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News stories from June, 2007


News Links for Friday, 6/29/07

Hero Squared #4* Press Release: Boom! Studios Hero Squared Will Soon Be Ending

* Press Release: X-Men #200 and Endangered Species Sell Out

* Press Release: Incredible Hulk #108 Brings Hulk's Friends To Blows
* Press Release: Ripclaw First to be Unleashed in Pilot Season 2007
* Press Release: Ape Entertainment's Back of the Box Contest Winners
* Story Pointer: Making up Marvel's The Order with Fraction and Kitson
* Story Pointer: The Ripple Effect: Talking DCY with Eddie Berganza
* Story Pointer: Finch's Cover to X-Men #200 / Endangered Gallery
* Story Pointer: Christian Bale gives a brief update on the Joker
* Story Pointer: Bendis on Games, Comics, Films and Fans
* Media Update: 7 news stories added to our Teen Titans page
* Media Update: 2 news stories added to our Luke Cage page
* Related Recap: Mondo cool ultra must have hero wear


News Links for Thursday, 6/28/07

Kade: Sun of Perdition #4* Press Release: End Of An Era For Arcana’s Ezra
* Press Release: Joss Whedon wants to take you to dinner
* Press Release: Michael Golden opens at Society of Illustrators
* Press Release: From The Initiative Comes The Order
* Press Release: Early reviews praise Jack Kirby's Fourth World omnibus
* Press Release: Avengers Classic #1 Assembles And Sells Out
* Story Pointer: Get drawn into a Marvel Comic
* Story Pointer: Bendis on Re-Upping With Marvel
* Story Pointer: Will Pfeifer's Felines in Catwoman
* Story Pointer: Sinestro Corps Battlefield report
* Media Update: 6 news stories added to our Avengers page
* Media Update: 2 news stories added to our Heroes page
* Related Recap: The Art of Greg Horn


News Links for Wednesday, 6/27/07

Red Sonja #26* Press Release: Dynamite Explodes with the Summer of Red Sonja
* Press Release: Ultimate Spider-Man Begins a New Era
* Press Release: Hero Initiative Launches Regional Advisory Board
* Press Release: Sci Fi/Virgin Comics Beams in New Editor
* Press Release: Winter Soldier Swears Revenge For Captain America

* Story Pointer: Blowing the Roof off the X-Mansion / X-Men #200
* Story Pointer: MJ? Black Cat? Aunt May? RIP???
* Story Pointer: Keller's CBLDF challenge to comic fans
* Story Pointer: DC Comics All Flash #1 preview
* Story Pointer: Not you daddy's Green Arrow: Talking Andy Diggle
* Media Update: 13 stories (and more) added to our Watchmen page
* Media Update: 2 latest news stories added to our Hellboy 2 page
* Related Recap: Neil Gaiman, Teller of Outstanding Tales


News Links for Tuesday, 6/26/07 ... Welcome to our new "mostly local" news line-up!

Super-Villain Team-Up / Modok's 11 #1* Press Release: M.O.D.O.K Has His Eye On The Prize
* Press Release: Dynamite Entertainment titles in stores this week
* Press Release: Earth Mightiest Heroes meet the Agents Of Atlas
* Press Release: Prism Comics looking for volunteers for Comic-Con
* Press Release: Revolution on Parade: Historic Epic from Shadowline
* Preview: Fathom: Killian's Vessel #1 five page preview
* Preview: City of Heroes #20 six page preview
* Behind the Page: DC Bullets Softball: DC sends MTV to The Hills

* Behind the Page: Alex Ross puts pen to page
* Story Pointer: Dark Horse Comics shares The Art of Bone eComic
* Story Pointer: Robert Kirkman discusses the end of Marvel's Ant-Man

* Release Dates: Comics Shipping July 4, 2007
* Related Recap: Building a better website - Change is Good


News Links for Monday, 6/25/07

Tick 20th AnniversaryRed Diamond The Tick 20th Anniversary Special Edition #1
Red Diamond New X-Men Continue Quest For Magik
Red Diamond Marvel Studio Head Talks Future Movies

Red Diamond Stan Lee's last Fantastic Four story
Red Diamond Previewing X-Men: Endangered Species
Red Diamond Platinum sets up Cowboys, lands sponsor, and criticized by creator

Red Diamond Talking with Marvel Editor Nick Lowe
Red Diamond Where have all the comic fans gone?
Red Diamond Heroes For Hire Are Fired

Red Diamond Brandon Molale talks Shazam rumors
Red Diamond The Hulk is coming to Trenton
Red Diamond Comic convention attracts capes, costumes and crowds
Red Diamond Athens, Ohio comic shop burns


News Links for Friday, 6/22/07

Justice League of America #10Red Diamond Meltzer, Johns on Lightning Saga's JSA/JLA crossover ending
Red Diamond Wraith is custom made to blaze a path of vengeance across Marvel
Red Diamond Image previews for June 20th

Red Diamond DC Comics considers more weeklies
Red Diamond NBC Universal, Nissan announce Heroes World Tour
Red Diamond Who Wants to be a Superhero? Season 2 Contestants Revealed

Red Diamond Breaking down Incredible Hulk #107
Red Diamond The Man Who Might Be Captain Marvel Speaks
Red Diamond The Isolationist Returns To X-Factor

Red Diamond Future toon for Spidey gets its new look unveiled
Red Diamond Wizard World Philadelphia: New Gallery & Comments
Red Diamond Ghost Rider rides to top of DVD charts
Red Diamond Rise of the Silver Surfer comic to movie comparison / Tim's story


News Links for Thursday, 6/21/07

Annihilation Conquest PrologueRed Diamond Previewing Annihilation Conquest with Bill Rosemann
Red Diamond Full X-Universe Endangered Species creative teams announced
Red Diamond Fantastic Four tops UK box office / Alba Wants A Third Fantastic Four

Red Diamond Sam Jackson as Nick Fury to Appear in Iron Man
Red Diamond The Dark Knight: Exclusive set photos
Red Diamond Tangled Web of Relationships: Bendis talks Ultimate Spider-Man

Red Diamond The view from Aspen: Iron and the Maiden
Red Diamond Shadowline Speaks: In-Depth with Jim Valentino and company
Red Diamond Georgia retailer Gordon Lee is finally set to go to trial

Red Diamond Mid-Ohio Con regular Tom Batiuk taking Funky down a serious road
Red Diamond Six new Heroes coming soon to NBC
Red Diamond Rest in Peace, Sweethearts
Red Diamond Fans take possession of fictional characters


News Links for Wednesday, 6/20/07

All Flash #1Red Diamond DC updates ordering information for upcoming Flash issues
Red Diamond New Batman and Nightwing posters from DC Direct
Red Diamond Who Wants To Be A Superhero Cast Revealed / Premiere Date

Red Diamond Top Cow previews for September 2007
Red Diamond Paul Dini Talks DC Countdown & Madam Mirage
Red Diamond Check out the full first issue of Aspen's Fathom: Kiani #1

Red Diamond Smallville / Buffy Star Goes To Torchwood
Red Diamond 12 questions with Brian Holguin, write of Spawn: Godslayer
Red Diamond Dustin Nguyen explores the Kirby-Verse

Red Diamond New Warriors #1 sell out over at Marvel
Red Diamond Valiant First Look At Digitally Recolored Harbinger: The Beginning
Red Diamond Arthur Suydam's killer Marvel Zombies paintings meet with success
Red Diamond Wizard World Philadelphia 2007: Toy Gallery


News Links for Tuesday, 6/19/07

Wolverine Origins Annual #1Red Diamond Previewing Wolverine Origins Annual #1
Red Diamond Will Sasquatch Survive Omega Flight?
Red Diamond The view from Aspen: A Quick Fathom catchup

Red Diamond Dynamite previews for titles shipping June 20th
Red Diamond The Dark Knight: What We Know
Red Diamond Avengers revist House of M

Red Diamond Marvel Introduces Wraith, The Gothic Gunslinger
Red Diamond Light vs Dark in First Born #2
Red Diamond Archie Comics previews for September 2007

Red Diamond A day in the life at Marvel Comics
Red Diamond More on Marvel's Indy Anthology
Red Diamond Fantastic Four Nabs $58M at Box Office
Red Diamond Gibson Sets Sights On Cage / Tyrese Gibson: Power Man


News Links for Monday, 6/18/07


FlashComics News Coverage

Red Diamond Marc Guggenheim's Final Flash: Series ends at 13 / More
Red Diamond Marvel's X-Books Solicitations for September, 2007
Red Diamond New X-Men Story Primed to Change the Status Quo

Red Diamond Marvel's September 2007 solicitations
Red Diamond DC Comics' September 2007 solicitations
Red Diamond Inside the Artist's Studio with Don Kramer

Red Diamond Fantastic Four Gets Six New Collections
Red Diamond Miller's Martha Washington returns to die?
Red Diamond Chris Gage returns to the House of M

Red Diamond Happy 1000th comic Peter David
Red Diamond DC invests in Japanese Publisher Flex Comix / More
Red Diamond Great Moments in Skrull history
Red Diamond Summer Con Season 2007 Kicks Off


Breaking Movie News

Fantastic FourRed Diamond Fantastic Four rides $57M wave to top / Box Office Gold
Red Diamond FF2 & Spidey 3 Worldwide Box Office Update
Red Diamond More on the Silver Surfer

Red Diamond Dark Knight details / Dark Knight spy report
Red Diamond Batman’s new ride, straight from the set of The Dark Knight
Red Diamond Hi-Res Photo of the New Batman Suit

Red Diamond Hellboy 2 Starts Principal Photography
Red Diamond Justice League flick one step closer
Red Diamond Watchmen Casting Update / Watchmen casting rumors

Red Diamond Wilson One Step Closer to Nite Owl? / Wilson confirms Watchmen?
Red Diamond Watchmen Casting Rumors Are Everywhere
Red Diamond Zack Snyder carves out Watchmen and a 300 sequel?
Red Diamond Hasbro Banking on Transformers Change


Wizard World Philly Convention Coverage

Submariner #3Red Diamond Wizard World Philly: Avengers Panel Report / Image Gallery
Red Diamond Wizard World Philly Complete Coverage direct from Wizard
Red Diamond Wizard World Philly: DC's Counting Down: So Begins the end Panel

Red Diamond Wizard World Philly: "World War Hulk" Panel Report
Red Diamond Wizard World Philly: The Brian Bendis Super Happy Fun Hour
Red Diamond Wizard World Philly: Marvel Avengers Panel

Red Diamond Wizard World Philly: WildStrom at Wizard World Philadelphia
Red Diamond Wizard World Philly: Steranko & Carmine Infantino at Wizard World
Red Diamond Wizard World Philly Marvel Image Gallery / DC Image Gallery

Red Diamond Wizard World Philly: Vertigo: The Cutting Edge
Red Diamond Wizard World Philly: "Cup O' Joe" Report
Red Diamond Wizard World Philly: Building the DCU Panel
Red Diamond Wizard World Philly: Heroes Hayden Panettiere at Wizard World


HeroesCon Convention Coverage

She-HulkRed Diamond HeroesCon: Peter David Talks “She-Hulk”
Red Diamond HeroesCon: Coverage direct from HeroesCon
Red Diamond HeroesCon: Marvel Writers Roundtable

Red Diamond HeroesCon: Ghost Rider Panel
Red Diamond HeroesCon: Christos Gage talks House of M: Avengers
Red Diamond HeroesCon: Dwayne McDuffie joins the Justice League

Red Diamond HeroesCon: DC Comics - Countdown and Beyond
Red Diamond HeroesCon: Dark Tower Panel at HeroesCon
Red Diamond HeroesCon: How To Break Into Comics The Daniel Way

Red Diamond HeroesCon: Marvel Writers Round Table
Red Diamond HeroesCon: Celebrating Silver Anniversary with Michael Golden Art
Red DiamondHeroesCon: Hero Initiative brings Tim Seeley to HeroesCon
Red Diamond HeroesCon: To Hell and Back - A Look At Ghost Rider / More


News Links for Friday, 6/15/07

New QuasarRed Diamond Christos Gage and the new Quasar

Red Diamond Can The Uncanny X-Men Save The Morlocks?
Red Diamond New Avengers #31: Bendis talks about the big twist / More
Red Diamond Studio on Wolverine, Spider-Man 4 and Avengers / Avengers has a writer
Red Diamond Green Arrow proposes to Black Canary?
Red Diamond Image Previews for June 13th
Red Diamond Wizard World Philly Gallery / Philly video from the convention floor
Red Diamond Cusack Wants To Be A Watchman
Red Diamond Fantastic Four's Next Villain: Puppet Master Or ... Mole Man?
Red Diamond End of an Era: Bagley talks Ultimate Spider-Man exit
Red Diamond Rise of the Silver Surfer ... An early review
Red Diamond The New Warriors Fight Back
Red Diamond Amazing Spider-Man faces more delays


News Links for Thursday, 6/14/07

Gamma CorpsRed Diamond World War Hulk: Gamma Corps
Red Diamond Brad Meltzer’s Justice League action figures... Sweet!
Red Diamond McFarlane and Khoury on 15 years of Image Comics
Red Diamond Tim Seeley Heads to HeroesCon
Red Diamond Carmine Infantino: Decades at DC and beyond
Red Diamond Tales of Suspense: Four Graphic Novels From Fantagraphics
Red Diamond William Hurt joins The Incredible Hulk / Hurt Pursues Incredible Hulk
Red Diamond Schwartz and Wang's Meltdown: One Hot Comic
Red Diamond Neil Gaiman Talks Stardust
Red Diamond Planning Wizard World Philadelphia
Red Diamond Vote for the 2007 Wizard Fan Awards
Red Diamond Andy Smith talks about drawing StormWatch: PHD
Red Diamond Veronica Mars' Eyes Comics, Movie


News Links for Wednesday, 6/13/07

Midnighter #8Red Diamond Crossing Midnighter with Christos Gage
Red Diamond Kirkman's Capes Hit the Stands
Red Diamond Alex Ross Super Friends Challenge
Red Diamond Dark Horse Solicitations for September, 2007
Red Diamond Deadpool Gets Some Fun in the Sun
Red Diamond Iron Man Going for the PG-13 Rating
Red Diamond Teen Titans' Todd Nauck, Go
Red Diamond Miss Universe Up for Heroes Role?
Red Diamond Image's new marketing guy, Joe Keatinge
Red Diamond Final Round: The Hulk vs. Iron Man
Red Diamond Spider-Man 3 Reaches $867.7 Million Worldwide
Red Diamond Marvel Zombies Goes 5 for 5 with 5th printing
Red Diamond Superman Returns wins Spacey Awards


News Links for Tuesday, 6/12/07

Justice #12Red Diamond A look at the conclusion of DC's Justice
Red Diamond Previewing Marvel's Daredevil #98
Red Diamond Get to know the Marauders (circa 2007)
Red Diamond Tim Callahan on Early Grant Morrison / Sequart's 1st book
Red Diamond Thousands gather for Superman celebration
Red Diamond Comic Shop Goes to War with Hulk
Red Diamond Supergirl will appear in half of this season's Smallville episodes
Red Diamond Denny O'Neil on a Superman for our time
Red Diamond Heroes Con turns 25 / Archie at Heroes Con
Red Diamond Previewing Madame Mirage #1
Red Diamond NPR selects Mouse Guard as summer read
Red Diamond Today's DVD releases includes Ghost Rider / More
Red Diamond Chuck Dixon is aiming high with Airboy / Moonstone has Airboy


News Links for Monday, 6/11/07

Sensational Spider-Man #38Red Diamond Aguirre-Sacasa talks Sensational Spider-Man
Red Diamond Zack Snyder Updates Watchmen Rumors
Red Diamond Marvel Comics Shipping June 13 / More
Red Diamond Where's Andy Schmidt headed after leaving Marvel?
Red Diamond Taking a look at this summers new Heroclix miniatures
Red Diamond Marvel's Legion of Monsters continues with Morbius
Red Diamond Self-Publishing Secrets Revealed: Webcomics
Red Diamond World War Hulk hits Toronto, Baltimore / World War Hulk's Greg Pak
Red Diamond Diamond announces exclusives for Comic-Con, Wizard World
Red Diamond Cereal & Pajamas Sneak Peek
Red Diamond Necropolis Chronicles steps into the indy spotlight
Red Diamond The Dreamland Chronicles hits its 2 millionth reader
Red Diamond Tim Story will direct The Losers for Warner Bros.


News Links for Friday, 6/08/07

RobotikaRed Diamond Robotika Wins Bronze for Best GN of 2006
Red Diamond Preview Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born #5
Red Diamond X-Men editor tapped to take G.I. Joe team into its 25th anniversary
Red Diamond Laurell K. Hamilton writes an all-new Anita Blake story
Red Diamond Superman Celebration takes off in Metropolis
Red Diamond Johnson talks Ghost Rider sequel, other Plans / Ghost Rider 2 update
Red Diamond Miller Plans on Sin City 2 & 3
Red Diamond Hasbro unveils new Marvel Icons: Magneto and Cyclops / More Toys
Red Diamond Zack Snyder assures he'll find a spot for Gerard Butler in Watchmen
Red Diamond Secret Wars: Was it the day the music died for comics?
Red Diamond Taking a closer look at First In Space
Red Diamond A Pair Of Wolvie Directors
Red Diamond Get the lowdown on all the latest comic collecting software


News Links for Thursday, 6/07/07

Runaways #27Red Diamond Previewing Runaways #27
Red Diamond Jerry Ordway on the Darkening of Mary Marvel
Red Diamond Anita Blake Goes Back to the Past
Red Diamond Transformers Producer plans City of Heroes Movie
Red Diamond Heroes at Comic-Con: Create Your Own Graphic Novel
Red Diamond Will Daredevil's Wife Survive?
Red Diamond Hellboy 2 Gets A Cast
Red Diamond EC Comics Publisher William M. Gaines biopic brewing
Red Diamond Rags Morales discusses Identity Crisis and upcoming projects
Red Diamond Top Shelf celebrating 10 years with party
Red Diamond Looking to the clouds: Skipper Martin talks Bizarre New World
Red Diamond Tom Derenick signs exclusive with DC
Red Diamond Peeking at Burnett's Superman / Batman


News Links for Wednesday, 6/06/07

HarbingersRed Diamond Jim Shooter returns to Valiant and Harbingers / More
Red Diamond Previewing Marvel's The Order #1
Red Diamond The New York Times talks with Paul Dini
Red Diamond Tony Bedard discusses the next DC mega-event Countdown
Red Diamond Disney signs deal with Stan Lee / Stan Lee and Mouse House
Red Diamond Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born #5 Sneak Peek
Red Diamond LA Times reviews The Plain Janes and Re-Grifters / More
Red Diamond Devil's Due Previews for June 6th
Red Diamond Elephantmen go to war in Elephantmen: War Toys
Red Diamond Hester and Ant-Man in World War Hulk
Red Diamond Will Smallville be the next to announce an End Date?
Red Diamond Who Will Watch the Watchmen
Red Diamond Bluewater announces two sell-outs and all-new website


News Links for Tuesday, 6/05/07

CountdownRed Diamond As DC's Countdown clock ticks away, secrets are revealed
Red Diamond Guide for enjoying Comic-Con International in San Diego, 2007
Red Diamond Superman: Doomsday Contents Announced
Red Diamond Adventures in Interviewing: Adam Beechen
Red Diamond She-Hulk smashes shipping dates / Delay for Smith's Shazam
Red Diamond Dynamite Previews for June 6th
Red Diamond The Uncanny Dave Cockrum Memorial
Red Diamond Sylvain White talks about adapting Frank Miller’s Ronin
Red Diamond A Haunted past in Hellboy Animated
Red Diamond Stan Lee and Jack Kirby inspiration for new Fantastic Four sequel
Red Diamond Mint Condition comic book sample gallery
Red Diamond Comics2Film Invites Fans to 10th Anniversary Celebration
Red Diamond Mandrake the Magician / Criss Angel to play Mandrake


News Links for Monday, 6/04/07

Action ComicsRed Diamond Batman and Superman books are some of the world's finest
Red Diamond Dan Jurgens and the History of the Multiverse
Red Diamond 2007 Harvey Award Nominees Announced
Red Diamond Spawn Re-Spawned by McFarlane
Red Diamond Comics' glitterati toast and remember Dave Cockrum
Red Diamond Squires puts the F/X in FF2 / Why Silver Surfer isn’t coin of the realm
Red Diamond On-Site Grading at Wizard World Philly
Red Diamond The Sire returns with Sire: Revelations
Red Diamond From Laurell K Hamilton: now another Anita Blake story
Red Diamond Jeff Bridges Interview, Iron Man
Red Diamond Previewing Marvel's Moon Knight #11
Red Diamond A new comic book auction site has opened for business
Red Diamond The Secret of The Secret Wars Revealed


News Links for Friday, 6/01/07

World War Hulk #1Red Diamond Walk the Front Line of World War Hulk
Red Diamond Strangers in Paradise wrap party benefits CBLDF
Red Diamond Death of a Dream continues in Captain America #27
Red Diamond Harryausen comes to comics with Wrath of the Titans
Red Diamond Heroes spinoff to be whole new animal
Red Diamond DC's Geoff Johns talks with Word Balloon
Red Diamond Original Marc Silvestri art giveaway from Dynamic Forces
Red Diamond Eddie Campbell on the Black Diamond Detective Agency
Red Diamond Comics publisher puts famous stories on pulp
Red Diamond DC reveals December collected editions
Red Diamond FF2: Tim Story Rises to the Sequel Challenge
Red Diamond On the Rise: C.B. Cebulski
Red Diamond Wonder Women: Feminism and Super Heroes


Past news from 2007

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