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for the month of May, 2006


News Links for Wednesday, 5/31/2006

News Links

Marvel Previews for June 21st, 2006
Virgin Comics announces Alex Ross Covers
Marvel Announces New Independent Producer Deal with Avi Arad
FF 2, Spidey 3, Hulk 2 Updates
Superman's New Date / Superman Returns changes Release Date
Russ Manning nominees announced
The Darkness shines in new trailer
Not to be missed video ... The Venture Bros.: Season One
Image Partners with Kitchen Sink Magazine
10 Directors That Know How To Make Comic Book Movies
Diamond offers more accurate list
ACTOR brings new hats and Darick Robertson to Wizard World
Alex Toth: June 25, 1928-May 27, 2006


Even More News Links
July's 200 page 24seven anthology
JSA is dead, long live the Justice Society
Don't Forget the Amazing Doll Man
Batwoman as a lesbian socialite / Batwoman gets a makeover
Comics industry draws on diversity
Marvel Studios CEO to Form Own Company
Digital Piracy Hurting Comics Industry
Aspen Wizard World Philly preview
Why a Hollywood rookie's playing Superman
A gallon of gas or a comic?  Rising oil affecting the industry
Grammer Looks To Make More Comic Book Movies
An Eternal Marvel Preview
Batwoman returns in 52


Wrapping up the X-Men 3 coverage
Mutants Make Monster Memorial Money
X Men: The Last Stand' Rejuvinates US Box Office
X-Men beats Da Vinci at box office
'X-Men' Scores Record Holiday Opening
'X-Men' stands tall at holiday box office
The women of X-Men: The Last Stand can kick your butt
X-Men stands with best ever Memorial Day opening
Mutants Take Over, Ruling the Box Office
'X' stands tall / Mutant Mayhem / 'X-Men' slays all
Marvel mutants make 'Last Stand'
New X-Men movie pulls in crowds and cash
Paquin takes pride in portrayal of Rogue in 'X-Men'
X-Men 4th best three-day opening in box-office history

News Links for Tuesday, 5/30/2006

News Links

The Cosmos Keep Coming From Image's Godland
Lopresti shoots for the stars with Planet Hulk
Trials of Shazam will also show a new side of Howard Porter
DC's the Great Ten Preview Gallery
Dabel Brothers announce XIII graphic novels
Archie Comics Remembers Alex Toth
Superman/Batman #26: A comic with a cause
Layton Founds a Colony
Bongo solicitations for the Month of August
Rule Britannia: Perkins talks Union Jack
Perez Covers Darkman #1
Ross and Ramayan Reborn at Virgin
Meet The Sire and writer Michael Dolce
Star Wars Celebration growing


X-Men 3 had a record setting weekend!
X-Men 3 has $120 Million Opening Weekend
The Last Stand, The Best Weekend


News Links for Monday (Memorial Day), 5/29/2006

News Links
Take a sneak peek at Iron Man #9
Dan Didio on DC's New Batwoman / NY Tims on new Batwoman
Devil's Due Publishing August 2006 Solicitations
Much to see in Giant-Size Hulk #1
Trailers unveiled on the official Ghost Rider website
Image comic previews for early June, 2006
Marvel Annihilation Round-Up for May
Aquaman WB series, one a lock, doesn't make the cut
Bomb Queen blasts her way back to stores
More of Marvel's August 2006 solicitations unveiled
Talking Batllestar: Galactica with Greg Pak
Supergirl & the Legion of Super-Heroes #18
Legendary Cartoonist Alex Toth Dead at 78


How did X-Men fair over the weekend?
X-Men sets Memorial Day Weekend record ($107 million)


Take a video break with The Might Thor (and Stan Lee) ... Sunday, 5/28/2006

The Mighty Thor

Classic cartoon with special introduction by Stan Lee!


X-Men 3 Coverage Blowout for Saturday, 5/27/2006

X-Men 3 Coverage
Wolverine gets to stretch
Review: X-Men: The Last Stand
Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman in X-Men: The Last Stand
Muscle man Jackman
X-Men is extraordinary
Cinema - Mutating Like Mad
Hugh Jackman is back as Wolverine in X-Men: The Last Stand
X-Men 3 Ready to Rock Memorial Day Weekend
Ratner ruins ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’
X-tremely successful finale / ’X’-asperating
Latest 'X-Men' not quite up to mutant movie standards
'X' marks the spotty sequel
Phoenix doesn't make X-Men: The Last Stand


How about some more X-Men 3 Coverage?
Grammer gets in touch with his inner beast
Mutant heroes' powers diminish in X-Men finale
X-Men' swan song leaner, meaner, faster
Great X-pectations / X-Men have served him well
In 'Last Stand,'X-Men Are Done In by Rote Action Scenes
Actors agree X-Men films have a message
Last Stand': X-Men Looking for the Right Fit
'X' needs to mark a new spot
Threequels: When the third time isn't the charm
News Corp. Goes All Out for X-Men
'X-Men' installment packs plenty of punch
'Last Stand' falls to ambition
Two comic books inspired the latest X-Men film


Still More X-Men 3 Coverage
X3: Famke Jansen and James Marsden
X-Men flavoured by Greek tragedy
'X-Men' fans are skeptical but eager to find out
Let us know what X-Men's 'X' stands for, and you can win DVD
X marks the spot of 'The Last Stand' . . . or does it?
Fans seek thrills in tale of mutants vs. MEN
X-Women break it down
X-Women talk superpowers, secrets on way to `Last Stand'
X-Men: The Last Stand, The Final Chapter of The Trilogy
Mutants in love and in war – 'X-Men' franchise has legs
Too many mutants, not enough X-citement
A silly, stale `Last Stand'


Yes, You Guessed It  ... Even More X-Men 3 Coverage
Canuck has Iceman down cold
"X-Men" a franchise worth thinking about
X-clamation mark!
Here's to the X-Women
Critic gets X-pert help assessing if this third in a string
X-tremely average for X-Men
Hugh Jackman dons the razor-sharp claws
Latest "X-Men" film battles the second-sequel syndrome
Mutations have run their course
X-Men X-tasy
No cure for what ails `X-Men'
Paquin takes her 'Stand' as a lust action hero
Comic-book film franchise goes out with a big bang


Okay, there's been a lot of X-Men 3 Coverage
X-Men: The Last Stand' - An excellent, dark installment
Mutants aren't what they used to be
X-Men withstand mutant threat, new director
X-Men's superpowers stop at logic
New 'X-Men' Entertaining, Emotional Thrill Ride
Mutant women face human issues
Take a Stand Online with Hybrid Studio’s X-Men Campaign
Youthful 'X-Men' stars like their roles
Canuck works hard to look cool as Ice Man
Mutant Madness
X-tremely average for X-Men
Last Stand' mutates a harder edge than earlier `X' movies
'X-Men: The Last Stand' could be worse


X-Men 3 ... We just keep finding stories for you!
Great X-pectations for Marvel
"X-Men: The Last Stand" is a Vastly Agreeable Hit
Final 'X-Men' lacks punch of first two
Jackman, Berry and Co. talk about their Xcellent adventure
X-tra special / X-treme fun
Broadway's Jackman, Stewart and McKellen Return for X-Men
Salute to last mutants standing
The 'X' Factor is It Really the Last One?
‘X-Men III’: The power of choice
‘X-Men’ franchise in crackling finale
Hugh's got the X factor...
Comic book heroes falter, and it isn't even funny
'X-Men: The Last Stand.' Blessed are the toy makers.

Take a video break with Stan Lee ... Friday, 5/26/2006

Comic Tales with Stan Lee
Stan Talks about comics, doing good work and more!


News Links and X-Men 3 Pre-Release Coverage for Thursday, 5/25/2006

News Links

Coipel's Eternals #1 cover
Joss Whedon is Writing Buffy Again
Preview Army of Darkness #7
Paul Giamatti lends his voice to Rob Zombie cartoon
Jon Favreau Talks Iron Man with MTV
Marvel Team-Up #14 continued in Invincible #33 / More
Comic books increasingly making reference to faith
Steven Grant discusses the new Whisper
Boomerang to Run Marathon of Steel
Savage Dragon vs Wanted
Harvey Pekar successfully strays from autobiography
Dark Horse Exclusive Sales Agent of ReelArt
Ghost Rider move trailer roars to the net


Even More News Links
Silvestri Draws Ghost Rider Variant
Black label comics anniversary news
Friends of Lulu VP shares thoughts
New York Comic-Con doubling space in '07
Ian Churchill auction for Sam Loeb college scholarship fund
Mike Norton joins the Runaways
Titus' Annihilation with the Super-Skrull
McFarlane Toys gets Lost action figure license
TV Guide Sneak Peek: The Battlestar Comic Book!
Alias Comics' future is shining brightly
Dan Slott talks Two-Gun Kid and offers a preview
Phoenix Anime Fext launches December, 2006
Godland takes a three month break


X-Men 3: The Last Stand Pre-Release Coverage
The X-Men and Anna Paquin
Digital makeover knocks 20 years off Stewart and McKellen
Hugh Jackman of X-Men: The Last Stand
In the comics you must stay dead ... at least a while
Franchise's fans reverse stand on new director
X-ing out a failed Mission / X-Men 3: Saving the Best for Last?
Kelsey Grammer unleashes the Beast within the X-Men
X Marks the Spot: The Lovely and Lethal X-Women
Director has high hopes for X-Men sequel
X-Men sequel heavy on action, light on substance
3rd X-Men marks a spot on the downward curve / Lucky X III
X-Men Return For the Powerful Last Stand
Lesser X-pectations


Even More X-Men 3: The Last Stand Pre-Release Coverage
Superhero is a Matter of Pryde
The man behind the X-Men
Berry, Romijn, Janssen & Paquin dish on secrets of X-womanhood
New X-Men moves fast and packs a visual wallop
Mutants on parade
An action flick with soul
Secrets of the X-Men
X-Women take control in The Last Stand
Third ‘X-Men’ installment proves satisfactory, not great
Maybe this 'X-Men' should be the last
No cause for 'X'-citement
4 dish about X-womanhood
X-Men take the last stand; end up wobbly

News Links and X-Men 3 Pre-Release Coverage for Wednesday, 5/24/2006

News Links

Previewing Dynamite's Red Sonja #10 / #12 Cover
DC Comics Previews for August
Secrets revealed in today's comic releases
Covering DC's Weekly Event, 52
Interior art from DC's Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters
Preacher Not Going to the Big Screen?
Bryan Singer & the Man of Steel
Snowybrook Inn new from Counteractive Comic
Transformers Casting, Filming Details
Top Cow/Marvel crossovers scheduled
Cage in Ghost Rider / Ghost Rider Teaser Trailers Hit
New York Comic-Con has announced dates for 2007's event
DC'S CMX Line to publish Densha Otoko and Penguin Revolution


X-Men 3: The Last Stand Pre-Release Coverage
Brett Ratner Talks X-Men: The Last Stand
New X3 Photos, Interviews
Director hopes 'X-Men' sequel will please rabid fans
X3 Secret Via IGN Filmforce
X-Men: The Fanboy's View
Hugh Jackman of X-Men: The Last Stand
X-Men: The Last Stand / Simply X-cellent
Ian McKellen Channeled Anger Into Role Of Magneto
X-Men stars get digital facelifts
Attack of the X-Women
Mighty mutant metaphors / X-Men: The Civil Rights Allegory
Berry, Romijn, Janssen & Paquin dish on secrets of X-womanhood
Mutant power / Mutation nation

News Links and X-Men 3 Pre-Release Coverage for Tuesday, 5/23/2006

News Links
Preacher - The TV series?  Could it be headed for HBO?
An open letter from Joanne Siegel
Announcing the Nextwave: Agents of Hate Crayon Butchery Variant
Ian Churchill Auction for Sam Loeb Fund
Thunderbolts In Civil War / Thunderbolts Choose a Side
Paul Giamatti is Dr. Satan with Rob Zombie / On Stern Wednesday
DC Comics, author dispute Minx title
Comic Book Expo comes to Liverpool
Shadowline Babe Showdown
Theme Parks Pack Plenty of New Wild Comic Book Rides
Comic heroes on silver screen
Nine pages of Jamie Rich's The Everlasting
Age of Conan Gets Awards


X-Men 3: The Last Stand Pre-Release Coverage
They Should Really Call it X-Women
Women of X-Men talk powers, hair, more
X-Men - The Last Stand: Initial Observations
Hugh Jackman, Clawing to the Top
McKellen: Homosexuality made me feel like a mutant
Lacking the X-Factor
Brett Ratner: New Direction for Mutants
Wolverstein #1: How Brett Ratner Developed His Hacky Powers
X-Men: The Last Stand the beginning of the end
Berry had a tough fight in Storm
X-Men mutants land at Cannes / X-Men Premieres At Cannes
Halle Berry: X-Men's Stormy Leader
The debate continues with "X-Men III is the final chapter"

News Links and X-Men 3 Pre-Release Coverage for Monday, 5/22/2006

News Links

Wolverine: Origins #3 Sneak Peek
X-Men: Fairy Tales #1 Sells Out, Sneak Peek at #2
Marv Wolfman on Titans and the upcoming Raven mini-series
IDW'S "Transformers: Stormbringer forecasted for July
Zoom Suit Secrets revealed
Korean and French Comic Books
2006 Eisner Nominations Announced
First look at Virgin Comics Devi #1
Doc Savage, Man of Bronze
Download I Am Spartacus
Motor City Comic Con celebrates Batman TV series
Marvel Universe now with extra pulp: Parker talks Agents of Atlas
Preview Archie Double Digest #170


Even More News Links
Hex marks the spot: Western shoots from the very hip
Wildstorm and Vertigo Comics for August
Superman Flies Past Cannes
X-Men: Fairy Tales #2 Preview
Visionary Takes Next Bold Steps
Russell Hampton Named Disney Publishing Worldwide
More girls turn out for comic book expo
Description and cover at for Avengers animated sequel
All the Buzz from Motor City Con 2006 / Con Raided
Talking with George Perez at Motor City
Blade promotional photos unveiled
In Space, No One Can Hear You Cheer for Battlestar Galactica
Carmine Infantino is a living legend


X-Men 3: The Last Stand Pre-Release Coverage
Anna Paquin as Rogue / Anna Paquin's X factor revealed
Ratner gets comic franchise / Director's hopes for sequel
X-Men make their stand in a Georgetown sit-down
For Berry, 'X' Marks Big Success
Mutants land at Cannes as 'X-Men' embark on 'Last Stand'
Those Amazing Marvel Mutants / Don't factor out `X-Men' just yet
Ratner fulfilling dream with 'X-Men'
XM Prepares for X-Men Invasion
X-Men 3: Keeping comic geeks happy
To the power of X / X-Men: The Last Stand
X-Men showdown / X Hits the Spot
Nerds seek revenge before it even opens
X-Men' Interview: Janssen Rises To Occasion As Dark Phoenix

News Links and X-Men 3 Pre-Release Coverage for Friday, 5/19/2006

News Links

Gibbon's Green Lantern Corp: No Evil Shall Escape His Sight
Marvel releases a peak at Civil War #2
Justice League of America to feature Benes, Turner covers
Sinister Six Series: Sandman Statue
Frank Miller on the Comic Zone next Tuesday
Blade TV Trailer Now Online
Philly hosts annual Black Age of Comics Convention
Learn more about the new Superman Returns trailer
Guido Guidi Transformers News / Back to Cybertron
Season Six of Smallville to feature the "Rise of Lex"
Five things about comic books
For these comics creators, not just funny business
Dragon: Wanted / Larsen: Paints


Even More News Links
Can comics make your spine tingle with fear?
Ride the Wave: Aquaman trailer leaked online
Archie solicitations for August 2006
DC offers retailer incentive on Batman: The Monster Men
Image Comics Previews for May 24th
Setting the stage for the upcoming Wildstorm Universe revamp
An Age of Bronze #23 preview
Dynamite's Battlestar Galactica #1 in July
The Best of Marvel Select Action Figures
Alice Leaves Wonderland
Justice League Heroes at E3
The Pros and Cons of Bristol Con 2006 / Con at a Glance
Bigger Photo of Superman Cannes Banner / Second TV Spot


X-Men 3: The Last Stand Pre-Release Coverage
Talking to Charles Xavier: Stewart on X3
New photos from the film at the XVerse's image gallery
Halle creates a Storm / X3 Berry Taking fans by storm
Patrick Steward unveils a significant plot spoiler
Official X-Men: The Last Stand Site Update
Chris Claremont discusses his cameo in the film
Navigate X-Planet
Pyro and Callisto interviewed by
How I got my claws into Hollywood
Yahoo! Movies has a character featurette on Mystique
Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen use tech to turn back time
Jackman hires bro-in-law
John Bruno on making difficult special effects come to life

News Links and X-Men 3 Pre-Release Coverage for Thursday, 5/18/2006

News Links
Judd Winick and the Trials of Shazam
DC really wants you to Beware the Creeper
Armageddon Comes with Free Extras / More
Taking a peek at Civil War: Front Line #1
Image's August 2006 solicitations
More Transformers Casting News
V for Vendetta DVD Date / Fantastic Four 2 Loses the 4th
Of Shadowpacts, Ravens and Fairy Tales
Battler of Britain: Gage talks Union Jack
Wait ... Catwoman 2 in the works?
Marvel’s New Movie Financing Concept
Farewell to the Justice League
Batman 2 Plot Details / Sony Ditches Hellboy sequel


X-Men 3: The Last Stand Pre-Release Coverage
Can Something Stop the Juggernaut?

Will Any X-Men Survive The Last Stand? Is This The Finale
Jackman Denies Batman Rumors
An X-pedient smorgasbord
Hugh Jackman on the evolution of Wolverine
Win X-Men: The Official Game for PS2
Halle Berry done with superheroes?
TV's 'Frasier' Is Blue Mutant In 'X-Men'
Halle Berry's Whining Paid Off
Jackman Planning Return To Stage
X-Men' no last stand for Shuler Donner
Halle Berry is Flyin' High in X-Men
Final Film in Trilogy Surely Won't Be Last of the `X-Men'

News Links and X-Men 3 Pre-Release Coverage for Wednesday, 5/17/2006

News Links
Marvel Previews for June 7th / August Solicitations
Super Naturals #1 Sneak Peek
Pulitzer winner talks comic books, life / More
Become immortal for 25 cents with Highlander
Podcast from the Front Lines
He wants to be Iron Man
Blade Series Coming on June 28 / Blade Behind the Scenes
DCU post-Crisis and One Year Later Wrap-Up
Buckaroo Banzai #1 contest announced
Singer May Not Do Superman II
BOOM! Studios launches exclusive web strip
Royalty Structure Tames the Wild West
Bill Mantlo Tribute Book Being Assembled


X-Men 3: The Last Stand Pre-Release Coverage
Grammer's X-Men Role Leaves Him Blue
Halle: No More Superheroes, Please
Go Head to Head With Professor X!
Hugh Jackman doesn't think there will be an X-Men 4
X3: Patrick Stewart Tells All
A Berry sexy dress for Halle
Movies sizzle into summer: X-Men: The Final Stand
New X3 Clips and Pics Online
Halle Storms Back / Halle Berry hints at fourth 'X-Men'
Xbox 360 Takes on X-Men / Activision Ships X-Men
Playing The Beast In 'X-Men' Had Its Challenges
Marvel and Activision's game Takes a Stand on Retail Shelves
Yahoo! Movies has a Storm character featurette

News Links and X-Men 3 Pre-Release Coverage for Tuesday, 5/16/2006

News Links
DC's August 2006 Solicitations
Marvel's August Civil War Previews
Wizard dumps comics size for magazine format
Geoff Johns, Howard Chaykin, and Dave Gibbon at Bristol
Viper names talent contest winner
Superman Returns: The script
Six tortured souls that begin the tale of DC’s “lost year”
Joe Zabel Article on Webcomics Community
Lettered pages of June's Civil War: Front Line #1
'Nuff Said on DVD in July
Batman Begins 2 plot has been outlined
Talking to the Superman scribes
Retailer Gordon Lee heads back to court


Even More News Links
Hobgoblin Tortures in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #9
Special upcoming Sam Loeb issue of Superman/Batman
Stewart fears fans reaction to X-Men Shocker
Battlestar Galactica #0 debuts in TV Guide / More
Comic Book Fight Zone at E3
The Vertigo Panel at Bristol
Gaydos illustrating series for Virgin Comics / Virgin Line Launch
Transformers film cast expands
Berry to play Catwoman again?
Spider-Man says "Checkmate!" with Sota Toys
Five behind-the-scenes featurettes from the new Blade series
Actionpolis in Motor City Con
DC announces upcoming Vertigo Trade Collections


X-Men 3: The Last Stand Pre-Release Coverage
Jackman says he's seen a second draft of Wolverine prequel
Hugh and Halle meet Mexican fans at X-Men premiere
Are Gays and Lesbians the True X-Men?
X-Men: The Official Game
It's a pixel picnic for summer movies
Yahoo! Movies clip featuring favorite Weapon X alumni
X-Man Kelsey Grammer was a Thor guy when I was a kid
Superhero Hugh makes one last stand
Sir Ian McKellen to star in X-Men prequel?
X-Men: The Official Game Takes a Stand on Retail Shelves
McKellen Cannes double duty with Da Vinci and X-Men
Kelsey Grammar Talks On 'X-Men 3: The Last Stand'
X-Men's' James Marsden Cried Real Tears On Set

News Links and X-Men 3 Pre-Release Coverage for Monday, 5/15/2006

News Links
Secret Avengers Reassembled? Paniccia on Agents of Atlas
Tom DeFalco Interviews Comic Creators About X-Men
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Site Online
Battlestar Galactica #0 sells Dynamite for Dynamite / More
International Superman Returns Posters
300 Video Journal continues on-line
Hulk Sequel Could Leave Eric Bana Green With Envy
Details on NBC's new series Heroes
Images from Halo Graphic Novel / Halo Turns Into Graphic Novel
Diamond Publications launches Hanuman Comics
Super Naturals #1, a closer look
Praxis - A New Comic Book Publisher
Justice League Heroes offers fun game play for DC Heroes


X-Men 3: The Last Stand Pre-Release Coverage
7 Minutes of X-Men: The Last Stand now online
Ian McKellen Sticks Up For Evil In X-Men
Halle Berry on X-Men 3 / X-Interview: Halle Berry aka Storm
Wolverine takes Last Stand / Success big surprise to Jackman
Singer Sounds off about Superman and X-Men Spoilers
Famke Janssen Thought Jean Grey's Return Was a Secret
Fit for a mutant: the $10,000 X-Men Dell
See X-Men: The Last Stand Early in Australia
Ian McKellen's Appearance on Jonathan Ross
Hugh Jackman on the Wolverine Prequel
12th Clip From The Last Stand Online
International X-Men Trailer and Featurette
New X-Men 3 Stills and Review

Press Releases and News Links for Friday, 5/12/2006

Press Releases
Lions, Tigers and Bears and The Gimoles Enter The Action Figure World - Runemaster
Red Sonja Battles Her Greatest Enemy With Flashbacks to Her Origin - Dynamite


News Links
The All-New Atom ongoing series unveils new game section with Alliance Interview
Building the Road to Civil War - X-Men
E3 2006: In-Depth with Marvel Ultimate Alliance / More
Occult Crimes Taskforce from Image
Smallville's fifth season ends May 11
Bendis talks New Avengers: Disassembled
Mark Wheatley at the Library of Congress
Hulk faces the Silver Surfer in Incredible Hulk #95 / More
Preview: Archie #566
Cyberforce #3 and Rising Stars: Untouchable #4
Devil's Due previews Family Guy #1
Building the Road to Civil War - Cap and Iron Man


Jorge Lucas on the Annihilation crossover series Ronan
Comic book genius Daniel Clowes goes back to Art School
Running away to Hollywood with Brian K. Vaughan
Cruise wants to play a superhero
Devil's Due Free Comic Book Promotion
Spider-Man Amazed Kids at Atomic Comics
Meeting the Freedom Fighters with Gray and Pamiotti
Library Cards Get Bonus on Free Comic Book Day
Blade: The Series draws (much) nearer
New comic book line gets things started with 6-edition bang
Introducing Thrill House Comics and their New Line-Up
52 Weeks Magazine For DC Comics
Da Vinci, X-Men lead Hollywood's summer / X-Men: The Last Stand
Comic guru’s reality show set to find next superhero

News Links for Thursday, 5/11/2006


The first issue of DC's weekly event, 52 hits stores / More
Oni announces the Everlasting
Superman Returns specials arrive in stores as 4-part mini-series
Image Fuels up Ride in Chain Reaction Mini
Thrill House Comics is slated to debut in July
Knight Time: Marvel Comics' Moon Knight conference / More
SCI FI Lets You Pick Superhero Contestant
Fan photos from the Spider-Man Cleveland shoot
Celebrate Superman in Metropolis
Jack & Jill went up The Hill and at the top was Markosia
Marvel Trading Card Game hits PSP and DS
Don Payne talking about the next trip inside the Baxter Building
The Tales Of Alvin Maker: Red Prophet preview

News Links for Wednesday, 5/10/2006

Meltzer Resurrects Justice League with New Series
Son of M races to finish with Civil War repercussions
Spider-Man Faces Marvel's Civil War at Home
Civil War plus Infinite Crisis equal big bucks for stores?
Free Comic Book Day in the Big Apple
Archie Fashion tips with Betty, Veronica and Katy / Archie 1st looks
Nolan, Goyer Talk Batman 2, Flash
Dark Horse’s Conan Hears Songs of the Dead
Dabel Brother rediscover Camelot with Lords of Avalon this fall
Markosia in Trouble? Not So says Chuck Satterlee
A Dummy's Guide to Danger from Viper Comics this July
Panel to Panel Special on Rick Veitch's Can't Get No
Gene Simmons featured In Story Of Superman Documentary
Dark Horse in August: What Are You Getting?
Zak Penn on the New X-Men Game & Movie / Stewart Talks X-Men 4
Phantom # 12: New Team, New Direction for Ghost Who Walks
SMASH! Comics New Sponsor of the Wright Race Team
To go where no comic book has gone before
Stan Lee Hunts For Reality TV Superhero
CBR celebrates 10 years in operation today



Press Releases and News Links for Tuesday, 5/9/2006

Press Releases
Choose Your Side With These Marvel Civil War Banners - Marvel Comics
DC Comics launches website - DC Comics
Shocker Toys Debut New "Indie Spotlight" Line - Shocker Toys


News Links
Exploring Kyle Rayner and Ion with Ron Marz
Erik Larsen on Savage Dragon milestones and Wanted
Steve Cummings Legends of the Dark Knight
Garney Signs Marvel Exclusive
X3 High Quality TV Spots, New Pics
Telltale's running of the cows Bone contest
Xeric Grant Winners Announced
Variety reports Aquaman series may not be a lock for WB
Komikwerks launches Blogwerks
A Sneak Peek at the Spider-Man 3 Game
Utopiates #1 Sneak Peek
Marvel Comics Guru: 'I've Never Lived In Reality'
Adventures in Free Comic Book Day / More



News Links and Civil War Coverage for Monday, 5/8/2006

News Links

Dark Horse Lets Loose New Escapists / Kavalier & Clay
Spider-Man Creator Seeks Hero / Stan Lee Hunts Hero
Ultimate Fantastic Four #30 Sneak Peek
Ion: Guardian of the Universe #1 reviewed
Interview with IDW's Chris Ryall
Erik Larsen on Censorship in comics
Even superheroes can't save Justice League cartoon
Finding his water legs, Busiek on Aquaman / Preview #42
OMAC Returns in New DC Mini
New Villain for Wonder Woman Film / Whedon talks
A preview of the sire: What if you were Superman?
Dark Horse donates Adidas Royalties to CBLDF
Red Sonja film potential
Latest X-Men: The Last Stand Updates / More


Could Alpha Flight be returning soon?
Alan Moore’s Magical Mystery Tour / Moore on Housing Council
Shazam! movie director named
Action seen on Hellboy 2 / Latest IMDB info
Transformers evolve in IDW Comics
Bring on the Virgins: Virgin Comics coming in 2006
Paradise Comics Toronto Comicon see 35% Increase
Ice Kunion new website with hundreds of free pages
A Free Comic Book Day 2006 Roundtable
Death, Jr. Returns in New Image Series
Shang Chi joins Heroes for Hire
E-man Returns To Comics
Win a trip to San Diego Comic-Con


Civil War Coverage
Civil War Drives New Customers Into Comic Stores
Civil War discussed on National Public Radio
Civil War General Part I
Civil War Frenzy breaks out
Civil War #1 Reviewed / Another Civil War #1 Review
Civil War A Crossover Worth Reading
The War Room: Breaking Down Civil War #1
Joe's Love and War Fridays
Bags and Boards on Civil War #1
Road to Civil War Journal grows
Civil War Room #1: Debriefing
Wikipedia kicks off it's Civil War coverage
Joss Whedon influences Civil War finale?
Captain America vs. The Patriot Act?
Marvel Comics takes on homeland security

News Links for Friday, 5/5/2006


Terry Dodson Talks Wonder Woman
Marvel Comics takes on homeland security
David Goyer Still Wants The Flash
The Portent #1 - Check out the full issue
Box art and voice talent revealed for Justice League Heroes
Marvel today announce it has signed Ron Garney to an exclusive
Comic Book Creator to Participate in Free Comic Book Day
Marvel Previews for May 24th
Free Comic Book Day: A super promotion
Complete Lost Girls coming from Top Shelf
Chatting with Superman's Lois & Clark
Three More X-Men Shots
IDW collecting Children of the Grave



News Links for Thursday, 5/4/2006
DC’s Shadowpact, Green Arrow and Firestorm previews
Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four 2? / Silver Surfer to Show Up
McKellen Moves Forward With Magneto
Don Kramer and Batman One Year Later
What’s so Civil About War Anyway?
Speedy movement on Flash movie
Scenes from the 2006 Alternative Press Expo
First digital comic, Shatter returns at AiT/Planetlar
Deconstructing Infinite Crisis #7
Store event promotes reading / No kidding: Free comics
Paradise Toronto Comicon Sees 35% Increase in Attendance
Jon Favreau talks Iron Man
X-Men: The Last Stand TV Spots and Tie-Ins
Chris Weston's Fantastic First Family
Marvel 1st-quarter earnings drop / Marvel Earnings Fall 37%
Green Lantern Is Actually Pretty Good
Joss Whedon Is Working Overtime On Wonder Woman
Image Previews for May 10th
Flare #17 features team debut
DC Comics will launch weekly series 52
D3Publisher/WB Making 100 Bullets Game / D3 takes aim
X-Men vs Superman ... Coming to a theater near you
Will Smith to play super-hero?
Ortega and Layman sign at Comics Dungeon in Seattle
Previewing Image's The Portent #3
Hellgate: London comic announced


Silver Surfing with Renato Arlem

Press Releases and News Links for Wednesday, 5/3/2006

Press Releases

Four No More: FF Must Face a Death in the Family - Marvel Comics
DF Launches Line of "Legends" Collectible Busts - Marv Gets Busted - Dynamic Forces


News Links
The final installment of Dan DiDio's Crisis Counseling
The Dabel Bros and RA Salvatore join forces
Civil War featured on ABC World News / Cap a fugitive?
Fantastic Four #537 sells out, rushed back to press
Whedon reveals Wonder Woman movie tidbits
Superman Returns: I Still Believe a Man Can Fly
Road to Civil War Journal / Annihilation Round-Up for April
Ka-Bam! Stolen Comic Book Collection Is Recovered
DC overprints 52 #1 / 52 Week 4 on final order cutoff
Rodriguez to Bring Madman to the Silver Screen?
Help some animals and you could be in Zoom Suit / Act Today
Quaker Oats and Slurpees -- Food of Superheroes
Wolverine on a mission of vengeance
Keith Giffen offers 52 facts about Blue Beetle
Mutants make last stand to stay unique


 Infinite Crisis finale hits comic shops today!

News links for Tuesday, 5/2/2006

Previewing Mouse Guard #3
Previewing this Wednesday's Atomika #7
Comic Foundry names Batman TAS in Top 25 Comics
Giveaway aims to show changing face of comic books
Marvel Characters Split in 'Civil War' Series
Rodriguez set for Sin City prequel and Madman?
Jon Voight Talks Transformers
Red Sonya Remake in the Works / Red Sonja Coming Back
X-Men Game Profiles Nightcrawler / X-Men Game Videos
Marvel Hires Hollywood Heavyweights For Film Slate
The Darkness Screenshots
Routh and Bosworth on Superman Returns / Merchandise
Not Fade Away: Jeff Mariotte talks Angel
Superman Takes On Mona Lisa



News links for Monday, 5/1/2006

Ed Brubaker continues with Cap and Daredevil
Civil War opening shot video unveiled /
Review: Civil War #1
Marvel Studios Engages All-Star Roster For New Film Slate
Hulk vs. the Abomination vs. upcoming film
Get ready for Free Comic Book Day 2006
Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #1 preview
Dan Jurgens and the battle for Bludhaven
Spider-Man's marriage to Mary Jane ... Stay or go?
Collecting Phantom Rings: Past and Present
Black Panther's wedding planner: Reggie Hudlin
2K Confirms Ghost Rider Acquisition From Majesco
DC Comics on track after one year time shift
Reflections: Talking with Dan Jurgens


B.P.R.D. The Universal Machine #1
Image Previews: Rocketo, Sead of Red and more
Marvel on the Move -- Edgar Wright is Official for Ant Man
X-Men 3 Footage: Wolverine takes on a Sentinel
Mark Guggenheim and Humberto Ramos new Wolverine
Activision Unveils Marvel Universe RPG / Over 140 characters
Batman, Archie yours for the taking during Free Comic Book Day
Devil's Due on Hack/Slash: Slice Hard 25-Cent Special
On the Importance of Comic Books
Law professor is a crusading comics illustrator
Spider-Man 3 (DS) screens and concept art
Comic book a different approach to Holocaust
Convention update!  Looking for a show in your area?

Past news

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