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News stories from March, 2007


News Links for Friday, 3/30/07

MadmanRed Diamond Image previews for April 4th, 2007

Red Diamond Silver Surfer chases down Tenebrous and Aegis
Red Diamond Don't miss Omega Flight #1 / Preview Omega Flight #1 / 5 Reasons
Red Diamond Inside World War III with Champage and Ostrander / More Q&A
Red Diamond Direct2drive and Top Cow team for downloadable comics
Red Diamond Superheroes Come to Starz April 4 - May 4
Red Diamond What's up with Iron Fist? / Carr waits in Marvel queue for Iron Fist
Red Diamond Upcoming Spider-Man 3 Soundtrack / Spider-Man 3 Soundtrack Release
Red Diamond New Avengers Hero Clix set will change everything
Red Diamond Stan Lee Returns for Season Two of Who Wants to Be a Superhero?
Red Diamond Miller's 300 is a success of epic proportions
Red Diamond Scans and downloads threaten the existence of many comics
Red Diamond The return of the Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters


News Links for Thursday, 3/29/07

Spiderman FFRed Diamond The Spider Meets the Four - Talking to Jeff Parker
Red Diamond Brian Michael Bendis, Geoff Johns and others remember Captain America
Red Diamond Marvel Previews for April 18th, 2007
Red Diamond Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America - Wolverine
Red Diamond Super-Articulate action figures: Alex Ross Justice Leage Series 5
Red Diamond Check out Mike Carey's Ultimate Silver Surfer
Red Diamond Smallville Legends: The Oliver Queen Chronicles is now online
Red Diamond Tad Williams talks his adventurous take on Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis
Red Diamond Transformers Movie prequel sells out at IDW
Red Diamond Peter David's Sandman Year One
Red Diamond Eric Powell returns to The Goon
Red Diamond Dark Horse hails Matt Wagner's Grendel
Red Diamond Has Warner Brothers comissioned a Supergirl script?


News Links for Wednesday, 3/28/07

FlashRed Diamond Marc Guggenheim's plans for the flash
Red Diamond A New Cap in Punisher War Journal #6 / Love live the new Cap?
Red Diamond The Supervillain Book: A good tome on bad guys
Red Diamond Checkout pairs Rucka's Checkmate and Winick's Outsiders
Red Diamond A closer look at Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 #1
Red Diamond A closer look at Guy Ritchie's Gamekeeper #1
Red Diamond Check out the New Warriors
Red Diamond Madame Mirage Trailer Goes Live
Red Diamond A nice little Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film profile / TMNT tops weekend
Red Diamond An anthology into the world of Sasquatch
Red Diamond Fred Van Lente's adventures with Iron Man
Red Diamond Mill Case Comic Storage Review / BCW Supplies Top Loader Review
Red Diamond Sad passing: Famous Batman artist Marshall Rogers dies at the age of 57


News Links for Tuesday, 3/27/07

JLA 7Red Diamond DC Comics Previews for March 28th 2007
Red Diamond It seems that Supergirl is to be set for a remake
Red Diamond The Hero Initiative launches expanded mission
Red Diamond Lego Batman video game announced by Warner Brothers
Red Diamond Heroes and to Auction Original Artwork Featured on the Series
Red Diamond Big Cast Additions for Sin City Films?
Red Diamond Talking to John Totleben
Red Diamond What can we expect from Free Comic Book Day 2007?
Red Diamond Rob Zombie Introduces El Superbeasto
Red Diamond Scott Allie talks Buffy power at Dark Horse
Red Diamond Platinum Studios June 2007 covers and previews
Red Diamond Wiz Kids celebrates five years of HeroClix
Red Diamond A look at the heroes who've been part of the Fantastic Four over the years


News Links for Monday, 3/26/07

Spider-Man FamilyRed Diamond Back in Black Spider-Man checklist announced
Red Diamond Esquire does a Q&A with Frank Miller
Red Diamond Tyler Mane talks Sabertooth in Wolverine
Red Diamond Iron Man's Villain Mandarin Casting Revealed?
Red Diamond Sachin Tendulkar, Virgin Comics Create New Superhero
Red Diamond Xbox 360 Ultimate Alliance playable Hulk / Ultimate Alliance Downloads
Red Diamond Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness goes back to press
Red Diamond Author Picoult on Wonder Woman / Novelist Wonder Woman / Amazonian
Red Diamond Graphic novels explode in popularity
Red Diamond Superman / Batman Shazam action figure unveiled
Red Diamond R. Crumb gets a comprehensive career retrospective
Red Diamond New Spiderman 3 Trailer Online / Trailer for Stardust by Neil Gaiman Online
Red Diamond Marvel in the Middle East


News Link for the Week, 3/19/07 to 3/23/07


For Us There's Only One Story This Week!
For the first time ever, we're going quiet for seven days as we get married.
Learn more about why we're stepping away for a week by following this link.


News Links for Friday, 3/16/07

Leading ManRed Diamond Leading Man #1: The full issue
Red Diamond 40 things you need to know about indie comics in 2007 / Top 5 indies
Red Diamond Marvel rejects legal claim by Stan Lee Media
Red Diamond Tweaking the Kids Out: Skottie Young on New X-Men
Red Diamond Mighty Avengers rise out of ashes of Marvel Civil War
Red Diamond A Retrospective of Capt. America Games
Red Diamond Comic Book Popularity Increases Throughout Hollywood
Red Diamond Miller on Sin City 2, Snyder on Watchmen
Red Diamond World War Hulk begins at Wizard World LA
Red Diamond Andy Bowen premieres new sculptures
Red Diamond Buffy the Vampire Slayer returns, on pages of comics / Second print news
Red Diamond Smallville can do better than Meteor Freaks, Lana Lang stalkers
Red Diamond Hasbro Spider-Man 3 Site Launched


News Links for Thursday, 3/15/07

HulkRed Diamond Mike Deodato: Yes folks, he's enjoying his work
Red Diamond What it would be like if Captain America existed in the real world?
Red Diamond JLA #10, Sinestro Corps special covers unveiled
Red Diamond Whedon's Buffy sells-out / Runaways previewed / Contest winners
Red Diamond JSA Mr. Terrific action figure unveiled
Red Diamond IDW teams with Gene Simmons for Simmons Comics Group
Red Diamond Overcoming Vertigo: A deeper look at DC's Animal Man
Red Diamond Hero Initiative rocks Wizard World Los Angeles
Red Diamond Omega Flight rises from Civil War ashes
Red Diamond It's Supergirl week over at Project Rooftop
Red Diamond Loners leap from pages of Runaways
Red Diamond John August's initial thoughts on Captain Marvel
Red Diamond Getting to know Aspen Comics' Marcus To


News Links for Wednesday, 3/14/07

New AvengersRed Diamond The post-Civil War Marvel Universe begins to take shape
Red Diamond Does death matter in today's comic world?
Red Diamond Relive Buffy's greatest moments: Cry, Nail-biting and throwing things!
Red Diamond DC slashes ongoing horror titles
Red Diamond Top Cow Storms Into WWLA
Red Diamond Inside Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer with Julian McMahon
Red Diamond Black Adam rampages as the DCU prepares for WWIII
Red Diamond Superman Sequel Delayed -- Bryan Singer Will Helm WWII Thriller Next
Red Diamond Hero By Night #1 preview
Red Diamond Gyllenhaal up for two comic heroes / Gyllenhaal Captain Marvel or Spidey
Red Diamond Friends of Lulu Empowerment Fund now kaput
Red Diamond Sci Fi's Painkiller Jane To Premiere April 13
Red Diamond Desperado Goes Solo


News Links for Tuesday, 3/13/07

Bat-ManRed Diamond Stuart Moore under Seige with Batman and Robin
Red Diamond Snyder budgets Watchmen / Perlman as Comedian / Feeding off 300
Red Diamond Frank Tieri on moving to the DCU
Red Diamond Maggie Gyllenhaal's got a Dark Knight ahead of her
Red Diamond The maddest of DC’s Bunsen burner brainiacs
Red Diamond Cards of Mass Distraction from IDW Publishing
Red Diamond Cap's death is a post-9/11 metaphor / Shield missing? / New Cap?
Red Diamond David Maisel named Marvel Studios Chair
Red Diamond Free Comic Book Day is coming and Marvel is stepping up
Red Diamond Cap, Aunt May and the upcoming Hulk rampage
Red Diamond New Releases coming at you March 14th from IDW
Red Diamond New Marvel Daredevil statue unveiled
Red Diamond Farewell to Deadman, Doom Patrol creator Arnold Drake / More


News Links for Monday, 3/12/07

New X-Men 37Red Diamond Chris Yost on New X-Men and Magik's return
Red Diamond Kiss legend Gene Simmons on the band's new comic book line
Red Diamond DC Previews for March 14th / Joe Q offers up the latest on Marvel
Red Diamond Buffy editor Scott Allie / Buffed up / Buffy has life left / Buffy Bites
Red Diamond An ealy look at Civil War: The Confession
Red Diamond Jackson State University to Hold Other Heroes Exhibit
Red Diamond Stephen King finds a new chemistry set in comics
Red Diamond Check out the test image of Watchmen's Rorschach
Red Diamond Scars and Stripes: Is Captain America really gone?
Red Diamond John August to Write Shazam! film
Red Diamond Spidey’s back in black, but his closet’s full of alternatives
Red Diamond Liberty Comics debuts at Wizard World LA
Red Diamond Bloody epic 300 earns big / 300 success may bringing changes


News Links for Friday, 3/9/07

Spirit #3Red Diamond DC's Spirit #1 sells out and a second print is on the way
Red Diamond Guiseppe Camuncoli on what it's like drawing Galactus' heralds, Terrax
Red Diamond Dark Horse panel from WonderCon
Red Diamond Wizard needs help badly: Shazam! film / John August to write Shazam!

Red Diamond Multi-month delays for Marvel comics
Red Diamond Colbert on death of Captain America on The Colbert Report / More (video)
Red Diamond DC Nation panel from WonderCon / DCU: Great expectations panel
Red Diamond Brad Meltzer discusses why Solomon Grundy made the perfect villain
Red Diamond Invincibility Has a Price: $1.99
Red Diamond Previewing the Immortal Iron Fist #4
Red Diamond Bullock and the Phantom help invisible children
Red Diamond Jeff Bridges is Obadiah Stane in Iron Man

Red Diamond Fantagraphics Holds Woodring Exhibition


How about a little Frank Miller / 300 coverage?

300Red Diamond An epic of magnificent excess: Frank Miller's 300 unveiled

Red Diamond Media Blown Away by 300
Red Diamond Zach Snyder sneaks Watchmen image into 300 trailer

Red Diamond Comic Book Bin takes a look at 300

Red Diamond 300 more than Ancient history

Red Diamond 300 role glorious for Spartan king Butler

Red Diamond 300 is the ultimate guys' movie

Red Diamond 300 goes too far over the top

Red Diamond Comic book-styled 300 a macho epic

Red Diamond Redblooded 300 roars and soars

Red Diamond Greek Spectacle 300 Set to Reap Big Numbers

Red Diamond 300 Storms the Box Office With Hundreds of Sold-Out Shows

Red Diamond Hollywood plays nice with 300 creator's dark side


News Links for Thursday, 3/8/07

Captain AmericaRed Diamond Talking Captain America #25 with Ed Brubaker
Red Diamond Exiles on Main Street: An Interview with Paul Pelletier
Red Diamond Dealing with Spidey's marriage, once and for all
Red Diamond Crisis in Multiple Formats: Graphic novels topsellers

Red Diamond Di Bonaventura Confirms Constantine Sequel
Red Diamond Artist John Van Fleet has his take on the Dark Knight Detective
Red Diamond Stylized film adaptation recounts last stand of 300 / Snyder 300 Interview
Red Diamond Diamond Select Spider-Man 3 Mini Busts
Red Diamond Comic Monsters photos from NY Comic-Con
Red Diamond NBC, Heroes to auction original artwork featured in the hit series
Red Diamond Connor vs Duncan... To the Death!
Red Diamond IDW Unveils WWLA Plans
Red Diamond Top 10 Graphic Novel Adaptations


More on the fall of Captain America

Fallen SonRed Diamond Captain America #25 Shocks The World

Red Diamond Summary of Mainstream Captain America Coverage
Red Diamond Captain America = Dead: Quesada talks Issue #25
Red Diamond Death of an American Icon
Red Diamond Captain America Remembered
Red Diamond Captain America is dead. What happens next?
Red Diamond The Mainstream on Captain America #25
Red Diamond Brubaker on the Death of Captain America
Red Diamond Jeph Loeb talks Fallen Son ... In Detail
Red Diamond Captain America #25 Shocks World
SheildRed Diamond Review: Captain America #25

Red Diamond Mainstream Covers Death of Captain America

Red Diamond Captain America victim of pulp fiction
Red Diamond BBC News: Comic hero Captain America dies
Red Diamond On the death of Captain America
Red Diamond Comic villain kills Captain America
Red Diamond Culture: Comic stripped
Red Diamond Sniper shoots Captain America
Red Diamond Comic-book hero dies on the page
Red Diamond Hero's demise catches comic book dealers by surprise
Red Diamond Captain America's gone; so are the books

Red Diamond Cap's Death Stuns Media

Red Diamond RIP: Captain America

Red Diamond Don't miss... Yesterday's coverage


News Links for Wednesday, 3/7/07

Captain AmericaRed Diamond Shocking event for Captain America
Red Diamond The Justice Society of America gets a little wilder
Red Diamond Check out the second Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer promo spot
Red Diamond Iron Fist Scores Third Consecutive Sellout
Red Diamond 7 Minutes of Spider-Man 3
Red Diamond Asylum Press Launches YouTube Channels
Red Diamond Covers NYCC
Red Diamond JLA: Seven versions, two covers
Red Diamond Do line-wide, epic crossovers represent the future of comics?
Red Diamond Emerld City Comic-Con makes way for Ultimate Spider-Man 100 tour
Red Diamond Artist Rafael Kayanan takes on Conan once again
Red Diamond Fighting the Comics Industry
Red Diamond Comics Hype Is A Billboard…But Is It News?


More on the fall of Captain America

Fallen SonRed Diamond Major Captain America #25 spoiler (petty hard to avoid)

Red Diamond Marvel's statements on Captain America #25

Red Diamond Captain America Killed By Sniper

Red Diamond Captain America Killed Outside Courthouse

Red Diamond Captain America is killed

Red Diamond Fans mourn killing off of Captain America
Red Diamond Comic Book Icon Captain America Killed Off
Red Diamond Captain America #25 makes mainstream news
Red Diamond Legend assassinated on steps of Federal Courthouse


News Links for Tuesday, 3/6/07

AvengersRed Diamond Marvel makes Avengers: The Initiative an ongoing
Red Diamond Nightwing artist Igle talks about co-plotting an arc with Marv Wolfman
Red Diamond ComicSpace Launches Fundraiser

Red Diamond All the latest on Frank Miller's Spirit Movie
Red Diamond Marvel Adventures Three-In-One Sneak Peek
Red Diamond Smith's Shazam is a brilliant re-imagining of the Captain Marvel legend
Red Diamond Abstract’s Strangers in Paradise Bids Adieu
Red Diamond Dan Slott whips the troops into shape in Marvel's first post-Civil War event
Red Diamond T’Challa, Storm Join Marvel’s First Family in Black Panther
Red Diamond Silent Devil Joins the Union
Red Diamond John Ridley, The American Way Interview
Red Diamond All Star Batman & Robin Back on Track
Red Diamond Taking a look into the Marc Silvestri sketchbook


News Links for Monday, 3/5/07

Green ArrowRed Diamond DC's Green Arrow ending with issue #75
Red Diamond Bat-Blog talks with Batman Strikes penciller Christopher Jones
Red Diamond Y: The Last Man Movie Adaptation Updates
Red Diamond Frank Miller offers up a new interview / Top Ten Frank Miller Comic Books
Red Diamond DC artist prepares for his first event with Amazons Attack
Red Diamond Bernie Wrightson is the architect for modern horror comic books
Red Diamond DC Comics Previews for March 7th, 2007
Red Diamond Hellboy: Blood and Iron Premieres March 17
Red Diamond Tony Bedard talks DC Exclusive, future
Red Diamond Heroes looks toward it's upcoming six week spring break
Red Diamond Julian McMahon Talks Dr. Doom Costumes in "FF2"
Red Diamond 300 director is darned ambitious / 300 gallery
Red Diamond With fewer kids buying, comics try to woo adults


News Links for Friday, 3/2/07

Iron FistRed Diamond The Guys Behind the Fist: Brubaker & Fraction talk Iron Fist
Red Diamond Mike Norton talks Atom and DC Exclusive
Red Diamond World War Hulk trailer unveiled from Marvel
Red Diamond New Spider-Man animated series to premiere in 2008 / More
Red Diamond Auctions to benefit exploited comic creators
Red Diamond Chuck Dixon's Archer, Connor Hawke
Red Diamond Archaia Studios announces 2007 publishing schedule
Red Diamond Top Cow Compendiums Sell Out
Red Diamond The Spider-Man 3, Heroes Press Release
Red Diamond Silver Bullet Comics Interviews Red 5 Founders
Red Diamond The Hero Initiative brings Jack Katz to WonderCon 2007
Red Diamond Mouse Guard travels the territory of childhood epics
Red Diamond Fantagraphics Books Calls For Help


New Links for Thursday, 3/1/07

Anita Black #5Red Diamond Dable Brothers bring Brett Booth to LA
Red Diamond Pak and Paniccia offer up an all access Hulk / World War Hulk
Red Diamond Vertigo makes complete first issue classics available for free
Red Diamond Marvel's positioning themselves for a live-action Avengers flick
Red Diamond 5 questions with Brian Azzarello
Red Diamond Can even the World's Greatest Superheroes survive Hollywood?
Red Diamond New York Comic-Con 07: The Pictures
Red Diamond DC Direct Superman/Batman action figure series continues
Red Diamond New York Comic-Con Marvel Civil War Aftermath
Red Diamond The Dream of Superheroes: Justice League headed to the silver screen
Red Diamond Arthur Suydam talks Marvel Zombies
Red Diamond A closer look at Batwoman from DC's 52 / 52: Week Forty-Two
Red Diamond Eva Green... Is she the new Wonder Woman?


Past news from 2007

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