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News stories from November, 2006


News Links for Thursday, 11/30/2006


Save Manhunter! You will believe Marc Andreyko can cry.


Neil Googe talks Tranquility at Wildstorm
A six page look inside X-Men #193
Fantastic Four 2's new Fantasticar revealed
Eternals #6 cover and variant revealed
Preview Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #3
Image previews for December / Kyle Baker moves to Image
Seth Green to do a Freshman signing at Atomic Comics
Lindsay? Cameron? Mischa? Who should be Wonder Woman?
Frank Miller's Film The Spirit Details Revealed
City of Heroes developers craft the Veteran Rewards
Know your Thunderbolts focuses on Bullseye
Wizard fires Editor-In-Chief Pat McCallum / More
Gift ideas for your favorite comics lover

News Links for Wednesday, 11/29/2006
HBO hears word, brings Preacher to small screen / More
Smallville's Green Arrow does a video interview
Heroes stays solid to end November sweeps
Ultimate Spider-Man's Clone Saga ends as new records are set
Spider-Man 3 premier tickets up for auction
Beau Garrett Talks Fantastic Four 2
Mary Jane Loves Spider-Man and Sean McKeever Too
Battlestar Galactica series to be collected in hardcover
Holy Toledo, Batman ... it's American Comic's Creators
Zap! Pow! Bam! gives inside look at comic book legends
Top five brilliant but cancelled comic books
World's Worst Superhero Names
Newbury comics founder talks industry woes
News Links for Tuesday, 11/28/2006

Hawkeye vs. Scarlet Witch Round Three
Neil Gaiman Will Answer Stardust Questions For Fans
Frazer Irving's Silent War with Marvel
Penny-Farthing Press recognized at Houston Awards Show
Adam Hughes on Emma Frost
Tough times call out for superpowers / Behind the Eclipse Week 10
Closer look at Connor Hawke: Dragon's Blood # 1
Indian mythology captivates west at Virgin Comics
Indy Spotlight focuses on Fell
Leinil Yu's Venom variant cover for Thunderbolts #110
2007 MoCCA Art Festival Expands
X-Men 4 in the Works?


A mix of sites remember Dave Cockrum

Comic illustrator rescued X-Men from obscurity
Dave Cockrum, R.I.P.
Remembering Dave Cockrum
Dave Cockrum, seminal X-Men artist, dies at 63
Dave Cockrum Nov. 11, 1943-Nov. 26, 2006
Dave Cockrum, 63, X-Men Comic Book Artist, Dies


News Links for Monday, 11/27/2006
Sad Passing: Dave Cockrum, we will miss you! / More
Heroes! This Net Has A Whole Channel Of Them
Hughes Designing Watchmen Costumes?
Image Previews for 11/29
The Chronicles of Wormwood artist Jacen Burrows
Shazam! The Big Red Cheese gets a facelift in DC Comics
Loyalists hit the weekend's Mid-Ohio Convention
DC Comics announces new Minx imprint
Kevin J. West's Nightmare on Elm Street
How TV's coolest show jumped off the page
DC unleashes a series of wintertime previews
A (sort of) Comprehensive Look at Seven Soldiers
Man of Steel flies on 14 discs / Superman Returns: two disc edition
News Links for Friday, 11/24/2006
Invincible Iron Man trailer and screenshots unveiled at Marvel
  Ibis, Detective Chimp Begin Search for Fate in DC One-Shots
Marvel’s Winter Soldier Gets Killer One-Shot
Watch New Spider-Man 3 Clips! / Spidey 3 Empire Magazine cover
The many worlds of Tommy Lee Edwards
Game is a marvelous Marvel adventure / Marvel Ultimate Alliance
An inside look at Aspen's Fathom #11
Game review of Justice League Heroes
Win Superman Returns packet from Nu Metro Home Entertainment
A definitive end to  Jae Lee's epic Hellshock / More
Image Presents Super-Hero Wizardry from Paul Grist
Eternals expands to seven and Nick Lowe explains
Heroes comes to BBC2
Have a very Happy Thanksgiving! - 11/23/2006


We'll be back with more
news updates tomorrow!

News Links for Wednesday, 11/22/2006
Cable & Deadpool artist keeps action and humor flowing
New Drizzt and more in February from DDP
Javi Montes talks about coloring the Freedom Fighters
Joss Whedon Delivers More Buffy / More on Season 8
16 - Count 'Em...16 Marvel Sneak Peeks!
Boom Studios Enigma Cipher #1 sneak peek
Catching up with Civil War's Steve McNiven
Toy Hunting pays off with new X-Men action figures
The Hero Initiative Benefit With Mike Kelleher
Alan Moore on Fanboy Radio - A Recap
What If? Spider-Man: The Other sells out
Heroes snags fans by humanizing super powers
Mysterious death of a superhero
News Links for Tuesday, 11/21/2006
Frank Miller's The Spirit Movie Poster Revealed
Vertigo Makes Complete First Issue Classics Available for Free
Bill Sienkiewicz goes online with official site
Marv Wolfman back in the saddle with Nightwing
The new faces in DC's Justice Society
Dynamite previews for November 22nd
Enigma Cipher #1 Sneak Peek
Marvel Previews for December 13th
Florida SuperCon updates date and location changes
Brian Azzarello discusses his work on Loveless
Jim Lee Red Sonja cover available as poster / Cover Showcase
Spielberg pens intro to EC comic collection
Many libraries overdue in adding graphic novels
News Links for Monday, 11/20/2006
Michael Allred's classic Madman bolts back to stores / More
DC Comics Previews for November 22nd
Richard Corben takes on Ghost Rider for two issues
Smith hosts Marvel Then & Now with Stan Lee & Quesada / More
Tim Truman on writing and drawing Conan
Behind the Scenes at Heroes / Preview / Masi Oka living a dream
Some great all ages reads and some all ages news
Greg Theakston's look at the early years of the legendary Alex Toth
Donner sequels and prequels / Donner's Gambit / X-Spinoffs
Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter #2 Sells Out
Clive Owen Talks Sin City 2 / Frank Miller loves the movies
Mid-Ohio-Con convention exclusives announced
Constantine 2 in the works / Constantine 2 confirmed coming soon
News Links for Friday, 11/17/2006
Cerebus' comic book a publishing pioneer
An early look at eight Marvel sneak peeks
Inhumans go to war against humans in Silent War
Civil War makes Maxim's most awesome of 2006 list
Dragons of Winter Night #3 Sneak Peek
New Thunderbolts Set to Strike
What If? Age of Apocalypse Sneak Peek / What If? sells out
X-Men 4 -- Whose Side are YOU on?
Gordon Lee motions denied, CBLDF proceeds to trial / More
Ultimate Extinction Star Returns in Ultimate Vision Limited Series
Video Interview: Routh on Man of Steel / Routh suit up for sequel
Looking back on last night's episode of Smallville
Comic creator, Oakland teacher a National Book Award finalist
News Links for Thursday, 11/16/2006
Steve Rude brings back Nexus and The Moth / More
A new Watchmen update should please fans
Robert Downey Jr. Gives Insights on Iron Man
All-new, all-deadly Thunderbolts attack in Civil War #5
James Kakalios and The Physics of Superheroes
Civil War: Choosing Sides Sells Out, More Specials on the Way
MOCCA Presents: 1986, The Year That Changed Comics
Bendis on Illuminati miniseries and Cheung's sweet interior art
Marvel Masterworks artwork to benefit the Hero Initiative
Cary Friedman shares more of his Wisdom From the Batcave
Superhero Costume Contest Callout / Gallery / Last Chance
As more graphic novels appear in libraries, so does censorship
Frank Miller, Zack Snyder and Gerard Butler on 300
News Links for Wednesday, 11/15/2006

Fast breaks taking a look at some nice upcoming titles
My Chemical Romance frontman meets comic hero, Warren Ellis
Alan Moore to appear on Simpsons / Alan Moore on FanBoy Radio
New superhero TV series soars on public desire for real-life Heroes
Kevin Grevioux on Valkyries, Hammer Kid and his comic plans
DC announces content updates for Batman #650-662
Star Trek Comics Soar Again With New Comics Partner
Batman/The Spirit first look preview pages
Wizard World warps up 2006 tour with success in Texas
Nicholas Cage and son develop comics and film with Virgin Comics
As more graphic novels appear in libraries, so do challenges
Chucky Terrorizes Devil's Due / Devil's Due resurrects horror icon
Top Five Nicknames Courtesy of the Hulk

News Links for Tuesday, 11/14/2006
Rogers takes reins of Blue Beetle full time starting with #11
Preview Marvel's Holiday Monster special
Snyder plans Watchmen extended edition / No Watchmen sequels
DC's full solicitations and preview images for Feb. 2007 / More
Frank Cho and his new Mighty Avengers
White Tiger #2 sneak peek / Striping the Tiger
Jamal Igle new Nightwing artiest over at DC
Set of Heroes / Superman Green Lantern nothing on him / Episode 8
Build a dream team of Marvel superheroes
Spider-Man Back in Black / Illegal Spider-Man 3 Trailer Leaked
Planetwide Games announces name change to Planetwide Media
Vaughan signs Pride of Baghdad at Arab American Museum
Nic Cage gets another comic book movie / Cage is The Sadhu
News Links for Monday, 11/13/2006
Marvel February '07 Civil War solicits preview
DC previews for November 15th 2006
Heroes proves most fun for Mondays / Heroes to NBC's rescue
Stan Lee to make cameo appearances in SM3 & FF2
Ace of Detectives Batman radio show pointer
WonderCon shines with Stellar line-up of guests
Some Seven Soldiers Links and Suggested Readings
Downey's Iron Man dream
Venom leaked to the internet in trailer / Spider-Man trailer Cleveland
Jackman prefers Singer for Wolverine movie / Wolverine to directors
Hero Initiative auctions DC vs. Marvel softball / Win George Perez
Peter Cullen Talks About Transformers
A Quirky Superhero of the Comics Trade
News Links for Friday, 11/10/2006
First look at Gray Frank's Incredible Hulk #106 cover
Red Sonja Celebrates 35 years in comic books
Jim Lee on WildCATS and All Star Batman / Story continues
John Ostrander's Grotesk Batman story
Singer to direct X-Men 4 / Singer planning Superman Sequel
Star Trek on New Voyage
Alan Moore to appear in upcoming episode of the Simpsons
Marvel's superhero/singer cross-promotion / More urban legends
Hail to the King: Hudlin talks Black Panther
Full Spider-Man 3 trailer debuts / Trailer spins on to the web / More
Marvel's Newuniversal #1 sneak peek
Stan Lee's A Brief History of Marvel with Kevin Smith
Tom DeFalco's MC-2 fun with Avengers Next
News Links for Thursday, 11/9/2006
Marvel's The Immortal Iron Fist #1 preview
Frank Miller Denies Sin City 2's Death
Jonathan and Joshua Luna's Girls is coming to an end
Top Five Batman Costumes
Milestones: Stan Sakai talks Usagi Yojimbo #100
Comic books benefit kids with diabetes
Frank Miller's 300 Plus New Images
Getting freaky with Vertigo's Un-Men
An interview with Hugh Jackman
Snyder gives a Watchmen update
Wizard World returns to Texas November 10-12
Revolutionary Software for Comic Book Collectors
Infinite Missing Figures Crisis
Build your own comic book / Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
Justice League Heroes Review

Special Coverage:
More on the next Incredible Hulk film!

Hulk Movie set for June 27, 2008
Hulk Sequel Gets Action
Hulk to Smash Again in 2008
Incredible Hulk set for Hollywood return
Hulk' Sequel Set for 2008
Marvel Sets 'The Hulk' Release Date


News Links for Wednesday, 11/8/2006
Marvel Comics previews for November 8th 2006
Stan Lee's Marvel: Then and Now UCLA tickets on sale now
Viper picks five new webcomics
Martian Manhunter Confirmed for Smallville
Marvel sets Hulk release date / Marvel announces Hulk adaptation
'Heroes' Star Tries To Be A Hero For Less Fortunate
Comic industry offerings remain hot as weather cools
Robert Downey Jr. on Iron Man / SEGA secures Iron-tight rights
2K to Publish Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Morgan Freeman is Wanted / Freeman talks Wanted / Killer thriller
Top Cow announces compendiums in stories in November
Biff! Boff! Pow! Super Heroes at The Ontario Science Centre
Aspen heads to Wizard World Texas with a host of exclusives
News Links for Tuesday, 11/7/2006
What If? Wolverine: Enemy of the State
Heroes star tries to be a hero / A Hiro at ease with heroics
Wonder Woman Day event raises over $15,000 for charity
The Golden Apple doesn't fall far from the tree
Hulk 2 coming June 2008 / Wonder Woman, Hulk 2 and more
Galactica Headed Towards Apocalypse
Marvel Ultimate Alliance is superheroic / Marvel Ultimate Alliance
Wildstorm StormWatch: PHD #1 preview
Marvel profit falls / Toys drove Marvel’s Q3 / Profit falls 44 percent
New Ghost Rider poster now online
Sega to bring Iron Man / Sega signs Iron Man / Iron Man game official
The Chronicles of Garth: Ennis talks Wormwood
Chat with Image Executive Director about the Big I
News Links for Monday, 11/6/2006

Our normal mix of Monday morning news links!

A closer look at the landmark Action Comics #844
DC Comics previews for November 8th, 2006
IDW Publishing December 2006 & January 2007 solicitations
Image Comics January 2007 solicitations
Moore and Repion talk Witchblade/Gray
Leapin’ Lizards: Comic Art Returns to EMU
Civil War lead to Black Panther second / Panther enters Civil War
Fantastic Four: The End #1 featured review
Dynamite offers Red Sonja bust / Red Sonja's First Annual
Leonard Kirl's Spygames with Marvel's Agents of Atlas
Talking with Gaiman and Vess about Stardust
Brandon Routh Talks Superman Sequel
Joe Quesada offers a Marvel Joe Friday update


Special Coverage:
NBC's Heroes generating more more buzz!

Dark world of Heroes is proving quite enlightening
Heroes gets big assist from web, or does it?
Saving the world is fun for fan favorite on Heroes
Surprise: Heroes is hottest new show
When cheerleaders and comic book geeks become heroes
Adrian Pasdar: One of NBC's Heroes
Creators and stars of the hit NBC series talk about saving the world


Special Coverage:
Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut DVD coverage!

Richard Donner on Superman II DVD
Preview: Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut
Richard Donner's vision soars at last

Fired director brings Superman II' to DVD
Escape from the Phantom Zone
Superman II Gets Huge Makeover

Sunday Special, 11/5/2006



Check out our review of the
recently released book,
Wisdom from the Batcave

"Would it be humorous?  Would it be serious?
Would it be something I even wanted to read?
I learned very quickly that the answer to all three
questions is a definitive yes!"

--- Chuck writing on 11/5/2006

News Links for Friday, 11/3/2006
Fred Van Lente on Ma Spider-Man, Modok 11 and more
Why does the world still needs a Justice Society?
Spider-Woman's identity unwebbed in Ultimate Spidey #102
Heroes hero Hiro is a geek phenom
Inside Look: Incredible Hulk #100
Wes Bentley In new Ghost Rider video blog
Fables ventures into collectibles with Bigby & Snow White Statue
New Spider-Man 3 Trailer to Debut on MTV
Film Plot For Wanted Released
Preview: Other Side #2 / Jonah Hex #13 / Superman Confidential #1
Image Tempts Readers with Specially Priced Gødland #16
The 2007 Glyph Comics Awards are Taking Submissions
Warner Bros interested in Batman vs. Superman
News Links for Thursday, 11/2/2006
Tad Williams takes over Aquaman with #50 / Sea of Change
Heroes might be the show that saved NBC / Ausiello talks Heroes
New Spidey 3 trailer unavailable in up-coming 007 movie
Hugh Jackman On Wolverine / Marvel costume in animated feature
Batman vs. Superman not dead yet? / Dark Knight update
Marvel Ultimate Alliance Interview
Deadly reindeer games in Punisher Christmas Special
White Tiger flaunts author's fondness for strong women
Excelsior! Digital Comics on your Mac
Archie's gang identified, but pizza puzzle lingers
Arizona's Atomic Comics announces Great Comic Giveaway winner
Pak's Plan: Greg Pak talks Battlestar Galactica comic
Comic shop cleans up after car barrels through / Teen crashes
News Links for Wednesday, 11/1/2006
Dark Horse, Chaykin, Mignola, Fafhrd & The Gray Mouser
Wizard World announces '07 and '08 tour schedules
The Devil went down to Georgia: Way talks Ghost Rider
Justice League Assembles in Smallville
Steve Niles on His Upcoming Projects
Cast of Heroes hosts online Charity Art Auction / More details
All the details on Phoenix Comicon 2007
POW! announces Who Wants To Be A Superhero? DVD set
Publisher's format finds audience, earns plaudits
Fantastic Four 2 wedding photos leak out
Hugh Jackman Revved Up About Wolverine
The Invincible Iron Man Animated DVD in 2007
Age of Conan Interview with Craig Morrison
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