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for the month of September, 2005


News links for Friday, 09/30/05
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Previewing All Star Superman #1
Destroying towns for fun: Breitweiser talks Drax the Destroyer
Straczynski's Lost Soul promises to be a strange Marvel series
Gigantic Dedication in a World of Small Press
Antarctic Press publishes How to Break Into Comics
A casting call for Frank Miller's epic 300
New Vice Chairman for Marvel Studios
Powers Boothe and Jamie King Talk Sin City 2
Leaving the X school behind - A changing of the guard
Pete Woods signs a three year DC exclusive
Hulk smashes, Spidey swings / Ultimate Spider-Man Q&A
City of Villains looking for beta testers in Europe


News links for Thursday, 09/29/05



Massive first look at The Batman vs. Dracula / Batman comic ties into DVD
Still crazy after all these years: Keith Giffen talks 52 and his return to comics
Corgi/Marvel sign license deal to create metal figures
DC sends Justice #1 back for a second printing / Closer look at new cover
Ryan Reynolds hopes to play the Flash on the silver screen
Another Supermodel Joins X-Men 3 Cast


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