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for the month of February, 2006


News Links and Press Releases for Tuesday, 2/28/06

Press Release
Marvel Comics and Top Cow Productions Join Forces to Rule the World - Marvel Comics


News Links
Eye of the White Tiger: Meet Marvel's Tamora Pierce
Speakeasy shuts doors, Fortier Speaks / Speakeasy closes / More
Jim Steranko vs Jim Steranko
More One Year Later previews /
Is One Year Later Already Too Late?
What went on in Florida? A MegaCon wrap-up
NYCC: Beyond capes and spandex / Recovery and rebound
The Punisher to be Released on Blu-ray Disc
Behr next Daredevil? /
Behr Daredevil 2? / No Daredevil for Affleck
A closer look at Ultimates 2 #9
Beowulf has a Fallout / Beowulf artist Q&A
Comics on your cell phone? KC-based company is ready
Highlights from the latest Smallville magazine
Superhero team makes for a not-so-super movie
What I learned at the NY Comic-Con
New Spidey set photos / More Spidey set photos
Slave Labor Does Disney
The State of PC Adventure gaming
X-Men 3 Coverage: X-Men set visit / Storm has finally arrived / Toys Revealed
X-Men 3 Coverage: Bright in character as Leech / Claremont mows lawn
V Coverage: V for Vendetta official site updated with soundtrack news
V Coverage:
V for Vendetta review from the New York Comic Con



News Links and Press Releases for Monday, 2/27/06

Press Releases
Image Comics Launches Night Trippers original graphic novel - Image Comics
Virginia Commonwealth University selected to house Eisner Award archives - Eisner Awards
The Stardust Kid has found a new home at Boom! Studios - Boom! Studios


News Links
Devil's Due Publishing May 2006 solicitations
Aspen Makes a Splash
3…2…1…Marvel, We Have Lift-off!!!
Training Milla Jovovich for Ultraviolet
Top Cow/Marvel packaging deal announced
Supreme Power Becomes Squadron Supreme
Marvel, Sony announce dramatic costume changes for Spider-Man
Beast shares an interview / X-Men: The Official Movie Game
DC Comics revisits indie division classics
Knightshift Entertainment Debuts new title CRY at MegaCon
George Reeves BioPic needs new name due to trademark
Superman, make me rich
The Nightmarist Awakens
Classic Novel Adapted For Comics
McFarlane on Spawn 2
Phantom: the Ghost who has everything
Jim Lee To Direct DC MMO / Jim Lee On Board for DC Comics MMOG
Black Panther to be taken by Storm
Ultimate Spider-Man #90 review



Special update!  New York Comic-Con New Links for Sunday, 2/26/06


New York Comic-Con: The Show and the Crowds / Superheroes and icons at Comic-Con
New York Comic Con: Image gallery / Comics Fans and Heroes, Discovered or Masked
What did you miss this weekend? / State of the Industry Panel / Kick-Off coverage
Simone Bianchi exclusive to Marvel
Marvel X-Men X-Changes panel
NYCC Director Greg Topalian on Saturday's crowd
The White Tiger is reborn at Marvel Comics
John Romita Jr on The Eternals
Fans really experience DC's Vertigo / Vertigo - Sharper Than Ever / Three new from Vertigo
The Mondo Marvel panel? / Mighty Marvel Mondo panel
Waking Up to a nice "Cup O' Joe" / More on the Cup O Joe panel
Kevin Smith answers your questions
Jim Lee spotlight / More on Jim Lee
CMX and Wildstorm panel / DC's CMX and Wildstorm news
Mike Carey takes over Ultimate Fantastic Four
Marvel's Ultimate Universe panel / Marvel's Ultimate Treatment
Marvel Gets Caught In A "Civil War" / Marvel Civil War Panel
Playing 52 pickup with DC / The DCU storms on / DCU is better than ever
Brad Meltzer talks Crisis / Crisis Counseling Panel
Comic-Con draws on the unconventional
McFarlane reveals Spawn/Batman / Batman Spawn teams DC and McFarlane
Con suspends ticket sales on Sunday / Crush catches Con / Crowded out at the con

News Links for Friday, 2/24/06

Stuart Moore: Spilling on Firestorm, One Year Later
DC continues to roll out the One Year Later previews
All Star Batcave six page foldout / Six-page Lee fold out
Is Supergirl the chosen comic heroine for Mischa Barton?
Spidey 3 image has fans tingling / Maguire's suit comes in black
Chris Claremont's two X-future projects revealed
Didio on choosing Heinberg to relaunch Wonder Woman
Renae Geerlings promoted to Top Cow Editor-In-Chief
Elephantmen Gets a New Image / Comiccrafts Elephantman
Studio says yes to Batman & Superman / Sequels Planned
Logan Wolf and Cub: Moore talks Wolverine #41
Grammer uses Shakespeare for X-Men
Comics Tales Great and Secret



News Links for Thursday, 2/23/06

Road to Civil War off to Amazing start / Sell out
Massive X-Men: The Last Stand set visit coverage
DC One Year Later previews continues
Getting Creepy: Steve Niles takes on the Creeper
Blade trailer for the upcoming Spike TV series
Matt Wagner on Grendel's 25th
Marvel Annihilation prologue preview
Marvel 4Q Profit Falls / Marvel 2005 Earnings / Marvel shares
Women on Witchblade: New female penciled, inker, colorist
Spider-Man robs comic store / Smash and grab on tape
MirrorMask Dream a Dreary Dream
Dynamite Entertainment's Red Sonja sells out again
Frank Miller added to NYCC schedule
Hack/Slash produced by Rogue Pictures / Gone Rogue
BWAH-HA-HA Exclusive? DeMatteis explains
Battlestar Galactica launches in May
First look: Sensational Spider-Man #24
Sometimes, the Good Guys Lose!



News Links for Wednesday, 2/22/06

DC One Year Later Previews begin!
Giant Size Ms. Marvel #1 has sold out
Image Comics May 2006 Solicitations
Devil's Due Publishing for April
Top Cow names new editor in chief / More
Bruce Jones on Warlord's return
Hitch Onboard for Incredible Reprint
Peter David on Justice's untold tale
Loeb and DC establish memorial fund
Hack/Slash heads for the big screen
10 things heroes and villains can’t live without
A Transformers storm this summer?
Occult Crimes Taskforce moves to Image
Frank Cho working with Bendis on Post Civil War book
Cartoon Art Museum exhibits No Straight Lines
Marvel Toons Out; DC Deals on "52"
The Black Coat #2 Sneak Peek
Hulk #92 is headed back to press
The Amazing Spider-Man #529 reviewed



News Links for Tuesday, 2/21/06

Red Sonja Mike Oeming Commentary / Commentary, part one
An Astonishing return brings Whedon/Cassaday back to the X
Wonder Con 2006: Frank Miller Spotlight Part 1 / Part 2
Comic Book Update- New Property Licenses and More
Bianchi Boosts Squadron's Launch
Speakeasy's Black Coat issue 2 - 8 page preview
Latest version of hero battles darkness in the noir future
Oni and Neal Shaffer live on Borrowed Time this May
Hugo Weaving and Hugh Jackman are in the Bat-Sequel mix
Jesus Saiz on moving from Manhunter to Checkmate
Marvel and Lions Gate Release Ultimate Avengers: The Movie
Ash Continues To Be Dynamite
Comic, toy show not just for kids
Every Saga Has a Beginning... Star Wars is no exception
Freedom 3 to go after Osama bin Laden in May
A Sam Loeb challenge to retailers
Infinite Crisis Round-Up Week 17
A closer look at X-MEN: 198 #2 / Generation M #4 review



News Links for Monday, 2/20/06
News Links for Friday, 2/17/06

Titans race to cure Superboy in Robin 147
Don't Judge X3 on Early Photos / X3 will probably surprise you
Who is Writing Captain America?
Smallville 2006 Image Campaign Photos
Simon Furman talks Ronan the Accuser
Talking to Jeph Loeb about Sam's Story
Top Cow at the Orlando MegaCon with exclusive comics
CGC/ACTOR Charity Signings At New York Comic-Con
Only Archie knows: Will real Veronicas please stand up?
MastroNet changes name, adds comics division
Barefoot Software launches mobile comics on series 60 platform
Alan Moore's Swamp Thing stories headed to film?
DBPro Unveil Podcast & Ptolus Litograph
Berry's Vow: No 'Catwoman II'
Marvel previews Finch's Spidey
Heroes and villains never die, at least not like they used to
Ultimate Avengers: The Movie Review!



News Links for Thursday, 2/16/06

Ed Brubaker discusses his plans for Uncanny X-Men
Lieberman on Batman: Gotham Knights ending
The Enemy Next Door: Dark Horse's ArchEnemies
Untold Tales of the New Universe: Nightmask
Ares #1 sells out at Marvel Comics
Cyborg joins the case of Smallville tonight
Not as Good as It Sounds: Identity Crisis: The Movie
CBLDF's benefit Sin City screening with Frank Miler
New Tork Hardcore: Palmiotti talks Painkiller Jane
An Emissary Arrives
Comic book superheroes champion diversity at Alfred University
Phil Brown, "Uncle Owen" of Star Wars, passes
V for Vendetta: 47 new stills from V for Vendetta
V for Vendetta: Set visit report
V for Vendetta: Talking with director James McTiegue
V for Vendetta: Talking with Natalie Portman



News Links for Wednesday, 2/15/06

Marvel New X-Men Press Call: New Mutants of Now
Planetary Brigade #1 advance preview
Clive Barker's Great and Secret Show preview
Aquaman TV Mercy Reef site adds details
Thunderbolt death at the Century Mark
Whedon Pushes Off Wonder Woman Casting Talk
National Geographic Comic Book Creator
Superman/Batman FCBD title / DC Adds Freebie
Big actor auction at Mega Con
Marvel's the Pulse comes to a close
Fantastic Four animated toys take shape
New X-Men #23-24 Sneak Peek
Batman set to kick al-Qaida's ass
A Deity Novel preview
Universal takes fantasy comic Red Star to development
Ultimate Spider-Girl: A preview
Marvel Comics Deathlok has a director
In depth with Chuck Austin
Daredevil: Father #6 delayed to April
Top Ten classic comic book couples
Captain America Film: Cap Rumblings / Looking for Cap
Captain America Film: No Cap until '09 / Avi Arad Talks



News Links for Tuesday, 2/14/06

Press Releases
Planetwide Games Stock-For-Stock Merger Agreement - Comic Book Creator

News Links

Marvel Comics Solicitations for May 2006
DC Comics Solicitations for May 2006
Road to Civil War is paved with controversy and betrayal
Take A Stand! X3 Posters Revealed
Batman to Track Down Bin Laden / Batman Takes Aim at Osama
Lena Heady Cast in Ultra / Headey dons superhero threads for CBS
Viper Comics Asks About Villains
Marvel Civil War/Illuminati preview
Joss Whedon on Wonder Woman, X-Men and more
Return to the lost world of the Warlord
Molina: No Doc Ock for Spider-Man 3 / Molina Denies Involvement
Previewing Cyberforce #2
Hulk star fights real-life crime
Comic Culture reflections: Talking with Ethan Van Sciver
National Geographic Comic Book Creator
Transformers Video Game Cometh
Heritage's Comic Auction Realizes $3.8 Million
The Early Word on "V For Vendetta"
Supergirl, Checkmate and Gotham Cops...Oh My!
Marvel-ous investments



News Links for Monday, 2/13/06


Special Edition
- 100% WonderCon Related News Links!


DC's new Crisis Aftermath: Spectre
Crisis Counseling at WonderCon / More on the Panel
CMX/Wildstorm panel at WonderCon / More on the Panel
Vertigo panel report from WonderCon / More Vertigo
Dark Horse panel at WonderCon
Miller Talks 'Sin' Sequel and Batman vs. Al Quaeda
Rebuilding the DCU panel at WonderCon
Cartoonists perform without a net in Quick Draw
Superman Returns and Routh surprises at WonderCon
Peter David panel announces Marvel exclusive / More on Peter
Wonder-Con Day 1 Coverage
Grant Morrison in the spotlight at WonderCon / More on Grant
WonderCon goes Boom! as publisher lays out plans

DC Universe Panel at WonderCon / DCU Architects
Superman Returns press conference at WonderCon
WonderCon: Sights, Sounds and Tidbits of News
Hollywood Drawn To San Francisco For Wonder Con 2006
Convention by the Bay: Glanzer talks WonderCon
If You're Looking for Sin, Look in Berkeley
PIXAR at the WonderCon
Star Wars This Weekend at WonderCon
New X-Men: The Last Stand Posters at WonderCon
Wonder Con Event Lineup
Bay Area's big in the mini comic market 
WonderCon '06: The Men of Steel
WonderCon: The Hils Have Eyes Coverage
Lots of Wondercon news
More WonderCon


Crisis Aftermath: Spectre! 


News Links for Friday, 2/10/06

Planet Hulk Part 1 Sells Out, Part 2 Previewed
1602: A "Marvel"-ous year
Experts Added to NYComic-Con ICv2 Panels / More
Let The Annihilation Begin
Chimaera Adds Four Creators
Greg Thompson named CBLDF deputy director
FCBD 2006 Countdown Begins
Marvel's new Spidey suit sure to fall flat with fans
WonderCon Vertigo panel
New X-Men 3 photos
PBS show gets Spider-Man creator's spin on arachnids
Spider-Man 3: Venom's Bite
DC Direct Partners with Weta to produce Superman Returns
Image Sneak Peeks for 02/15



News Links for Thursday, 2/9/06

Sneak a peek at the future of Wildstorm
First Look at Deodato's New Avengers
Mike Turner color Civil War #1 cover
Marvel Speedball/Squirrel Girl preview
Previewing Red Sonja #6, Army of Darkness #4
Mattel Launches New Supes Inflato-Suit
Narwain presents Grunland / History Meets Fantasy
Iron Man film already in Pre-Production
Paul McGuigan taking on Marvel cyborg Deathlok next
Superman Returns Calendar and Toys
New X-Men photos turn up on German site / Angel talks to VH1
Stan Lee on spiders and Spider-Man
Eagle One Media to release Deadworld comic series on CD-Rom
Museum Of Comic And Cartoon Art Presents Todd McFarlane
Comic art auction no laughing matter
Next Hellboy titled Hellboy 2: The Golden Army
Suydam artwork emblazons NYC Comic-Con poster
Steve Cummings filling in on New Excalibur / Cummings signing
Dark Horse Deluxe Announces Peanuts Collectible Statuette Series
Star Wars: The Comics Companion Reviewed



News Links for Wednesday, 2/8/06

Chris Batista's favorite DC number... 52
What is the Star Brand and what tale is left untold?
Hand of Providence: Nicieza talks Cable and Deadpool
It's Hulk's Planet, We're Just Visiting
Eigomanga and Devil's Due team up for Sakura Pakk's ongoing
ValCom announces collaboration with top Hollywood producers
Over 100 years of comics represented on a Ford Model A
The Thief of Always steals home at IDW
Kid Beowulf Movie Trailer to Debut at WonderCon
Miller hosts Sin City CBLDF screening / Quesada helps CBLDF
Aquaman creator tested cartooning waters at Midland
Kara Gets Super Bonus
Low Key Comics announce it's first ongoing series
How to Switch to Trades in 4 Easy Steps
X-Men Claw Their Way Onto Xbox 360
That Bloke From Babe Joins The Spider-Man 3 Cast



News Links for Tuesday, 2/7/06

Marc Andreyko talks about Manhunter future / One Year Later
Supergirl #5 to arrive with extra pages, two copies
Dormammu villain in upcoming Doctor Strange movie
New Ultimate Avengers Clip
Signed comics from DC and Dynamic Forces this April
Captain Stacy cast in Spidey / Behind the scenes / LA landmark
Perry White talks Superman
Jessica Alba thanks comic book films
Comic-Con guests and MGA deal
DC Comics' Man Upstairs Readjusts His Writer's Cap
X-Men: Official Movie Game / X-Men game info released
Wanna hunt spiders? Who ya call? Stan Lee's your man
Buffy/Angel's Mercedes McNab at CA Fango con



Press Releases and News Links for Monday, 2/6/06

Ultimate Avengers: The Movie Review
Boom Studios on Telling the Tales of Cthulhu
Acclaimed creators sign up for Dynamite Comics projects
Get your chance to hear Silent Bob speak
A lettered Storm #1 preview
Jolie heading to Sin City?
History 101: Kurt Busiek talks Book of Thoth
The Temple of Gaiman - Part One / Part Two
Fantastic Four casting call with massive plot spoiler
Topcow Comics for April 2006 / Blue Water Comics For March 2006
Ben Foster Talks X3's Angel
Ramon Bachs: You ask the questions
Nextwave Director’s Cut: A Peak Behind the Kicking and Exploding
Con Games are underway / Wizard cancels Wizard World Boston
Speakeasy Presents: "The Black Coat" mini-series in 2006
Comic book sale prompts 2nd lawsuit
Davis Nakayama's City of Heroes
Marvel Brings Top Talent to NY Comic Con
Hasbro Announces Completion of Marvel License
Restuffing the Animal Kingdom
Spider-Man 3: Getting to know Sandman
An Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #2 preview
Johnny Saturn Hits Komikwerks
Turner’s Ms. Marvel #1 variants revealed / Super-size Ms Marvel



News Links for Friday, 2/3/06

Ed Brubaker discuses Winter Soldier
DC's Editor's Briefing continues
Terry Moore Helps Raise Money For The CBLDF
Clive Barker's Great and Secret Show goes to IDW
DC sends Infinite Crisis #4 back to press
Uncanny X-Men Omnibus and Astonishing X-Men HC
Underground artists designing toys as lowbrow art
Hollywood Drawn to San Francisco for WonderCon 2006
Angelina Jolie to be the Dame to Kill For?
Which Comic Book Couple is the Most Romantic?
Death Jr. Returns to Comics: Reaper's Son is back
Komikwerks celebrates Black History Month
Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis do the Justice League their way
Cassavettes back on Iron Man?
The state of the union at Devil's Due
Spidey Getting Catty?
6 New X-Men 3 Pics of Cyclops, Beast, Colossus
X-Men: The Official Movie Game Preview



News Links for Thursday, 2/2/06

Paradise's End: Moore ends Strangers in Paradise
DC announces new collected editions for June 2006
News of new content site for all ages
Waxing Moon Knight: Huston talks Moon Knight
Ultimate Book of British Comics by Graham Kibble-White
Rex Mundu #16 sells out, Preview cover for 18 unveiled
Marvel's Wolverine team / Wolverine in New Hands / More
Legend Bob Layton joins team Zoom Suit at Mega Con
Japan's burgeoning otaku culture / Japan goes nerd crazy
Harry Osborn: Friend or Foe?
Black Cat in Spider-Man 3?
Tron returns users to digital world / SLG logs onto Tron
Chat transcript with Eisner award winning George Pratt


News Links for Wednesday, 2/1/06

Marvel Previews for February 22nd
Early Look: Michael Turner's Ms. Marvel #1 Cover
Top 10 comics moments of the last decade
Spider-Man 3 Shooting Schedule, Cast Update / New photos
Jeff Parker kicks it old school with Kickers, Inc
Frank Miller's
300 mixes history and fantasy
Blade series slices into Spike schedule / Spike green lights Blade
J. Michael Straczynski on the Other, the new costume and more
Heads-Up on Second X3 Trailer
Proyas to helm adventures of Tony Stark /
Iron Man film director?
Comic book about copyright?
Two Supermen aren't better than one
Woodlands man sketches out future in comic books



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