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for the month of August, 2006


News Links and Press Releases for Thursday, 8/31/2006

Press Releases
newuniversal – 8 Days of Previews at - Marvel Comics
Previews Magazine: Two Steps Ahead of the Game - Diamond Comic Distributors
Devil's Due's Hack/Slash gets sliced hard - Devil's Due Publishing
John Woo and Garth Ennis create new property for Virgin Comics - Virgin Comics
AK Comics Grows As Sales Continue to Rise - AK Comics
Bestselling Author R.A. Salvatore's Demonwars Lands At Devil's Due - Devil's Due
Wolverine Origins Samurai Variant To Benefit A.C.T.O.R. Comic Fund - Samurai Comics


News Links
Bursting out of Captain America comes Union Jack
Who wants to be a Superhero proves victorious
Firestorm the Nuclear Man's new man
Getting Feral: Loeb talks Wolverine
Tick Is Here to Save the Day / The Tick vs. Season One
Behind the Scenes of the Stardust movie with Gaiman and Vess
Bone Compendium Back to Press - Again
Check out the new Iron Spider-Man action figure
Director changes Dark Knight despite Batman Begins success
Meltzer in Bay Area, latest comic and Aquaman / Aquaman unlocked
Taking a look behind the scenes with Justice League
Chris Yost Talks Fantastic Four / Fantastic Four Sept 2nd on Toonami
Spider-Man: Battle for New York on the Nintendo DS

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Special Mix: Comic Movie News Blitz!
Hulk 2 To Have Guest Super-Heroes?
Zak Penn on Avengers and Hulk
More Dark Knight Details, Joker News
Enter Sandman: Hayden Church on Spidey 3 role
Aquaman a hit at No. 5 on the Web
Pre-Order X-Men: The Last Stand on DVD
Variety on Singer's Superman Sequel
Fate of Superman Sequel Still Up in the Air
Fourth X-men movie set / Stay For A Fourth
Newer Stars Are Signed for X-Men 4
Who's In, Out in Hellboy 2? / Del Toro Update
New Shots of Spidey 3's Sandman Online
Avengers Live Action Film Headed to Theaters

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Wizard World Chicago News Links
WW Chicago: Chicago from the floor
WW Chicago: What did you miss? / Recap
WW Chicago: The DC Nation Panel
WW Chicago: Marvel Young Guns / New Young Guns
WW Chicago: Marvel Ultimate Universe Panel
WW Chicago: Cup O' Joe / Joe Quesada's Cup
WW Chicago: DC Universe Editorial Panel / More DC
WW Chicago: The Future of Comics?
WW Chicago: Ultimate Mike Carey
WW Chicago: Highlights from the Big Two
WW Chicago: Civil War Panel
WW Chicago: Experiencing Vertigo / Vertigo Panel
WW Chicago: Wildstorm / Wildstorm Panel details
WW Chicago: Peter David Writing / PAD Wonder Man
WW Chicago: Mondo Marvel talke
WW Chicago: The "No Prize" returns
WW Chicago: Dark Horse and DC Comics team-up
WW Chicago: Loeb, Turner and Wolverine
WW Chicago: Spider-Man: Reign with Andrews
WW Chicago: Paul Jenkins on Writing
WW Chicago: More Illuminati at Marvel
WW Chicago: Top Cow coverage / Aspen coverage

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