse Bausch talks Strange Detective Tales
Is IDW Playing Second Fiddle Or Niche Player?
Convention reflects industry / Full showcase / Super Heroes 101
A Superhero Spin On Business Cards
Scott McDaniel extends DC exclusive / Diggle renews DC exclusive
Red Sonja trading cards due this December

News links for Thursday, 11/3/05



A closer look at Captain Universe/Hulk #1 / 8 page preview
Son of Superman co-creator finally opens up about father
New Batwoman series in DC lineup next year? / Batgirl history
Win complete Green Lantern: Rebirth series / DVD contest
Silver Kryptonite in Smallville? / Good ole boys on Smallville
IDW Publishing's Boilerplate throw Chris Elliot / More on boilerplate
Infinite Crisis powers / Crisis? What Crisis? / Conscience Crisis
Eisner award–winner artist Tony Harris Conan cover run set
What are we going to do with 13 dead X-Men? / Brubaker talks
Superman Returns after a five-week hiatus / More film updates
Spawn 154 cover preview unveiled / Rumblings about Spawn 2
Details Emerge on King Project / Marvel Lands More Novelists
Milestones Dr. Doom statue / Dark Phoenix Wolverine statue
Marvel Universe Snowbird bust / Captain Britain bust
Who is Allan Heinberg? - Part 2 / More on Allan Heinberg
A closer look at the restart of Marvel's Sentinel series

News links for Wednesday, 11/2/05



Marvel Previews for November 23rd
Frank Miller's alternate cover for All Star Batman and Robin #3
Dan Didio named Senior VP - Executive Editor, DCU
A history of the West Coast Avengers and their modern relevance
Killer 7 comic due from Devil's Due in February
Michael Helfant Joins Marvel Studios as Avi Arad's No. 2 / More
Showtime's Masters of Horror becomes an IDW comic
Fallen Angel teams with CBLDF / More on the story
Penciler Jae Lee on The Dark Tower
Smallville Solitude promo poster / Second poster / Clark-Lana video
Transcript: New Avengers and Moon Knight artist David Finch
Duncan Rouleau brings The Nightmarist to readers
Zen Intergalactic Ninja gets facelift for Hollywood

News links for Tuesday, 11/1/05



Previewing Vaughan's final issue of Ultimate X-Men
Whedon talks Serenity and updating Wonder Woman's look
Peter David and IDW benefit CBLDF
Marvel brings heroes to Palm Resturant in New York / More
Erik Larsen discuses the future of Image Comics
The Dukes of Smallville: Tom Wopat guest appearance
Amazing #525 gets Ben Reilly variant and a possible clue
Upcoming Black Panther artist Scot Eaton signs Marvel exclusive
Mark Waid's Take on Superman Returns
D'Armata busy coloring Top Cow and Marvel projects
Dark Horse announces 2006 projects
Upcoming X-Men 2.5 DVD Confirmed
First Look at Blackheart in Ghost Rider

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