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News stories from January, 2007


News Links for Wednesday, 1/31/2007

Civil War #7Red Diamond Marvel’s Civil War reaches its staggering conclusion
Red Diamond Dwayne McDuffie reinvigorates Fantastic Four
Red Diamond Read how JG Jones proved covers for a weekly comic were possible
Red Diamond Warren Ellis first novel Crooked Little Vein to debut
Red Diamond Gail Simone talks Gen13 and says it’s not the book you think it is
Red Diamond Lacy talks Hellboy: The Black Wedding / HeroClix adds Hellboy
Red Diamond Image series breathes new life into Frazetta's Death Dealer
Red Diamond Brian Michael Bendis on Howard Stern Show
Red Diamond Danger Girl: Body Shots #1 Sneak Peek
Red Diamond Comic collector sees investment possibilities in all-consuming hobby
Red Diamond Hooked on Painkillers: Palmiotti talks Painkiller Jane
Red Diamond Kiss is back / Kiss heroes again / Simmons, Stanley talk Comics
Red Diamond Captain Canuck continues to soar


News Links for Tuesday, 1/30/2007

Action Comics Annual #10Red Diamond DC previews for January 31st: Titans, Action and More
Red Diamond Four WW III one shots and a Suicide Squad announced at DC
Red Diamond Sumerak teams Spider-Man with the Power Pack
Red Diamond A day that will live in infamy: The Incredible Hulk returns
Red Diamond Miller, 10th Anniversary Buffy the Vampire Slayer panel at NY Comic Con
Red Diamond Marvel HeroClix Civil War Event Announced
Red Diamond Ghost Rider Gets Pre-Game Super Bowl Spot / Bentley talks Ghost Rider
Red Diamond Revival of the Comics Cartoon
Red Diamond Sheena 99¢ Sneak Peek available from Devil's Due
Red Diamond Ms. Marvel special teams Brian Reed and Giuseppe Camuncoli
Red Diamond Create your own sidekick winner announced at Wizard
Red Diamond Did Katie Holmes turn down deal for Batman Begins sequel? / More
Red Diamond La Muse Webcomic Launches Today


News Links for Monday, 1/29/2007

DC TeaserRed Diamond DC shares an interesting teaser image / More
Red Diamond First look at Marc Silvestri’s rendition of Omega Flight
Red Diamond Whedon's Buffy gives reason to turn over a new leaf
Red Diamond Hero Initiative Launches Ultimate Spider-Man #100 Auctions
Red Diamond Superhero hopefuls seek immortality on paper, film
Red Diamond The original team comes back together for the Ghost Rider finale
Red Diamond Fates of two universies come to a head in Annihilation #6
Red Diamond
Rags Morales on JSA Classified and Wildstorm / More from Rags
Red Diamond Image Previews for January 31st
Red Diamond Reynolds gives up on the Flash
Red Diamond Spartan epic is last hope for sword and sandal movies
Red Diamond Changes announced for Gen Con Southern California
Red Diamond Graphic novels go beyond stories of superheroes


News Links for Friday, 1/26/2007

Birds of Prey #101Red Diamond The Simone Files: Birds of Prey shapes up to be a new comic
Red Diamond Heroes pics from Feb 5th episode / Can’t get enough Heroes
Red Diamond Comics of the Future, What's coming down the pipe
Red Diamond The ramifications of T’Challa joining the anti-registration side in Civil War
Red Diamond Five Marvel Sellouts Reprinted / Marvel goes back to press on 5 titles
Red Diamond DC lays the groundwork for World War 3
Red Diamond The full title line-up for Free Comic Book Day 2007
Red Diamond Want to be a superhero? Fly to San Antonio for casting
Red Diamond Mark Steven Johnson says Ghost Rider film is complete
Red Diamond Listen to the Ghost Rider Soundtrack
Red Diamond 2K games releases new Ghost Rider: The Video Game Images
Red Diamond Conjuring Marvel Animated Movies
Red Diamond Archive fans... Did you know Betty and Veronica are bloggers.


News Links for Thursday, 1/25/2007

FCBD SpideyRed Diamond Marvel offers two band new comics for Free Comic Book Day / More
Red Diamond Who Will Die on NBC's Heroes?
Red Diamond Spyke and the Puppets: Preview images of Spike Shadow Puppets
Red Diamond Brian Michael Bendis hazes pal Jeph Loeb over Ultimate Universe
Red Diamond DC Direct JLA Cover to Cover Superman Statue

Red Diamond 52 Roundup offers weekly scorecard of the ambitious event
Red Diamond Josh Dysart discusses Conan and the Midnight God
Red Diamond Checkmate: Best DC Comic You Aren't Reading
Red Diamond Chiklis Talks Thing vs Silver Surfer / Michael Chiklis on Fantastic Four 2
Red Diamond Highlander writer Brandon Jerwa talks about the series
Red Diamond iFanboys Start Vidcast, Fanboys Rejoice
Red Diamond Zenescope Announces First Half '07 Plans
Red Diamond And You Thought Comics Were Just For Kids


News Links for Wednesday, 1/24/2007

Superman/Batman #34Red Diamond New Metal Men Try to Tarnish World’s Finest in Superman/Batman
Red Diamond NBC renews Heroes for another full season
Red Diamond Taking a closer look at Justice Society of America #2
Red Diamond Brad Meltzer on Justice League of America action figures
Red Diamond Top Ten Popular comic books: A list in the making
Red Diamond Oni Brings Colbert Humor to Comics with Tek Jansen
Red Diamond 25 Years of Love & Rockets
Red Diamond A detailed analysis of December 2006’s industry sale charts
Red Diamond Image Showcases Sam Noir in Special Edition
Red Diamond Another month to wait for All Star Superman #7
Red Diamond Hero Initiative Stan Lee trailer live
Red Diamond Spider-Man 3 Gallery Update
Red Diamond Yang wins 2007 Printz Award


News Links for Tuesday, 1/23/2007

X-Factor 15Red Diamond Jamie Madrox, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., the X-Factor story continues
Red Diamond NYCC is positioning itself as a year-round event without walls
Red Diamond Marvel’s Spider-Man Family Spins Tales for Whole Family
Red Diamond Jim Starlin's Kid Kosmos graphic novel from Dynamite
Red Diamond BlueWater and Ray Harryhausen team up for new comic line
Red Diamond The tense history of Black Bolt and company leads to Silent War
Red Diamond Dark Horse Captures Serenity Crew in PVC Set
Red Diamond Geoff Johns talks about Amon Sur and everything Green Lantern
Red Diamond Win a swanky dinner with Bill Willingham
Red Diamond Sneak a peek at Iron Man: Hypervelocity #1
Red Diamond Dark Tower podcast with Robin Furth and Marvel Editors / More
Red Diamond UK Comic Book Award Accepts Nominations
Red Diamond First Look at 300 Poster / 300 premiere in Berlin / 300 soundtrack March 6


News Links for Monday, 1/22/2007

SpawnRed Diamond Armageddon's over, baby and it's a new Spawn for a new age
Red Diamond Interview with Frank Miller: A 300 Set Visit
Red Diamond Bendis, Mack and 3 legendary artists are working on a Daredevil project
Red Diamond Who is set for a comeback in Civil War: The Return
Red Diamond Usagi Yojimbo marks a milestone
Red Diamond Koepp could be caught in Spider-Man 4's web / Spidey 4 in the works?
Red Diamond Stan Lee explains video games are more exciting than movies
Red Diamond Poof! It's a school for comics lovers
Red Diamond Iron Man Shooting in March
Red Diamond 2007 preview takes a look at the Batman titles
Red Diamond George Perez announces last national convention appearance until 2009
Red Diamond Previewing Wolverine #50: The last Sabretooth battle?
Red Diamond Top Cow announces talent line-up for New York Comic-Con




Don't miss the return of Heroes this evening on NBC!


Red Diamond Heroes breaks TV rules and wins huge fan base / NBC’s in-house heroine responsible for Heroes
Red Diamond Heroes hits its stride in short order / When it comes to ratings, Heroes is NBC's unlikely hero
Red Diamond Heroes liked by Heroes / Heroes grows web power / Heroes returns in nick of time -- opposite 24




News Links for Friday, 1/19/2007

Fathom KianiRed Diamond Civil War: Fallen Son readies to take center stage
Red Diamond Keith Giffen offers up his best of 2006 list
Red Diamond Aspen's Fathom: Kiani the first of many new projects / #0 Peek
Red Diamond Producer Grant Curtis on Spider-Man 3 / New site launched
Red Diamond Quick time out: Meet Marvel's New Avengers
Red Diamond X-Men: The Last Stand Still in Makeup Oscar Race
Red Diamond Warner Bros Records to release 300 Soundtrack / Release on March 6th
Red Diamond David Lopez discusses Catwoman and dishes the feline fatale
Red Diamond Announcing the 13th annual Small Press Expo
Red Diamond Roger Stern's action heroes: Captain Atom and the Question
Red Diamond Is Battlestar: Galactica cancelled? Verheiden responds
Red Diamond Heroes: Modern day superhero show is must-see TV
Red Diamond Mouse Guard Toys Are Captured / Mouse Guard toys from DST / More


News Links for Thursday, 1/18/2007

Nova #1Red Diamond War and Annihilation can changes a Nova
Red Diamond Devil's Due covers for April / Top Cow covers for April
Red Diamond Mandrake returns to DC supernatural in Tales of the Unexpected
Red Diamond Hunter-Killer #11 Sneak Peek
Red Diamond The results of the '06 Edwin Awards have been announced
Red Diamond Smallville forms Justice League / Some flights, some tights for Smallville
Red Diamond Robert Kirkman and Image Comics kicking off Wolf-Man for free
Red Diamond Superman Returns sequel to feature More Bad Guys and More Action
Red Diamond KaPow! Superhero creator sees new life force in games
Red Diamond To Be or Not To Be a Con Man
Red Diamond Rachel Weisz to replace Jolie in Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For
Red Diamond New Rare Comic Book? Retailers search for Devil Water #2
Red Diamond Ahead of the Bell: Marvel Entertainment predicted for a strong 2007


News Links for Wednesday, 1/17/2007

Madman #1Red Diamond Madman creator Mike Allred makes the move to Image Comics
Red Diamond Tiny talk about the Atom with Mike Norton
Red Diamond Chris Claremont returns from sabbatical to take the reigns of Exiles
Red Diamond Marvel Adventures Avengers scribe talks expanding the comics market
Red Diamond Talking Shazam with Jeff Smith: Reinventing a Classic
Red Diamond Veitch Takes on Love, War in DC Vertigo’s Army@Love
Red Diamond Gwyneth Paltrow joins the cast of Iron Man / Paltrow is Pepper
Red Diamond Take a closer look at Warren Ellis and Salvador Larroca's Newuniversal
Red Diamond The wall-crawler returns to his classic ’80s costume: Back in Black
Red Diamond Image Comics solicitation previews for January 24th
Red Diamond Justice League of America, Justice Socity of America top sales charts
Red Diamond Image Offers First Casanova Collection with Luxuria
Red Diamond How to use a comic book price guide


News Links for Tuesday, 1/16/2007

Buffy the Vampire SlayerRed Diamond Whedon Reveals Season 8 in Dark Horse’s New Buffy Comic
Red Diamond Spider-Man director hopes to make fourth installment
Red Diamond John Ostrander on returning to the Squad
Red Diamond New enemies and a brand-new Captain Marvel
Red Diamond Book on Marvel comics mixes audio with select panels
Red Diamond Legion of Super-Heroes comes to animated life / More
Red Diamond Venturing into the Cylon Empire with Battlestar Galatica
Red Diamond Heroes Jack Coleman / NBC heroine / Trivia / Details on Jan 29th Episode
Red Diamond Vertigo April 2007 covers and previews / Wildstorm covers and previews
Red Diamond American Splendor is seriously comical work
Red Diamond Marvel sells out with new line-up in Thunderbolts #110
Red Diamond Reflections: Talking with Peter David
Red Diamond Six-issue story arcs + new creative teams = bad comics


News Links for Monday, 1/15/2007

Doctor Fate #1Red Diamond DC April 2007 solicitations / DC previews January 17th & March
Red Diamond Marvel April 2007 solicitations preview
Red Diamond Marvel vs. DC at the box office: The great film showdown
Red Diamond WizKids names Diamond/Alliance as exclusive distributors
Red Diamond Ghost Rider TV Spots / Latest Ghost Rider Movie Updates / Loan issues
Red Diamond Marvel’s next big war launches with Silent War
Red Diamond Haberlin tapped as the new Spawn artist
Red Diamond SuperHeroHype serves up a sweet Invincible Iron Man clip
Red Diamond Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century
Red Diamond Dreamland Chronicles Book One Sneak Peek
Red Diamond Who Wants to Be a Superhero casting call
Red Diamond Atomika the latest free comic offering at Comics@Newsarama
Red Diamond Learn the in's and out's of valuing your comic collection


News Links for Friday, 1/12/2007

Iron ManRed Diamond Catching up with Michael Golden; Back in the Comic Fold

Red Diamond Geoff Johns on Justice Society, Kingdom Come, Legion and a shocker
Red Diamond Marc Worden becomes the Invincible Iron Man
Red Diamond John Rogers on Blue Beetle's sophomore year two
Red Diamond Mike Mignola’s The Amazing Screw-On Head comes to DVD
Red Diamond Four DC WW III one shots, suicide squad announced
Red Diamond Tim Story gives fans a Fantastic Four 2 update
Red Diamond Taking a look at the DC state of OYL Titles (and more!) / Part 2 / Part 3
Red Diamond Heroes4Heroes on the Move
Red Diamond Flash Gordon remake on the docket for Sci Fi
Red Diamond Pork-fried Marvelicious humor
Red Diamond DJ Coffman's Hero by Night at Image
Red Diamond Top Cow Teams with Hero Initiative


News Links for Thursday, 1/11/2007

Witchblade 103Red Diamond Sneak a peek at Witchblade #103
Red Diamond Halle Berry Wants Fans to Petition for X-Men 4 / X-Men in makeup race

Red Diamond Civil War Ends as Hulk returns / Civil War tie-ins / Post War Confidential
Red Diamond Dynamite debuts original art, new Zombie cover for contest
Red Diamond Fangoria has acquired the Vampirella character from Harris Publications
Red Diamond Marvel previews for January 31st, 2007
Red Diamond Pullbox online adds free preview feature
Red Diamond Image's Nightly News Delivers More Provocative Thrills
Red Diamond Charlie Foxtrot Entertainment announces City of Fire
Red Diamond Two Spider-Man 3 exclusive clips showings at CES
Red Diamond Dark Horse's Garden of Souls Digs Up B.P.R.D.'s Past
Red Diamond Waitaminute… New CrossGen coming soon?!?
Red Diamond Buffy Lives! Seriously, Buffy is back with more adventures


News Links for Wednesday, 1/10/2007

Ultimate Vision and the FalconRed Diamond Brandon Peterson unveils his new Ultimate Vision
Red Diamond Rogue Celebrates 25th Anniversary in Marvel's X-Men Annual
Red Diamond DMZ wins praise from NY Times, Publisher's Weekly, Slate and others
Red Diamond Darkness screenshots are must see X-Box fun / 21 new screens emerge
Red Diamond Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born #1 with Peter David
Red Diamond Maping out an easy-to-follow timeline of the Starman legacy
Red Diamond Marvel's Civil War: updates and latest news / McNiven cover preview
Red Diamond Black Coat rides again at Ape Entertainment
Red Diamond Sean McKeever will be moving to DC Comics in the coming year
Red Diamond DC Honors "The King" with Fourth World Omnibus
Red Diamond Devil's Due Talent Search Winners
Red Diamond ComicBloc announces benefits partnership with DCBS
Red Diamond Stan Lee and Anna Paquin, together again in Mosaic


News Links for Tuesday, 1/9/2007

New Fantastic Four?Red Diamond Is this the new Fantastic Four? / Fantastic Six?
Red Diamond Stan Lee previews his latest work / Stan Lee uses power of DVD
Red Diamond ComicsPro Board urges allocation policy change
Red Diamond Archie Reveals Free Comic Book Day Editions
Red Diamond Scott McCloud's "Making Comics" seminars tour across the 50 states
Red Diamond Squadron Supreme Hyperion vs Nighthawk #1
Red Diamond Savage Tales will lead off with Dynamite’s superstar, Red Sonja
Red Diamond Silent Devil announces banner contest
Red Diamond Starz to Introduce Stan Lee Presents Franchise March 20
Red Diamond Comic book creator releases new animated project on DVD today
Red Diamond Civil War #7 to move to a release date of February 21st
Red Diamond Planetwide Media Announces
Red Diamond goes live in early January 2007


News Links for Monday, 1/8/2007

X-23Red Diamond Mike Choi's art target, X-23
Red Diamond The Spirit #1: Some More New Adventures
Red Diamond Q&A with comic book writer Geoff Johns
Red Diamond The final page of DC’s Manhunter #27 may shock a few Blue Beetle fans
Red Diamond Is Sophia Bush a Wonder Woman? / Will Bush be our favorite princess?
Red Diamond New Spider-Man 3 footage at CES / Japanese Spidey 3 theater promotion
Red Diamond What you think of the new Hasbro Marvel Legends action figures?
Red Diamond Spider Jerusalem does Second Life with Warren Ellis
Red Diamond DC's Brave and the Bold Revives Timeless Title
Red Diamond Marvel scribe Brian Bendis interviews Tom Brevoort
Red Diamond Comic relief for budding young graphic artists
Red Diamond Chris Yost is hanging with the New X-Men
Red Diamond Best Comics Scholarship 2006


News Links for Friday, 1/5/2007

Thunderbolts #110Diamond Five pages from Thunderbolts #110

Diamond Looking back on the Monster Society of Evil

Diamond Mouse Guard Storms 2006 Best-of Lists

Diamond Spotlight on Civil War: The Return ... The war comes to a close

Diamond Comic writer explores crime, corruption on the reservation

Diamond Get an advance look at Amazing Spider-Girl #4

Diamond Marvel Zombie-teasing taking place in Army of Darkness #13

Diamond Preview Dragonlance: Dragons of Winter Night #4 / GI Joe

Diamond The Amazing Bill Reinhold: Inking Spider-Man

Diamond The New York Times takes a look at Brian Wood and DMZ

Diamond Marvel Ultimate Alliance' is just super / Superheroes join forces

Diamond Children enjoy visit by DC Comics colorist

Diamond Stan Lee presents Mosaic


News Links for Thursday, 1/4/2007

Silver SuferDiamond Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Trailer
Diamond Ultimates 2 delayed / Superman/Batman issues rescheduled
Diamond Civil War bridge to World War Hulk begins in She-Hulk #15
Diamond Heroes Masi Oka a true Hiro
Diamond Dave Stewart adding color to the world
Diamond A Marvel Civil War #6 preview / West Coast comics woes
Diamond The Search For The Ultimate Smallville Fan Has Begun
Diamond A Marvel-ous comic book history
Diamond Dynamite debuts Savage Tales #1 in March
Diamond Giant Sell-Out Week for Dynamite
Diamond Overcoming Vertigo: Looking back on the Watchmen
Diamond Comic Book Collectors; Nerdy Geeks or Shrewd Investors
Diamond IntelliScanner Announces Comic Collector


News Links for Wednesday, 1/3/2007

JSA and JLA join forces in 2007Diamond Geoff Johns and Brad Meltzer on JLA/JSA 2007
Diamond Marvel Comics previews for January 4th, 2007
Diamond DC previews for January 4th, 2007
Diamond DC taps New York Times best-selling novelist Jodi Picoult
Diamond Anita Blake: Vampire Hunder #1 2nd printing sells out
Diamond Zenescope Returns to Wonderland
Diamond Japanese Transformers Teaser Has New Footage
Diamond Ian McKellen to narrate Neil Gaiman's Stardust
Diamond Scalped writer sits down to talk Native American culture
Diamond Scott McCloud preaches the good word about graphic novels
Diamond Elephantmen #1, the full first issue
Diamond Heroes Graphic Novel Chapter 14 Online
Diamond Nintendo Wii Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Review


News Links for Tuesday, 1/2/2007

Starbrand appears in NewUniversalDiamond Artist Salvador Larroca's whole NewUniversal
Diamond Marvel Adventures The Avengers and the Big Head Avengers
Diamond Judging the Top 20 DC and Marvel Cover Solicits of 2006
Diamond 2007 Marvel Civil War preview
Diamond Armies clash and titans attack in Incredible Hulk # 102
Diamond Inside the drink and draw social club
Diamond Iron Man/Capital America: Casualties of War #1
Diamond Ten video games you must own in 2007
Diamond 300 MySpace Page Launched / 300 Teams with UFC's Chuck Liddell
Diamond Sava's online Dreamland Chronicles passes one-million mark
Diamond Because Capes Aren't Just for Men:
Diamond Holy Heroes of Indian Lore, Batman!
Diamond Best and Worst Comic Book Medicine Of 2006


News Links for Monday, 1/1/2007

Wonder Woman #5Diamond Novelist Picoult on her upcoming run on Wonder Woman
Diamond Mystery Enshrouds Marvel's Civil War: The Return
Diamond IDW Publishing March 2007 solicitations
Diamond Image Comics shares the full first issue of Phonogram
Diamond A closer look at Warren Ellis' Strange Killings: Necromancer TPB
Diamond Astonishing X-Men Unstoppable trailer on-line
Diamond New Avengers Wolverine statue unveiled
Diamond Marvel Annihilation Round-Up for December
Diamond now offers gift cards and adds new titles
Diamond DC Comics plans to put a Minx into the mix
Diamond Everything But Imaginary 2006 State of the Comics Address
Diamond The Editor-In-Chief's choice 2006 edition
Diamond All That We Can't Leave Behind in 2006 Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3
Diamond The CBR Year End Round-Up: Looking Ahead to 2007


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