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for the month of October, 2005


News links for Monday, 10/31/05



When House ends, X-Men face a Deadly Genesis / Preview
Batman Begins Tops the DVD Charts /
LEGO Batman license
Sneak a peek at Red Sonja: One More Day
Comics Journal nominated for Utne Award
MegaCon ’06 held February 24th - 26th in Orlando, Florida
Spawn's Todd McFarlane in the Spotlight / McFarlane in NY
BloodStained Productions Releases New Preview
A ten page Wood Boy/Burning Man preview
New photos of Nicholas Cage's Ghost Rider ride
Flashback to the original Fantastic Four movie
Holy collectibles, Batman / Turning comics into collectibles
Godland #1 and #2 sold out
Why have there been no great women comic artists?


A closer look at Simone and Liefeld's Teen Titans #28
Review of Creature from the Black Lagoon
King's Gunslinger will be a Marvel to behold / Marvel hails King
Gail Simone takes her turn at JLA: Classified
Chris Evans Unleashes Fantastic Four 2 Details
Adapting Dragons of Autumn Twilight no easy task
James Marsden Talks Superman Returns & X3
Brian Hibbs on ending his suit against Marvel
Young Avengers a surprising success / Who's Allan Heinberg?
Wizard's Crisis Director’s Material Part One / Part Two
New Ultimate Avengers Pics: Nick Fury and Black Widow
Legendary Pays Half of Batman & Superman's Bills
New Aeon Flux site goes online

A bit of Saturday comic strip fun, 10/29/05

Non Sequitur
by Wiley Miller

© 2005 Universal Press Syndicate
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News links for Friday, 10/28/05



Gibbons on Rann-Thanagar and Green Lantern Corps
Stephen King/Marvel to do Dark Tower installment / Official release
Marvel Knights Spiderman #19 sells out
Sci-Fi Channel and Stan Lee go to LightSpeed
Nelson Mandela launches series of comic books
Marvel previews X-Men: Deadly Genesis preview
Wildstorm gets a Crisis all it's own
Image launches new website
Alex de Campi, author of the graphic novel Smoke
McFarlane guest of honor at NY Comic-Con
The surprising success of the Teen Titans animated series
Best selling thriller novelist to write Captain America
Marvel taps bestselling author Eric Jerome Dickey for Storm series

News links for Thursday, 10/27/05



Giffen, DeMatteis, and Maguire do the Defenders
Stephen King at Marvel? / More on story / King haunts Marvel
Marv Wolfman chat transcript /
Superman takes a U-turn
DC Comics The Exterminators #1 sneak peek / More info
Todd McFarlane on a second cinematic Spawn adventure
Frank Miller working on 300-page B/W Batman story?
Marvel Comics first looks for January 2006
Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy #1 sneak peek / Learn more
Professor examines super-hero physics / Official website
Infinite Crisis round-up week three / Perez cover sneak peek
Angel vet Alex Denis of voices Mirror Master for Justice League
Mark Verheiden takes the helm of Superman/Batman
Angel Gate launches comics for pre-schoolers

News links for Wednesday, 10/26/05



Mike Allred goes it Solo with DC Comics
Nolan on Batman Begins follow-up / Batman Begins sequel in 2008?
DC offers up previews for January 2006
Power girl rest squarely at the center of Infinite Crisis
Not too late for Iron Man movie? / Iron Man movie dead?
Dan Slott's got a Thing thang
Washington DC Fall Comic-Con coming Oct. 30
Vigilante justice comes thanks to Bruce Jones
Author Tom De Haven breathes life into a beloved hero
UK Comic Expo set for November 19th and 20th
Performance Apparel for the super hero in you
Upcoming Fanboy Radio program listing / Fanboy Radio link
Latest comic book movie set to be Magdalena / More on the story

News links for Tuesday, 10/25/05



All-Star Batman & Robin tops sales again / Coming next
Who are comics top ten anti-heroes?
Sneak a peak at Image Comics Fear Agent #1
Watchmen moves to Warner Bros? / Watchmen pops back
Writers talk Marvel's Official Horror Handbook
Graphic novel elicits powerful emotions, sets new standards
New England Comic Book Show /
Hughes, Jones & Wrightson
Will we see Callisto in X-Men 3? / X-Men 3 production update
Image Comics lets you take a look at Girls #6
Shadowline Unleashes the Runes of Ragnan / More on the story
Cinescape takes a look at the new She-Hulk series
True comic look to Spidey / Apocalypse to the next level
A closer look at Sword of Dracula #1 / Promoting blood donation

News links for Monday, 10/24/05



Looking back on a world of Infinite DC Crossovers
Devil's Due Publishing January 2006 solicitations
Why Is the Justice League's Top Seven Popular?
Spinning out of House of M comes New Excalibur, new team
Smallville screen caps from Thirst /
Jurgens on Aquaman on TV
Chat transcript with artist Bob Layton / Roger Stern retrospective
Todd McFarlane talks Spawn 2 and more / McFarlane's military
Rogues gallery attacks the Flash museum on Justice League
Eaglesham Exclusive With DC / Kramer Exclusive With DC
Cyclops Returns for X-Men 3: Yes or No? / Stan Lee cameo?
Entertainment Weekly profiles The Watchmen / More on the story
Teshkeel Media brings Marvel to Middle East / More on the story
Batman Begins' package does justice to caped one / DVD review


Marvel's Ultimate Vision includes a few new curves
Andelman launching Will Eisner bio Oct. 29
CB Cebulski’s New Marvel Mangaverse Preview
Testament #1 interior art preview / More on Testament
John Byrne on his and Simone's Action Comics departure
New Line giving up Iron Man /
Iron Man no longer New Line
Fantastic Four sequel date set / Fantastic Four hype
DC Comics visits McGuire Air Force Base
JLA Classified: Cold Steel #1 interior art preview
X-Men 3 Character Reveal with USA Today / X-Men hype
What's up with the Doc?  DiFilippo on Doc Samson
Sin City TV Series? / More on the story / Sin City hype
An insider look at the Batman vs Dracula animated DVD

News links for Friday, 10/21/05



Brubaker reflects on the Books of Doom / Who is Doom?
Quesada's devil of a time with Daredevil Father / Father gallery
Infinite Crisis week 2 round-up / DC's Crisis is here
DC announces variant for Supergirl #4 / Supergirl Who's Who
Panelologist offers a long view on comics
Nolan on Batman Begins sequel / Batman's tough going sequel
DC brings back Western comics with pair of gritty, violent entries
Previewing the new Six From Sirius trade paperback
Publisher's Haunted Mansion gallery show / Paper, Mortar, Pixel
New Halloween Man web comic available on-line
Force is eith Dark Horse In '06 / Fans seek long, long ago edition
Pasqual Ferry answers a few Ultimate questions
McG lost Superman Returns director role due to fear of flying

News links for Thursday, 10/20/05



Neal Adams’ variant cover for All-Star Superman #1
Image Comics January 2005 solicitation and cover images
X-Men stunts thrill Agassiz / X3 teaser site / X3 casting info
Rucka's Grand Experiment: The OMAC Project
Ron Perlman to play Conan / Conan: Red Nails animated film
Mythic comics return in a big way with Thor: Blood Oath
Decimation: House of M – The Day After preview
Aquaman from Niceville / Aquaman save beats Superman
Tony Lee puckers up for a Midnight Kiss
Marvel/Gaiman's 1602 wins quill / 1602 Wins / More coverage
First look at the new Ultimate Vision covers
New Doctor Who Available in Canada
X-Men Legends II ships for PSP / PSP reaches Apocalypse

News links for Wednesday, 10/19/05



Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon returns in 2006
September 2005 Sales Chart and Market Share Report
Marvel Comics January 2005 solicitations and cover images
Conan: Red Nails making it's way to animation
X-Men 3 trailer may put the King in King Kong
New Excalibur #1 brings back Britain's premiere superhero team
New X-Men #20 features new teams, variant cover and X-23
Lions, Tigers & Bears / Gimoles join Union Entertainment
Elektra 2
breaks into an R rating? / Bowman on Elektra sequel
Has 'Aquaman' been cast? / An Aquaman on Smallville roundup
Eaglesham & Kramer exclusive with DC / Reis renews exclusive
Toy & Action Figure Museum a big hit / More on the Museum
Kurtzman & Orci Talk Transformers / More on the film

News links for Tuesday, 10/18/05



Time names Watchmen among 100 best novels / On the list
Day of Crisis: Infinite Crisis #1 unveiled / Infinite makeover
New Excalibur Proves Shinier / Full preview available
Marvel Decimation and HOM Press Conference / HOM #7 Preview
Ivan Reis Extends DC Exclusive
DC's January 2006 solicitations and preview cover images
First look at Friendly Neighborhood Spidey #1 second print cover
Gibbons seeing green with Green Lantern Corps Recharge
So Long Superman: Gail Simone talks about leaving Action Comics
Variant cover introduces new X-team
Dysart's spending time with the Swamp Thing
Kalpana Chawla comic flies off the shelves / Indian astronaut
A closer look at Hawkman #45

News links for Monday, 10/17/05



Chris Claremont on New Excalibur
Smallville soars once again /
From Spike to Smallville
Up, up and gone! Byrne and Simone off Action Comics / More
New Wolverine animated series in the works? / X-Men get animated
Berry on Storm's Larger Role in X3 / X-Men Mutation Quiz
V for Vendetta grabs a solid R rating / Journey into Watchmen
Local couple publishes first comic book
New Ultimate X-Men scribe signs in Washington and North California
Recalibrating DC heroes for a grittier century / Great Perez cover
Greg Horn's Up in She-Hulk's Business
Meeting the Intimidators
Marlon Wayans is IDW's Dynomite
At Devil's Due, they use Rock and Roll
Dangerous Curves: Hartnell/Bradshaw talk Danger Girl
Comic-book good guys all the rage in games
King of Pain: Moore and Long talk X-Men Unlimited #12
Latest on a new Sin City DVD /
Batman Begins 2-Disc Edition
Blade TV Series Casting Call / Blade the Series going to Spike?
The Joker Set To Be Played By...Batman!?!
Evile Ernie #1 bucks industry trend, not a sell out
Only One More FF for Doom?
Mosley Makes His Marvel
Unsheathed: Ron Marz talks Witchblade
Moreno's 'Dracula Vs. King Arthur' is a hit
Bone boys plunge into action
Creator still uncool to his kids / Gaiman finds laughs

News links for Friday, 10/14/05

Road Trip time...
Our news staff is on the road hunting a few choice books (and a story or two). Look for all the latest news stories returning Monday.
News links for Thursday, 10/13/05



More Stories: Alan Moore collected!
Geoff Johns extends DC exclusive / Johns Extends Exclusive
Top 10 most wanted comic-book videogames
Recalibrating DC Heroes for a Grittier Century
Star Wars relaunch leads Dark Horse in January
Rare and award winning Concrete stories collected in third volume
Batman sequel spoiler update / Nolan speaks on Batman sequel
Patnovak-once San Francisco's toughest PI, now
Fantastic Four available on DVD December 13th
Dead Man's Party: Kirkman & Phillips talk Marvel Zombies
McKeever and Udon’s Sentinel makes a comeback / More
More comics creator ebay auctions for hurricane relief
Corporate Ninja Strikes Comic Stores This November
Arcana Studios team welcomes Ossman


News links for Wednesday, 10/12/05



Todd McFarlane's Spawn #150 cover revealed
Disney's Haunted Mansion comic debuts this month from SLG
Chat transcript with writer Steve Englehart
Marvel offers a first look at Kirk's Scorpion designs
Franklin Richards one-shot sells out
1602 wins inaugural Qill GN Award
Christos Gage's Particular Paradox
Infinite Crisis eye catcher image! / NY Times on Infinite Crisis
Preview the upcoming Invincible #27
An Anthem Word & Preview from Roy Thomas
Oni's Little Star concludes in December
Dan Didio offers up a nice dose of Crisis Counseling
Week 18's House of M roundup

News links for Tuesday, 10/11/05



Red Sonja vs. Thulsa Doom #1 Preview
DC collects every Alan Moore story in one volume / DC does Moore
The Geoff John D-I-Y Q&A continues
An Invincible Team-Up with Spider-Man
Jeph Loeb discussed his new life at Marvel
Craig Kyle and Chris Yost on the Xavier kids
David S. Goyer Talks Batman, Iron Man, Comics and More
John Debney to Score X-Men 3? / John Debney talks X-Men 3
Interview with Stan Lee Pt. 1 / Pt. 2 / Pt. 3 / Pt. 4 / Conclusion
An Interview with Hugh Jackman
A haven for making comics
Constantine 2 Being Developed?

News links for Monday, 10/10/05



Looking back on the DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy
Is DC Comics Spearheading a New Age in Super Hero Comics?
In General, Peter David: Catching Up with PAD
Brubaker on deflowering Doom, the winter soldier and the X-Men
Warner Bros begins production on Miller's 300 on October 17
Liam Sharp talks Testament, Red Sonja and Event Horizon
Transformers' Publisher IDW Reorganizes
Vidiator and Top Cow to Stream Comics to Wireless Devices
Batman's Mansion Nearly Destroyed
Cast a vote for Batman Begins & Sin City
Book celebrates the Goon, and so does creator Powell
Nicholas Cage proclaims, "I am Ghost Rider"
Power Girl Warrants Another Printing
Public Enemy Plan To Release Political Comic Book
Haley Ramm Talks X-Men 3
The all-time best famous superhero video games (Spider-Man? Hulk?)

A bit of Saturday comic strip fun, 10/8/05


Non Sequitur
by Wiley Miller

© 2005 Universal Press Syndicate
Follow this link for more Non Sequitur!

News links for Friday, 10/07/05



Twelve part Spider-Man epic begins October 12th
Batman TV mansion gutted by fire / Batman mansion 'gutted by fire'
Post Mortem: The OMAC Project / Day of Vengeance More
IDW hits new sales plateau with 100,000 / Bots Spike IDW Sales
Captain Universe set to return
Bone Rest #4 Sneak Peek
John Carter Warlord of Mars heading to theaters
Career Retrospective: Brian Michael Bendis
Rob Liefeld talks Teen Titans
Lena Headey cast as the queen in Frank Miller's 300
Neil Gaiman in black and white for CBLDF
Marvel's House of M #4 First look at finished cover / #4 Sells Out
Sweet Fifteen: Pannicia talks Amazing Fantasy #15
Smallville Aquaman image gallery now up
Kate Bosworth channels Katharine Hepburn for Lois Lane
Spacey not daunterd by Gene Hackman (Lex Luthor) role
Problems With Venom & Hobgoblin Costumes on the set of Spidey 3
Hulk, Spidey leap onto small screen with awesome games
Public Enemy Comic Book To Debut In 2006 / Hip-Hop to Comics
Philosophy fun? Van Lente & Dunlavey talk Action Philosophers

News links for Thursday, 10/06/05



Mark Waid on the Legion: The People and Plot
Neal Adams to provide variant cover for All Star Superman #1
Crisis Team: Meltzer, Morales look back at Identity Crisis
Monsters look nasty, but artist Bernie Wrightson says they're fun
Magic Words: Joshua Ortega talks The Necromancer
The gospel according to Crumb, the legend takes on Genesis
Free online issue of Those Annoying Post Bros from Matt Howarth
Neil Gaiman signing at Sam Goody / Gaiman's living the good life
Bendis signing in Los Angeles on 19th / Bendis Ultimate interview
Hollywood bets you'll still love the '80s

Frank Cho's Spider-Woman spread / More Cho / Still more
Dark Horse's Haunted Man in development at Cartoon Network
Mike Grell on Shaman's Tears and Bar Sinister
Ultimate Spider-Man a perfect fit for hardcore, casual fans
X-Men sequel delivers the action
City of Villains subscription rates announced

News links for Wednesday, 10/05/05



Zeb Wells talks Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big in Japan
Superman Returns in Xbox 360 launch lineup announcement
American Splendor's Harvey Pekar reveals more / I'm a nice guy
Talking Sword of Dracula with Jason Henderson
Disney's Haunted Mansion ride adapted to comic book form
Jessica Alba Talks Sin City 2 & Fantastic Four
Man With the Screaming Brain talk from Bruce Campbell
Finding her way on the web: McNeil talks Finder changes
Xavier, Storm, Wolverine and Magneto on the set of X-Men 3
Smallville's Aquaman episode described / New Aquaman photo
The startling story of the Sentry: Remembered by no one
Weir and DeFilippis end their New X-Men run
Legion of Super-Heroes: Waid and the world of the future

Geoff John's final Flash sells out / What did you like best?
Getting up to date with Top Cow's Freshmen
DC introduces new line of Who's Who figures
Devil Dinosaur gets his own special day with the fans

News links for Tuesday, 10/04/05



Matt Wagner talks Batman and the Monster Men
Pixelized comics find a comfortable home on the web / Site link
Stephen Rea talks V for Vendetta
Pictures of Angel Flying in X-Men 3? / IMDB on X-Men 3
Comicon's farewell show on Saturday
Buffy's Faith wants Wonder Woman role / More on
G.I. Joe is double-sized for November / Joe on Joe
Serenity a hit at the movies and on TV
Spider-Man website launches villain gallery / more on the story
Rostam Super Hero: Popularizing A Persian Myth
Preview Aspen's Cannon Hawke #1
Warner/DC announce Superman game / Sup swoops next-gen
Nicolas Cage gives Superman's birth name to son
It could be the world's only action figure museum
JSA Classified #2 & #3 sell out / JSA goes back to print
Batman Begins: Scarecrow Stole My Extras
Official Superman Returns website launches
More on Aquaman's visit to Smallville
Independent Comic Artists Fill the PSP Gap for Content
John Hitchcock: Southern Socrates of Superheroes
Robert Kirkman sets up shop on Ultimate X-Men
Superman/Batman #22 is HeroRealms' book of the month
Geoff Johns does a little DC Q&A
Peter David provides bonus reflections on his 20-year
Ultimate Spider-Man video game review
X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse video game review
Marvel Milestones: The Thing Statue

News links for Monday, 10/03/05



Peeking in on December's HyperActives #0
DC's Crisis panel at Wizard World Boston / Boston News & Notes
Director named for Blade TV series?
Building the DCU panel at Wizard World Boston
Kirsten Dunst may be set to make Spider-Man 3 her last
Angel Medina panel talks Marvel Knights Spider-Man
Marvel Studios releases new details on the Ultimate Avengers movie
Comic-Con creator plays to his Hayward roots
Supergirl, the new comic series by Jeph Loeb
NCSoft Europe looking for villains / City of Villains Beta Opening
Serenity earns director Whedon spot on sci-fi's Mount Rushmore
Comic show plans rare O.J. Simpson appearance / More on show
New X3 Set Pictures & Updates
10th Annual International Comic Art Festival Will Eisner tribute
Superman, President Bush and Hurricanes
Marvel's Boston panel reports, "The 10 Terrific" and more
Marvel's "Gold Standard": EiC Joe Quesada Talks Ultimate Plans


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