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for the month of April, 2006


News links for Friday, 4/28/06

Moon Knight #2 preview
Marvel launches additional digital comics
DC Comics vice-president and executive editor Dan DiDio
The 2006 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards
Final issue of Marvel Zombies sells out
DC Sends Robin #149 back to press
Marvel game to feature 140 characters / Xbox gets Marvel RPG
X-Men should give summer a hot start
This is a job for Iron Man / Iron Man writer thinks outside the can
High Flying: Kurtz updates Truth, Justin and the American Way
No longer a Dark Horse: Arvid Nelson talks Rex Mundi
Pre-E3 2006: Justice League Heroes Interview
Superman Returns Trailer Info
Ka-Bam! Thousands of Comic Books Stolen
DF Announces signed DC Comics for June
Event celebrates women in comic-book biz
Mandela comic for children out soon
Review of IDW's upcoming Free Transformers Comic Book
Super-Con takes over Oakland Convention Center May 20th, 21st
V for Vendetta... Against Bush



Busy week equals more video ... 4/27/06


Mid-Week video interlude with George Perez ... 4/26/06


George Perez at Orlando MegaCon 2005


News links for Tuesday, 4/25/06

Action Comics #837 Back to Press / Superman's Kurt Busiek
DB Pro announces exclusive Anita Blake preview
Infinite Crisis gets bigger, but the price remains the same
George Perez is back to full strength in 2006
Solo... No More?  Cancellation coming...
Comic art is on display in Ashland, Virginia
Wall Street Journal applauds Archie in the Arab world
#100 Not the end? Spider-Girl not over yet?
Marvel exec gets behind the counter for a day
Peeking at Hulk #94's flashbacks
The Portent #1 Sells Out
New Spider-Man 3 Set Reports! / Still more
Nick Lowe busy editing a dozen or so Marvel titles



News links for Monday, 4/24/06

Talking She-Hulk & The Thing with Dan Slott
Devil's Due in July / Image in July / Dark Horse / Archie
Moon Knight #2 Sneak Peek
More X-Men! This is not the last film, says producer
Wildstorm and Vertigo for July
Marvel Zombies #5 Sells Out
CCI Announces WonderCon 2007 dates / Dallas ComicCon 7
Dynamic Forces Announces HSN Guest Line-Up Change
Gwen Stacy's Assets in Spidey 3
Dark Horse's shoes and jackets profits to go to CBLDF
Know Your Eternals
Finest-Known Copy of New Book of Comics #1 to be Offered
Class takes superheroes from sci-fi to science
Female creators to hit Toronto
Stars, writer join play for latest X-Men game
Cashing In On the Kid in You
Cell phones are next breeding ground for comics
Comic capers coming soon



Special Saturday update ... Travis Charest artwork video ... 4/22/06


Travis Charest Marvel/DC Portfolio Feature Video


News links for Friday, 4/21/06


Wonder Woman artist Terry Dodson talks
Once around DCU / Infinite Crisis cover preview / Next Week DC
Warner Brothers hires new writer for Sgt. Rock film
Tamora Pierce taming the White Tiger
Mike Cary chat transcript covers X-Men, Lucifer and more
Victor Poon's Bureau 13
Hicksville: A Comic Book
Romitas Make Baltimore Appearance
Virgin Unveils First Wave / More on the kickoff
Task Force One aims its sights at Image
A Bird, A Plane, It's Sound of Superman / Coming May
Thibert talks DC exclusive and future of chrono mechanics
All eyes on Braddock in Uncanny X-Men / More
Desperado Publishing July 2006 solicitations
Fox goes live with all-new look for X-Men /  X-Men Get Posterized
Film's stars, writer team for 'X-Men' game
Automobile accident delays Hysteria

News feature for Thursday, 4/20/06

March 2006 rundown of the Top 300 Comic Books
Based on Diamond's actual orders for the month of March
News links for Wednesday, 4/19/06

The official latest on Civil War in podcast form
Sgt. Rock Nabs a Screenwriter
Apocalypse Now: Rafael Nieves talks The Apocalypse Plan
Comic books the next frontier for product placement / More
Marvelous legends return, war begins and the Eternals live
Aquaman fights evil with a new look, new entourage
Comic heroes split on civil issues / Super trouble for superheroes
Comic book tale needs more Biff! Bam! Pow
Dark Horse Celebrates Free Comic Book Day
Savage Dragon sells out on Eve of Milestone issue
Witchblade turns 100 and features a Linsner cover
Too Much Coffee Man, The Opera? / More
X3: Behind the Scenes Video



News links for Tuesday, 4/18/06

Learn a bit more about DC bad boy Black Adam
DC's July 2006 full solicitations / More
Domino returns and a rumble in Rumekistan in Cable/Deadpool #28
Animal Kingdom: Mike Bullock talks Lions, Tigers and Bears
Got Super Milk? New Superman ad campaign
X-Men 3 interview with Bill Duke aka General Trask
Andrew James' Dubious Tales
Justice League fights on 'til the end
Of Mouse and Man... In depth with Archaia Studios Press
X-Men 101, your chance to become and x-pert
Brandon Peterson's Ultimate Extinction in Comics
Toronto celebrates women of comics
Sell Outs around the world of comics

News links for Monday, 4/17/06

Rogers' Comic Bug, Blue Beetle / Hamner's Blue Beetle
Image previews for April 19th, 2006
Tania del Rio on witches and webslingers
Self-Publishing with a Bang
Playing Superhero games with Jakks
Silent Devil offering two-part Empty Chamber
The Art Of Shepard Fairey
DC Comics solicitations for July 2006
DH coming soon: Star Wars, Penny Arcade, and Old Boy
Previewing Dynamite's Red Sonja #9
Chan Art in Superman Opening Credits
Paul Dini on drawing Detective for DC
Journey Into Comics: JLU's final four episodes



Special Saturday update ... A little Stan Lee video ... 4/15/06


Stan Lee answers a question at ComicCon 2005!

Curious what Stan is into these days?
Visit the POW! Entertainment website for all the details.

News links for Friday, 4/14/06

Boys in Green: Gibbons talks Green Lantern Corps
DC sends four more titles back to press
Captain Marvel Conquers New Line / Segal Helms Shazam
Action Comics: Busiek and Nicieza Back in Action
Check out the official 300 website
Usagi Yojimbo creator returns home
Who Killed Johnston? Find out in CSI: Dying in the Gutters
Big Bang Comics to Self-Publish All-New Bimonthly series
Every Great Hitter Has His Kryptonite
Storm's Wedding Dress unveiled in Tv Guide / More
Boom! Studios In the Blood #1 Sells Out
Bone creator Jeff Smith
V for Vendetta is fun in an Orwellian way
Boat load of Justice League on Comic Continuum
Good Things In Small Packages, Part 2
Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut in X-Men 3
Party Like It's 1995! Heroes Reborn Again
Praise for Page as Kitty Pryde / Behind-The-Scenes
Planetary Brigade #1 Sold Out
Superheroes, mystery on summer film slate



News links for Thursday, 4/13/06

Peter Segal to Direct Shazam! / Segal Goes Shazam!
DC Previews for April 19th
Devil's Due Publishing Brings You Cobra Commander
Ms. Marvel's Brooding Return
Spider-Girl/Last Planet Standing Call
Our Marvels at War: Millar talks Civil War
DC sends seven more sold-out issues back to press
Checking in on the Secret Six
Will Aquaman make a big splash?
Marvel announces Nextwave: Agents of Hate
IDW Publishing receives important Diamond Award
Another X spin-off? / More from SuperHeroHype
APE for Comics
Bone: The Great Cow Race Now Available
Middle East Heroes - AK Comics
Living legends Stan Lee and John Romite on HSN / More
UK DVD details for Man Thing
Young artists invited to draw comic book art to win a prize
A fresh image and new companions for the old, dull Aquaman
Victoria's (not so) Secret Service



News links for Wednesday, 4/12/06
Road Trip time...
Our news staff is on the road hunting a few choice books (and a story or two). Look for all the latest news stories returning Wednesday.
News Links for Tuesday, 4/11/06

A Good Time To Be A Bad Guy
DC's Metal Men Get Some Lovin'
French artist Phil Briones on board for White Tiger series
Abe Sapien Gets More Play In Hellboy 2
Jessica Alba says FF2 Faster, More Intense
Prism Comics 2006 Guide hits stores
Spidey 3's Sandman Dishes Dirt
Giant Monster #1 and #2 sell out at Boom! Studios
Zak Penn on His Potential X-Men Spin-Off
Comic store owner shaves head for ACTOR
New X3 Image, More Superhero Movies Talk
Dark Horse contest sends winner to Comic-Con International
Aspen's Worlds Collide on FCBD



News Links for Monday, 4/10/06
Special Saturday update ... Classic Stan Lee ... 4/8/06


Kevin Rose interviews Stan Lee in the first "The Screen Savers"
episode premiere in Los Angeles from G4TechTV Studios.



Curious what Stan is into these days?
Visit the POW! Entertainment website for all the details.

News Links for Friday, 4/7/06



Marvel Civil War press conference with Mark Millar
Marvel says Chris Claremont takes time for recovery / More
First screen shots from Justice League Heroes game
Stuart Moore takes Wolverine on a mission to Africa
Checkmate: In The Words of Rucka
Dynamite named Best New Publisher by Diamond
Comics royalty finishes book after veteran writers son dies
Keith Giffen: An Annihilation Explanation
Smallville's future, big stakes
Jerry Ordway on DC Exclusive, Crisis and Classified Work
Q&A creator Stan Lee / Stan Lee talks comics and science
Tom Floyd's Captain Spectre
Astonishing X-Men #14 Sneak Peek



Sold out Blue Beetle #1 goes back to press / More
Crisis Recovery: Penultimate-Ization
A chance to swing with Spidey
Doug Jones Hints at Hellboy 3
Sideshow Collectibles Comic-Con Exclusives
Comic Book Hero’s Take to the Street of Long Beach
Jay Faeber fights for his Noble Causes
Getting to know Ape Entertainment
Alex Ross Wolverine Mini Bust
Vote on which story should be used for next Bat-film?
There was something in the air, says Stan Lee
The Lynx Update: New Webcomic
Amazing Spider-Man #531 preview


New Fantastic Four Animated
Series to Cartoon Network


News Links for Thursday, 4/6/06

DC Crisis Counseling with Dan Didio
Ware and Ellis lead 2006 Eisner Nominations / Full list
Devil's Due announces GI JOE: Declassified series by Larry Hama
52 Weeks 1-4 still open for order adjustments at DC
Judge says Siegels own Superboy but will that affect Smallville?
Peter David to script Stephen King's Dark Tower at Marvel
Beckinsale New Wonder Woman Favorite / Wonder No More
Uncanny X-Men invade Cannes / New X-Men: Last Stand TV Spot
Superman Getting a Sequel Already?
Business is booming for comic book heroes
Good Things In Small Packages: Micronauts
Paulo Siqueira on penciling the Birds of Prey
Aquaman TV Pilot Shooting Wraps
Joel Buxton's Awesome Marchus Ninja


Scott Christian Sava's The Dreamland Chronicles
Punisher 2 Not Filming This Summer?
Too Big for the Room: The First Annual New York Comic Con
EverQuest Users Will Be Able to Do Comics
Sound of Silence: Alex Cahill and the New Radio
Dressing Down for Frank Miller's 300
SMASH! Comics Turns Five
Mark Millar + Marvel = To 2008
Comic Book Digest Tops 24,000 Orders
Visiting Oni's Strangetown
The New Avengers: Illuminati #1 reviewed
Alias in the Shops Now: March 29th
2006-2007 season of Adult Swim unveiled

News Links for Wednesday, 4/5/06
DC 52, Wonder Woman Variant, Shipping & More
The Cosmic Trek of Jim Starlin
The Mutants to Hit Cannes Film Festival
Marvel previews for April 25th
Ultimate Frightful Four and the return of Doctor Doom
Final issue of Marvel Zombies hits comic shops
Marvel names a home for Fantastic Four animated series
Aspen Comics looks to the future
Classic Galactica series / Battlestar Galactica Comic Dynamite
GI Joe veteran Larry Hama returns to action
New Visionary studio goes live
Lee case "back to square one," new charges filed
Wave 2 of the online comic collective launches today
Team Zoom Joins 360ep for licensing and publishing opportunities
Active Images and the Nightmarist Head to Ape
Superman Returns Official Game Site / X-Men: The Official Game
Two New X-Men TV Spots Air!
Linsner and Yungbluth collaborate on sexy new print
Archie Comics First Look at Jughead & Friends Digest #10
Ursa Minor! Preview From Slave Labor Graphics
News Links for Tuesday, 4/4/06

Amazing Spider-Man #531 Sneak Peek
A preview of Mario Gully's Ant #5
Moon Knight For The Misbegotten?
Beatty's lawsuit over Dick Tracy ends without ruling
Legion of Super-Heroes #16 review
Power by the Pack with Marc Sumerak
Rememder to write Classic Battlestar Galactica, Discusses plans
Beckinsale Vies for WW Role / Beckinsale Joins Race
Power and Glory and Silver Screen
New Spoiler X-Men 3 Image
David Zucker on Superhero!
The Tick animated series coming to DVD (most likely)
Robin Riggs: Inking the Birds of Prey
Spider-Man on the eve of Civil War in Amazing Spider-Man



Press Releases and News Links for Monday, 4/3/06

News Links
The Irredeemable Ant-Man and Phil Hester
Justice League Heroes video game teaser trailer
X-Factor #6 Sneak Peek
Lou Diamond Phillips Talks Aquaman
More from the Set of Frank Miller's 300
Previewing Grimm Fairy Tales #5 by Zenescope Entertainment
Actresses Who Should NOT Play Wonder Woman
New information revealed in Starlog Magazine


Howard Chaykin’s Power & Glory picked up New Line
Annihilation: Ronan #1 Sneak Peek
Wildstorm/DC Comics solicitations for May 2006
Coloring Jim Lee's Infinite Crisis #6 cover
Comic books blowing the lid off Iraq war
Heroes for Hire to return for Marvel's Civil War
ASP'S Artesia Nominated for Origins Award
May the Cyberforce be with you
Smallville's Durance to Appear at Wizard World Philadelphia
X-Men III slashes its way onto cell phones
Gordon Lee trial begins today / Update - Indictment dropped
An advance review of Moon Knight #1
Superman Returns Toys Site Opens

Past news...



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