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News Links for Friday, 9/29/2006

Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark in Iron Man Film
Humberto Ramos is the newest addition to the X-Men
Civil War spotlight on Winter Soldier in Captain America
Thomas and Pablo Marcos team up for Red Sonja one-shot
Unlimited Williams on Justice League
Captain America #23 Sneak Peek
Demons and mobsters mix it up in new Oni series
The Marvel Universe Evolves Online
Blue Dream Studios Now a Publisher
Robot chicken creators take wing with film / Seth Green scores
Cowboys and aliens rock the wild west
Memories of Wonder Woman
Spike puts a Stake in Blade TV Series


More on the lead story...
Robert Downey Jr set to play Iron Man / More / Still More
Robert Downey Jr cast as The Invincible Iron Man

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News Links for Monday, 9/25/2006

Phil Hester is buggy with the Irredeemable Ant-Man
DC Comics November/December 2006 Previews
X-Men Tangle with the Lizard
New York Comic-Con adds more guests to 2007 lineup
The Acrid Smell of Jonah Hex's Gunsmoke
Shades will be joining the line-up at Graphic Smash
Bloodrayne rises again with new mini-series
Voting now open for 2006 Harris Comics talent search
A report from the Phoenix Cactus Comic-Con
Freshmen II: Fundamentals of Fear Starts in November
An Afternoon with Kevin Smith
Using Web as first draft for comic books
Watchmen, Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons


Special Series Debut Coverage!


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News Links for Thursday, 9/14/2006

Defending the Realm: Tieri talks New Excalibur
Perez, Romita Sr. receive first Harvey Lifetime Achievement awards
DC Previews November Debut Titles
Rachel Bilson new Wonder Woman in comic book movie
Brian K. Vaughan's Pride of Bagdad
The Hulk is coming home next summer
The New Universal and Salvador Larroca
Hawkgirl swoops into Justice League Heroes video game
Walker and Jones on adapting Tron
Superhero Slam / Sci Fi UK takes Heroes and Who Wants?
Comics were risk that paid off
Axel Alonso taking over the X-Men Group / Moving to the Mansion
Marvel Comics Reflect Marvel Movies

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Mike Oeming discusses his Omega Flight Plan
Meltzer writes thriller novels, TV shows and comic books
Fan Expo 2006: DC Announcements / More from DC
How to be a superhero (or watch one) online
Heroic service and great comics at Earth 2
Visionary Lists First Publications
Comics fly on wings, prayers / Few 'toon in to Christian comics
Heroes for Hire #1 Sells Out
A study in scarlet: O'Sullivan talks GI Joe: Scarlett Declassified
A New Superhero has entered the world - Feedback
Fantastic Four Sequel Starts Filming
Hero Squared #3 Sneak Peek
Thinking Batgirl thoughts with JG Jones


Farewell to Steve Irwin.
Thanks for years of television fun!


News Links and Press Releases for Friday, 9/1/2006

Press Releases
Two Honors For One Art School -
Joe Kubert School of Cartoon & Graphic Art, Inc.
Turner Appearance, More Guests, Mary Jane Toon Tumbler - Baltimore Comic-Con
News Links
Judd Winick on bringing the luster back to the Marvels
Image Previews for September, 2006
Walking through the frozen wastes with Doug Murray
Marvel Ultimate Fantastic Four Podcast Zaps to Computers
Alex Ross'
Mythology: Green Lantern at Animazing Gallery
Luke Cage Movie Being Rewritten
'Toon into the Fantastic Four this Saturday
Wolverine Faces Damage Control
Jeff Parker & the Mysterious Agents of Atlas
Longtime cartoonist for Pekar finally holding his own show
Kirkman talks Ultimate Cable, Bishop and X-Men
Katherine McPhee as Wonder Woman?
Read X-Men: The 198, Daredevil and Nextwave at


Who Wants to Be a Superhero Finale Coverage
Who Wants To Be A Superhero Winner Is Named
Superhero proves to be a victorious television show
Why Are There Adults Running Around Trying to Be Superheroes?
Random Dreams Do Come True If You're a Hero
Meet the world’s newest Superhero
Official Who Wants to Be a Superhero site coverage


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