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News stories from October, 2006


News Links for Tuesday, 10/31/2006
News Links for Monday, 10/30/2006
News Links for Friday, 10/27/2006
News Links for Thursday, 10/26/2006
News Links for Wednesday, 10/25/2006
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Press Releases and News Links for Thursday, 10/05/2006

Press Releases
Dakuwaka Productions Solicitations for December - Dakuwaka Productions
DC Announces A Slate of DC Universe Original Animated Movies - DC Comics


News Links
X-Men: First Class gets class treatment from fans, reviewers
Frank Miller's 300 trailer hits web / Trailer For Historic Battle Tale
Alias to focus on Christian Market
Zack Snyder talks Watchmen
Marvel's Thunderbolts getting roster change and creative change
Top Five Best Supervillains from the past ten years
Galactus to Appear in Fantastic Four Sequel / 2 added to sequel
Vidiator Launches Stan Lee’s POW! Mobile on Sprint
24 Hour Comics Day
Filming of Transformers takes place at Michigan Central Station
Marvel names head of international unit
Best-Underappreciated Comic Shops
Record-Breaking X-Men DVD Sales

Press Releases and News Links for Wednesday, 10/04/2006

Press Releases
Whistles, a Twisted Clown Tale with Heart, from SLG October 4 - SLG Publishing
Top Comics Artists featured in November's Mad #472 - Mad Magazine
Best-Selling Author to Write Foolkiller - Marvel Comics
IDW's Children of the Grave featured in four Military Times Magazines - IDW Publishing
Civil War #3 Goes Back To Press With Thor Returns Variant - Marvel Comics


News Links 
Justice Society Regroups in Modern DCU
A mix of great Marvel title previews
Brian K. Vaughan, The Dr. Strange is in with the Oath
Heroes: An extended interview with Jeph Loeb / Win Heroes Comic
Strange Diagnosis: Dr. Strange hits stores today
Abernathy's new line of horror comics at Wildstorm
Kurt Busiek talks post-up, up and away Superman
Septagon Studios unveils new Windows Live Space blog
Marvel Adds Iron Man and Hulk to facility
The New Ghost Rider Trailer
Is the Essential Tomb of Dracula missing the essentials?
Baeg Tobar Launches The Broken Mantle
Seven Brothers Variant Revealed

Press Releases and News Links for Tuesday, 10/03/2006

Press Releases
Sentry chooses a side in Marvel's Civil War - Marvel Comics
Feedback is coming to Mid-Ohio-Con - Mid-Ohio-Con


News Links
Marvel heroes, villains choose sides in Civil War special
Nothing cartoonish about Stan Lee's comic book worlds
New Justice League Heroes screen shots
A fast break look at some upcoming comics
Stefan Petrucha's Shadow of Frankenstein
Geoff Johns with some quick Action Comics info
New Ghost Rider Poster and Statues
Christopher Nolan Talks The Dark Knight, confirms Harvey Dent
Model Making Fantastic Debut
X-Men stand up for director / X-Men DVD debuts Tuesday / X3 info
Transformers want you to make Prime speak / Win a Chance
Silent Devil debuts Empty Chamber trailer
Check out this great parody of Civil War #4

News Links for Monday, 10/02/2006
Past news from September 2006

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