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for the month of January, 2006


News Links for Tuesday, 1/31/06


News Links for Monday, 1/30/06

The DC Editors debriefing continues
DC Comics' Infinite Crisis revisits 1985 successes
The Hammer Falls at Alias with Hammer Kid
Jessica Alba nominated for Golden Raspberries
An interview with a Smallville departing cast member
Meeting and greeting DC's Flash team, DeMeo & Bilson
A conversation With Joe Zabel on the future of comics
Graphic novelist Art Spiegelman keeps the faith
Michael Hawthore - The One Man Gang Behind Hysteria
Rude outlines self-publishing plans
Metal Gear Solid comic on PSP / Silent Hill for PSP / More
Paul Bettany on the recent Joker Rumors
FF2 Aims for July '07 / Tim Story on FF2 / Dr. Doom Returns
Who will we see in X-Men 3?  Here's the list
More images from the Ultimate Avengers DVD
Here comes Libarty Girl!
Sam Kieth Embraces His Inner Bimbo This April / Bimbo in April
Scott Sava's The Dreamland Chronicles awakens at 01Comics
Branson, Chopra,  Kapur tie up to retell Ramayana as comic
Infinite Crisis #3 sells out, 2nd printing on the way



News Links and Press Releases for Friday, 1/27/06

News Links
New Avengers: Welcome to the decompression chamber
Infinite Crisis Round-Up week 14
Talking about Black Panther/Storm wedding / Panther Bride
Man and Superman: Busiek talks
Gregory Titus Annihilates the Super Skrull
Apocalypse Now? Paetz talks Elsinore
Paul Dini returns to Batman comics
Premiere: Michael Turner's Civil War #1 Cover
Image Independent?
Brian Pulido talks Medieval Lady Death: War of the Winds
Mark Texeira Speaks on Ghost Rider Hauntings
Marvel Month-To-Month for December 2005
Seven Seas prepares Speed Racer comic / Bringing back Speed
Carey, Brubaker new X-Men writers / Ed-Ucating the Uncanny
Finch swings into Spider-Man Unlimited
A New Era of Star Wars Comics Begins
The Amazing Adventures of Chabon and Vaughan
Steve Bryant invites you to meet Athena Voltaire
Sam Kieth Embraces His Inner Bimbo This April / Kieth Embraces Inner Bimbo
A closer look at Wonder Woman #225
A closer look at Generation M #3
A closer look at Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #3



News Links for Thursday, 1/26/06

Looking Into the New Universe
X-Men: The Last Stand, The Last Movie?
Frank Miller Interview: I Stole From The Best
Smallville hits a new milestone
Super villains in a secret witness protection program
The comic-book revolution has been drawn, colored and won
Mike Carey gets all-new, all-different with X-Men
San Francisco's WonderCon hosts Lucasfilm events
Summing up the X-Men 3 book / New photos /
Film Preview
How to Self-Publish a Comic Book with Josh Blaylock
Chadbourn's Book of Shadows comic series coming
Christiansen talks Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe
Ultra Comic Book headed for television
Painkiller Jane mini-review
Justice League Unlimited returns to Cartoon Network Feb. 11
Hitting the town with Stan Lee
V for Vendetta to be released in IMAX
Dynamite announces Xena comics series for 2006
New stamps commemorate American icons



Press Releases and News Links for Wednesday, 1/25/06

News Links
Truth or Daredevil: Bendis on ending his Daredevil run
DC Previews April Debuts
MTv says Wachowskis' V for Vendetta is an amazing movie
Ulitimate Bendis: How a Cleveland kid became hot in comics
Diamond & History Channel team for comic shop locator / More
Black Widow star joins Spider-Man 3 cast /
Mrs. Sandman
Diamond to offer advance copy of Zoom Suit #1
Terry Moore discusses the end of Strangers in Paradise
Keep Em Flying: Bedard talks Image's Retro Rocket
Milwaukee museum features comics artists
Submissions now accepted for 2006 Isotope Award
Stan Lee is still a Marvel
X-Men 3 titled X-Men: The Last Stand /
X3 plot details pic
DC's Didio on Dini, Morales and Batman
DC's Didio on Busiek, Pacheco and Superman
Stewie and Co snare their own comic / Little Devils
Adventures of Superman - The Complete Second Season
A Long, Looonng, Time Ago... Star Wars saga continues
Archie Teams With Veronica Twins
Dynamite Scoops Up Xena / Xena Lives Again



News Links for Tuesday, 1/24/06

Moon Knight returns!  Get your full preview here
Marvel Zombies #1 sells out, gets variant reprint / Still more
After Jim Lee, it will be Neal Adams on All-Star Bat-Man and Robin
Heritage's Latest Comic Auction Realizes $3.8 Million
Superman Returns Preview / Singer's less expensive Superman
Alan Moore to speak on Gothic Nightmares
Scott Allie on Dark Horse's State of the Union
New X-Men 3 image gallery mixes old and new images
Sacasa talks Sensational Spider-Man / Knight to Sensational
Topher Grace is aboard to play Venom
Frank Tieri on Apocalypse vs. Dracula
Dynamite Yells Cho!  Frank Cho that is...
Saints above! A Flying Friar / St Joseph of Copertino to be comic
DC Universe: The Stories of Alan Moore Review
Better Late Than Never? Spider-Man and Black Cat
Al Gough, executive producer of Smallville, talks Aquaman
Straight Dope cites Jack Kirby anecdote
Sam Raimi Buys Siren Movie Rights
Marvel and DC Comics take top honors



News Links for Monday, 1/23/06

More from the recent DC editor's briefing!
Finding the X-Factor: Peter David's new series is a hit
LEGO Comes to Gotham: Batman has a new block to defend
Ron Marz's initial Ion thoughts
New Picture of Beast, Music from X-Men 3
Cyborg makes his move on Smallville
FX Labs to release 3D Game on Archie's Comics in 07
Free Comic Book Day 2006 titles announced
Moonstone licenses the Spider, Master of Men
Frank Miller's 300 Lena Heady says 'I Wear Very Little'
Previewing Red Sonja vs. Thulsa Doom #1
New Avengers Annual and #19 covers unveiled
Bryce Dallas Howard joins Spider-Man 3
New Pics from the Blade series / Goyer Talks Blade TV Plot
How do you like Spider-Man's new costume?
Total sell outs: Jonah Hex #1 and #2
Superman film budget flying high / Superman Returns Plot Spoilers
Understanding The Science Of Superheroes / Super hero workshop
Classic Indian myth to become comic book / New India ink /
Comic life for Muslim heroes / Islamic heroes save day / Target youth



Press Releases and News Links for Friday, 1/20/06

News Links
When Superboys Collide: A Look Back
Bruce Jones talks Nightwing and Warlord
Jim Lee Red Sonja cover unveiled with full background pencils
Andreyko and DC's Manhunter: Love Is In The Air
Whedon X-Men Astonishing /
Astonishing Whedon / Ask Whedon
Fables not just the best fantasy series of 2005
360 Jam adds retail incentive program and alternative cover
Award-winning animated makes comic debut / Writing Zoom Suit
Bristol International Comic Expo 2006 Update
IDW Publishing’s Transformers: Infiltration #2 fires on all cylinders
San Francisco's WonderCon to host world premiere screenings
Second Sin city statue features red hot Nancy Callahan
Sava's Dreamland Chronicles goes online
Diamond responds to Free Comic Book Day criticism



News Links for Thursday, 1/19/06

Writer Peter David discusses the Comics Industry
Marvel Comics April 2006 solicitations
Joss Whedon/Astonishing X-Men Press Conference
Marvel Knights Grows Darker / Knights Redefined / Much Ado
Apocalypse returns!  Previewing X-Men #182
How Lois Felt When Superman Left
Learn all about the Hellboy Animated film in a new creator blog
Night of the living comics: a new exhibition
The Every-Army-Men: Denton & Giffen talk Grunts
NY Comic-Con Indie Party / Indie After Party For Comic Con
Animated Shorts: Doing the Justice League justice
Two Pages Of Smallville In New TV Guide
WB Wants Buffy Spin-off - A movie centered on Spike?
Spike Double Shot comic preview
House of M Parody 1 / House of M Parody 2 / House of M Parody 3
Jim Valentino returns to Shadowhawk
Infinite Crisis #4 review / Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4 review
Justice League Parody: Ultimate Countdown to Infinity Crisis Wars II
Spider-Man Comics News -
Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa on Sensational Spider-Man
Spider-Man 3 News - Gwen Stacy to play a part in Spider-Man 3 /
Gwen Freaking Stacy
Spider-Man 3 News - Howard is Gwen / Spidey's Next Girlfriend / Howard Nabs Gwen Stacy



News Links for Wednesday, 1/18/06

Superman's Busiek & Johns on One Year Later
Three page Ion #1 preview unveiled by DC
David Duchovny may play Hunk / Duchovny to Hulk Up?
Local collectibles store offers the Next Dimension of comics
Escape from the Real World with IC / Review of IC #3
Ultimate Avengers movie website adds new hero bios
Dave Gibbons discusses Thunderbolt Jaxon
David Fincher to Direct Bendis' Torso
Now Playing Magazine takes a look at Ultimate Extinction #1
Todd McFarlane on Torso and The New Spawn Feature
Rebecca Romijn praises Brett Ratner's X3
Superman's Brandon Routh Channels Christopher Reeve
Fresh set of Smallville spoilers featuring the episode "Hypnotic"
5 questions with Judd Winick / 5 questions with Ron Perlman
Ever want to publish your own comics?
Cinescape interviews Christopher Nolan on Batman
A wonderfully creepy little V for Vendetta film photo



Press Releases and News Links for Tuesday, 1/17/06

News Links
Revisiting Ion One Year Later with Ron Marz
DC for April
(The Full Rundown!) / What's on your list? / More
Juggernaut Actor signs on for X4, X5 / X3 digital cosmetics
Mark Millar shows off new project 1985 on personal site
Something "Other" Than Expected: Spider-Man story closes
What's the deal with Marvel toys? /
Marvel Hooks Up with Hasbro
Dave Sim showcases skills on Gun-Fu: Show Girls are Forever
Image Comics Solicitations for Product Shipping April, 2006
2006 Harvey Award Ballots Released / More from the official site
Cry Wolf one of the Best Graphic Novels for 2005
Arcana unveils new Kade: Son of Perdition art
Moore and O'Sullivan talk G.I. Joe: Special Missions: Manhattan
Hyperactives Sell-Out at Hyper-Speed
Time for mythological characters to be reborn
Calling all Titans: Upcoming Animated mayhem / Finale featured
Andy Lanning: Inking the FF Marvel's First Family
A closer look at Elfquest: The Discovery #1
The Hunger Moves to Markosia
Living In Infamy #2 Sneak Peek / Girls #9 Sneak Peek



News Links for Monday, 1/16/06

DC Comic solicitations for April 2006
Ultimate Avengers: The Movie DVD Cover Art
DC Editor's set the stage with a debriefing
Button Man graphic novel to DreamWorks /
Press the Button
Spider-Girl set to end with issue #100 / More on the end
Sci FiI To Air Who Wants to be a Superhero?
Jones on Juggernaut and the X-Men Franchise
The all-nighter of the comics world
Goyer Talks Blade TV Series  
Will an old-fashioned Superman fly?
Book Review: Superhero ABC by Bob McLeod
Previewing Punisher: Bloody Valentine
Draw For Battle- A Truly New Concept In Family Games
The end of Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise
McFarlane producing Bendis & Andreyko's Torse
Flashback: D&D comics get their start in Marvel ads
Dreamland Chronicles by Scott Christian Sava has gone online
Up, Up & Away with “Superman Returns” Interviews Preview
Image Comics Previews for 1/18/06



Press Releases and News Links for Friday, 1/13/06

News Links
Gail Simone's a Livewire in Action
Marveling at Ms. Marvel with Brian Reed
Previewing the big reboot: Cyber Force #1
Breakout Youngsters: A look at the Young Avengers
Check out the entire first issue of Image's acclaimed Girls
Fincher to Direct Bendis Graphic Novel Adaptation
Serenity the Serene Comic from Dark Horse
History of Israel is inspiration for new graphic novel
Up, Up & Away: One Year Later with Busiek and Johns
Sci Fi Channel seeks Superheroes
Event Horizon anthology will end with May's #3
Top five God versus the Devil films
Mexico licks Batman (and his flavor is grape)
DC fires Bob Greenberger
Spider-Man + Iron Man = Iron Spidey? / Spidey's new duds
X-Men: 198 review / Teen Titans #31 review
Frankenstein #2 review / Manhunter #17 review



News Links for Thursday, 1/12/06


News Links for Wednesday, 1/11/06


News Links for Tuesday, 1/10/06


Press Releases and News Links for Monday, 1/9/06

News Links
Ultimate Avengers animated imagery
Marvel Deal: Hasbro & Marvel Team-Up / Hasbro-Marvel Deal
Marvel Deal: Marvel Drops Toy Biz / Marvel To Get $205 Million
Infinite Crisis Round-Up: Week 11
Will Eisner's Contract is comic genius
Sequel Info: Fantastic Four and Hellboy
Marvel Comics Underworld #1 Sneak Peek
Joss Whedon eyes the future of TV
NCSoft happy with recent Marvel settlement
Interview with Andrew Foley Writer of Parting Ways
Toale dives in as WB Net's Aquaman / Aquaman Lead is Cast
Hugh Jackman Talks Up a New Wolverine
Spider-Man 3 Principal Photography Due To Start Soon



Still More News Links
Cable & Deadpool & Fabian Nicieza
Branson: Branson enters comic market / Bransos's comic world
Branson: Asian-targeted venture / Virgin Comics LLC / Forays
Crisis on Infinite Earths Absolute Review / Wolfman's Crisis
Cry Wolf -- One of the Best Graphic Novels for 2005
Tyrese Gibson to be Luke Cage / Cage lead waiting for script
Are you safe when the Zombies Attack?
Supergirl/LSH-centric episode Justice League coming
Caption Box Releases God Complex
High resolution V for Vendetta stills / New Japanese V Clip
Comics influence many generations
Interview with Enrique Corts creator of The Hitpack
A closer look at DC's JSA #81



Press Releases and News Links for Friday, 1/6/06

News Links
Surfing Safari: Giffen talks Silver Surfer
DC announces additions to the New York Comic-Con line-up
Sneak Peak at Hard Hero in '06: Iron Fist, Iron Man & Thing
Preview the X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl mini-series
Kurt Busiek talks about Dark Horse and more
Former indy publisher turns to Secret Drawer Society / More
Turner's alternate cover for Wolverine: Origins / Wolverine second
Ninja High School / Jenna X-Over preview
Day of Vengeance: Why the infinite crisis special is so cool / More
Marvel Decimation round-up for week 9
Vauhgn plays detective in Crime Stories
Planetwide Games allows anyone to create comics
Any comics in your schoolbag?



Press Releases and News Links for Thursday, 1/5/06

News Links
Checking in on Dynamite Entertainment's Red Sonja
Writer/Artist Sam Keith signs exclusive with DC / No secret / More
Cartoon Museum to Host Talk on Will Eisner
24th Annual CBG Fan Awards Nominations now open
DC & Dynamite provide Red Sonja/Claw the Unconquered preview
Fantastic Four-In-One: Javier Grillo-Marxuach talks Super-Skrull
Cyborg set for Smallville appearance
Storm and Black Panther to marry?  It's confirmed!
Gray Horse sets up shop in Oni’s Stable
New Superman Returns movie stills unveiled
BloodStained Productions to Launch Full Publishing Line in 2006
Christian Bale talks about keeping Batman fresh
Killer 7 opens fire as new Devil's Due ongoing series
Frank Miller finishing Sin City 2 script right now
FM International... "Still alive" /
"Our doors are still open"
Sex, Lies and Movie Royalty in Narwain's Hollywood Noir
Sean Phillips drawing the Marvel Zombies
DVD Review on Batman Animated Series Vol. 4
DC Month-To-Month sales for November 2005
Marvel Month-To-Month sales for November 2005



Press Releases and News Links for Wednesday, 1/4/06

News Links
Allan Heinberg brings war to the Young Avengers
Prepare for Planet Hulk! / Hulk's 14-issue rampage / More
Previewing Narwains Free Fall #2
Patrick Stewart On X-Men 3 /  X-Men 3 Set Pics
What ever happened to real villains in comics?
Josh Lucas to play Harvey Dent in Batman sequel?
Lone Ranger writer stops by to share a few thoughts
Rob Liefeld discusses a Teen Titans #27 success story
In depth with Mike Carey: Marvel, Vertigo and more
Spider-Man 3: More About Peter / People takes on Mary Jane
Back to the drawing board for Dr Who artist
More info (from Marvel) on Origins /
New Wolverine series
Pics of Lois & Superman Site Visit
She-Hulk's breaking the laws of time travel unveils a mix of new digital comics
The Flash makes his way to DVD on January 10th
Ken Penders leaves Archie's Sonic

Allan Heinberg: Young Avenger
2005 CBR Roundup: Trends / Part 2: Best Of, '06 Hopes



Press Releases and News Links for Tuesday, 1/3/06

Press Releases
Hugo Awards To Honor Best Video Game During 2006 Convention - Hugo Awards
Roy Thomas' Captain Thunder and Blue Bolt Set to Return in 2006 - Heroic Publishing


News Links
Marvel announces Wolverine: Origins
Are Marvel, DC running out of top-tier characters for films?
Bruce Jones on Nightwing: sound bytes and teasers
Sea of Red and Revolution of the Planet of the Apes penciller talks
Ultimate Avengers website goes live
Explore Alan Moore's Awesome Comics Universe
Free online comics from Shooting Star
Frank Miller's Sin City sequel will focus on Nancy's story
Steve Rude is eyeing a return for both Nexus and The Moth

Whedon wants Wonder Woman to go first
Limited edition V for Vendetta prop mask replica unveiled
G.I. Joe animated feature script review
X-Men 3 cast too big? / New Baddy on X3 block / Storm flies in X3
Heroic outlines 2006



News Links for Monday, 1/2/06


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