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Wednesday, 6/28/2006, breaking news special edition!

Spider-Man 3 Trailer Unveiled!
Sony has released the official trailer for the film.

Can we say wow?  What an amazing early look at the new film.
Check it out! You won't be sorry!

News Links and Superman Returns Coverage for Tuesday, 6/27/2006

Superman Returns Coverage
Superman flying to theaters / Opening
Superman by the numbers
Many happy Returns for Superman fans
Religious imagery / Shrouded in imagery
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a super movie
Superman cast at a glance / Super Facts
Will latest Superman fly? Yes - heroically
Has Superman Finally Met His Match?
Superman Returns Premiere Pics
Newest take on Superman honors its past
Time Warner pinning hopes on Superman
And the Oscar winner goes to ... a comic flick
Man of Steel returns in clever remake

News Links and Superman Returns Coverage for Monday, 6/26/2006

Superman Returns Coverage
Look, up on movie screens, Superman Returns

Superman has assumed many guises over years
Krypton kid returns Superman finally makes a comeback
Superman makes long-awaited return
Routh soars as newest Superman / Super shoes to fill
Superman returns with dignity intact
Superman expert looks forward to latest incarnation
Superman returns to the big screen after long absence
Is he Christ in tights?
Picking up the mantle / Hopes Fly High For New Superman
Has Superman's day come and gone?
Superman is nothing new to Brandon Routh
Times change, but Superman endures as American icon

News Links and Superman Returns Coverage for Friday, 6/23/2006

Superman Returns Coverage
Superman Returns, the CBR review

Superman Returns: The Bald and the Beautiful Kevin Spacey
At the Movies: Superman Returns
Messianic tone of Superman is obvious and calculated
Superman Is a Liberal?
Superman, where have you been? And what took so long?
After 19 years, Superman is back on the big screen
Superman returns: Just in the nick of time!
Will Superman's Boy Scout image endure?
Singer Geared Up Over Superman's Return Flight
Superman's life-changing flight
He's back! It's Superman the saga!
'Superman' expert looks forward to latest incarnation

News Links and Superman Returns Coverage for Thursday, 6/22/2006

Superman Returns Coverage
Kevin Spacey on Lex Luthor
Superman to return to the big screen Wednesday
Ruminations – A "Superman Returns" preview two-fer
Inside Superman Returns: Meet the New Man of Steel,
Out of nowhere: Superman role Routh's big break
Bone up on Superman mythology before his film return
New guy in tights fits Superman image
Superman Returns: Prequel #1
Parker Posey as Kitty Kowalski in Superman Returns
Superman drops in
Superman Returns to the Big Screen
Writing Superman poses challenge / Superman writers
Career Kryptonite: The Superman Curse

News Links and Superman Returns Coverage for Wednesday, 6/21/2006

Superman Returns Coverage
Reviews Fly In for Superman Returns
Superman Score Available
Iowan flies high in debut as Superman
Routh destined to play Superman
Routh's career more Kent than Superman
The science of Superman
Super, thanks for asking
Superman's adventures poses a challenge
Modernizing Superman
Some Scattered, Super Thoughts
Superman Returns
A look at Superman's history
Superman returns, critics welcome

News Links and Superman Returns Coverage for Tuesday, 6/20/2006
News Links
DC's full cover preview for September 2006
Natalie Portman in Kavalier & Clay? / More
Whedon Says Wonder Woman Troubling
Ultimate Avengers 2: Lionsgate launches official website
Civil War Gets More Television and Internet Coverage makes Ultimate List
Arthur Suydam introduces a new Marvel Zombie
Frank Teiri unveils new look for Chamber
Civil War Finds Deadpool as a Hero Hunter in Cable and Deadpool
Ghost Rider Rides Again In New Ongoing Series
Platinum and NBC issue comic book challenge
Wherle, Bomb Queen & Blacklight do Vegas and DDP present limited exclusive cover
Superman Returns Coverage
Superman where have you been?
Man of Steel to return to big screen
Superman back after long hiatus
Superman Returns critical drool
Look up in the sky: Brandon Routh
Critics wowed by Superman return
Jim Lee Superman Returns signing
The chosen one ... Brandon Routh
Superman finally takes flight
The women of Superman Returns
Routh flies high in Superman debut
Superman swoops into theatres
Official film website
News Links for Monday, 6/19/2006
Video update, Friday, 6/16/2006

Taking time out with
Brian K. Vaughn


News Links for Thursday, 6/15/2006
News Links for Wednesday, 6/14/2006
News Links for Tuesday, 6/13/2006
News Links for Monday, 6/12/2006

Comic movie and television news
The hunt for the new Hulk
Gruffudd on Fantastic Four 2
New Talent: Richie talks Talent film deal
Early Superman Returns Reviews
Superman director denies Man of Steel is gay
Jimmy Olsen on For Three Superman Films
X-Men beauty has seen her co-star naked
Spider-Man 3 Set Photos & Reports Galore
Superman Returns press junket with Bryan Singer
Science of Superman and National Geographic
Spidey 3, Transformers & Superman Updates
Hulk Sequel Actually A Remake? / Hulk Sequel Not
Trailer for Heroes, Upcoming NBC Show Available

Saturday (6/10/2006) video feature

On the set of Spider-Man 3!


News Links for Friday, 6/09/2006
A Second Kree-Skrull War Erupts in Young Avengers #12
Avi Arad on Iron Man, Incredible Hulk and more Marvel mayhem
The Transformers Official Website Goes Live
Paul Levitz on Upcoming DC Comics Movies
Omega Men to see six issue mini in October
Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big in Japan
eff Parker looks inside X-Men: First Class miniseries
Dixon and Donovan tell Connor Hawke's story in Dragon’s Blood
Superman Returns Not Really a Sequel?
Brubaker and Tan Take Over Uncanny X-Men with #475
Marvel Comics reports Civil War sellouts
Comic "Talent" Applies At Universal
Lowe talks Eternals / Romita on Eternals
DC Previews: The Creeper & Martian Manhunter
Master Chief Gets His Own Comic Book
Archie Comic Publications celebrates 65th anniversary
Unused X-Men 3 Characters Saved for X4?
X-Men' stands firm at UK box office
Nicolas Cage Loves Ghost Rider
Southern Illinois town gearing up to celebrate superhero
Sin City 2 Production Schedule
Darkman battles the Army of Darkness / More
NCsoft Releases New City of Villains and City of Heroes Expansion
Teen Titans Makes Console Bow
New civil war trailer with preview of civil war #2
Children of the Grave and Tom Waltz Rise at IDW
Thursday (6/08/2006) video feature

Classic Superman! 
The Electric Earthquake


News Links for Wednesday, 6/07/2006
News Links for Tuesday, 6/06/2006
News Links for Monday, 6/05/2006
News Links for Friday, 6/02/2006
News Links for Thursday, 6/01/2006
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