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News stories from February, 2007


News Links for Wednesday, 2/28/2007

AmazingRed Diamond Amazing Spider-Man #539 Sneak Peek
Red Diamond DC's 52 races toward its explosive finale / J.G. Jones 52 covers blog
Red Diamond Welcome to Marvel's Annihilation, Round Two
Red Diamond Spider-Man 3 sneak peek on Heroes
Red Diamond Marvel initiates funding for first self-produced feature film, Iron Man
Red Diamond Checking out Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter #5
Red Diamond Last weekend, Stan Lee returned to New York City
Red Diamond Creating a new universe: Dynamite and Top Cow
Red Diamond Daniels Joins Flash, Superman Gets New Content
Red Diamond Slave Labor Graphics' Dan Vado talks Disney licensed comics
Red Diamond Marvel 4Q Profit Falls Sharply
Red Diamond Platinum Studios launches Blood Nation simultaneously in print and online
Red Diamond Pow! Whap! Ka-Ching! The Comic Con Report


News Links for Tuesday, 2/27/2007

Fantastic FourRed Diamond Marvel’s First Family gets new blood in Fantastic Four #544
Red Diamond Neal Adams teams with Frank Miller for Batman
Red Diamond DCU's A Better Tomorrow at NY Comic-Con
Red Diamond Jeff Smith reads Bone and Shazam! at NY Comic-Con
Red Diamond Spawn Fantasy Continues with Godslayer Series
Red Diamond NBC's SciFi Channel inks multimedia deal with Virgin Comics
Red Diamond Dave Peterson talks Mouse Guard
Red Diamond A closer look at Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight #1
Red Diamond Mark Millar's Civil War Post-Game Show
Red Diamond Cage's Ghost Rider Still On Fire At The US Box Office
Red Diamond Super-heroes take over HBO this March
Red Diamond Aaron Eckhart Stars Chatting About His Two-Face Turn
Red Diamond Superheroes start new game site


News Links for Monday, 2/26/2007

New Warriors #1Red Diamond Grevioux introduces the new New Warriors
Red Diamond Forgotten Realms: Streams of Silver #1 preview
Red Diamond Dark Horse '07: Star Wars, Buffy, Serenity / Still more / Even More
Red Diamond Back into space with Marvel's Annihilation: Conquest sequel series
Red Diamond DC Outlines Countdown at the New York Comic-Com / More with Giffen
Red Diamond A closer look at Amazing Spider-Man #538
Red Diamond Three covers for the end of Strangers in Paradise
Red Diamond Justice League Unlimited 10" one more time / DC Minimates hit stores
Red Diamond Creators, friends gather to remember legendary X-Men artist Dave Cockrum
Red Diamond Writers take on JLA movie: All the way with the JLA
Red Diamond Hellboy 101: Time to school up on the Mike Mignola creation
Red Diamond Brian Bendis talks Daredevil: End Days and NY ComicCon news
Red Diamond When the Green Goliath returns in World War Hulk


News Links for Friday, 2/23/2007

Moon KnightRed Diamond A trio of new Marvel previews: Moon Knight, Spidey & the Punisher
Red Diamond Manhunter series may have been saved from cancellation
Red Diamond The next line of Buffy Statues – “The Essence of…”
Red Diamond Warner Brothers hires scribes for Justice League Film / More / Still More
Red Diamond Answering the questions X-fans have been asking
Red Diamond Planetwide and Brickfish announce comic contest
Red Diamond Acheson on Spider-Man 3's Sandman
Red Diamond On to New York / NYCC Final Preparations
Red Diamond With Spider-Man 3 months away, here’s why they’ll make a fourth
Red Diamond Sin City 2 is ready to go
Red Diamond Rob G & Brian Wood Are Set To Deliver With Couriers
Red Diamond Download a free graphic novel
Red Diamond BCW Plastic Corrugated Comic Book Box Review


News Links for Thursday, 2/22/2007

Red Diamond J.T. Krul & Dr. Mid-Nite get classified
Red Diamond Whatever happened to Miracleman?
Red Diamond Atomic Avenue set to launch March 2
Red Diamond Tips for Artists
Red Diamond Celebrating Comic Books: An American Tradition
Red Diamond Superheroes get a supersized lair at NY Comic-Con
Red Diamond All the latest from the 2007 New York Toy Fair
Red Diamond Finch draws Dark Tower variant cover
Red Diamond New Photos of the Transformers Cars
Red Diamond Grant Morrison & Cameron Stewart Seaguy
Red Diamond X-Men: The Movie Trilogy and the Comics
Red Diamond Anime charity event turns into scam
Red Diamond Axel Alonso and our look at Spidey's black costume


News Links for Wednesday, 2/21/2007

DC WarRed Diamond Paul Dini on the upcoming Countdown weekly series / More
Red Diamond Archaia Studios provides a look at its 2007 publishing schedule
Red Diamond Dynamite and Top Cow join forces to create a new universe of comics
Red Diamond The Dark Knight Begins in April
Red Diamond Ghost Rider impacts US audiences / Ghost Rider cycles away record
Red Diamond Waid makes Brave & The Bold an essential companion to the DCU
Red Diamond Steve Uy is covering the Legion of Super-Heroes
Red Diamond 2006 Harvey Awards Nominating Ballots / 2007 Glyph Award Nominees
Red Diamond DC Direct Deluxe Collector Line Goes Classic
Red Diamond Hellboy Animated: Blood & Iron' at NYCC

Red Diamond The Old Black: Looking Back at Spider-Man's black costume
Red Diamond Stuart Moore's Herald, Stardust
Red Diamond Ioan Gruffudd on Fantastic Four 2


News Links for Tuesday, 2/20/2007

Civil WarRed Diamond Marvel provides a preview of tomorrow's final issue of Civil War
Red Diamond DC's next weekly series Countdown to debut in May / More
Red Diamond Comic Book Community MySpace / Myspace Comic Books Online
Red Diamond Moore, Bissette, Veitch Illuminate King Hell’s Shiny Beasts GN
Red Diamond Carey back into Hellblazer
Red Diamond Superman Returns Leads Saturn Awards Nominations
Red Diamond DC’s Minx Imprint Debuts with Plain Janes
Red Diamond Wondercon Lures in Hollywood / Hollywood Returns To WonderCon!
Red Diamond Polish Brothers Launch Salvador at Boom!
Red Diamond Brian K. Vaughan looks back on Runaways
Red Diamond Dark Horse Spotlights Art of Jeff Smith’s Bone
Red Diamond Meet the Cheerleader, Save the World
Red Diamond Zero-G Debuts at NYCC


News Links for Monday, 2/19/2007

Action Comics 854Red Diamond Bizarro Action Comics talk with Eric Powell
Red Diamond Ghost Rider film scares up $44.5 million / Ghost Rider rules box office
Red Diamond The life, death and possible reinvention of the superhero team-up
Red Diamond MegaCon 2007 Sunday Report / Saturday Report
Red Diamond Wonder Woman #5 gets new contents
Red Diamond Worlds Collide: Batman Cataclysm crossover closer look
Red Diamond Over and Done: Tony Twist, McFarlane settle court case
Red Diamond Nine clips to watch from Frank Miller's 300
Red Diamond Stuart Moore explores Wayne Tower in his March Detective Comics
Red Diamond Wizard #187 Hits Red Carpet for 2007’s Movies
Red Diamond Horn Rimmed Glasses guy from Heroes Q&A
Red Diamond Wizard and Fanboy Radio team up for convention countdown
Red Diamond IDW Shows Other Side of War with Star Trek: Klingons


News Links for Friday, 2/16/2007

Captain America #25Red Diamond Civil War’s Fallout Continues in Marvel’s Captain America #25
Red Diamond Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters comes to a close
Red Diamond Funerals, Punisher and Iron Fist
Red Diamond Dale Eaglesham's Justice Society of America
Red Diamond Slaying Alive: Whedon talks Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Red Diamond First Look at the Spider-Man 3 Game / Ice Spidey 3 Sweepstakes
Red Diamond DC Collects Meltzer’s Hit Justice League in New HC
Red Diamond Top Independent Comic Books Premiere at New York Comic Con
Red Diamond Ryan Reynolds still wants to play the Flash
Red Diamond Darkness Calls to Hellboy in Dark Horse Mini-series
Red Diamond Red 5 Comics has five comics in the works and more planned
Red Diamond Previewing Cable & Deadpool #37
Red Diamond TwoMorrow's Modern Masters: Charles Vess


Early word on Marvel's new Ghost Rider film

Ghost RiderRed Diamond Ghost Rider (The Movie) Opens Today...
Red Diamond Cage takes superhero past comic-book cliches
Red Diamond Ghost Rider exceeds expectations / Nicolas Cage explores the spiritual
Red Diamond Nicolas Cage Stands Out in Ghost Rider
Red Diamond Ghost Rider: Strangers in Many Ways
Red Diamond Comic-book comedy Ghost Rider lets Cage go totally wild
Red Diamond Ghost Rider serves up skewers of flaming fun
Red Diamond Hair's to Nic / Not bad Rider
Red Diamond Ghost Rider: A box office ghost / Ghastly Rider hauntingly hellacious
Red Diamond It's Not As Bad As You Think / Cheesy Rider
Red Diamond In the history of comic books, Ghost Rider has sustained heat
Red Diamond Nic Cage's coifs wonky as his flicks
Red Diamond Ghost Rider isn’t THAT bad


News Links for Thursday, 2/15/2007

JSA's CycloneRed Diamond The New Faces of the JSA
Red Diamond 2006: The Year That Was In Diversity In Comics
Red Diamond Dwayne McDuffie writes the Firestorm series last story arc
Red Diamond Adrien Brody to be The Incredible Hulk
Red Diamond Mattel brings back the Super Friends
Red Diamond Neil Gaiman Averts Apocalypse, Smells Great
Red Diamond WonderCon announces 2007 programming
Red Diamond Jim Valentino is Drawing From Life in May
Red Diamond Uncanny In Space: Talking X-Men with Ed Brubaker
Red Diamond Crisis from Infinite Tie-Ins (or Are We Facing Crossover Exhaustion?)
Red Diamond A closer look at a very special issue of Supergirl
Red Diamond A jughead move, to many Archie readers / From Civil War to Civil Chore
Red Diamond No Galactus in Fantastic Four 2 says Ioan Gruffud


News Links for Wednesday, 2/14/2007 - Happy Valentine's Day

Spider-ManRed Diamond Spider-Man: One More Day Teaser
Red Diamond Mike Baron can't wait for Nexus to return to the comic book shops
Red Diamond Marv Wolfman is returning to DC's Nightwing
Red Diamond Astonishing delays for Astonishing X-Men
Red Diamond Guarding the Kosmos with Kid Kosmos at Dynamite
Red Diamond Eric Powell on Action Comics: A Sketchbook Look
Red Diamond R.D. Hall talks to Comic Monsters about his new horror title
Red Diamond Wonder Woman Lynda Carter to guest star on Smallville
Red Diamond Heroes pictures from February 26th episode, Company Man
Red Diamond A closer look at Helmet of Fate: Ibis the Invincible
Red Diamond Archie Comics announces Marvel parody Civil Chore
Red Diamond Luke Cage Movie: Is it a Yes or No?
Red Diamond Zack Snyder On 300 and Watchmen / Be among the first to see 300


News Links for Tuesday, 2/13/2007

Moon Knight #11Red Diamond Marvel for May / DC for May / DC Direct / Wildstorm / Vertigo
Red Diamond Meet the New Avengers
Red Diamond Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark see that the Devil gets his due
Red Diamond Indie After Party for New York Comic Con announced
Red Diamond Dynamite offers up the FCBD covers for 2007
Red Diamond Adrien Brody to play Banner in The Incredible Hulk?
Red Diamond Smallville's Green Arrow animated adventures on Sprint phones
Red Diamond Anita Blake convention special from Marvel and Dabel Brothers
Red Diamond Johnny Blaze's faceoff with a possessed Jack O’ Lantern in Ghost Rider
Red Diamond Mike Mignola named Guest of Honor for Baltimore Comic-Con
Red Diamond Behind the scenes with DC Direct at ToyFair
Red Diamond Penny Farthing Press hires a new Senior Editor
Red Diamond Director Chosen to adapt Frank Miller’s Ronin


News Links for Monday, 2/12/2007

Justice League of America #9Red Diamond DC for May 2007 / DC previews for February 21st, 2007
Red Diamond Watchmen movie kicking into gear / Snyder reveals Watchmen details
Red Diamond Exploring the Kingdom Come connection within the DCU
Red Diamond Getting Hyper with Adam Warren and Iron Man
Red Diamond Dark Horse Comics for May / Archie Comics for May
Red Diamond NBC's Heroes Still Rising / Shows Going, Going, And Almost Gone
Red Diamond IDW unveils its comic slate for April 2007
Red Diamond Frank Miller's Ronin Finds A New Master
Red Diamond Mahmud Asrar reveals who or what is Dynamo 5
Red Diamond Nicolas Cage Wants The She-Hulk / Cage and Mendes on Ghost Rider
Red Diamond Archie Comics sadly announces passing of Joe Edwards
Red Diamond Reviews and previews a plenty: All the latest looks at upcoming books
Red Diamond Hero hopefuls don tights for shot at stardom / Wannabes superheroes


News Links for Friday, 2/9/2007

Doctor Fate #1Red Diamond Pulp super-heroes of the Golden Age seem fated for a big year
Red Diamond Torres goes to the future with Legion of Superheroes in the 31st Century
Red Diamond Wolverine #50 sells out following Sabertooth battle royal
Red Diamond Cassaday, armored Avenger last pieces of Civil War: Fallen Son puzzle
Red Diamond Superhero Or Super Zero: What If Johnny Depp Played Batman?
Red Diamond A closer look at Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil #1
Red Diamond Charlie Huston on Moon Knights and Day Jobs
Red Diamond World War Hulk targets Marvel heroes for a rampage of revenge
Red Diamond Jeep Draws in Customers With Marvel Comics
Red Diamond DC Comics teaser panel portends ... what?
Red Diamond Writer Fergus on Iron Man / Downey Jr. Nerd-Gasms over Iron Man
Red Diamond Looking back at the 2006 24 Hour Comics Day
Red Diamond American International Toy Fair 2007 Exhibitor Profiles


News Links for Thursday, 2/8/2007

Supergirl #16Red Diamond Supergirl's new guy: Ale Garza takes on art for the series
Red Diamond The Boys survive landing at Dynamite Entertainment
Red Diamond Graphic novelist Art Spiegelman defends value of comics genre

Red Diamond Secret History of Mon-El: Johns and Donner tap a Silver Age classic
Red Diamond George Takei on starring in Heroes
Red Diamond Fabian Nicieza: Can Baron Zemo be born better?

Red Diamond The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Mr. Punch
Red Diamond Top Ten Superheroes And Supervillains
Red Diamond Ghost Rider Comes to Madame Tussauds
Red Diamond Great Scott! Nicola Scott on Birds of Prey
Red Diamond Down and Out in Small Pressville
Red Diamond Marvel stays true to superhero characters in transition to big screen
Red Diamond Kate Beckinsale to star in comic thriller / Beckinsale wants a Whiteout


News Links for Wednesday, 2/7/2007

Daredevil #93Red Diamond Pulling It All Together: Ed Brubaker on Daredevil #93
Red Diamond Move Over, Wonder Woman... Buffy Has A Big-Screen Chance
Red Diamond Black is the new black, at least if you are Spider-Man
Red Diamond Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus: Terrax/Stardust
Red Diamond Hints, Teases and Other Confusions found in Ion #10
Red Diamond 100 custom Ultimate Spider-Man #100 covers auctioned for charity
Red Diamond Madman's Monthly Again in Image’s Atomic Comics
Red Diamond King revives Dark Tower / A graphic twist / Midnight Madness
Red Diamond Bone-maker turns to Shazam! Monster Society of Evil
Red Diamond Civil War Disaster: Clone Thor Attacks in Black Panther #25
Red Diamond Doug Wheatley's Dark Times with Star Wars
Red Diamond James McAvoy Talks Wanted
Red Diamond Sandman Movie Rumors Squashed


News Links for Tuesday, 2/6/2007

Civil WarRed Diamond Bendis, Ellis Give Marvel’s Civil War Survivors New Initiative
Red Diamond World War III Breaks Out in DC’s 52 Spin-Offs
Red Diamond Alonso talks about the second chapter of Ennis Ghost Rider trilogy
Red Diamond Marvel Studios adds Jeff Bridges to the cast of Iron Man
Red Diamond Dynamite shares the full 38 page issue of Painkiller Jane #0
Red Diamond Never-Before-Seen Clip from The Amazing Screw-On Head
Red Diamond Zenescope Entertainment announces Dyno Force
Red Diamond A closer look at The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born #1
Red Diamond Who Wants to Be A Superhero: An audition story
Red Diamond Witchblade to be Punished?
Red Diamond Heroes and the Evolution of Comic Books
Red Diamond 300: March to Glory takes Frank Miller's world into a video game
Red Diamond Schumacher eyes Gaiman’s Sandman / Joel Schumacher directing?


News Links for Monday, 2/5/2007

Batman #663Red Diamond DC Previews for February 7th, 2007
Red Diamond Whedon walks away / Whedon quits Wonder Woman / No Wonder / More
Red Diamond New Titan in Town: Beechen takes over Teen Titans / More / Looking Back
Red Diamond Levy New Flash Director / Flash handed to Levy / Goyer Out, Levy In

Red Diamond Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Pre And Post Iron Man
Red Diamond X-Men editor Andy Schmidt tackles new projects and X-2007
Red Diamond Aaron Eckhart is Harvey Dent in Batman Begins 2?
Red Diamond Early review of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8 / Hints on Buffy figures
Red Diamond New Transformers miniseries from IDW serves as prequel to movie
Red Diamond Hulk 2 villains revealed
Red Diamond Horror Comic Witchblade Getting the Treatment
Red Diamond Saying the Magic Word: Jeff Smith talks Shazam
Red Diamond George Takei: One of NBC's newest Heroes


News Links for Friday, 2/2/2007

Shazam #1Red Diamond Here There Be Monsters: Jeff Smith talks Shazam
Red Diamond Slay'em Girl / Re-Buffed / Whedon discusses upcoming Buffy series
Red Diamond Johns leaving Teen Titans after Titans East storyline / More / Still More
Red Diamond Ticket alert for NY Comic Con / Saturday sold out for NY Comic Con
Red Diamond Image Previews for February 7th, 2007
Red Diamond X-Men Annual #1 spells double trouble for the mighty mutants
Red Diamond Diamond Comic Distributors celebrates silver anniversary
Red Diamond First Look: The Turner variant cover for Civil War #7
Red Diamond Analyzing Watchmen with Peter Sanderson
Red Diamond WonderCon seeks volunteers, offers sideshow collectible givaways
Red Diamond Kevin Church, Benjamin Birdie Announce New Webcomic, The Rack
Red Diamond Shops will open 'early' for release of Dark Tower comic books
Red Diamond How do we choose the comics we read?


News Links for Thursday, 2/1/2007

Amazons AttackRed Diamond Amazons Attack DC Universe in explosive new series
Red Diamond Rivals, competitors, opponents: Who are the top comic archenemies
Red Diamond Resurrection of the black costume will tear Spider-Man's world apart
Red Diamond The Boys Too Much for DC? Garth Ennis series cancelled at #6?
Red Diamond Checking in with the New Avengers: Closer look at issue #27
Red Diamond DST brings Marvel Zombies to life with nine-inch statue
Red Diamond Dan Didio answers 20 questions about DC's teaser image
Red Diamond A Dark Knight in Chicago / Dark Knight: Code Name Rory's First Kiss
Red Diamond Night Stalker faces new terror in Lovecraftian Horror
Red Diamond Midnight Kiss Finally Ends
Red Diamond A closer look at Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo movie
Red Diamond Afterburn Comics' Unit Primes Sold Out
Red Diamond Hasbro's Marvel Legends Ultimate Iron Man / Legends Planet Hulk


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