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News stories from April, 2007


News Links for Monday, 4/30/07

Ultimate X-MenRed Diamond Details from the Marvel creative summit
Red Diamond Frank Miller Featured in LA Times
Red Diamond Talking all things DC with Adam Beechen
Red Diamond Star Trek continues original mission at IDW
Red Diamond Ronin's identity revealed / Oeming's getting classic with Avengers
Red Diamond A handfull of Image previews for May 2nd
Red Diamond Iron Man will wear Red & Gold / Tony Starks ascent / Talking Iron Man
Red Diamond A mix of Marvel previews for May / Marvel Initiative previews
Red Diamond Marvel Illustrated brings the classics back to life / More on the line
Red Diamond Details from Spider-Man Week in New York City
Red Diamond Quesada on Straczynski's six-year stint as a Spider-Man writer
Red Diamond DC/CMX Travel through Time for Samurai Commando: Mission 1549
Red Diamond Buffy the Vampire Slayer Returns / Buffy #2 reviewed


News Links for Friday, 4/27/07

SpikeRed Diamond Brian Lynch talks Spike, Angel / Joss Whedon on Angel's return
Red Diamond Will Pfeifer and Attacking Amazons head for Washington / More
Red Diamond Preview World War Hulk / More on the coming War
Red Diamond Goyer on Magneto film / Magneto has a director
Red Diamond Peter Tomasi signs exclusive with DC
Red Diamond Spidey to live on with or without Raimi / Will Spidey snare fans?
Red Diamond Teaming up the JSA and the JLA
Red Diamond Top Cow creators come out in force for Free Comic Book Day
Red Diamond Gene Simmon's House of Horror opening in July
Red Diamond Dragon and Dungeon magazines fold
Red Diamond Is a Sgt. Rock film now in the works?
Red Diamond Inside Look: Rex Mundi #5
Red Diamond 2007 Ape panel on socially relevant comics


News Links for Thursday, 4/26/07

After the CapeRed Diamond Image Comics After the Cape sells out
Red Diamond Better to Reign in Hell's Kitchen: Brubaker on Daredevil
Red Diamond Top 10 Top Ten Comic Book Movies
Red Diamond David DiGillo's North Wind howls at Boom
Red Diamond Brendan Burford is King Features Comics Editor
Red Diamond Greg Pak on World War Hulk, Planet Hulk and the Marvel Universe
Red Diamond Entering the Land of Oz and Loco
Red Diamond Spider-Man mourns Marvel’s Fallen Son
Red Diamond Marvel blogs live from their creative summit
Red Diamond Associated Arts and Media Merge with Markosia
Red Diamond Manage Your Comic Book Subscriptions Online
Red Diamond Ten new Fantastic Four posters
Red Diamond Spider-Man 3 Rome Premiere Gallery


News Links for Wednesday, 4/25/07

Superman MadmanRed Diamond He’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Madman
Red Diamond Jodi Picoult, Will Pfeifer give Wonder Woman her biggest summer ever
Red Diamond Talking Spider Sense with Spider-Man 3 actor Tobey Maguire
Red Diamond A first look at Barry Kitson's new Marvel celebrities: The Champions
Red Diamond Shades of Green: Hulk Producer Sets the Record Straight
Red Diamond Buffy, Angel sigalong nets $3500 for charity
Red Diamond Will Whedon Direct X-Men 4?
Red Diamond Spidey 3" director fatigued, but are audiences?
Red Diamond Luke Goss on his character in Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy 2
Red Diamond Scalped's Jason Aaron wrote his own ticket into comic books
Red Diamond Fichtner joins Batman sequel / Batman set fire / Batman lands Buffy?
Red Diamond Does Green Arrow Have A Face?
Red Diamond Captain America arrested, Kryptonite discovered and Batman on the tube


News Links for Tuesday, 4/24/07

X-Men 198Red Diamond X-Men return to closely connected titles and massive cross-overs
Red Diamond Alternative Press Expo Photo Parade / Ape takes San Francisco
Red Diamond Previewing Giant Size Red Sonja #1
Red Diamond Desperado Publishing's Deadwood heads to New York
Red Diamond DC Comics announces the discovery of Kryptonite
Red Diamond Top Cow and Marvel Publish Unholy Union
Red Diamond Dark Knight production update / Another Dark Knight update
Red Diamond Who will become the next Captain America?
Red Diamond New releases coming at you April 25th from IDW
Red Diamond Moon Knight #10 sneak peek
Red Diamond Doctor Who 3 hits Sci-Fi this summer
Red Diamond Goyer Talks Y: The Last Man, Super Max, TDK, and Flash
Red Diamond The Super Friends return to DVD August 7th


News Links for Monday, 4/23/07

JSA 5Red Diamond Geoff Johns double feature preview: JSA and Sinestro Corps
Red Diamond DC takes Countdown to MySpace / Counting down to Countdown
Red Diamond Spiderman becomes U2’s Broadway musical
Red Diamond Infinite Crisis goes audio, It sounds like superhero comics

Red Diamond Emerald City Comic-Con 2007 Breaks Attendance Record
Red Diamond Heroes gets spoofed in new comic parody / Heroes proves skeptics wrong
Red Diamond Mike Baron discusses writing comics / Nexus 98-1/2
Red Diamond Smallville Legends: Justice and Doom site launched / Big Promo / More
Red Diamond Dragon and Dungeon Magazines to End
Red Diamond Dark Horse announces Free Comic Book Day signing schedule
Red Diamond Being A Better Person…By Way Of The Batcave
Red Diamond Joel Silver struggling with Wonder Woman movie
Red Diamond Spider-Man 3 most expensive film of series / Spider-Man 3's web of cash


News Links for Friday, 4/20/07

Punisher AmericaRed Diamond Punisher works to uphold the beliefs of his fallen hero
Red Diamond Virgin Comics July 2007 covers and previews
Red Diamond Shane Davis, the JLA and the JSA
Red Diamond Counting Down the Countdown: Great Disaster and the Atom
Red Diamond 2007 Eisner Nominations Announced
Red Diamond World War III and change in the DC Universe / World War III

Red Diamond DC Partners with Myspace for exclusive Countdown preview
Red Diamond Hey Kids: Free Comic Book Day is coming soon
Red Diamond Marvel's Next Generation Video Game Team-Up
Red Diamond Raimi to produce action adventure Power and Glory
Red Diamond David Goyer Updates The Dark Knight, Super Max and More
Red Diamond Top ten comic book ad rip-offs from years past
Red Diamond Darkness casts shadow over Sony's Q2 lineup


News Links for Thursday, 4/19/07

The Sworn Sword #1Red Diamond Dabel Brothers Productions The Sworn Sword #1
Red Diamond Avatar Press July 2007 covers and previews
Red Diamond The clock ticking toward the arrival of DC's Weekly Countdown
Red Diamond A Dark Knight film production Update
Red Diamond Champions, Champions, Who owns the Champions?
Red Diamond Counting the notches on Dick Grayson’s utility belt: The little black book
Red Diamond Who wants to be in a Marvel Movie? Sweepstakes / More
Red Diamond 10 Quick Questions with Mahmud A. Asrar of Dynamo 5
Red Diamond Spider-Man 3 Wallcrawling Wall-Art Poster Giveaway
Red Diamond Two DVD versions of Ghost Rider will roll out on June 12
Red Diamond Venture Bros. creators hold nothing back for season 2 DVD commentary
Red Diamond The Luna Brothers talk about ending their genre-bending series Girls
Red Diamond DC’s Justice Serves Dramatic Conclusion


News Links for Wednesday, 4/18/07

World War HulkRed Diamond Full Marvel Solicitations for July 2007 / More from Wizard
Red Diamond Torres' adventures in the 31st Century with the Legion of Super-Heroes
Red Diamond Martha Kent to Return in The Man of Steel
Red Diamond Manhunter #30 was to be the title’s last issue, but it isn't
Red Diamond The Joker's Look in The Dark Knight? / A New Look for The Joker?
Red Diamond Heroes Jimmy Jean-Louis (aka "The Haitian") interview / Monday preview
Red Diamond Spider-Man The Musical moving ahead
Red Diamond Counting down to Countdown: Who is Orion?
Red Diamond Ronald Paris discusses inking Spider-Man
Red Diamond Sketch Jam to benefit The Hero Initiative at Atlanta Comics Expo 2007
Red Diamond Twelve Reasons To Read Comics
Red Diamond Marvel expands Sega agreement / Hulk, Thor and Cap coming to DS, PSP
Red Diamond Spider-Man 3: The Movie Novelization


News Links for Tuesday, 4/17/07

Red SonjaRed Diamond Dynamite previews for April 18th
Red Diamond Running the Covers at DC Comic / Vertigo / Wildstorm
Red Diamond Edward Norton set for new Incredible Hulk film / More / Still More
Red Diamond Terry Moore talks life and the end of Strangers in Paradise
Red Diamond Counting down to Countdown: Eclipso and Jimmy Olsen
Red Diamond David Goyer talks Green Arrow and Super Max / More on Super Max
Red Diamond The Zombies get Fantastic in Black Panther
Red Diamond Crime writer to tackle Hellblazer
Red Diamond Wonder Woman Action Figures / Marvel Legends Doctor Doom
Red Diamond 10 Spider-Man 3 photos from Marvel / Back in Back Spidey Gallery
Red Diamond Dark Horse announces new edition of Eric Drooker's Flood
Red Diamond Archie Comics July 2007 covers and previews
Red Diamond Spidey 4 to flop without stars, director / Final flick in Spidey saga


News Links for Monday, 4/16/07

CountdownRed Diamond DC solicitations for July 2007 / DC Comics Previews for April 18th 2007
Red Diamond Marvel Comics soliciations for July 2007 / More
Red Diamond Norton for Hulk / Thesp to Hulk out / Norton to play Hulk?
Red Diamond Spider-Man 3 premieres in Tokyo / Tobey Maguire smiles during premiere
Red Diamond Last Son Moved to Action Comics Annual #11
Red Diamond Spider-Man’s life changing Back In Black story
Red Diamond What are your comics worth? Find out June 9 in Chicago
Red Diamond Heroic Publishing's original Flare series now available online
Red Diamond Dark Knight filming begins / Dark Knight production update
Red Diamond A lost Valiant surfaces - Behind Secret Weapons #22
Red Diamond 10 reasons why X-Men #200 changes everything
Red Diamond Counting down to Countdown: Darkseid and the Fourth World
Red Diamond Haden Church struggles to shake Spider-Man villain


News Links for Friday, 4/13/07

LonersRed Diamond Marvel Previews for 05/02 / Image Previews for 04/18
Red Diamond Gail Simone named new Wonder Woman writer
Red Diamond Talking Buffy the Vampie Slayer with Joss Whedon
Red Diamond Black Canary sings for a solo series in July
Red Diamond Avengers: The Initiative #2 presenting fans with another fallen son?
Red Diamond Cho prepares Hulk for war by gathering heroes for the coming war
Red Diamond Sire Shows heroic initiative supporting Hero Initiative with sketch cover
Red Diamond Previewing Sensational Spider-Man Annual #1
Red Diamond Win Savage Tales original art from Dynamite
Red Diamond Stephen King's Dark Tower: Robin Furth Q&A
Red Diamond Has the voice of Galactus been cast for the Fantastic Four film?
Red Diamond Sci-Fi takes Painkiller Jane pilot, vast improvement / Bring the Pain
Red Diamond Artist Tommy Lee Edwards' ride for the kids


News Links for Thursday, 4/12/07

JLoA #8 - TurnerRed Diamond Justice League of America #8 - The Turner Cover
Red Diamond Meet the new Two-Face: Aaron Eckhart
Red Diamond J. Torres to write Wonder Woman #11 - 12
Red Diamond Ohio State celebrates the man who made comic books respectable
Red Diamond Alan Burnett's plan to torment Superman & Batman
Red Diamond First Look at Top Cow's First Born
Red Diamond Frank Frezetta's Death Dealer sells out in six hours
Red Diamond Busy Bibb Bids for Iron Man Role
Red Diamond Superhero comics offer super physics lessons
Red Diamond Can comic writers create new comic readers?
Red Diamond Eric Johnson of Smallville to play Flash Gordon
Red Diamond Painkiller Jane premiering Friday / 1-on-1 with Jane / House of Pain
Red Diamond Live data expected to impact the Comic Book Industry


News Links for Wednesday, 4/11/07

Red Sonja and Spider-ManRed Diamond Spider-Man Teams Up With Red Sonja…Again!?!
Red Diamond Tapping into evil: Ethan Van Sciver on Sinestro Corps
Red Diamond Leslie Bibb Joins Iron Man / Leslie Bibb Gets Her Metal on for Iron Man
Red Diamond Teen Hero Faces Alien Empire in Invincible #44
Red Diamond Captain America Is Dead…Long Live Captain America
Red Diamond Runaways gets a peach award
Red Diamond Spidey 3 gets sneaked for MySpace members
Red Diamond Top Shelf Comics turns ten / Top Shelf Super Sale
Red Diamond Quesada withdraws from Eagle Awards
Red Diamond Political Comics Show and Conference at Brown University
Red Diamond Checking in on the Nova collection
Red Diamond Emerald City Con Journal / Emerald City Con Gallery / More
Red Diamond David Hine’s Strange Embrace is being republished at Image this May


News Links for Tuesday, 4/10/07

Uncanny X-MenRed Diamond Best shots: Uncanny X-Men, Avengers, She-Hulk / Uncanny preview
Red Diamond The greatest hits of DC's 52 series
Red Diamond Reinventing Comics:The Future of Comics & Content Delivery
Red Diamond World War Hulk’s Opening Shots In May / The Coming War
Red Diamond Dynamite Previews for April 11th / Painkiller Jane stickers
Red Diamond Dark Tower #2 goes back to print with new cover
Red Diamond Ghost Rider creator sues Marvel / Ghost Rider suit over copyright / More
Red Diamond The Death of Captain America: It's a story not a stunt
Red Diamond Taking a look at Highlander #6
Red Diamond Omega Flight #1 Sold Out
Red Diamond New Fantastic Four leads to fantastic sell out
Red Diamond Beau Smith's marketing advice for comic creators
Red Diamond Del Toro talks Hellboy 2


News Links for Monday, 4/09/07

Blue BeetleRed Diamond Torres and Williams II: Bugging Blue Beetle
Red Diamond David Goyer wants Green Arrow in Prison / Goyer Green Arrow?
Red Diamond Previewing New Avengers #29 / Clash of the Avengers
Red Diamond Download ComicBase for free
Red Diamond NewUniversal white event
Red Diamond Aquaman Sword of Atlantis #50
Red Diamond Catching up with All Star Superman's Frank Quietly
Red Diamond IDW Publishing June 2007 solicitations
Red Diamond John August's Guide to Captain Marvel
Red Diamond Follow the Arrows: Green Arrow's silver age past
Red Diamond Taking a look at Marvel's Nova #1
Red Diamond Reviews - Runaways #25 / Omega Flight #1 / Buffy #2
Red Diamond Shop gives overseas troops their comic-book fix


News Links for Friday, 4/06/07

Man-ThingRed Diamond Previewing Legion of Monsters: Man-Thing
Red Diamond
Marvel Previews for April
Red Diamond Luna Brothers discuss the end of Girls
Red Diamond Marvel's visual guide to The Initiative / Initative Character Map
Red Diamond Robotika Nominated for Book of The Year Award
Red Diamond Nicolas Cage films in India / Cage to India for comic adaptation
Red Diamond Image Previews for April 11
Red Diamond Gail Simone talks about her exit from Birds of Prey
Red Diamond The Dark Knight Production Details
Red Diamond VSS: Nemesis Rising #1 Sneak Peek
Red Diamond Bjorlin thrilled to be considered as Wonder Woman
Red Diamond Davis Hine's Silent War with Marvel
Red Diamond This week's top five Indy titles


News Links for Thursday, 4/05/07

SinestroRed Diamond Sinestro Ignites Space War in DC’s Green Lantern Special
Red Diamond
Christos Gage on his upcoming Authority arc
Red Diamond Civil War forever scars Marvel Universe / Civil War could've worked
Red Diamond DC Comics 52 is ending. Or is it? / Weekly 52 roundup
Red Diamond Jim Lee joins the Baltimore Comic-Con
Red Diamond Jim Fern crossing midnight at Vertigo
Red Diamond Spider-Man video game / Spider-Man 3 Developer Interview
Red Diamond Introducing four to watch in the pages of Avengers: The Initiative
Red Diamond X-Men producer wants to turn more comic book heroes into gold
Red Diamond Geoff Johns newly minted Justice Socializing column looks at JSA
Red Diamond Black Adam’s merciless vendetta devastating loss in World War III
Red Diamond Graphic novelists tap true-life drama for onslaught of oddities
Red Diamond US premier for Spider Man 3 announced


News Links for Wednesday, 4/04/07

Spiderman ReignRed Diamond Checking in with comics 10 hottest titles
Red Diamond Metal Men latest film / Metal Men? / Shuler Donner producing Metal Men
Red Diamond Big event gets bigger: 52 Finale Expanded to 48 Pages
Red Diamond Elastic Evolution: Elongated Man Ralph Dibny’s comic history
Red Diamond The Best Comic Book Writers Aren’t Just Writers
Red Diamond Guggenheim's take on Superman and Batman
Red Diamond Justice League of America #7 preview
Red Diamond Marvel Universe experiences the five stages of grief
Red Diamond Frank Miller and Zack Snyder: The Battle Of The Blue Screen
Red Diamond Andy Smith joins Wildstorm's StormWatch PHD
Red Diamond Grant Morrison goes Hollywood / Morrison Penning Area 51 / More
Red Diamond Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead India bound
Red Diamond Stan Lee Presents - The Condor


News Links for Tuesday, 4/03/07

StormwatchRed Diamond Christos Gage on Stormwatch #5's reveals and secrets
Red Diamond Runaways Joss Whedon A to Z / Talkin' Runaways with Michael Ryan
Red Diamond New York City and Columbia Pictures Announce Spider-Man Week in NYC
Red Diamond Hulk marches from One War into Another
Red Diamond Illuminati Return in Special Edition
Red Diamond Hasbro Announces Second Wave of Comic 2-packs
Red Diamond Brad Meltzer on the Justice League of America assembling in issue #7
Red Diamond Whether Countdown will stand the test of time
Red Diamond Super Heroes Museum opens / Fan opens Museum in Indianapolis
Red Diamond Dynamite Entertainment previews for April 4th 2007
Red Diamond Rex Libris has Writers On Board
Red Diamond Celebrating Too Much Coffee Man through the years
Red Diamond Spider-Man swings into 7-Eleven


News Links for Monday, 4/02/07

Mighty AvengersRed Diamond Mark Bagley to draw Mighty Avengers
Red Diamond DC Comics previews for April 4th, 2007 / DCU Panel at Emerald City Con
Red Diamond Poison Elves creator Drew Hayes sadly dies of heart attack
Red Diamond Spider-Man 3 hits China first
Red Diamond Richard Donner talks Goonies: The Search for Sloth
Red Diamond A closer look at Marvel's new Loners series
Red Diamond Archie invites questions about Betty & Veronica's new look
Red Diamond Madman, comics snappiest hero returns next month
Red Diamond DC’s Minx imprint starts party with Clubbing
Red Diamond Broken Voice Comics Celebrates First Birthday
Red Diamond Vertigo Makes Complete First Issue Classics Available for Free
Red Diamond Incredible Hulk #105: Planet Hulk comes to a close
Red Diamond Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 23 years later


Past news from 2007

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