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News stories from May, 2007


News Links for Thursday, 5/31/07

FlashRed Diamond DC unleashes a new Countdown / Flash teaser image
Red Diamond Teen Titans film / Teen Titans growing up on big screen / Titans Tentpole?
Red Diamond World War Hulk: Front Line #1 preview
Red Diamond No more Sin Ciy? / Sin City 2 still in the works
Red Diamond Tom DeFalco and Ron Lim's fun with the Fantastic Five
Red Diamond Marvel Entertainment appoints Alan Fine Executive Vice President / More
Red Diamond Nominees Announced for 2007 Manning Award
Red Diamond Wolverine, Magneto movies in the pipe for a 2008 and 2009 respectively
Red Diamond Talking with the Stars of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Red Diamond Author Laurel K. Hamilton to pen Anite Blake tale for Marvel
Red Diamond The Comic Book Rabbi
Red Diamond Hey, about those crazy Canadian comics...
Red Diamond Comic pitches should be good


News Links for Wednesday, 5/30/07

Zero Killer #1Red Diamond Zero the Hero: Nelson talks Zero Killers
Red Diamond Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson pull back the curtain on The Boys
Red Diamond Footage, Interviews from Iron Man Set / Iron Bits: Favreau Speaks
Red Diamond Brian Reed joins Michael Avon Oeming as Red Sonja co-writer
Red Diamond It’s A Bug’s Life in The Exterminators
Red Diamond Girls Who Bite Back: Witches, Mutants, Slayers and Freaks
Red Diamond Fantastic Four 2: Inside the production office with Ralph Winter
Red Diamond Sheena is back to rule the jungle again
Red Diamond Heroes new conspiracy theory: Nab an Emmy?
Red Diamond Incredible Hulk film synopsis unfolds
Red Diamond Spreading the message on a silent killer through comics
Red Diamond Top Five Comic Book Beards
Red Diamond How does Stan Lee feel Hollywood has handled his creations?


News Links for Tuesday, 5/29/07

Batman / Lobo: Deadly Serious #1Red Diamond Batman / Lobo: Deadly Serious preview
Red Diamond Heroes for Hire #13 cover by Sana Takeda creating a stir
Red Diamond Looking back on the beginning of Fandom
Red Diamond Marvel Indy Anthology in the works
Red Diamond The King’s Final Creation Shines in Image’s Silver Star HC
Red Diamond Endangered Species and the Return Of Gambit
Red Diamond Jason Aaron Does the Casino Boogie in Scalped
Red Diamond Conan artist Will Conrad, cheating death
Red Diamond Comics You Should Own - Firestorm #58-100
Red Diamond Gaiman Hard at Work on Second Sandman Volume
Red Diamond The ultimate 300 parody?
Red Diamond US Mint not happy with Silver Surfer promotion / Search For Silver / More
Red Diamond Are Canadians Paying Too Much For Comics?


Today we take time out to honor our military, 5/28/07


Today We Honor Memorial Day!

Memorial Day
Today we offer thanks to those who serve and
those who pay the ultimate price for freedom


In the year ahead, please consider supporting
our troops by contacting your elected officials [link]
and asking that they bring our troops home.


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News Links for Friday, 5/25/07

Red Sonja #25Red Diamond Fresh blood on the way for Dynamite's Red Sonja series
Red Diamond X-Men #200, X-Men: Endangered Species: One Shot / #199 coverage
Red Diamond Previewing Justice Society of America #6
Red Diamond Harvey Pekar looks at life after Splendor
Red Diamond Septagon Studios debut title Scorn gets a trailer
Red Diamond Ed Brubaker talks Daredevil
Red Diamond Heroes post game report with Tim Kring / Part Two
Red Diamond Ray Bradbury receives special Pulitzer
Red Diamond Nazanin Boniadi Joins the Cast of Iron Man
Red Diamond Hasbro out in force at Star Wars Celebration IV
Red Diamond Underground Comix Price Guide Supplement coming in July
Red Diamond Covers of comic-book women featured in new coffee-table volume
Red Diamond Top 100 Buffy moments of all time / Buffy questions answered


News Links for Thursday, 5/24/07

InvincibleRed Diamond Image Sneak Peeks for May 30th
Red Diamond What are the Secrets of the Batcave?
Red Diamond Showcase Presents baddies doing good under protest
Red Diamond CBLDF hosts Strangers in Paradise wrap party with exclusives
Red Diamond New Avengers #31 changes everything
Red Diamond Sneak a peek at Marvel's Nova #3
Red Diamond The Silver Surfer cometh this summer in Marvel TPB's and comics
Red Diamond Adam Hughes on the Mary Jane statue controversy
Red Diamond John Siuntres talks with writer Ed Brubaker about...well everything
Red Diamond Catching up with Countdown #49
Red Diamond Red Mile Entertainment to Develop Sin City Video Games
Red Diamond A long history of Kiss and comics
Red Diamond Van Lente's Fantastic time with the Power Pack


News Links for Wednesday, 5/23/07

X-Men #202Red Diamond Taking a look at Marvel's X-Books for August
Red Diamond Darkseid Rules: In-Depth with Paul Dini and Countdown
Red Diamond The summer lowdown on comics' biggest teen hero titles
Red Diamond Talking Midnighter, Four Horsemen with Keith Giffen
Red Diamond Top Cow City of Heroes Issues 17 and 18 published as PDF's
Red Diamond The Sub Mariner's Back From The Depth
Red Diamond Marvel celebrates Silver Surfer return Radd / Surfing in silver
Red Diamond Sheathing the Blade: Guggenheim talks Blade cancellation
Red Diamond World War...She-Hulk? Jen Walters confronts Iron Man
Red Diamond Joker runs wild on the World Wide Web
Red Diamond Japan unveils new prize to honour manga artists abroad
Red Diamond Legion of Super Heroes Heads to DVD
Red Diamond Can't get enough comics on the big screen? / Three Watchmen?


News Links for Tuesday, 5/22/07

Fantastic FourRed Diamond Marvel for August / DC for August / The rest
Red Diamond Bryan Hitch and Joss Whedon - One-On-One
Red Diamond Marvel announces countdown clock, World War Hulk banners
Red Diamond Brave and the Bold's Mark Waid ranks his favorite DC team-ups
Red Diamond Hero Initiative Auctions Spidey
Red Diamond Stephen King's Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born #5 preview
Red Diamond Dr. Manhattan knows Kung Fu? Watchmen casting rumors
Red Diamond Shrek the Third ends Spider-Man's box office reign
Red Diamond Xeric winning series, The Boy Who Made Silence
Red Diamond Heath Ledger Joker Revealed
Red Diamond Mike Baron's Badger returns in November
Red Diamond Sub-Mariner #1 Sneak Peek
Red Diamond Studio 18 ties up with Virgin Comics


News Links for Monday, 5/21/07

Countdown #50Red Diamond Down for the Countdown / Out for the Countdown
Red Diamond Marvel Introduces Latino Superhero Team
Red Diamond DC Comics Solicitations for August 2007 / DC news from Bristol
Red Diamond Looking at the Spider-Man titles for August
Red Diamond Friends of Lulu 2007 Awards Ballot Online / Glyph winners
Red Diamond Dan Green talks about inking the Atom
Red Diamond Anthony Michael Hall stays quiet about role in Batman saga
Red Diamond Fin Fang Foom Zooms to San Diego
Red Diamond Marvel Authorizes $200M Share Buyback
Red Diamond Looking back on Justice League of America 0 to 9
Red Diamond Palmiotti talks Painkiller Jane / Inside Look: Painkiller Jane #1
Red Diamond No joke, it's evil Heath / I believe (Harvey Dent) / I believe (Joker)
Red Diamond Heroes ends as a hit / Heroes Remarkable season / Heroic finale


News Links for Friday, 5/18/07

Dynamo 5Red Diamond Image previews for May 23rd
Red Diamond Six-week delay for Batman #666 / Check out Batman #665
Red Diamond Catching up with Les Dabel and the Dabel Brothers
Red Diamond Hellboy 2 to be Shot at Korda
Red Diamond Steve Rude Announces Special Sale of His Artwork
Red Diamond All Star Batman and Robin #5: Miller and Lee return
Red Diamond Jackson in the Spirit for Miller / Jackson is The Octopus in Spirit
Red Diamond Bugging John Rogers and the Blue Beetle
Red Diamond Take a look at Fangoria Comics Bump #1
Red Diamond Magic! Don Kramer on Drawing Batman and Zatanna
Red Diamond Inkworks marks monstrous milestone for Buffy’s 10th Anniversary
Red Diamond Dark Horse announces Star Wars Celebration signing schedule
Red Diamond Batman to face biggest gamble yet in Dark Knight


News Links for Thursday, 5/17/07

Nexus ReturnsRed Diamond Steve Rude on his company and Nexus / RudeDude Productions
Red Diamond Talking Countdown #50 with DC's Dan Didio / 52 cover for Volume 1
Red Diamond Marvel unveils new band of Warriors
Red Diamond Wizard Entertainment launches an entirely new website
Red Diamond Shazam! Hamaker talks Bone, Captain Marvel and more
Red Diamond Watchmen, Eh? Snyder's adaptation may film in Canada
Red Diamond Smallville's Martian Manhunter talks spin-offs and comic books
Red Diamond Talking with American Virgin creator Steve Seagle
Red Diamond They're still planning on a Punisher 2 with John Dahl directing?
Red Diamond World War Hulk ships this June, Marvel will never be the same
Red Diamond Jimmy Palmoitti and Painkiller Jane
Red Diamond Marveling at Lopresti's Ms. Marvel from Marvel
Red Diamond Mary Jane as laundress has Spider-Man comic fans in a lather


News Links for Wednesday, 5/16/07

Teen TitansRed Diamond Sean McKeever on the Teen Titans in his Future
Red Diamond Steven Grant answers 7 questions on 2 Guns
Red Diamond Dark Horse for August / IDW for July / Dynamite for July
Red Diamond David Boreanaz Set For Sub-Mariner?
Red Diamond Stuart Moore: Assemble and Roll Out
Red Diamond Heroes spinoff asks for viewer participation / Talk with Jesse Alexander
Red Diamond Behind the page with Rags Morales
Red Diamond Checkmate #13 and Outsiders #47 crossover review
Red Diamond CW upfronts confirm that Smallville will be back next season
Red Diamond Stan Lee talks Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and Hulk in this video
Red Diamond Marvel Trading Card Game for handhelds and PC
Red Diamond Doctor Strange Animated Movie site unveiled
Red Diamond Storming The X-Men / A closer look at X-Men: First Class Special #1


Details from Frank Miller's The Spirit film emerge!

Spirit PosterRed Diamond Lionsgate conjures The Spirit with Odd Lot Entertainment and Frank Miller
Red Diamond Frank Miller Takes on The Spirit Movie
Red Diamond Lionsgate Backs Frank Miller's Adaptation of The Spirit
Red Diamond Frank Miller gets his revenge in Hollywood
Red Diamond Frank Miller's Spirit is Willed
Red Diamond Lionsgate Acquires Frank Miller's The Spirit

Red Diamond Frank Miller's Will Eisner's The Spirit picked up


News Links for Tuesday, 5/15/07

Countdown to AdventureRed Diamond Countdown to Adventure launches in August
Red Diamond Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie wed
Red Diamond Hanley's Universe welcomes Terry Moore / Moore in NY, SIP warp party
Red Diamond What's your favoratie comic book movie?
Red Diamond Covering the bases on Marvel's Immortal Iron Fist
Red Diamond Steve Gerber's Doctor Fate rescheduled
Red Diamond Heroes: Origins coming to NBC / NBC cleans house and expands Heroes
Red Diamond Garth Ennis and John McCrea will re-team for Hitman/JLA miniseries
Red Diamond Dark Horse, Hyde Park Strike Deal
Red Diamond Batman Fansite Posting Lots of Dark Knight Scoops / The Joker's Origin

Red Diamond Guy Ritchie branches out into the comic-book field
Red Diamond Dynamite and Frank Cho team-up to present the ultimate Jungle Girl
Red Diamond Silver Surfer soars to Mid-Ohio Con


News Links for Monday, 5/14/07

Blaze AndersonRed Diamond Chimaera partners with Arcana to lauch new Hero Universe line
Red Diamond Spider-Man 3 Still Tops the Charts
Red Diamond Ten titanic mighty Marvel sneak peeks
Red Diamond Downey Jr. on Iron Man / Shaun Toub Super Villian / ILM forges Iron FX
Red Diamond Authors like Lethem, King trying comics / Novelists Turn to Comics
Red Diamond Marvel previews art from Daredevil: Battlin' Jack Murdock
Red Diamond McDowell, Pasdar & Rose talk Heroes
Red Diamond Who counts in Countdown? Episode #51 starts the show
Red Diamond 2007 Eagle Awards Results
Red Diamond Marvel Ultimates 2 #13 preview and the 8-page spread
Red Diamond Andy Smith signs up for Stormwatch:PHD
Red Diamond Mallonee and Beachum Return to Flare
Red Diamond Aspen's Iron & the Maiden, Turner cover first look


News Links for Friday, 5/11/07

Captain America #26Red Diamond Ed Brubaker on Captain America - After the Fall
Red Diamond Sequart Research & Literacy Organization Announces Book Line
Red Diamond Cathing up with artist Ron Lim
Red Diamond Top 5 Indie titles: Small press buzz books
Red Diamond Casting Captain America
Red Diamond Tim Roth is set to star in The Incredible Hulk
Red Diamond Exclusive Interview with DC Direct's Georg Brewer
Red Diamond It's all gone Grant Morrison (or how Heroes might save the world)
Red Diamond X-Men 4: Jackie Chan's Pitch to Brett Ratner
Red Diamond Initiative Visual Guide / Annihilation Guide / Dark Tower Guide
Red Diamond Jettisoned from DC, Ennis & Robertson take the Boys to Dynamite
Red Diamond The Coming of Galactus HeroClix Event
Red Diamond Heroes Expands Into Digital Entertainment


News Links for Thursday, 5/10/07

SpiritRed Diamond Cooke brings The Spirit back to life
Red Diamond X-Men 199 counting down to a legendary 200
Red Diamond Roth an Abomination? / Roth Hulk villain / Tim Roth in Hulk
Red Diamond Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen talk Legion of Super-Heroes
Red Diamond Mignola Confirmed for Birmingham International Comics Show
Red Diamond Terror, Inc. returning this summer from Marvel Comics
Red Diamond Gen13's creative team invites you to a ... Road Trip
Red Diamond Marvel Adventures revisits Iron Man
Red Diamond Animated shorts: Smallville Legends and more
Red Diamond Gary Frank signs exclusive with DC
Red Diamond The Rock comes to Shazam?
Red Diamond Boom Studios launching a new artist search
Red Diamond George Lucas plans two more Star Wars


News Links for Wednesday, 5/9/07

Strangers in ParadiseRed Diamond Terry Moore: Ending SiP, Five Faves and Motorgirl
Red Diamond Captain America Reverts Back To Roots
Red Diamond 52 Week 52, Countdown 51 / Palmotti talks Countdown
Red Diamond Dark Horse solicitations for August, 2007
Red Diamond Retrospective: Green Arrow and Black Canary
Red Diamond Free Comic Book Day 2007
Red Diamond Two-month delay announced for Kabuki #9
Red Diamond Spider-Man 3 comic to movie comparison
Red Diamond Go, Look: Small Kirby Cover Gallery
Red Diamond The Spirit #2 sells out
Red Diamond Pasdar, Rose & McDowell: A Few of NBC's Heroes
Red Diamond Keith Giffen ties up some loose ends about Howling Commandos
Red Diamond Proud Serbs exhibit Superman's kryptonite


News Links for Tuesday, 5/8/07

Blue BeetleRed Diamond John Rogers Blue Beetle's big picture and making him fun
Red Diamond Dan Didio looks back on DC Comics 52
Red Diamond Josh Ortega on scripting Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer
Red Diamond Will Eisner: Portrait of a Sequential Artist
Red Diamond Why Wolverine’s latest brawl with Sabertooth will be his last
Red Diamond The Ultimate Silver Surfer cometh to Marvel Comics
Red Diamond Sam Raimi says he worried Maguire-Dunst breakup would ruin series
Red Diamond Marvel's David Gabriel talks Marvel Illustrated
Red Diamond Star Wars:The book that saved Marvel / 3 decades & counting
Red Diamond Rotten Tomatoes ranks best comic book films
Red Diamond Start the Countdowd: Will this weekly be as successful as 52?
Red Diamond Spider-Man 3 record adjusted: It made more money than reported
Red Diamond Spidey drives Marvel's 1st quarter profit / More / Best IMAX opening


News Links for Monday, 5/7/07

Omega Flight #3Red Diamond Omega Flight sells out at Diamond
Red Diamond DC's 52: the full story straight from DC / 52 review
Red Diamond More Marvel May 2007 The Initiative Previews
Red Diamond The latest July 2007 previews from DC Comics
Red Diamond More on Gail Simone's Welcome to Tranquility from Wildstorm
Red Diamond Eisner Judges interviewed for a behind the scenes look
Red Diamond Stan Lee gets great media exposure on 60 minutes
Red Diamond Eric Roberts on The Dark Knight
Red Diamond Up Close with Shiftiest NBC Heroes / Heroes: Panettiere, Roberts
Red Diamond Virgin Announces Guy Ritchie's GameKeeper
Red Diamond DC counts down to new weekly comic book series
Red Diamond A closer look at Buffy the Vampire Slayer #3
Red Diamond Liv Tyler signs for Incredible Hulk


Free Comic Book Day Coverage

Free Comic Book DayRed Diamond The official word from the good folks at FCBD
Red Diamond Free Comic Book Day brings out fans
Red Diamond Free Comic Book Day Photo Journal
Red Diamond Free Comic Book Day on May 5, 2007
Red Diamond Fox handing out Silver Surfer #1 reprint on Free Comic Book Day
Red Diamond Free Comic Book Day 2007 at Atomic Comics
Red Diamond Comics on the House
Red Diamond FCBD: Robert Kirkman in NYC / Kirkman's Amazing Race
Red Diamond Free Comic Book Day is geek Christmas
Red Diamond Still on the Shelf 2007 - Free Comic Book Day rundown
Red Diamond Liberty Girl #0 Wanted on FCBD
Red Diamond What are you doing for Free Comic Book Day 2007?
Red Diamond Free Comic Book Day This Saturday


Sensational Spider-Man Weekend

Spider-Man 3Red Diamond Spidey's a complete box office smash
Red Diamond Spidey's Sensational Opening
Red Diamond Spider-Man Breaks Box Office / Spider-Man 3 at $148 million
Red Diamond Spider-Man 3 box office eclipses national debt
Red Diamond Spider-Man 3 #1 at the box office
Red Diamond Spider-Man 3 earns record-breaking $59 million on opening day
Red Diamond Spider-Man 3 Swings to Records
Red Diamond Spider-Man 3 sets new records everywhere
Red Diamond Spider-Man 3 Breaks North America Record
Red Diamond Spider-Man 3 in Theaters
Red Diamond Spider-Man 3 raises dead theater chains
Red Diamond A closer look at Spider-Man 3
Red Diamond Spider-Man 3 Game Trailer & Pics


News Links for Friday, 5/4/07

Madame MirageRed Diamond Madame Mirage first look
Red Diamond J.G. Jones on 52 / Geoff Johns / Mark Waid / Keith Giffen
Red Diamond Countdown To X-Tinction In X-Men #199
Red Diamond Hell to Pay: A Look Back at Mike Mignola’s Hellboy - Part 1 / Part 2
Red Diamond Liv Tyler is Hulk's Betty Ross / Liv Tyler is Betty Ross
Red Diamond The history of Marvel's entire Annihilation event is recounted
Red Diamond Metal Men: Robotic crusaders are the DCU's most important alloys
Red Diamond Eric Roberts on The Dark Knight
Red Diamond Green Arrow Year One Sneak Peek
Red Diamond Jimmy Palmiotti's Painkiller Jane Blog at
Red Diamond Announcing Sequart Research & Literacy Organization
Red Diamond Fallen Son: Death of Captain America - Captain America
Red Diamond Detailed Iron Man set visit


Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3 ... In Theaters Today!


Red Diamond The full history of Spider-Man 3
Red Diamond Spider-Man 3 Video Interviews crawl onto your screen
Red Diamond Spidey Poised for Record Bow In Record Number of Theaters
Red Diamond Spoiler Free First Impression of Spider-Man 3
Red Diamond Bryce Dallas Howard shares a few Spider-Man secrets
Red Diamond Spider-Man 3 - Q&A with Director Sam Raimi
Red Diamond A few more Spider-Man 3 television spots
Red Diamond Spider-Man 3 Review / Another Review / Still Another Review / One More / Okay, one more
Red Diamond Mega Bloks' Secret Lab Assault / Sideshow's Spider-Man 3 Figures, Statues and Collectibles
Red Diamond Why we love Spider-Man
Red Diamond Spidey licensing to new extremes
Red Diamond Spider-Man 3 Video Game Released / Spider-Man 3 Swings Onto Wii, PS3, 360 and More
Red Diamond Six Years of Spider-Man Films


News Links for Thursday, 5/3/07

Brave and the BoldRed Diamond Gone until '09: George Perez's final panel from Pittsburgh
Red Diamond Take a look at the upcoming Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special
Red Diamond You should be reading Jonah Hex
Red Diamond Peek at New Iron Man Costume / This is Iron Man
Red Diamond A half dozen Marvel sneak peeks
Red Diamond DC Comics World War III roundtable
Red Diamond Fallen Son delays announced / Motley Fool analyzes Marvel
Red Diamond New hope for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Red Diamond Jason Hall getting unlimited with Stargirl and the Crimson Avenger
Red Diamond John August putting words in Captain Marvel's mouth
Red Diamond Producer Peters says Singer at work on super sequel
Red Diamond Surprise! Free Comic Book Day isn't really free for retailers
Red Diamond Spidey Continues First-Day Record String / Spidey sets more records


News Links for Wednesday, 5/2/07

Justice Society of AmericaRed Diamond Talking Justice Society of America with Dale Eaglesham
Red Diamond Kieron Gillen: Never Missing a Beat with Phonogram
Red Diamond Warners ready for Miller's Ronin / Ronin the next big thing? / More
Red Diamond Bleeding to Death (or, the DC Multiverse Cometh)
Red Diamond Spider-Man 3 sets records in Asia / Spider-Man trade / Spider-Man 4

Red Diamond Septagon Studios Announces Show Your Stuff contest
Red Diamond Happily Ever After: An interview with Bill Willingham
Red Diamond Nova’s DnA: A Look Under The Microscope
Red Diamond Bat-Memorials and the Death of Stephanie Brown
Red Diamond Check out the top 11 Black Cats
Red Diamond My little Runaways: A look at Marvel's runaway success title
Red Diamond Simone Bianchi on Wolverine, Detective Comics and more
Red Diamond Supporting Fantagraphics with Love and Rockets for Newcomers


News Links for Tuesday, 5/1/07

Fifty-Two #52Red Diamond DC Comic Fifty-Two: One Year Later
Red Diamond Brian Reed is taking Ms. Marvel to new heights
Red Diamond New Fantastic Four trailer unveiled online
Red Diamond The future isn't so bright on Heroes / Heroes: Five Years Gone
Red Diamond Calling aspiring comic creators: Platinum Studios Comic Challenge
Red Diamond The legend lives on in Captain America #26
Red Diamond Frank Miller on 300, The Spirit and Sin City 2
Red Diamond Get ready for Spidey-mania / Crawling to Theaters / Swings to Queens
Red Diamond Magneto Returns To Hollywood
Red Diamond Are Superheroes' women their Kryptonite?
Red Diamond Luke Goss joins the cast of Hellboy 2
Red Diamond Starman is Stane, Buffy may be Harley, Transformers transcends
Red Diamond How Spider-Man Compares to the Real Thing


Past news from 2007

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