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News stories from December, 2006


News Links for Friday, 12/29/2006
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Christmas time-out!  12/25/2006 to 12/26/2006


Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from

Regular news updates will return tomorrow!
For now, please visit our holiday video features.

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A bit of Friday fun, 12/15/2006

Our news updates will return on Monday.
For today, we present a bit of Friday fun.

We would like to thank Bat-Blog
for pointing us to this cartoon. Check the site
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News Links for Thursday, 12/14/2006
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News Links for Friday, 12/08/2006

Ultimate Spider-Man #104 variant proves to be white hot
Talking JSA with Johns and Eaglesham / Society Summit
Hellblazer cover art to be auctioned at Losey performance
Justice League to TV, Buffy to comics
Reprints offer new options for comic fans, collectors
Fables fairy tale characters face up to real life

pointer 2 On the casting of Peter Fonda as Mephisto in Ghost Rider
Top Cow's new marketing director speaks
Buffy creator also expresses love for Battlestar Galactica
Guillermo del Toro dishes the dirt on Hellboy 2
Half-shell heroes looking good: TMNT trailer over on MTv site
Free preview of A Nightmare on Elm Street #1 on
Ultimate Alliance: Simply Marvelous

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