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for the month of March, 2006


News Links for Friday, 3/31/06

Drawing Things Together: Daniel Talks Teen Titans
Mystery of Layla Miller revealed in X-Factor #6
The Skinny on Sin City 2
Roy Thomas Returns to Red Sonja
Spider-Man 3 and a few new tidbits
Waid on Fanboy Radio this Sunday
Niles and Mariotte talk 30 Days of Night: Rumors of the Dead
Superman Returns world's first feature converted into IMAX 3D
Renaissance Player Publishes First Comic Book
Fans filling stores for first issue of Blue Beetle / Last Of “Later”
Tim Townsend inking Mutants and more
LaBeouf Toys with Transformers Lead
Jock turns up in the Swamp
Blogs be damned, Zines get pretty
Comics shop celebrates 25 years
V for Vendetta Makes Prophecy / V sticks it to ‘the man’
Heroes For Hire return at Marvel
Green Lantern #10 2nd print news
Maus graphic artist Spiegelman to speak
One Year Later: Adam Beechen and Robin
Iron Man caught in Execute Program
DC Month-To-Month sales for February
Marvel Month-To-Month sales for February
Dynamite Entertainment June 2006 Solicitations
Call for Marvel Illuminati questions


Infinite Crisis #6 cover preview


Press Releases and News Links for Thursday, 3/30/06

Press Releases
Vote to Make Dark Horse Part of Your Next HeroClix Collection - Dark Horse Comics
Crisis at the Comic Bug raises over $2,100 for ACTOR
- A.C.T.O.R.


News Links
Flashy Artist: Ken Lashley on The Flash
Sin City Characters, Even Dead Ones, Returning For Sequel
SullenGrey #3 Sneak Peek
Michael Rosenbaum and Tom Welling on Smallville
Viper Comics worldwide talent search
Devil's Due Announces new Dragonlance, Dragonlance HC / More
Old School Avengers To The Rescue!
Art Schooled: Joe Infurnari talks Borrowed Time
Call for Crisis Counseling questions
Trio of Brave DC Previews
Paul McGuigan out with Deathlok movie
Johnny Repeat Kicks Off Revolution
Ultimate Avengers DVD is a must-see
Zoom Suit Autographed Promo Cards Offered at
Team behind Microsoft Halo Armor builds Zoom Suit
Onslaught awakens for a Heroes Reborn return?
Alex Ross' Conan on the move into a 3D world
Star Wars: Legacy series launches with 25 cent issue
More Marvel previews



News Links for Wednesday, 3/29/06

Fantastic Four #536 sells out, cover to #537 revealed
DC Comics sends six sold-out issues back to press
Breaking and entering into the comics business
Charisma Carpenter wants to be Wonder Woman
Zoom Suit Comic Book Sells for $100
Director talks Hack/Slash movie
Director graduates from the Matrix for a tale of revenge
The Superhero Trademark FAQ
Stargate exclusive comes to comic stores
Stan Lee's best reality show ever / Superheroes Wanted
X-Men Game Boasts Top Writing Talent
IMDB confirms Topher Grace is Venom
Evil Ernie's Brian Pulido at Burbank Fango con



Press Releases and News Links for Tuesday, 3/28/06

Press Releases
Acclaimed mystery series Rex Mundi comes to Dark Horse - Dark Horse Comics
The Summer Heats Up For Archie And His Friends - Archie Comics
Zoom Suit Comic Sells for $100 to Benefit Animal Charity - Zoom Suit
Nova Takes Center Stage in Annihilation: Nova #1 - Marvel Comics


News Links
All-Star Superman #5 Cover / Five Stars for All-Star
Shaun McLaughlin of Justice League Unlimited / Win free DVD
Bryan Singer on Superman Returns /
Soundtrack Info
Marvel Previews unveils an Annihilation: Nova preview
SCi Fi kicks off Who Wants to Be a Superhero casting call
Dan Jurgens puts together the history of the DCU, again
Lady Deathstrike media / X-Men video game takes chances
First impressions of DC's One Year Later
Check out the new Marvel Legends Exclusive Series
Ennis and Robertson on New Ongoing
A closer look at
Infinite Crisis Secret Files & Origins 2006
Spike TV's Blade: The Series based on Marvel character
Jack Kirby Returns to Marvel
Comics legend Mike Baron interviewed

Press Releases and News Links for Monday, 3/27/06

Press Releases
Comic Wristband Fundraiser Raises Money for A.C.T.O.R. - ACTOR
Witchblade to be animation and air on TV - Top Cow / GDH
Prepare For Ben Templesmith's Utter Foolishness And Nonsense - IDW Publishing
Music And Comics Collide In "The Expendable One" - Viper Comics
Alias Offers Complete ArmorQuest Trade for only $3.50 - Alias Comics
Turner, McNiven, Raynor join the crew of the Galactica - Dynamite Entertainment
Narwain's "Threshold" is now "Shon C. Bury's Nox" - Narwain Publishing
Zoom Suit crash lands in Mississippi and California - Zoom Suite


News Links
Behind the Page: A chat with David Hine
Inking Jim Lee's Infinite Crisis #6 cover
Devil's Due Publishing June 2006 Solicitations
Marvel Super Heroes Science Exhibition / More on the exhibit
Set Super Heroes trademark free / The Super Hero TM Story
A New X-Men # 25 preview
Songs for the sandman
Talking with Hatter M's Frank Beddor
Spider-Man’s wardrobe through the years
Lohan wants to be Wonder Woman
History Comes Alive for those who live to tell it at Alias
New Status Quo in Thunderbolts #101 / A T-bolt shall die...
Comic books feature the lives of saints / More on the story
Dabel Brothers Production for June


Wieringo graces 3rd printing of Amazing Spider-man
Dan Slott: Please Pull My Thing
IDW Publishing June and July 2006 Solicitations
Wolverine: Origins #1 Sneak Peek
Business Plan 101 For Comic Book Publishers
Spirit of young superhero lives on in comic, fund
Comics Jam War lines up more sites
Zoom Suit #1 sells out / Zoom Suit in Film Fest for Kids
New director for Watchmen film? /
Snyder in Talks to Direct
Donnie Darko Director Brings His Next Film To Comics
Warren Ellis' The Ministry #5
Elen Page on playing Kitty Pryde in the new X-Men film
Preview Death Comes to Dillinger #2 by Silent Devil
Closer look at Keith Giffen's Planetary Brigade #2 / Another review


Beau Smith Interview is "Rough as a Cobb"
E-man Returns To Comics
Controversial Graphic-Novel Adaptation Takes Box-Office
Exclusive! X-3 revealed!
First Look: Sensational Spider-Man 24
Exclusive Interview with Lone Wolf Creator Kazuo Koike
Superman Returns Videogame from EA
Trailer Park of Terror Goes Bimonthly
Zombie Highway #1 -- Ships this June
Dakuwaka Productions for June
Harry Osborn The Goblin Prince, Part I
TokyoPop, HarperCollins team
Halo Graphic Novel In the Works / More on the story
Project Rooftop is looking for artists

Vintage Video Weekend!  3/24/06 to 3/26/06
News Links for Thursday, 3/23/06

Sold out Nightwing goes back to press with new cover
Tori Amos leads Gaiman tribute album
Red Sonja #8 marks the start of Arrowsmith
Zipping up the Zoom Suit mini-series
Lindsay Lohan to play Wonder Woman? / Lohan Eyes Role
Jim Steranko's Mr. T #1 cover
New Screenshots For X-Men: The Official Game
One good film with comic-book roots
Tommy Lee Edwards now Marvel Exclusive / Yanick Paquette
Zeb Wells Marvel Exclusive / J. Scott Campbell / Skottie Young
Where there's fascism, there's the fire of anarchy
Spidey film crew swinging into Ohio town
Middle Eastern superheroes on mission to bridge social gap
Graphic novels are hot fodder for Hollywood



Press Releases and News Links for Wednesday, 3/22/06

Press Releases
Two Generations of Comic Writers Band Together for a Cause - A.C.T.O.R.
Runaways and X-Men Meet For the First Time on Free Comic Book Day - Marvel Comics
DC Comics Offers Qualifying Retailers Promotional Green Lantern Ring - DC Comics


News Links
Talking Hawkgirl with Walt Simonson
Marvel Previews for April 12th
Humberto Ramos begins his run on Wolverine
Going Nova with Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning
Of Espionage and Revolution: The Black Coat
Six Flags New England looking for Justice League Members
Sizing up V for Vendetta
Raney's Ultimate X-Men X-Perience
Creator Appearances: Amazing Fantasy of Chicago
Relighting the Cyberforce Cyber-fire
Batman: Year One Hundred #1 & 2 Sell Out
Dave Lopez drawing the new Catwoman
An especially female-centric OYL week hits
Spider-Man, Arana & Jonboy Meyers
Two artists go Marvel exclusive
The Boys: Robertson & Ennis on new Wildstorm series
What came before The Age of Misrule?
Ms. Marvel #2 Sneak Peek
Simone Bianchi on Batman GL, & Marvel Exclusive
Austin James Talks Casting For “Who Wants To Be A Superhero?”



News Links for Tuesday, 3/21/06


Wizard World News Links Special


Marvel's WWLA Exclusives from Broken Frontier
Bags and Boards on
Wizard's new world / WW Day 2
Comixfan Day 1 Coverage / Day 2 Coverage / Day 3 Coverage
WWLA: JMS, Loeb & Bendis on Ultimate Power
WWLA: What Did I Miss This Weekend?
WWLA: DCU One Year Greater panel
WWLA: Ultimate Universe panel / Ultimate Power announced
WWLA: Marvel's Civil War panel's last call before action
WWLA: Fraction on Punisher
WWLA: Robert Kirkman talks Ant-Man
WWLA: Garth Ennis on the Midnighter ongoing series
WWLA X-Men X-Changes panel offers full X rundown
WWLA: David Hine and Yannick Paquett talk Civil War: X-Men
Counseling ends as the DC Nation Tour hits WWLA
Mondo Marvel at Wizard World LA
Geoff Johns on new Blade TV Series for Spike TV
Ultimate Avengers Q&A at special Wizard World LA panel
Joe Quesada and company lay the groundwork for War
Catch up on the secrets of 52, the finale of Infinite Crisis
First leg of the Wildstorm talent search ends at Wizard World LA
J. Scott Campbell announced exclusive to Marvel
Shawn and Marlon Wayans debut their first comic

News Links for Monday, 3/20/06


News Links
February 2006 rundown of the Top 100 Comic Books

A "short on time" Monday update..  Full news from Wizard World coming up tomorrow!

Press Releases and News Links for Friday, 3/17/06

Press Releases
World Famous Archie Comes to the Middle East -
Teshkeel Media Group, KSC
Quicksilver Repowers Mutants, Angers Magneto and Black Bolt in Son of M - Marvel Comics
Three DC Comics "One Year Later" Issues Sell Out and Go Back to Press - DC Comics
Painkiller Jane #1 Takes No Prisoners - Dynamite Entertainment


News Links
Iron Man conference call transcript / More on the conference
Image Comics Solicitations on sale for June 2006
Rob Liefeld shares an update on new Supreme projects
Fans will find 'time jump' has rocked their DC world
Batman Begins Sequel WB's Priority for '08
Cartoon Network Acquires Marvel’s Fantastic Four / More
Last Vengeance Chronicles chapter webisode is online
Terrorist or freedom fighter? / O for Orwell / Quite The Bomb
Top Cow's Wizard World LA signing schedule
Spoiler-esque clips for X-Men: The Last Stand
Spider-Man swings into the Middle East Interviews Marvel Comics Icon Stan Lee
Black Hole: School Is Hell
Jackman Shows X-Men Clips at ShoWest
V for Vendetta video interview with actress Natalie Portman
'Superman Returns' Team Presents DC Prequels
Sam Elliott on Ghost Rider
Greg Rucka’s applauded three-year run on Wonder Woman
Hard Times hits hard times and the end approaches
Fighting Copyright Ignorance with Comic Books
Fear Agent Sells Out Twice
Spider-Man 3 Shoot Moves to the Paramount Lot



Press Releases and News Links for Thursday, 3/16/06

Press Releases
Souls of Man Goes Corporate in Narwain's Apocalypse Plan - Narwain Publishing
Infinite Crisis Secret Files 2006 Sells Out and Goes Back to Press - DC Comics


News Links
Gage's Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight
Don’t Call the New Mutants X-Babies
Checking Out the Freshmen's Extras
Image Comics signing schedule for Wizard World LA
What's a teenage mutant ninja turtle to do?
Serious writers find fun creating comic book tales
Scott Rosenburg - Comic Book Movie Mogul
Untold Tales of the New Universe: Night Mask #1
Matrix Makers Latest Blows Up Fascism in Grand Fashion
Limited edition giclees from Tim Burton's Corpse Bride
Rocketo Arrives at Image
Superman Target Image / Superman torch passed / Superman rated
Cartoon Network to air Fantastic Four Donates a Portion of Sales to ACTOR
The Five Fists of Science with Matt Fraction
French 'Spider-Man' Climbs 31-Story Tower
Zombies Hit Homerun
Rocketo makes its debut at Image Comics
The four Superman Returns prequel comics
In Depth with Greg Weisman and Gargoyles



Press Releases and News Links for Wednesday, 3/15/06

Press Releases
Rocky vs. Mr. T Rematch 2006 - Mig.Biz, LLC
The Lone and Level Sands Already Nominated for Awards -
Archaia Studios Press
E-Man Returns to Comics - Digital Webbing
Commander Fantastic and the All-Girl Hero League - Heroic Publishing
Devil's Due Announcing the Self-Publishing Helping Hand Contest - Devil's Due Publishing


News Links
Adam Beechen - More on Robin: OYL
DC'S full list of staff and creators at Wizard World LA
Aquaman Pilot Begins Shooting in Miami
Preview Marvel Zombies #5, #4 2nd printing variant
Hidden City Games Announces Marvel License Agreement
Collectors set for bidding battle over comic heroes
Active Image's The Nightmarist gets own website
How a landmark comic book launched a Hollywood Vendetta
Marvel at Wizard World 2006
Devil's Due Publishing's collections for second quarter, 2006
Origins and Beginnings: Way talks Wolverine: Origins
Lots of Love from Oni and Torres this May
X3: Storm Whips It Good / Vinnie "Juggernaut" Jones talks
War and superheroes found in a serial novel
Details of Key Battle Scene from 300
Superman bridges the gap / Superman Returns troubled takeoff
Terrorism plot has everyone's attention / V for Anarchy
Hellboy Faces 'The Golden Army'
The Pulse Discovers Webcomics!
Devil's Due announces a helping hand for publishers
Ghost Rider artwork online
Adjustments made to Alias release schedule
DC brings back old figures in new reactivated line
Freeman and Wilkinson on Batman Begins Sequel
Disturbed meet McFarlane / Disturbed Team For Confusion
The Darkness teaser trailer



News Links for Tuesday, 3/14/06

The Moon Rises Early: The First 11 Pages
Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake making the jump
Howard Chaykin: Back to the Drawing Board
Dark Horse Comics June 2006 Solicitations
V For Vendetta's Victory
Hulk Goes To The Movies
Brainiac 5 Legion of Super-Heroes voice
Actor Teams Century Comics with Baltimore Con for Benefit Book
Routh Says Time is Right for Superman
Stan Lee from Marvel Genius to Purveyor of Wonder with POW
Hellboy 2: The Golden Army working title /
Hellboy 2 title
X3's Ratner on Following Singer's Lead
England's Channel Four is running a documentary on the film
A bunch of screen captures Justice League
Week's Highlights for Comics Released on March 8, 2006
On the Road Again: Way Talks "Ghost Rider"
Marvel Legends Nightcrawler Action Figure
Be published with the Super Real contest
Veitch Makes Vertigo Return with Can't Get No
Dark Horse Traces Path of the Assassin



Press Releases and News Links for Monday, 3/13/06

Press Releases
Phoenix Rising in Ultimate X-Men #69? - Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: The Other Evolves Into A Hardcover - Marvel Comics


News Links
Pre-Preview DC's June Solicitations
Avi Arad on the Spider-Man 3 Effects
Godland #8: The Full Issue
Whedon Gives Wonder Woman Update
C for Controversial / P for Portman / V's Silver Lining
FM International has closed its doors
Former Speakeasy title finds new home with Ape Entertainment
Gorilla My Dreams: Tarzan of the Comics
Narwain invites you to cross the Threshold
Jenna Meets 100 Girls in new crossover
Gaijin Studios website now live
Submissions open for Isotope Awards
Reflections: Bedard/Orfalas talk Retro Rocket
Moonstone Books for July
Joe Quesada at Wizard World LA to benefit ACTOR / More
Hi-Res X-Men Bus Shelter Posters
Karl Altstaetter's Lost Treasure Sketchbook preview
Reel Comics: Comics to Film and Back Again!
Sin City 2 Waits for Jolie
Aquaman Trailer with Superman Returns?



Special Sunday update ... Alan Moore speaks ... 3/12/06


A rare interview with Alan Moore, the man behind
the very best stories comics have to offer!


Press Releases and News Links for Friday, 3/10/06


News Links
Marz Rover: Ron Marz talks Ion
Final issue of Thor offers a Road to Civil War hint
Moon Knight preview available /
Moon Knight rises again
Curtain drops on Diamond competitor FM International
Holding Out For A Hero- Stan Lee Style
Why V for Vendetta spells C for controversy
Wizard Entertainment Brings on Toy Industry Authority Jim Silver
Emerald City Comicon celebrates it's 4th year with great line-up
Keith Giffen Comic Book Biography
Infinite Crisis Round-Up Week 19
High-profile scribes add star power to comic books
Marvel's Fantastic Four Press Conference Transcript
Superman Returns Xbox 360 target render
ComicBase's Peter Bickford: Inside the Database
Superman/Batman delays continue
Aquaman Pilot to Start Shooting in Miami
Previewing Mark Grimm's Last Sin
X-23 bust available as Diamond Select Release
Hellboy: Makoma #1 - #2
Uncle Ben to Return for Spider-Man 3
Meteor on Its 300 Special Effects



News Links for Thursday, 3/9/06

Civil War #2 Variant Unveiled / Civil War trailer is now online
Can you stand it?  What an X-Men trailer!
Ratner on X-Men: The Last Stand / X-Men: The Last Stand Busts
Look for Love Omnibus from Oni
Dorothy of Oz #5 Released
Year of Superman Site Opens! / Routh on Superman Returns
Helios comes home to Dakuwaka Productions
Director James McTeigue on Vendetta / V contest unveiled
Untold Tales of the New Universe: Psi-Force
New Flare to feature Tigress bonus
Richard Coyle Joins CBS' Ultra
War of the Worlds: Second Wave #1
Seth Green helping ACTOR



News Links for Wednesday, 3/8/06

Seven page Ultimate Spider-Man #91 preview
Nicieza on the new "old" Thunderbolts
Image Comics for May 2006
Avery, Gaiman Writing Black Hole / French into Hole / More
Illuminating the New Avengers: Illuminati Special
Comic Book Movies Teams with Skywalker Sound
Freddie Williams Talkin' Robin With Mike Storniolo
The Trades take on Infinite Crisis #5 / #5 back to press
Pyro on X3 / Hollywood writes comic books
Marvel's Fantastic Four press conference transcript
Superman Returns video game trailer
Cylon anatomy and Battlestar Galactica's art
Alan Moore Fanatics Wait / Natalie dark side / Anarchy In the UK
Milla Jovovich talks Ultraviolet
CGI Ninja Turtles Coming March, 2007
Pirates, Nightcrawler... It's a bust
14 New Superman Returns Pics
Devil's Due second quarter 2006 trade paperback releases
DC HeroClix Collateral Damage Expansion Released
Sad passing: Chris Reeve's Wife Dies of Lung Cancer at 44



News Links for Tuesday, 3/7/06

X-Men 3 Trailer unveiled / X-Men Trailer debuts / More
DiFilippo: The Doctor Samson Is In
Shadowpact, Spectre and Can't Get No Previews
More details from One Year Later at DC
Comic-book store suffers after goods worth $16,000 stolen
Komikwerks site celebrates five years
Tiger Tiger Burning Bright: Pierce talks White Tiger
How Moonstone landed the Phantom
A closer look at Ultimate Avengers The Movie
Six page preview of Army of Darkness #5,
Captain Confederacy lives again
X-Men 3 actors argued over plot
Car Designers Team Up with Superheroes



News Links and Press Releases for Monday, 3/6/06

Press Releases
Dabel Brother Ward Off the Undead with Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake - Dabel Brothers
DC, McFarlane and Image Partner for Spawn/Batman One-Shot and Statue - DC Comics
Heroic Publishing June 2006 Features Liberty Girl #1 - Heroic Publishing


News Links
Crisis Recovery and annotated fun with Infinite Crisis #5
Kate Corrigan in the Animated Hellboy Movies
X-Men: The Last Stand Stirs Cast Emotions
EW Feature on X-Men: The Last Stand
Animazing Gallery sets up shop at ArtExpo 2006 in New York
New Superman Returns Photos
Art of Superman Returns unveiled on Amazon
Eternals #1 Covers Unveiled
Can Smaller Publishers Survive?
Reflections: Red Sonja/Claw artist Andy Smith
New Avengers: Illuminati Sneak Peek
Frank Miller Talks shop
Lou Diamond Phillips to play father on Aquaman television series
Legion of Superheroes series in the works at Cartoon Network
Local Kansas comic book business opens its doors
Sweater could solve burglary to Athens comic-book store
What happened with Phantom Jack at Speakeasy
Mouse Guard #1 Sells Out / Previewing Mouse Guard #2
Is your teacher a super hero?
Spacey on Superman Returns Sequels

Cyberforce #2 preview



News Links and Press Releases for Friday, 3/3/06


News Links
Doctor Strange by Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin
2K Games to Publish The Darkness Based on Comic
Springtime for the DCU: Giffen talks Blue Beetle and 52
Phantom Jack left homeless after Speakeasy demise
Fresh information on the upcoming Aquaman television series
Frank Miller spotlight at New York Comic-Con
DC and Marvel dominate CBG Fan Awards Nominees
Superman Animated Series: Brainiac Attacks animated series
Rob Zombie Talks Haunted World
The Mouse Guard goes AWOL at Archaia Studios Press
Is NBC's Heroes the Next Lost?
Infinite Crisis Round-Up week 18 / Deconstructing Infinite Crisis #5
Dabel Brothers Launch Official Podcast
Spider-Man and Arana Special seals Arana's Fate
Talking the Fantastic with Mike Carey
Top Cow Crashes New York Comic-Con
Marvel Legends Series 8 Ultimate Captain America
Body Bags: 3 The Hard Way Preview
Joss Whedon still writing Wonder Woman
Is your teacher a super hero?
New York Comic-Con photo parade / Pros and Cons at NYCC '06
Behind the Scenes at 300
New Pic of Jimmy Olsen
Peeking in on Painkiller Jane
DC + Image + McFarlane = Spawn/Batman
Kelsey Grammar on Beast /
Plot of X-3 Officially Announced
Top Shelf a look at '05 and '06
Teaching Comics / Comics in the Classroom



News Links and Press Releases for Thursday, 3/2/06

Press Releases
Virgin Comics Recruits Seymour Miles for Sales and Publishing Group - Virgin Comics
BOOM! Studios, Alchemize, and Intel Graphic Novel highlights new tech - Boom! Studios
Supergirl #5 goes back to press for new printing - DC Comics
The New Genome Studios Unveils Plans for 2006 - Genome Studios
IDW Publishing Unveils Its Revitalized Web Site - IDW Publishing


News Links
Tom DeFalco talks about Spider-Girl’s cancellation
Sneak a full issue peak at Heroic Publishing's Liberty Girl
An Infinite Crisis casualty count
Sneak peeks at Alias upcoming titles
Dimension spoof hero films / Dimension unmasked / Comic spoof
A Red Sonja #7, RS Vs. Thulsa Doom #2 Preview
Check out the Virgin Comics website
Bring On the Bad Guys! Dreadstar's Lord Papal
Ultimate Avengers and Iron Man on Cartoon Network schedule
Creator Appearance: Kurt Busiek
Who Wants Watchmen? The big screen adaptation
IDW Website Shows Heart of Steel
Daniel Way on his upcoming Wolverine plans
Joss Whedon on Wonder Woman
NBC pilot Heroes shows ordinary people who discover powers
More from the set of X-Men 3 / X-Men 3 plot synopsis
Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Strikes DB Pro
DC All Star’s biggest foes are the big-name creators
Spider-Man 3 Fan-Made Wallpaper
New Superman Returns details emerge



News Links and Press Releases for Wednesday, 3/1/06

Press Releases
52 new from DC: Pages from 52 Week 1 are not online at! - DC Comics
It's Sin and Crossbones in Captain America #16 - Marvel Comics

DC Comics Manga Imprint CMX acquires Fred Gallagher's MegaTokyo series - DC Comics


News Links
Crisis Counseling for Infinite Crisis #5 (with Dan Didio)


  Infinite Crisis #5 Cover Infinite Crisis #5 Variant Cover


Thunderstruck: Nicieza talks Thunderbolts
DC One Year Later previews continues
Laurell K. Hamilton comes to comics
Daniel Way and Axel Alonso riding shotgun with Ghost Rider
New York Comic-Con's Slave Labor Graphics panel
Morrison & Millar's Vampirella Collected
DC Editors debriefing continues
Dimension Making Comic Book /
Comic Book: The Movie
Marvel Shares Surge on Upgrade
DC Comics, Sony, Warner Brothers plans for Comic Book
New Photo of Juggernaut for X-Men
Todd McFarlane: A Retrospective
When comics grew up
Affleck shuns Daredevil role
One student finds his niche in graphic novels
The Flash: The Fast and the Featureless
Civil War #2 Steve McNiven cover premiere preview
V for Vendetta press junket recap /
V for Vendetta Artwork Exhibit
The New Zealand Independent Comics Festival



Past news...

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