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Wednesday, April 30th, 2008


The Related RecapThe Related Recap #4

Podcast Our fourth podcast comes to you direct from New York Comic Con and features the Grant Morrison panel

Added April 30th



CapeCAPE! Schedule Details

CAPE 4, the Comic and Pop Culture Expo, is set to celebrat Free Comic Book Day this weekend and we have all the details
Added April 30th


Marvel Digital500 New Digital Comics

Marvel Comics has just added 500 more issues to their online digital comic service and now offers over 3,500 titles
Added April 30th


Tuesday, April 29th, 2008


Windy City Paper & Pulp ConWindy City Pulp Con

Mini-Con Coverage Ron Fortier shares a full report from this past weekend's Windy City Paper & Pulp Con

Added April 29th


Michael Alan Nelson 10: Michael Alan Nelson

Feature Q&A Russell Burlingame poses 10 Questions about Fall of Cthulhu #11 to Michael Alan Nelson

Added April 29th


The JokerNYCC Photos: Round 14

In our latest New York Comic Con gallery we break from the parade of creators and check out some cool stuff

Added April 29th

BEABEA Author Breakfast

Diamond has announced Graphic Novel Author Breakfast featuring Loeb, Mignola, Spiegelman and Smith
Added April 29th


NovoAlterna Comics in June

The good folks at Alterna Comics have shared information on titles in the April Previews that are set to ship June 25th
Added April 29th


Hunter's MoonHunter's Moon Adapted

BOOM! Studios and James L. Whote attach Mekhi Phifer's Facilitator
Films to adapt Hunter's Moon as starring vehicle
Added April 29th


Monday, April 28th, 2008


Christos GageNYCC Photos: Round 13
We're pleased to share another round of creator photos continuing our ongoing coverage of New York Comic Con

Added April 28th


ShippingShipping This Week
Our release date area has been updated to reflect titles coming out through April 30th. We post 'em as they're announced.

Added April 28th


Guy Reading A PaperUpcoming Site Events

We've got quite a mix of events and content coming over the next 45 days so here's a summary with all the latest details

Added April 28th


Doktor SleeplessAvatar Press for July

Join us as we take a quick look at what Avatar Press will be shipping in July including Anna Mercury, Gravel and No Hero
Added April 28th


Herc & the God SquadHerc & The God Squad

With Secret Invasion in full swing, Hercules’ sister Athena brings together a group of deities to face the imminent Skrull threat

Added April 28th


Virgin ComicsFCBD & Virgin Comics

Free Comic Book Day is inviting comic book fans to create their own mini commercials on why they love comic books

Added April 28th


Sunday, April 27th, 2008


Bob LaytonNYCC Photos: Round 12
In our newest New York Comic Con gallery, we turn back to the creators who made the weekend such an amazing show

Added April 27th


PodcastingRecap On the Move

We're moving the Related Recap to Wednesdays and the next show will launch April 30th and feature a full show interview

Added April 27th


Swamp DemonJosh Medors Benefit

Image and Frazetta Comics step in to help artist Josh Medors who has been fighting cancer for the past few months

Added April 27th


X-ForceX-Force Issues Return

Marvel is proud to announce X-Force: Legacy of Vengeance, collecting the first three chapters of this sell out storyline

Added April 27th


Saturday, April 26th, 2008


HeadhuntersPreview Headhunters

A darker, edgier look at superheroics can be enjoyed in writer-artist Chris Marrinan's re-release of HeadHunters

Added April 26th


Hot Shot of the WeekHot Shot of the Week

Fall of Cthulhu proves to be one of the most entertaining monthlies coming out of Boom!'s prolific publishing house

Added April 26th


SpooksSpooks Spin-Off 99¢

Devil's Due serves up an elite military task force this July with writer Larry Hama's 99-cent Spooks: Omega Team #0

Added April 26th


Alterna ComicsAlterna FCBD Signings

Alterna Comics is heading out in force doing a series of singings in support of the upcoming Free Comic Book Day

Added April 26th


Friday, April 25th, 2008


The Related RecapRelated Recap Returns

Podcast Our third podcast features Brent Erwin of Ape Entertainment, the creators of Ayre Force and New York Comic Con

Added April 25th



Station #1Stokes' Station #1

Five nations have come together to build the crowning achievement in space travel, but now one astronaut is dead

Added April 25th


Stan LeeStan Lee and Virgin

Stan Lee has announced he's forming a partnership with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Comics to create a universe of superheroes

Added April 25th


Thursday, April 24th, 2008


Comic CreatorsNYCC Photos: Round 11
In this latest gallery, we take a couple looks at the convention floor and check in with a few creators and celebs

Added April 24th


Comic Book Legal Defense FundCBLDF Scores Victory

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund scored a victory as prosecutors dismissed all charges against Gordon Lee

Added April 24th


High RollersBoom! High Rollers

Mystery novelist Gary Phillips brings you a tale of crime and destiny in the vein of Scarface in this new Boom! Studios series

Added April 24th


newuniversalnewuniversal Returns

Acclaimed newuniversal, from Warren Ellis and Steve Kurth returns with a new a six issue series and we have a full preview

Added April 24th


Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008


Ayre ForceNYCC Photos: Round 10
We're moving back to the creators of New York Comic Con and we're just getting warmed up when it comes to photos

Added April 23rd


Guy Reading A PaperConvention Plans Shift
We're adding three shows to our schedule, pulling one and deciding between two that moved to the same weekend

Added April 23rd


NightwingNYCC: Costume Call
We're back with a new gallery of costumed fans photographed during the weekend's New York Comic Con

Added April 23rd


Six From SiriusDC Creators Do Chicago

Wizard World Chicago will host a spectacular assortment of talent currently creating for DC Comics

Added April 23rd


Six From SiriusMoench & Gulacy

Smashout Comics to publish the complete creator-owned works of Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy

Added April 23rd


Haven DistributionA Full Haven Update

Read on for all the latest updates on Rogue Wolf Comics and info on Haven Distributor's products, news and sales

Added April 23rd


Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008


Green LanternNYCC: Costume Call
We're back with another gallery of New York Comic Con photos and this time we're focusing on the costumes

Added April 22nd


ShippingShipping This Week
Our release date area has been updated to reflect titles coming out through April 23rd. We post 'em as they're announced.

Added April 22nd


Steve DitkoDitko at MoCCA?

Fantagraphics Books is set to debut Strange and Stranger: The World of Steve Ditko at the MOCCA Art Festival

Added April 22nd


Top ShelfTop Shelf Coming Soon

Chris Staros and Top Shelf Publications share updates on Alex Robinson's Too Cool To Be Forgotten and much more

Added April 22nd


Monday, April 21st, 2008


PerhapanautsNYCC: Video Hot Shot

Russell sat down with The Perhapanauts creators Todd DeZago and Craig Rousseau for a video Hot Shot of the Week

Added April 21st


Silver SurferNYCC: Day 3 Report

Stan Lee, the guys from Moonlight and a much more relaxed show highlight our latest convention report

Added April 21st



A gallery checking in with Indie Spinner Rack as they hosted a mix of great small press creators in podcast alley

Added April 21st



Sunday, April 20th, 2008



Creators at playNYCC Photos: Round 6

Parrillo, David, Infantino, Dezago and much more are the focus of this new photo gallery from New York Comic Con

Added April 20th


Marvel DisplayNYCC: Day 3 Targets

As you prepare for Sunday, the final day of NYCC, here are a few high points the organizers would like you to consider

Added April 20th


Neal AdamsNYCC: Neal Adams

Russell Burlingame sits down with Neal Adams for an interview discussing his work, his philosophies and more

Added April 20th


Grant MorrisonNYCC: Grant Morrison

We have some great video exerpts from today's Guest of Honor Grant Morrison panel at New York Comic Con

Added April 20th


X-FilesNYCC: X-Files Panel

Video from last night's X-Files panel emerges on the internet and we couldn't resist sharing... We want to believe!

Added April 20th


Saturday, April 19th, 2008


Show FloorNYCC: Day 2 Report

We rundown some news coming out of the con today and look at some organization issues that arose today

Added April 19th


The EndlessNYCC Photos: Round 4

Our fourth round of photos continues our tour of the show floor, checks in with Dave Finch and shows off a slick dalek

Added April 19th


The RayNYCC Photos: Round 5

Our next round of convention photos centers on creators, costumed folks, Captain Action and Chris Carter

Added April 19th


Show FloorNYCC: Day 2 Targets

As you prepare for Saturday at NYCC, here are a few high points the organizers want you to consider

Added April 19th


Friday, April 18th, 2008


Show FloorNYCC: Day 1 Report

Bigger, badder, massive, louder and loaded with mainstream comic talent... It's day one of New York Comic Con

Added April 18th


Great creatorsNYCC Photos: Round 2

Our second photo gallery focuses on creators (and the Hulk) as we explore the show floor at New York Comic Con

Added April 18th


Art in motionNYCC Photos: Round 3

Our third round of photos welcomes fans to show, has a bit of fun, features a dog shot and Sean McKeever at rest

Added April 18th


The Art Car!NYCC Photos: Round 1

Our first round of photos features the Watchmen figures and kicks off our running look at the show floor and the creators

Added April 18th


Thursday, April 17th, 2008


Jeff SmithJeff Smith on RASL

Non-Show Coverage! Russell caught up with Jeff Smith at last night's Rasl release party and sat down for an interview

Added April 17th


New York Comic ConLive from New York

Pre-Show Coverage! We're in Manhattan and we're firing up the convention coverage with a pre-show kickoff update

Added April 17th


Marvel PanelsMarvel Panels, Events

Marvel has planned a wide range of panels and events over the course of this weekend’s New York Comic Con

Added April 17th


Tim RothTim Roth at NYCC

Tim Roth and Louis Leterrier of The Incredible Hulk will be at New York Comic Con signing at the Marvel Booth

Added April 17th


Wednesday, April 16th, 2008


New York Comic ConNew York... Overnight

Pre-Show Coverage! Want to check out more early footage from New York Comic Con? Here's where to find it!

Added April 16th


Aqua LeungNew York... Game ON!

Pre-Show Coverage! Russell chats with Paul Maybury about Aqua Leung at Tuesday's CBLDF Drink and Draw event

Added April 16th


The Misadventures of Clark & JeffersonMisadventures Review

New Review Ron Fortier takes a look at Ape Entertainment's Misadventures of Clark and Jefferson

Added April 16th


Stan LeeNY Legends Award

Renowned editor and writer, Stan Lee, is set to receive the first New York Legends Comic Award tomorrow night

Added April 16th


New York Comic-ConFinal NYCC Program

New York Comic Con has announced it's full, official conference program... 250 sessions and 300 hours of programming

Added April 16th

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008


New FrontierDaredevil, Ghost Rider

TV Party's back! Gordon Dymowski's latest column looks back and compares the Daredevil and Ghost Rider comic films

Added April 15th


Booster GoldThe Gold Exchange

Feature Debut Talking with Jeff Katz and Dan Jurgens, The Gold Exchange is your monthly look at DC's Booster Gold

Added April 15th


Boston Spectacular Comic ShowBoston Spectacular

Mini-Con Coverage Ron Fortier shares a full report from this past weekend's Boston Spectacular Comic Show

Added April 15th


Mouse GuardASP Invades New York

ASP has announced its plan for this year’s New York Comic Con with 15 creators and two panels planned

Added April 15th


Wizard World chicagoEllis, Bendis and Ross

Warren Ellis, Brian Michael Bendis & Alex Ross are confirmed for Wizard World Chicago this June 26-29, 2008

Added April 15th


Michael GoldenMichael Golden Honor

At the same time Michael Golden is honored at Barcelona Comic Con, his rare original art will be available at NYCC

Added April 15th


Monday, April 14th, 2008


WatchmenWatching Watchmen

Exclusive! Who watches the Watchmen? We still do and we're pleased to share our seventh behind the scenes exclusive report!

Added April 14th


ShippingShipping This Week
Our release date area has been updated to reflect titles coming out through April 16th. We post 'em as they're announced.

Added April 14th


Gapo the ClownGapo Web Series Back

At long last, Gapo the Clown has returned to the web updating three times a week and this time the series is in full color

Added April 14th


Ayre ForceAyre Force Invades NY

Based on real people, Ayre Force reveals the hidden activities and past of Bodog's billionaire founder, Calvin Ayre

Added April 14th


RunnersNew ASP Titles 2008

ASP announces its new titles debuting in 2008, adding to its award winning line-up of comics and graphic novels

Added April 14th


Jesus Hates ZombiesJesus Hates Zombies

Alterna Comics is pleased to announce that Stephen Lindsay's Jesus Hates Zombies has sold out at Diamond

Added April 14th


Sunday, April 13th, 2008


Comic RelatedAdvertise your comic

Our ad space has begun selling out. If you would like to be seen on Comic Related, here's how to make it happen!

Added April 13th


Max Ink's BlinkFrom The Sketchbook

We open up our personal convention sketchbook sharing some great art. Page 12 in the series goes to Jack Knifley.

Added April 13th


LuluLulu Awards@New York

Friends of Lulu is moving the organization' s Lulu Awards event from the San Diego Comic-Con to the MoCCA Art Festival

Added April 13th


Gotham KnightGotham Knight Unveil

The world premiere of the DC Universe Animated Movie, Batman Gotham Knight will take place at Wizard World Chicago

Added April 13th


Saturday, April 12th, 2008


Erik Larsen10 with Ed Brubaker

Feature Q&A Russell Burlingame poses 10 Questions about Criminal #2 to series creator Ed Brubaker

Added April 12th


Secret InvasionHot Shot of the Week

Our new Hot Shot of the Week features Ed Brubaker's creator owned Marvel/Icon ongoing series, Criminal

Added April 12th


Hard Way StudiosNeal Adams at NYCC

Legendary comic book artist writer illustrator Neal Adams will be attending the upcoming New York Comic Con

Added April 12th


Hard Way StudiosAwakening Nominated

ASP series of existential horror by Nick Tapalansky and Alex Eckman-Lawn has been nominated for four Eagle Awards

Added April 12th


Friday, April 11th, 2008


The Related RecapRelated Recap Returns

Podcast We're back with our second podcast featuring Amazon POD talk, the ISR and Gem City Comic Con audio

Added April 11th




Gem City Comic ConGem City Con Report

We're pleased to share our complete post convention report looking back on Dayton's recent Gem City Comic Con

Added April 11th


Hard Way StudiosHard Way Art Sale

Hard Way Studios has posted a mix of original pencil art for sale featuring the work of artist Dwayne Biddix

Added April 11th


Fantastic FourFantastic Four Betrayal

Marvel has unveiled the full cover to Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #1 as the team’s betrayer stands revealed

Added April 11th


Division 18Division 18 Art@NYCC

Silent Devil is giving fans the chance to win original pages daily from Division 18 at the upcoming New York Comic Con

Added April 11th


Thursday, April 10th, 2008


HellboyHellboy Film Gallery

We're rolling out a full gallery looking back on the Hellboy film photos released to date plus we share nine new ones

Added April 10th


Chain links over textNew Links Added

Our ever growing links page adds 20 new sites taking the count to 2,360. When it comes to links, we cover comics!

Added April 10th


Cemetary BluesCemetery Blues Free

After two sold out issues, Image Comics' Shadowline is now offering Cemetary Blues #1 online at no charge.

Added April 10th


The Hero InitiativeGo VIP in New York

The Hero Initiative and New York Comic Con are offering you a chance to win a VIP Package for next weekend's event

Added April 10th


Wednesday, April 9th, 2008


GeminiGemini #1 Review

New Review Contributing reviewer Brant W. Fowler shares his thoughts on Image Comics new series Gemini

Added April 9th


Gem City Comic Con Artist At WorkGem City - Gallery 3

We's back with our third Gem City Comic Con gallery looking back an additiona 21 photos from the weekend's show

Added April 9th


The FreshmenFreshmen Vacation

Seth Green and Hugh Sterbakov return with the Freshmen: Summer Vacation Special 48-page one-shot

Added April 9th


FormeraApril Alterna Comics

Morbid Myths and Formera headline Alterna Comics release for the month of april and we have all the latest previews

Added April 9th


Tuesday, April 8th, 2008



Bizarre New World: Population ExplosionEveryday Heroes
Exclusive! Tom Stillwell has graciously allowed Comic Related to be the first site to unveil an Everyday Heroes preview!

Added April 8th


Gem City Comic Con Artist At WorkGem City - Gallery 2

We's back with our second Gem City Comic Con gallery looking back with 21 new photos from the weekend's show

Added April 8th


Killing Tree QuarterlyThe Scream Factory

The Scream Factory, opens sharing comic titles at WOWIO including unpublished Fangoria Comics issues

Added April 8th


Killing Tree QuarterlyDemon's Regret Peek

We share a preview of Digital Webbing's Demon's Regret, the story of a fallen angel trying to thewart the father of lies

Added April 8th


Killing Tree QuarterlyKilling Tree Quarterly

Terminal Press will debut the 50 page comic, Killing Tree Quarterly, at the 2008 New York Comic Con on April 18

Added April 8th


Monday, April 7th, 2008


Costume coolness from Gem CityGem City - Gallery 1

We kick off our look back on Gem City Comic Con with 27 photos as we launch our first galley from the weekend's show

Added April 7th


Bat-MunnyFun With Munny

We stopped to visit with Comics2Games checking out their DIY Toy Show preview event and found some great munny

Added April 7th


ShippingShipping This Week
Our release date area has been updated to reflect titles coming out through April 9th. We post 'em as they're announced.

Added April 7th


Lexington Art LeagueComix Call for Entries

The Lexington Art League is seeking entries for an exhibition of comic and cartoon creations for a new exhibition

Added April 7th


TwoMorrow PublishingTwoMorrows Tune-In

TwoMorrows podcast
Tune-In returns after a haitus as the company searched for the right person host the show

Added April 7th


New York Comic-ConNYCC Full Program

Over 300 panels, previews, screenings, conferences, seminars, autograph sessions, and special events

Added April 7th


Sunday, April 6th, 2008


Erik Larsen10 with Erik Larsen

Feature Q&A Russell Burlingame poses 10 Questions about Savage Dragon #135 to creator Erik Larsen

Added April 6th


Lexington Comic ShowLexington Comic Show

Mini-Con Coverage We return with our second set of photos from yesterday's Lexington Kentucky Comic Show

Added April 6th


RASLRASL Premiere Party

Meet Jeff Smith in person at his only NY appearance of the season and support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
Added April 6th


ComicsPROComicsPRO Reactions

Over 60 comic retailers from 23 different states attended the 2nd Annual ComicsPRO meeting in Las Vegas NV
Added April 6th



Saturday, April 5th, 2008


Lexington Comic ShowLexington Comic Show

Mini-Con Coverage Robert Kirkman, Mark Kidwell and Kenn Minter headline the Lexington Kentucky Comic Show

Added April 5th


White Picket FencesWhite Picket Fences

New Review Contributing reviewer Brant W. Fowler takes a look at Ape Entertainment's White Picket Fences

Added April 5th


Secret InvasionHot Shot of the Week

Our new Hot Shot of the Week features Marvel's new mega-event, Secret Invasion, which kicked off with issue #1 this week

Added April 5th


Ben TemplesmithBen Templesmith

Ben Templesmith has signed an exclusive contract with IDW to create new comic book series and art books
Added April 5th


Poison The CurePoison The Cure #2

The New Radio is proud to announce that the second part of the limited series Poison the Cure is available for pre-order
Added April 5th


SurrogatesSurrogates Film Cast

Our friends at Top Shelf have shared a full update on the latest casting decisions for a Surrogates film adaptation
Added April 5th


Friday, April 4th, 2008


Shooting WarIraq Through A Lens

New Column! Iraq's Future Through The Camera Lens: Talking Shooting War With Dan Goldman & Anthony Lappe

Added April 4th


Site StatsOne million once again!

In March we didn't just break the one million hit mark for the third straight month, traffic grew by over 19% from February

Added April 4th


Chain links over textNew Links Added

Our ever growing links page adds 20 new sites taking the count to 2,340. When it comes to links, we cover comics!

Added April 4th


LazarusLazarus: Immortal Coil

Others use the name, but there is only one Lazarus and AAM/Markosia shares the definitive origin of this eternal warrior
Added April 4th


Sky DollCheck out Sky Doll

Marvel unveils a Sky Doll variant cover and the series introduces a socio political thriller unraveling a young android's destiny
Added April 4th


Viper ComicsViper Comics Newswire

Viper Comics is fooling no one this April with their great selection of comics and they're inviting you to take a look at the titles
Added April 4th


Thursday, April 3rd, 2008


Iron ManIron Man Film Gallery

We're rolling out a full gallery looking back on the Iron Man film photos released to date plus we share 12 new ones

Added April 3rd


Wizard World ChicagoLooking Back: Chicago

Last year's Wizard World Chicago was certainly fun for this group of fans who share a video of their con experience

Added April 3rd


Inkwell AwardsThe Inkwell Awards

Voting is underway for this award recognizing and appreciating the craft, artists and artistry of comic book inking
Added April 3rd


American Flagg!American Flagg! Back

In July, Howard Chaykin's American Flagg! sees the series' 25th anniversary honored with a hardcover definitive edition

Added April 3rd


Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008


Bizarre New WorldBizarre New World

Series creator Skipper Martin is offering readers a chance to sample his critically acclaimed series for free

Added April 2nd


Desert Island TalkKarasik & Newgarden

Planning to be in New York for Comic Con? You won't want to miss this Karasik and Newgarden speaking at Desert Island

Added April 2nd


New York Comic-ConNYCC Screening Info

The full schedule of movie trailers and sneak peek previews to be featured at New York Comic Con has been announced

Added April 2nd


TransformersTransformers Sequel

IDW Publishing releases The Reign of Starscream, the official continuation of last summers successful Transformers movie

Added April 2nd


Tuesday, April 1st, 2008


Tony Miello Welcome Tony Miello
New Forum The Comic Related family grows as writer and illustrator Tony Miello launchs his official GAPO The Clown forum

Added April 1st


WOWIOSite of the Month
If you are not a member, you should be. In thanks for always making sure we have free comics to read, we honor WOWIO!

Added April 1st


FantagraphicsFantagraphics News

We're pleased to share Fantagraphics Books latest F.B.I. information update presenting all the latest on their line of titles

Added April 1st


GearzGearz Coming in June

Lonely high-schooler Karen Chugg wanted a dog but got three of the hippest robot bodyguards to hit her sleepy town

Added April 1st



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