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News Links for Monday, 7/31/2006
Giffen Clears Slate with Image’s Tabula Rasa
Batman Back on the Big Stage?
Peter Coogan shares his thoughts on superhero mortality
Timm career retrospective and Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon
The Kevin Smith question and answer video
Activision Signs Legendary Comic Book Writer Stan Lee
20 Years of Slave Labor Graphics
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a stamp
Prism Comics does Comic-Con: Photos from the event
Comics' heroes making it big in movies these days
Joker Rumors from Batman 2
Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed
The Return of the Eternals
Marvel Universe deep space wrap up
Comic fans cheer Spidey clips / Bootleg Comic-Con Trailer Online
Blogging SCI FI's Who Wants to Be a Superhero
Seth Green's Freshman return for a second semester
Comic book author takes aspiring artists under his wing
Who Wants to be a Superhero: Episode 1
Church Talks Spider-Man 3 / Curtis Resumes Spider-Man 3 Blog
DCU: One Year Greater and Stan Lee videos
Superman & Batman Comics Head to the Middle East
Dark Horse's Horror line revealed
X-Men 3 on DVD Oct. 3 / FX Lands X-Men: The Last Stand
Comics making a comeback / Comic revival simply economics
Program teaches kids to create own comics
News Links for Friday, 7/28/2006
Thursday Featured Links, 7/27/2006

Not to be missed link
The first 10 minutes of Ultimate Avengers 2 animated feature!



Thursday night must-see Sci-Fi/comic TV
Who Wants To Be A Superhero? to debut tonight!


News Links for Wednesday, 7/26/2006
News Links for Tuesday, 7/25/2006
News Links for Monday, 7/24/2006

Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer update
Comic-Con Marvel Comics Cup O' Joe panel
Why Was Whedon Chosen for Wonder Woman?
Singer Talks Superman / Burger King and Superman Returns
Comic-Con International Day 2 photo parade
Del Toro Gives Hellboy 2 Update / Hellboy 2 Consigned to Limbo
Transformers Producer Talks / Voice of Transformers Star
Fantasy fans go bats over Batman at Inaugural Scream Awards
Spider-Man 3 footage at Comic-Con / First Look At Venom
Reality search for next hero / A chance to prove you're a real hero
Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Jeans Sell For $22,476
The Civil War story so far
Image Comics Panel / ONI Press Spotlight


Iron Man's film Nemesis announced / Mandarin Revealed
Hulk 2 news from Comic-Con
Jolie in talks to visit Sin City / Sin City star gets into comics
Mondo Marvel panel / DC's Brave New World
Flipping through Comic-Con
Batwoman's identity is no secret to comic fans
Teaser for Frank Miller's 300 looks amazing
Comic-Con fans get first look at Spider-Man 3
Nic Cage Talks Ghost Rider / Cage shows off super strengths
Dark Horse Comic-Con Friday Press Announcements
Hollywood mainstreams with Comic-Con
Comic-Con Day 3 and 4 photo parade
Miller's Plans for The Spirit

News Links for Friday, 7/21/2006
News Links for Thursday, 7/20/2006
News Links for Wednesday, 7/19/2006
News Links for Tuesday, 7/18/2006
News Links for Monday, 7/17/2006

A Second Round of News Links
Marvel Comics solicitations for October 2006
Tse Tasked With Merging Watchmen Scripts
Film Festival Success Continues to Drive Zoom Suit Sales
Steve McNiven Covers Red Sonja as Gath Returns
City of Villains Lord Recluse statue competition
Berger promoted at DC / Sr. Vice President and Executive Editor
A peek at Archaia's three new titles
Stan Lee talks Spider-Man 3 cameo and Who Wants 2
Return Of The Superheroes
Jim Starlin interviewed by Newsarama / Getting cosmic
Image Previews for July 19th, 2006
It's time for comics to show us what they're made of
A closer look at Brave New World #1


San Diego Comic-Con News
Previewing '06 Comic-Con International San Diego
Comic-Con 2006: Diamond Toys Show Off
Podcasts prevail at Comic-Con International
Invasion of the comic fanatics
Comic-Con returns to San Diego on Thursday
Animators Turn Comic-Con into Actionopolis
Comic-Con fans get first hands-on with Nintendo
Runemaster returns to Comic Con International
Free comics at comic-con from goofa man
Comic-Con Non-Panel Report 1 / Report 2 / Report 3
CBLDF events, auctions and more
Silent Devil in San Diego for Comic-Con
Comic Publishers @ SDCC Round-Up
Dc comics announces panels for Comic-Con
Comic-Com's Dorf watches sadly from the sidelines
Comic-Con 2006 Preview

News Links for Thursday, 7/13/2006
News Links for Wednesday, 7/12/2006
News Links for Tuesday, 7/11/2006
News Links for Monday, 7/10/2006
News Links for Thursday, 7/6/2006
News Links for Wednesday, 7/5/2006
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