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News Links for Friday 8/31/07

The Circle* Press Release: Brian Reed comes to Image with the Circle

* Press Release: X-Men Must Sacrifice One Of Their Own
* Press Release: Who Wants To Be A Superhero at Mid-Ohio-Con
* Press Release: Read the Conclusion to Common Foe for Free
* Story Pointer: Alex Ross on Avengers and the Escapist

* Story Pointer: Marvel Comics Shipping September 6th / More

* Story Pointer: Greg Rucka begins exploring the Crime Bible
* Story Pointer: New Hulk Marvel Legends figures?
* Story Pointer: IDW boldly goes where no alien has gone before
* Story Pointer: Pak Talks World War Hulk: Warbound
* Story Pointer: Fan Expo 2007: Comics Report / Photos
* Story Pointer: Arvid Nelson, the mind behind Rex Mundi, Zero Killer
* Related Recap: Heroes Alert! NBC drops iTunes


News Links for Thursday 8/30/07

Avengers Classic #4* Press Release: Captain America’s Return From The Dead
* Story Pointer: Death dramatic or a way to handle a character?
* Story Pointer: Is event fatigue real?
* Story Pointer: Warren Ellis talks very upfront about Avatar projects
* Story Pointer: 10 years, 100 toys
* Story Pointer: Iron Man Set Visit Preview
* Story Pointer: Did you miss the mythbusters - Superhero Special
* Story Pointer: October Is Zombie Month At Marvel
* Story Pointer: Doctor Strange and the Hulk one-on-one
* Story Pointer: Heroes World Tour Gallery
* Release Dates Comics Shipping August 29, 2007 / Past dates
* Media Update: We're tracking The Damned film
* Related Recap: Bone Heading To Your Phone


News Links for Wednesday 8/29/07

Marvel Comics Presents Hellcat* Press Release: Marvel Comics Presents Returns
* Press Release: DC announces changes to Showcase Titles
* Press Release: The Angels start to fall in November in Hope Falls
* Press Release: Hero Initiative announced DragonCon schedule
* Story Pointer: John Romita, Jr. Returns to Amazing Spider-Man
* Story Pointer: Previewing Jonah Hex #23
* Story Pointer: Adam Warren's Half-Dressed Superheroine Returns
* Story Pointer: Sean McKeever goes in-depth on Teen Titans
* Story Pointer: Hickman's Pax Romana Debuts from Image
* Story Pointer: Bizarro! Sooperman Never Lookz So Bad
* Story Pointer: Iron Man Director of Shield Annual
* Media Update: We're tracking the Sgt. Rock film
* Related Recap: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows


News Links for Tuesday 8/28/07

Teen Titans #50* Story Pointer: Teen Titans classic creators return! / Tiny Titans
* Story Pointer: Valiant offers Harbinger direct to retailers / More
* Story Pointer: The Homeless Channel Graphic Novel
* Story Pointer: My Chemical Romance opens Umbrella Academy
* Story Pointer: Looking at the new Infinity Inc with Matt Idelson
* Story Pointer: Kids' WB! Announces Fall 2007 Lineup / More
* Story Pointer: What did Singer Pitch For Superman Sequel?
* Story Pointer: Five Heroes in Search of the Atom
* Story Pointer: Mike Mignola gives a Hellboy 2 behind-the-scenes

* Story Pointer: Heroes Season One Commentary
* Story Pointer: The Mice Templar #1 ships early
* Story Pointer: Zombie Spider-Man vs. Venom Statue
* Related Recap: Remembering the King


News Links for Monday 8/27/07

Pennance: Restless #1* Press Release: Penance Challenges The Green Goblin
* Press Release: Alterna Comics Diary of the Black Widow
* Press Release: Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps back to press
* Press Release: The X-Men Return To X-Factor
* Story Pointer: First Look at Angel: After the Fall #1
* Story Pointer: Devil's Due November 07 previews
* Story Pointer: Dan Jurgens and Booster Gold
* Media Update: We're tracking Ghost Rider 2

* Media Update: We're tracking the live action Doctor Strange film

* Media Update: We're tracking the Jonah Hex film
* Related Recap: Must Read Stories, Update #1
* Related Recap: Mike Wieringo week at Project Rooftop
* Related Recap: No Reservations with Harvey Pekar


News Links for Friday 8/24/07

Buffy #6* Story Pointer: Brian K. Vaughan has Faith in Buffy / More
* Story Pointer: The Annihilation Diaries: A full Rundown
* Story Pointer: C.S. Moore Studio / Classic Daredevil / Toy Watch
* Story Pointer: Amy Hadley on Madame Xanadu
* Story Pointer: Kieron Gillen talks Phonomania
* Story Pointer: Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Goon
* Story Pointer: 52's Four Horsemen return with Keith Giffen
* Story Pointer: Fialkov Talks Punks the Comic: Summer Special
* Story Pointer: Talking Special Forces with Kyle Baker
* Story Pointer: Copyright for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
* Story Pointer: Preview Fantastic Four #549
* Media Update: We've begun tracking Marvel's new Thor film
* Related Recap: LA Times takes on the CGC


News Links for Thursday 8/23/07

Graphic Classics* Press Release: Tales of Vampires and Villainy
* Press Release: Winter Soldier Takes On The Marvel Universe
* Press Release: Wolverine Origins #16 Sells Out / Preview #17
* Press Release: Septagon's Scorn #2 Available for Pre-Order
* Story Pointer: Top Cow Solicitations for November, 2007
* Story Pointer: Steve Uy's Initiative with the Avengers
* Story Pointer: Phonogram: The Singles
* Story Pointer: McKeever Smells Teen Spirit in Teen Titans
* Story Pointer: Preview Countdown to Adventure #1
* Story Pointer: Inquest Gamer Magazine discontinued
* Story Pointer: Win a Marvel Superhero
* Media Update: Flood of podcasts linked into our Media Center
* Related Recap: Wizard World Chicago: The Official Wrap


News Links for Wednesday 8/22/07

Invincible #48* Story Pointer: Image Solicitations for November 2007
* Story Pointer: Public domain super-heroes
* Story Pointer: Dispatch from trenches of the Sinestro Corps War
* Story Pointer: Escape from Bizarro World hits next week
* Story Pointer: Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neil's Black Dossier
* Story Pointer: Routh, Bale Out of Justice League
* Story Pointer: Scott Kolins Leaves Marvel Comics
* Story Pointer: Bump-'N-Uglies: Seeley talks Hack/Slash
* Story Pointer: Short DrawerBox Review
* Media Update: We've begun tracking the Ripper film
* Media Update: New Dark Knight photos unveiled
* Media Update: Superman/Doomsday news added
* Related Recap: Ripper headed for the BBC


News Links for Tuesday 8/21/07

Ultimate X-Men #88* Story Pointer: Marvel Solicitations for November 2007
* Story Pointer: Zack Snyder prepares for Watchmen
* Story Pointer: Dabel Bros. to adapt Dean Koontz's Frankenstein
* Story Pointer: Swierczynski talks Moon Knight Annual
* Story Pointer: The Fate of an Archer at DC
* Story Pointer: First Born #1: The Full Issue
* Story Pointer: Preview Madame Mirage #2
* Story Pointer: Wizard World Chicago 2007 Costume Contest
* Story Pointer: Comic Writer's Studio: Mike Baron
* Story Pointer: What Is My Comic Book Worth?
* Story Pointer: ConCase and ConCase G Review
* Release Dates Comics Shipping August 29, 2007 / Past dates
* Related Recap: Clickwheel your way through the digital divide


News Links for Friday 8/20/07

Justice League of America #15* Story Pointer: DC Comics Solicitations for November 2007
* Story Pointer: Jim Kruger looks back on DC's Justice series
* Story Pointer: Warren Ellis on coming projects, the web and more
* Story Pointer: Marvel's X-Book Solicitations for November, 2007
* Media Update: Wolverine gets his director plus cast details
* Media Update: Magneto film updates posted
* Media Update: Iron Man gets Swank, Audi and Empire cover
* Media Update: Justice League director and camera kickoff date
* Media Update: Teen Titans film update added
* Media Update: Spirit actor chosen and Johanson joins
* Related Recap: Shootin' Pool with Paul Jenkins
* Related Recap: Lexington Comic Creators Group
* Related Recap: Action Figure Modders In Wired


News Links for Friday 8/17/07

Booster Gold* Story Pointer: That last page of Booster Gold

* Press Release: Dee Snider's Strangeland: Seven Sins arrives
* Press Release: Septagon Studios Names Park Cooper Editor In Chief

* Story Pointer: Counting down with Jimmy and Justin
* Story Pointer: New Whiteout Series coming from Oni
* Story Pointer: Brian Reed Talks Red Sonja
* Story Pointer: JMS: Asking the Important Questions
* Story Pointer: Free and Cheap Comic Books
* Story Pointer: New Justice League Unlimited Figures
* Story Pointer: Radical Publishing's Ambitious Agenda
* Media Update: Hellboy sees earlier release date
* Media Update: The Hulk has found his Leader
* Related Recap: Farewell Mike Wieringo


News Links for Thursday 8/16/07

Captain America: The Chosen #1* Press Release: Who Will Be Captain America’s Chosen Successor?

* Press Release: Online sensation Bushi Tales in stores August 29th
* Press Release: World War Hulk ... King of Manhattan?
* Press Release: Gordon Lee Trial Delayed Again
* Press Release: Thor #2 Strikes Like Lightning Selling Out
* Press Release: Hero Initiative 3-Minute Sketchbook Opening Set
* Press Release: Daredevil Learns That No Man Is Without Fear
* Press Release: The future ends for Overman this December
* Story Pointer: The Fourth Edition of Dungeons & Dragons
* Story Pointer: What’s So Super About Superboy?
* Media Update: A nice mix of Punisher 2 updates
* Media Update: 20 Heroes stories added and much more
* Related Recap: NBC's Primetime Preview looks at Heroes


News Links for Wednesday 8/15/07

Wonder Woman #13* Press Release: DC Comics updates contents for Wonder Woman
* Press Release: Dynamo 5 lowers price: Bold new story, price
* Press Release: Elite Comics kicks off Munny for Hero Fundraiser
* Press Release: Spider-Man Is Forever Changed In One More Day
* Press Release: Will Moon Knight Be Burned By The Midnight Sun?
* Story Pointer: Meltzer Takes His Final Shift on Monitor Duty
* Story Pointer: Geoff Johns on why Booster Gold is solid gold
* Story Pointer: J. Scott Campbell on Spidey, Hulk and Gen 13
* Story Pointer: Shazam! Tomasi's take on Black Adam
* Story Pointer: Tales of the Tiny Titans
* Story Pointer: New Marvel Minimate Exclusives on the Loose
* Story Pointer: Dabel Brothers Move On Again / More
* Related Recap: Must read title of the week


News Links for Tuesday 8/14/07

Avengers/Invaders* Press Release: Ross returns to Marvel with Avengers/Invaders

* Press Release: Gantz Brings Hardboiled Universe to Dark Horse
* Press Release: Ray Harryhausen Previews for only 99 cents
* Press Release: Spider-Man/Red Sonja #1 Sells Out

* Story Pointer: Mike Wieringo Passes Away / More / Tribute
* Story Pointer: Marvel, Dabel Brothers end partnership / More
* Story Pointer: Supergirls new creative team
* Story Pointer: Who are The 99?
* Story Pointer: Trials of Shazam #9 faces five-week delay
* Story Pointer: Alex Ross talks Avengers, Invaders
* Story Pointer: Keith Giffen's Perfect 10
* Story Pointer: Comic Creating Resources / Work In Comics

* Related Recap: Batman toys among Mattel's recall


Wizard World ChicagoPicking up those straggler Wizard World stories

* Broken Frontier WW: DC Nation
* Broken Frontier WW: Mondo Marvel
* CBR WW: Deepest: Richardson & Herman talk Cut
* CBR WW: Picking the Brains of a Living Dead Legend
* Comicon Pulse WW: Spotlight on Mark Sparacio
* Comicon Pulse WW: DCU New Worlds Order
* Comicon Pulse WW: Vertigo on the Ledge
* Comicon Pulse WW: Webcomics
* Comics Continuum WW: Daily Wrap-up
* ICv2 WW: Cap's Return?
* ICv2 WW: DC Unveils Three New Kids Comics
* Marvel Comics WW: Photo and Video Gallery

* Newsarama WW: Floorbuzz from Chicago
* Wizard Universe: Wizard Photo Galleries

* Wizard Universe: Wizard World Chicago


News Links for Sunday 8/12/07

Wizard World Chicago* Broken Frontier WW: What is Zuda?
* Broken Frontier WW: Highlights from the Windy City
* CBGxtra WW: Dark Knight cast surprises con fans
* CBGxtra WW: Cap news leads Marvel panels
* CBGxtra WW: DiDio rapid-fires DC plans during con
* CBR WW: It was a Dark Knight in Chicago
* CBR WW: The Matt Wagner Method
* CBR WW: McDuffie welcomes Millar, Hitch to Family
* CBR WW: Top Cow Panel Report
* CBR WW: Wildstorm Panel gets Scary
* CBR WW: Photo Parade - Saturday
* Comicon Pulse WW: Mondo Marvel
* Comicon Pulse WW: X-Men: Messiah Complex
* Comicon Pulse WW: Civil War: Millar & Hitch on FF

* Comicon Pulse WW: Cup of Joe
* Comicon Pulse WW: The Secret Batman Panel
* Comicon Pulse WW: Zuda Comics
* Comics Continuum WW: Daily Wrap-up
* Comixfan WW: Aspen Panel
* Comixfan WW: Cup O' Joe Panel
* Comixfan WW: Top Cow Panel
* Comixfan WW: Day 3 Report

* Newsarama WW: Aspen talks Soulfire v2
* Newsarama WW: The Hottest Ticket in Town
* Newsarama WW: Pilot Season and Myspace
* Newsarama WW: A Visual Guide
* Newsarama WW: Dorian Gray at Marvel
* Newsarama WW: Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash
* Newsarama WW: The Weekend Indexed
* Silver Bullet Comics WW: X-Men Panel

* Silver Bullet Comics WW: Cup O' Joe
* Wizard Universe: Wizard Photo Galleries

* Wizard Universe: Wizard World Chicago


News Links for Saturday 8/11/07

Wizard World Chicago* CBR WW: A Big ol' Cup O' Joe

* CBR WW: Aspen Comics Panel
* CBR WW: DC New Worlds Order
* CBR WW: Photo Parade - Friday
* CBR WW: Alex Ross Talks The Return To Marvel

* CBR WW: Warren Ellis Talks Ultimate Hulk/Iron Man
* CBR WW: Michelinie Talks Iron Man: Legacy of Doom
* CBR WW: Civil War & Remembrance Panel
* CBR WW: Mark Millar is the New Fantastic Four-Man
* CBR WW: Bryan Hitch-ing a Ride with the Fantastic Four

* CBR WW: Mattel and DC Comics Presentation
* Comicon Pulse WW: Spotlight on Mark Millar
* Comicon Pulse WW: Mondo Marvel
* Comicon Pulse WW: X-Men Messiah Complex
* Comicon Pulse WW: Civil War - Millar and Hitch on FF
* Comics Continuum WW: Daily Wrap-up
* Comixfan WW: DC New World Order Panel
* Comixfan WW: Civil War in Remebrance Panel

* Newsarama WW: A Jamal Igle Check-In

* Newsarama WW: The Vertigo Panel

* Newsarama WW: Nguyen to Detective

* Newsarama WW: Manapul joins the Legion
* Newsarama WW: J. Jones on DC's New Kids Titles
* Newsarama WW: DC New Worlds Order Panel
* Newsarama WW: Millar, Hitch Re-Team for FF
* Newsarama WW: Civil War Panel Report
* Newsarama WW: Iron Man, Dr. Doom and Michelinie

* Newsarama WW: Sejic draws the Witchblade

* Newsarama WW: Alex Ross, Cap, The Return?

* Newsarama WW: Cup 'O Joe Panel

* Wizard Universe: Dark Knight Footage makes its debut

* Wizard Universe: Wizard Photo Galleries

* Wizard Universe: Wizard World Chicago


News Links for Friday 8/10/07

Wizard World Chicago* Broken Frontier WW: Vertigo From the Edge

* CBR WW: Vertigo - From the Edge
* CBR WW: Mondo Marvel, Mondo Questions
* CBR WW: An X-Men Panel About… Spidey’s Marriage?
* CBR WW: Millar Time at Wizard World
* CBR WW: DC Nation Panel
* CBR WW: Robert Kirkman talks Killraven
* CBR WW: Spurrier Talks The Silver Surfer: In Thy Name
* CBR WW: Around Comics Podcast on Preview Night
* CBR WW: Walker & Stewart talk Punisher War Journal

* Comics Continuum WW: Daily Wrap-up

* Comixfan WW: Day One Report
* Newsarama WW: The Return of Ras al Ghul
* Newsarama WW: Mondo Marvel Panel
* Newsarama WW: DC Nation Panel

* Newsarama WW: Mark Millar question and answer

* Newsarama WW: Genndy Tartakovsky on Cage

* Newsarama WW: Dan Didio on Countdown: Arena
* Newsarama WW: Kirkman on Killraven w/ Liefeld
* Newsarama WW: Si Spurrier on Silver Surfer: In Thy Name
* Newsarama WW: Cory Walker takes on Punisher War Journal

* Newsarama WW: X-Men Panel
* Newsarama WW: The Matel/DC Panel

* Wizard Universe: Wizard Fan Award Winner Announced

* Wizard Universe: Wizard Photo Galleries

* Wizard Universe: Wizard World Chicago


News Links for Thursday 8/9/07

Wizard World Chicago* Wizard World schedule for Friday ... Plan it all out
* Wizard World BOOM! signing schedule
* Aym Geronimo Collection to debut at Wizard World
* On the scene in the Wizard machine
* Limited Editions, signings and Dr. Strange Preview
* Wizard World Chicago: Spotlighting local artists
* Wizard World comic convention starts Thursday
* Etch A Sketch man Christoph Brown
* The Force Among Us Invades Wizard World

* Aspen returns to Chicago with new exclusives
* Silent Devil announces $5 sale at Wizard World
* Wizard Universe at Wizard World Chicago
* Wizard Universe Official Photo Gallery


News Links for Wednesday 8/8/07

Wizard World Chicago* Exclusive Print Unveiled at Wizard Chicago
* Hero Brings Paul Jenkins And Pool To Wizard World
* DC announces Wizard World schedule and attendees
* Alley Scoops: Singing the praises of Artist Alley
* Wizard World Chicago comic convention starts Thursday
* Top Cow Announces Wizard World Chicago plans
* Comic Artist Doin' It For Herself
* Dark Knight trailer at Wizard World Chicago
* Fango Comics invade Chicago Wizard convention

* Wizard World schedule for Friday
* Wizard World schedule for Saturday
* Wizard World Shceulde for Sunday
* Wizard Universe at Wizard World Chicago


News Links for Tuesday 8/7/07

Red Sonja #25* Press Release: The 25th Anniversary Issue of Red Sonja
* Press Release: Hero Initiative Gallery Opening 3-Minute Sketchbook
* Press Release: Transfuzion Graphic Novels Focus of New Company
* Press Release: Comic Artists Help Charity Recover From Disaster
* Press Release: Champions Return of Captain Thunder Sells Out
* Press Release: Alterna Comics Convention Tour Dates Announced
* Story Pointer: Aspen hits Chicago with new Wizard World exclusives
* Story Pointer: The Jack King Kirby Tribute
* Story Pointer: Image Comics October 2007 solicitations
* Story Pointer: Green Arrow, Black Canary Soar in new DC Monthly
* Story Pointer: Next Jeff Smith Work Science Fiction
* Release Dates Comics Shipping August 15, 2007 / Past dates
* Related Recap: Joss Whedon gets results for Equity Now


News Links for Monday 8/6/07

Silver Surfer #1* Press Release: Silver Surfer's Last Ride?
* Press Release: Alterna Comics to Launch Preview Mini-Catalog
* Press Release: George Perez Creator Chronicles DVD
* Story Pointer: Write or Wrong: The Wrath of Con
* Story Pointer: Talking Stardust and more with Neil Gaiman
* Story Pointer: Spotlight on Joss Whedon
* Story Pointer: Journey Into Comics: San Diego Thoughts
* Story Pointer: Captain Carrot Crunches His Way Back to Stores
* Story Pointer: The Top 25 Cliffhangers of all Time
* Media Update: Six comic film udpates over the weekend and today
* Related Recap: San Diego Comic-Con 2008: Looking ahead
* Related Recap: Make Your Own Green Lantern Ring
* Related Recap: Jeff Smith: Bone and Beyond


News Links for Friday 8/3/07

Iron Fist #8* Press Release: Does Iron Fist Have The Best Kung-Fu?
* Press Release: Groundbreaking Dark Tower series concludes
* Press Release: Mark Waid/BOOM!: Remastered, Restored and Uncut!
* Press Release: DisORDERly Conduct In Iron Man's New Team
* Press Release: Iron Man: Struck By Lightning
* Story Pointer: Ethan Van Sciver on Evil Ladies and Green Lanterns
* Story Pointer: Frank Miller Finds His Spirit / Shooting in October
* Story Pointer: Michael Turner finds strength from fans
* Story Pointer: Mike Baron on Badger's return at IDW
* Story Pointer: Valiant vs. Valiant: The fight over IP rights
* Media Update: Books of Magic film stalling out
* Media Update: Black Panther film edging into the lead
* Related Recap: Project Rooftop anyone?


News Links for Thursday 8/2/07

Sub-Mariner #3* Press Release: Atlantean King vs Canadian Canucklehead
* Press Release: Zen's 20th Anniversary in full swing in Chicago
* Press Release: Detroit Comic City Stores raffle benefits Hero Initiatie
* Press Release: A Storm is Brewing for the Thunderbolts
* Press Release: Mat Broome Returns to Comics in The End League
* Press Release: Illyana's Vengeance In New X-Men
* Press Release: Yo Ho Ho, a Samurai’s life for me...
* Story Pointer: Wonder Woman and Batman animated next?
* Story Pointer: Silver Bullet Comics sharpens its focus
* Story Pointer: Aspen Comics Announces New Projects
* Media Update: New updates on the Ant-Man film
* Media Update: New updates on Marvel's Avengers film
* Related Recap: Wizard World Chicago Shedules


News Links for Wednesday 8/1/07

Metal Men #1* Story Pointer: 45 Years of the Metal Men

* Story Pointer: 44 Things said at the Warren Ellis Panel
* Story Pointer: Spider-Man: One More Day variant covers / More
* Story Pointer: Iron & The Maiden character designs
* Story Pointer: Devil's Due for October / IDW for September, October
* Story Pointer: R.D. Hall, Andrew Mangum talk American Wasteland
* Story Pointer: The Jack Kirby Tribute Panel
* Story Pointer: Marvel Masterpieces returns from Upper Deck
* Story Pointer: Preview World War Hulk #3
* Story Pointer: Art and Marketing at San Diego Comic-Con
* Story Pointer: Bill Willingham apologizes to Fables Fans
* Story Pointer: The Too Much Coffee Man Opera
* Related Recap: G4 does Comic-Con


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