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Small Press And Alternative Comics Expo Coverage
Coverage ran February 29th - March 2nd


Michael BraccoTwenty Sunday Photos

We wrap up this round of our photo coverage with twenty new photos taking a look at Sunday, the final day of S.P.A.C.E. '08

Posted Saturday at 9:22 PM


Jam SketchMore Saturday Photos

We are back with a late night, fully captioned gallery of photos from Saturday at S.P.A.C.E. featuring the open jam

Posted Saturday at 1:22 AM


More Party PhotosNew Party Photos

Our good friend Max Ink has shared an additional set of photos from last night's Monkey's Retreat pre-convention party

Posted Saturday at 8:20 PM


SPACE!First Saturday Photos

S.P.A.C.E. is currently underway and we're pleased to share our first gallery of photos posted live from the event

Posted Saturday at 12:21 PM


Aladdin Shrine CenterChecking out the Center

We made our way to the Aladdin Shrine Center to see what we could see on the eve of S.P.A.C.E. but just bumped into fez

Posted Friday at 7:03 PM


SPACEMore S.P.A.C.E. News

We're counting down to the launch of our S.P.A.C.E. coverage and news continues to emerge from the show!

Pre-Show Coverage


SPACES.P.A.C.E. is Coming

Comic Related's 2008 Convention Tour of the Eastern US begins with the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo

Pre-Show Coverage


S.P.A.C.E.Sunday at S.P.A.C.E.

Day in Reivew: We end our 2008 coverage with a look at Sunday sharing a full rundown of many of the creators and titles

Posted Saturday at 9:58 PM


S.P.A.C.E.New S.P.A.C.E. Photos

We invite you to get to know more of the creators of S.P.A.C.E. as we roll out an new gallery of eighteen photos

Posted Sunday at 6:55 PM


S.P.A.C.E.Saturday at S.P.A.C.E.

Day in Reivew: We look back on some of the highlights of Saturday at the Small Press and Alternatice Comics Expo

Posted Saturday at 9:58 PM


JudenhassDave Sim's Judenhass

Feature! Dave Sim began work on Judenhass after being affected by the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz

Posted Saturday at 7:27 PM


Monkey's RetreatMonkey's Retreat Party

Columbus’ own Panel Collective hosted a great pre-convention party this evening at Monkey's Retreat

Posted Friday at 11:56 PM


SPACESetting up for the Show

We're counting down to the launch of our S.P.A.C.E. coverage and news continues to emerge from the show!

Posted Friday at 5:00 PM



As the event approaches, news emerging from S.P.A.C.E. grows more and more interesting. Catch the lastest here!

Pre-Show Coverage


Thursday, February 28th, 2008


Small Press ExpoSPX 2008 Plans

Just hours from launching our S.P.A.C.E. coverage seemed a great time to remind you to make plans to join us at SPX 2008

Added February 28th


Chain links over textNew Links Added

Our ever growing links page adds 15 new sites taking the count to 2,215. When it comes to links, we cover comics!

Added February 28th


Alterna ComicsAlterna Comics Solicits

We're pleased to share Alterna Comics current solicitations including Formera and Morbid Myths Volume One

Added February 28th


Red 5's Atomic RoboRed 5 Titles for May

A look at Red 5 Comics titles in the March issue of Diamond Previews with shipping dates in April 2008

Added February 28th



Wednesday, February 27th, 2008


SubCultureSubCulture Returns

Kevin Freeman and Stan Yan's SubCulture returns and this time it's being delivered twice weekly as a new webcomic series

Added February 27th


SPACEMore S.P.A.C.E. News!

We're 48 hours from the kickoff of our S.P.A.C.E. coverage and news continues to emerge from the upcoming show!

Added February 27th


Thor #7Seven Pages of Thor

Cover artist Marko Djurdjevic joins Thor as special guest artist for a two-issue arc as Odin returns

Added February 27th


ComicultureBlaylock's New Book
Devil's Due founder Josh Blaylock is set to attend Orlando's MegaCon with a new art book slated to debut in April

Added February 27th


Tuesday, February 26th, 2008


Ohio Comic ConOhio Comic Con Update

The Ohio Comic Con has announced their guest of honor and it is none other than Jason Mewes... Jay of Jay and Silent Bob
Added February 26th


Indie Spinner RackSupporting Indie Titles
We're proud to announce that Comic Related will be sponsoring six upcoming episodes of the Indie Spinner Rack podcast

Added February 26th


ShippingShipping This Week
Our comic release dates area reflects titles coming out through March 5th. We post 'em as Diamond announces 'em.

Added February 26th


HeavyInkHeavyInk Goes Live
After a period of public beta, comics retail and social networking site HeavyInk has announced its official launch

Added February 26th


Hero InitiativeThe New Ultimate 100
The call has gone out to create a new, Hulk-centric Ultimate 100, and dozens of artists are currently putting pen to paper

Added February 26th


WannabezWannabez #0 Debuts
Brant Fowler's Wannabez will be printed within the Mysterious Visions Anthology #5 and is now available for pre-sale

Added February 26th


Monday, February 25th, 2008


Related RecapRelated Recap Podcast

We're counting down the days to the launch of the NEW Related Recap podcast, our first in house audio show!

Added February 25th


Pretty Baby MachineHot Shot of the Week

Clark Westerman and Kody Chamberlain's Pretty Baby Machine is our Hot Shot of the Week and this one comes with a preview

Added February 25th


SPLAT!SPLAT! Symposium
The SPLAT! Symposium will provide prospective creators with the chance to learn what it takes to be a graphic novelist

Added February 25th


North WindNorth Wind Grows
North Wind receives unprecedented 30% order increase after dual paper and MySpace comic book release

Added February 25th


Sunday, February 24th, 2008


Chain links over textNew Links Added

Our ever growing links page adds 10 new sites taking the count to 2,200. When it comes to links, we cover comics!

Added February 24th


The Down SideThe Down Side, Daily!
We are exceedingly pleased to report that, starting tomorrow, Erik Burnham's The Down Side is going DAILY

Added February 24th


Hellboy Comic Preview
HellboyHellboy: The Golden Army is a 16 page comic that details the rise of The Golden Army featureed in the upcoming film

Added February 24th


Marshal LawMarshal Law Trailer
Top Shelf has announced that it has signed Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill's Marshal Law and will publish an Omnibus next year

Added February 24th


Saturday, February 23rd, 2008


WatchmenWatchmen Film Update
Media Week! Zack Snyder has wrapped shooting on Watchmen as we check in with the latest news, info and updates

Added February 23rd


Dark KnightDark Knight Update
Media Week! Many are counting dow the days to the film's July release and we're pleased to share news, photos and more

Added February 23rd


New York Comic-ConNY Comic-Con Video
The undisputed giant of mainstream eastern US conventions has unveiled the first viral video in support of the '08 show

Added February 23rd


Top CowTop Cow Gear Store
Top Cow in conjunction with manufacturer Thunder Creek has announced that their new apparel website has gone live

Added February 23rd


New York Comic-ConNY Comic-Con Poster
Guest of Honor Joe Kubert and his sons design this year's all new limited edition New York Comic-Con Poster

Added February 23rd


PopDark Tower at Midnight

Midnight openings to take place at locations around the country on March 5th for Dark Tower: The Long Road Home #1
Added February 23rd


Friday, February 22nd, 2008


The Nightly NewsThe Nightly News

New Column! Russell Burlingame's column Conscientious Sequentials looks at The Nightly News by Jonathan Hickman

Added February 22nd


Iron ManIron Man Update
Media Week! Iron Man is the next major comic film targeting theaters and we have all the latest news and details

Added February 22nd


Incredible HulkIncredible Hulk Update
Media Week! The Hulk is ready to storm to theaters later this year and we have all the latest news, video and photo updates

Added February 22nd


PopDevil's Due Goes Pop

Comic book icons bounce out of the pages of Devil's Due and into a new line of accessories called Devil's Due Pop
Added February 22nd


SpooksHero MegaCon Plans

The Hero Initiative brings the dunk tank to Orlando Megacon and fans can splash Joe Quesada, Derec Donovan, and more!
Added February 22nd


SpooksSpooks Struzan Cover

Issue 1 of Schifrin, Hama, and Salvatore's action, horror series gets big orders while issue 4 gets a movie poster legend
Added February 22nd


Thursday, February 21st, 2008


ConanHellboy 2 Update
Media Week! Hellboy is coming down the home stretch toward it's July 11th release date and we have all the latest news

Added February 21st


ConanConan Film Update
Media Week! Director rumors are raging as the Conan script comes together, plus there's now a lawsuit to settle

Added February 21st


SPACEMore S.P.A.C.E. News!

As the event approaches, news emerging from S.P.A.C.E. grows more and more interesting. Catch the lastest here!

Added February 21st


Mr. ScootlesMr. Scootles At Alterna

Alterna Comics proudly announces the new digital home of H.C. Noel's "delightfully zany" Mr. Scootles
Added February 21st


Stan LeeStan Lee Talks Skrulls

The man who created Spider-Man, the X-Men and the Incredible Hulk reflects on the origins of the insidious Skrulls
Added February 21st


Ron FortierAirship 27 Store Launch

Airship 27 Production announces the opening of its first on-line pulp store featuring new titles and updated past editions
Added February 21st


Wednesday, February 20th, 2008


The SpiritWhedon's Dollhouse
Media Week! Joss Whedon is working on the pilot script at this moment and the show could be on the air as early as fall

Added February 20th


The SpiritThe Spirit Film Update
Media Week! As the film goes into post production, we share news, casting updates and details on planned sequels

Added February 20th


SPACES.P.A.C.E. is Coming!

Comic Related's 2008 Convention Tour of the Eastern US begins with the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo

Added February 20th


Blood BowlPilot Season Selections

Top Cow and MySpace named the winners of Pilot Season, a contest that encouraged pilot comics using existing characters
Added February 20th


Blood BowlBlood Bowl at BOOM!

BOOM! Studios is putting the fantasy back into fantasy football with elves, dwaves, orcs, and ogres as Blood Bowl arrives
Added February 20th


Marvel-ousTerry Dobson's Marvels

Marvel has announced that Terry Dodson provide interconnecting variant covers to two of the most hotly anticipated titles
Added February 20th


Tuesday, February 19th, 2008


Doctor StrangeDoctor Strange Update
Media Week! Guillermo Del Toro and Neil Gaiman discussing the film? Check out our latest hub update for the details!

Added February 19th


ShazamShazam Film Update
Media Week! We've updated our Shazam hub with comments from the director and the latest on this New Line project

Added February 19th


Industry StatsJanuary Industry Info

Diamond has released their monthly Direct Market Sales Charts and Market Share report for January 2008

Added February 19th


StumptownStumptown Guests

Stumptown Comics Fest is excited to welcome Mike Richardson, founder of Dark Horse, as the Special Guest of Honor
Added February 19th


ArtesiaThe Return of Artesia

The epic military fantasy story of the warrior queen continues where it left off as Artesiea returns with Artesia Besieged
Added February 19th


Zombie TalesFantastic Four Returns

Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch present World’s Greatest, a storyline that takes the FF places you've never seen before
Added February 19th


Monday, February 18th, 2008


Justice Leagure: New FrontierNew Frontier Update
Media Week! We've updated our Justice League: New Frontier hub with more on the much anticipated DVD release

Added February 18th


Ant-ManAnt-Man Film Update

Media Week! Our mighty Marvel Ant-Man film hub has been updated with the latest news as his story remains on the slate

Added February 18th


ShippingShipping This Week
Our comic release dates area reflects titles coming out through February 27th. We post 'em as Diamond announces 'em.

Added February 18th


Zombie TalesThe Inkwell Awards

The 2008 Inkwell Awards, represents a recognition and appreciation for the craft and artists of comic book inking
Added February 18th


Zombie TalesZombie Tales at BOOM!

The award-winning undead anthology Zombie Tales rises from the grave at BOOM! Studios and this time it's monthly
Added February 18th


Ohio Comic ConOhio Comic Con Guests

The Ohio Comic Con has shared an update unveiling more guests attending this year's show and hinting at a solid headliner
Added February 18th


Sunday, February 17th, 2008


Captain AmericaCaptain America Film

Media Week! There have been a few references to the Captain America film and we're pleased to share the latest

Added February 17th


WolverineWolverine Film Update

Media Week! Our X-Men Origins: Wolverine hub has been updated with all the latest news and casting information

Added February 17th


Comic RelatedMedia Week Begins

For the next seven days, we'll be posting a blitz of information to the various film, animation and tv hubs which we host

Added February 17th


Ghost WorldGhost World Special Ed

Fantagraphics has unveiled the first look at the forthcoming Ghost World Special Edition cover by Daniel Clowes
Added February 17th


ProofImage Unveils Proof

Cryptozoology received a frightening re-imagining in the pages of PROOF and the uninitiated can catch up this the first collection
Added February 17th


Anita BlakeChurch Of Eternal Life

With a mysterious killer on the loose, vampire hunter Anita Blake isn’t about to slow down her ongoing investigation
Added February 17th


Saturday, February 16th, 2008


Love and CapesLove and Capes Review

Today we take a look at the first six issues of Thomas Zahler's romantic situation comedy series Love and Capes

Added February 16th


Morbid MythsHot Shot of the Week

We enjoyed reading the Morbid Myths and we've selected the cover for Volume 1 as our Hot Shot of the Week

Added February 16th


Comic RelatedUpcoming Site Events

We've got quite a mix of events and content coming over the next 45 days so here's a summary with all the details


HellboyHellboy Merchandise

Dark Horse has unveiled a new take on some classic merchandise based on the award-winning graphic novels of Mike Mignola
Added February 16th


Demon  SpiritSalvatore Demon Spirit

R.A. Salvatore's Demon Spirit descends on comics as Devil's Due unveils volume II of the fantasy saga in March
Added February 16th


Alterna ComicsAlterna Contest Results

Ending yesterday the contest providing winners with a publishing contract and a digital publishing contract with Alterna
Added February 16th


Friday, February 15th, 2008


Cold Cut DistributionGratitude to Blake's 7

TV Party's back! Gordon Dymowski's latest column looks at the influence of a little known British show called Blake's 7

Added February 15th


Cold Cut DistributionBatman Gotham Knight

Bridging the gap between Batman Begins and Dark Knight, this DVD film is directed by Bruce Timm and full of promise

Added February 15th


X-ForceX-Force Finish Purifiers

X-Force #2 starts with the newly re-formed X-Force surrounded by the Purifiers and one of the most feared foes, Bastion
Added February 15th


Michael GoldenSociety of Illustrators

The renowned Society of Illustrators in Manhattan is featuring an exhibit of Michael Golden originals for a limited time
Added February 15th


Thursday, February 14th, 2008


Cold Cut DistributionCold Cut Shares Info

Breaking News! Cold Cut Distribution's Lance Stahlberg stopped by the site and shared an update on their plans

Added February 14th


Chain links over textNew Links Added

Our ever growing links page adds 30 new sites taking the count to 2,190. When it comes to links, we cover comics!

Added February 14th


Robbie!Creator's Corner

Today's Corner update offers pointers to industry openings, a coloring tutorial and a drawing tutorial

Added February 14th


Freak AngelsThe Countdown Is On

The countdown clock is ticking to the launch of Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield's new web comic series FreakAngels
Added February 14th


Captain MarvelCaptain Marvel Back?

Spoiler Alert! Marvel has unveiled a teaser image from Captain Marvel #3 that raises more than a few questions
Added February 14th


Miranda MercuryMiranda Mercury Site

Jack Warning, faithful transcriptionist and sidekick to The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury unveils new site
Added February 14th


Wednesday, February 13th, 2008


Mage: The Hero DiscoveredMage Gallery Launched

Matt Wagner's Mage: The Hero Discovered had all the hallmarks of a great Arthurian story and we're sharing the covers

Added February 13th


Dave CockrumDave Cockrum's Comics

The personal collection of Dave Cockrum is being sold to assist Cockrum's widow and we're sharing info to help

Added February 13th


WitchbladeWitchblade Mini-Site

Top Cow Productions has announced the launch of a new mini-site highlighting their flagship title, Witchblade
Added February 13th


ROK ComicsKickback Trailer on ROK

ROK Comics has announced that a mobile comics-styled preview of David Lloyd's crime thriller Kickback is available
Added February 13th


Tuesday, February 12th, 2008


Cold Cut DistributionCold Cut Distribution

I'm pleased to share an update on Cold Cut Distribution as the company has returned under new management

Added February 12th


Steve GerberFarewell Steve Gerber

We here at Comic Related wish the friends and family of Steve Gerber well and bid farewell to this prolific creator

Added February 12th


Dark HorseDark Horse WonderCon

Dark Horse Comics has announced it's signing and panel schedule for WonderCon, February 22nd to 24th, 2008
Added February 12th


CableCable fights X-Tinction

After his surprising role in Messiah CompleX, Cable must now protect the child who will save mutantkind- no matter the cost
Added February 12th


Monday, February 11th, 2008


Comic RelatedAdvertising Options!

We invite you to check out our new advertising rate sheet and learn how you can be seen here at Comic Related

Added February 11th


ShippingShipping This Week
Our comic release dates area reflects titles coming out through February 20th. We post 'em as Diamond announces 'em.

Added February 11th


Yearbook StoriesYearbook Stories

Top Shelf's Chris Staros discuses his title Yearbook Stories in this video update during Small Press Expo 2007

Added February 11th


30 Days of Night30 Day of Night Contest

Fans of the 30 Days of Night movie and graphic novel series have a chance to win great stuff related to the series
Added February 11th


Love and CapesLove and Capes Cover

Thom Zahler has wrapped up much of issue #7 of his series Love and Capes and shares a look at the alternate cover
Added February 11th


SuperpowersDynamite for April

We have the complete rundown for all of the Dynamite Entertainment solicited titles arriving in stores this April
Added February 11th


Sunday, February 10th, 2008


Chalk ArtChalk Art Creativity

We salute creativity, but we especially like it when that work ties into the realm of comics. Check out this chalk art!

Added February 10th


Russell BurlingameShare Your Thoughts

New Forum! Our newest column, Conscientious Sequentials, debuted on Friday and we want you to join in the discussion

Added February 10th


NovoHot Shot of the Week

Michael Bracco and Alterna Comics unveil the cover from the upcoming first volume of Novo and score our Hot Shot of the Week

Added February 10th


Anna MercuryAnna Mercury in April

Strap in and hold on, because this April, Avatar Press is launching Warren Ellis' newest sci-fi series, Anna Mercury.
Added February 10th


Ohio Comic ConOhio Comic Con Guests

In a preview, the new Ohio Comic Con has unveiled the first round of talented individuals attending this year's show
Added February 10th


Bug Infested ComicsBug Infested Comics

Bob Vojtko's Bug Infested Comics is a series that started back in the newave comix era and returns from Midnight Fiction
Added February 10th


Saturday, February 9th, 2008


SalemGreen Lama Review

Review Week Day 7: We review the kickoff issue of AC Comics new series Green Lama: Man of Strength

Added February 9th


Jim Starlin's DreadstarFrom The Sketchbook

We open up our personal convention sketchbook sharing some great art. Page 8 in the series goes to Jim Starlin.

Added February 9th


SalemJesse Rubenfeld Forum

New Forum! We're pleased to welcome Jesse Rubenfeld and his series Into the Dust to our creator forum family

Added February 9th

The TwelveDark Tower Returns

Stephen King’s epic Dark Tower returns to comic form with the upcoming Dark Tower: The Long Road Home series
Added February 9th


The TwelveA Guide to Danger

Viper Comics A Dummy's Guide to Danger returns with Series 2: Lost at Sea as the crime solving duo takes a vacation
Added February 9th


The TwelveThe Twelve A Success

The Twelve time-lost Mystery Men of World War II adjust to the reality of life in the 21st century in this hit series
Added February 9th

Friday, February 8th, 2008


SalemDaughter of Dracula

Review Week Day 6: We review Ron Fortier and Rob Davis' gothic horror romance graphic novel, Daughter of Dracula

Added February 8th


The Homeless ChannelThe Homeless Channel

Column debut! Russell Burlingame's new column Conscientious Sequentials looks at Matt Silady's The Homeless Channel

Added February 8th


Chain links over textNew Links Added

Our ever growing links page adds 25 new sites taking the count to 2,160. When it comes to links, we cover comics!

Added February 8th


SojournCrossgen On The Way

Checker Book Publishing Group has announced three new Crossgen books continuing the fan favorite series
Added February 8th


Sequential HeartSequential Heart

Sequential Heart is a community organization dedicated to providing youth friendly comics to homeless children
Added February 8th


Phoenix?Phoenix Rising Teaser

Marvel has released a new X-title related teaser image that once again poses one simple question... Phoenix Rising?
Added February 8th


Thursday, February 7th, 2008


SalemSalem #0 Reviewed

Review Week Day 5: It's hauntingly good action as we take a look at Boom! Studios' Salem: Queen of Thorns #0

Added February 7th


Night Owl ComicNew Night Owl Comic

We've launched a new installment of Wham Bang Comics webcomic Night Owl. Sit back and enjoy the full color all ages fun!

Added February 7th


Secret InvasionY: The Last Auction

This Friday, comics history happens in Hollywood at MySpace Comic Books' & Meltdown Comics' Y: The Last Party
Added February 7th


Secret InvasionSecret Invasion Teaser

Marvel has released a Secret Invasion teaser image that asks fans one simple question... Who Do You Trust?
Added February 7th


Wednesday, February 6th, 2008


Nothing BetterNothing Better Review

Review Week Day 4: Slice of life comic series are popular, but we've found one that stands out as review week continues

Added February 6th


Lego BatmanDark Knight Trailer

We invite you to check out a fan made send up to the most recent Dark Knight trailer done exclusively in Legos

Added February 6th


ScudHot Shot of the Week

Our new Hot Shot is Rob Schrab's Scud the Disposable Assassin which begins its final four issue run this week

Added February 6th


Dark CrystalMINDstyle, Dark Horse

Dark Horse has signed an exclusive agreement with MINDstyle, a leading manufacturer of high end collectible figures
Added February 6th


What, Me Worry?Mad and Pulizer Prize?

Ten Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonists are planning to appear in Mad Magazine in what is being called a disastrous career move
Added February 6th


30 Days of NightUltimates New Look

Ultimates 3 is back like you’ve never seen it before as Marvel unveils a black and white variant wraparound covers
Added February 6th


Tuesday, February 5th, 2008


Modbid MythsMorbid Myths Review

Review Week Day 3: Tales of horror and dark humor are front and center today as we review two issues of Mobid Myths

Added February 5th


Wham Bang ComicsWham Bang Comicsfest
Jake and Ben Tinsley attended the recent Las Vegas ComicsFest and we're pleased to share their full report

Added February 5th


ShippingShipping This Week
Our comic release dates area reflects titles coming out through February 13th. We post 'em as Diamond announces 'em.

Added February 5th


30 Days of Night30 Days of Night Back

Following the film success of 30 Days of Night, the world lives on in IDW's new TPB, 30 Days of Night: Beyond Barro
Added February 5th


HulklingMarvel Meets Hulkling

All Hulkling wants is to meet the father he’s never known. That father? The Kree legend himself, Captain Marvel.
Added February 5th


Skyscrapers of the MidwestSkyscrapers Coming

The winding tale of a cat, his little brother, and the creeping shadow of imminent adolescence in the American heartland
Added February 5th


Monday, February 4th, 2008


Earth SonsEarth Sons Review

Review Week Day 2: Today we sit down with the kickoff issue of Dark Ocean Studios' new title Earth Sons

Added February 4th


WatchmenOn The Watchmen Set

Exclusive! Who watches the Watchmen? We do and we're pleased to share our third behind the scenes report from the set!

Added February 4th


Russell BurlingameColumn Launching Soon

Conscientious Sequentials is a new bi-weekly column penned by Russell Burlingame that's coming to Comic Related

Added February 4th


Site StatsWe broke one million!

In January our site growth blew past all expectations breaking the 1 million hit mark and delivering over 112,000 visits

Added February 4th


A Thousand FacesA Thousand Faces

A Thousand Faces, the Quarterly Journal of Superhuman Fiction, has released its’ Winter 2008 issue
Added February 4th


Iron ManThe Iron Man Trailer

If you didn’t catch the new Iron Man movie spot that debuted during the Super Bowl yesterday, well, no worries
Added February 4th


OwleyOwly from Top Shelf

The fourth graphic novel in the award-winning, all ages series, tells of a new visitor and things aren't always what they seem
Added February 4th


Anna MercuryAnna Mercury Mystery

Warren Ellis' Anna Mercury is on its way from Avatar Press and the publisher's shared a coupon to help unravel the mystery
Added February 4th


Sunday, February 3rd, 2008


Into The DustInto The Dust Review

Review Week Day 1: Today we take a look at two issues of Jesse Rubenfeld's self published series Into the Dust

Added February 3rd


Cadre CornerCadre Corner Forum

New Forum! We are pleased to welcome Jesse Hansen the Cadre Corner Studio to our growing creator family

Added February 3rd


Forums (plus Blog)Get Your Blog On!

Our forum community's features are growing offering you the kind of interactive functionality not seen in other forums

Added February 3rd



Locke & KeyLocke & Key Updated

We're back with an update to this morning's story as IDW Publishing has shared a great promo video for their new series
Added February 3rd


Denny O'NeilDenny O'Neil at NYU

Dennis O’Neil to offer a course in writing comics and graphic novels at NYU's School of Continuing and Professional Studies
Added February 3rd


Locke & KeyJoe Hill's Locke & Key

Hill's stories range from killers to supernatural novels, but his latest dark fantasy, Locke & Key, is taking comic

Added February 3rd


Saturday, February 2nd, 2008


BNWContest Announced

Bizarre New World and Ape Entertainment offers you a chance to win a hand made dueling quality custom lightsaber

Added February 2nd


Matt Kindt Super SpyFrom The Sketchbook

We open up our personal convention sketchbook sharing some great art. Page 7 in the series goes to Matt Kindt.

Added February 2nd


LoganTop Shelf for April

We have the complete rundown with previews for all of the Top Shelf solicited books arriving in stores this coming April
Added February 2nd


LoganVaughan's Wolverine

The latest in the Marvel Knights line, Logan sets out to slice and dice his way to an old foe as only he knows how
Added February 2nd


Friday, February 1st, 2008


Guy reading a newspaperMust Read Stories

A new mix of not to be missed stories. It's convention comics, the end of civilization, solar, zombies and more

Added February 1st


Bizarre New WorldSite of the Month

To celebrate the coming return of Bizarre New World, we've named the title's official website our new site of the month

Added February 1st


I Shall Destroy All The Civilized PlanetsFletcher Hanks World

I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets welcomes readers to the world of Fletcher Hanks, super wizard of the inkwell
Added February 1st


The Boy Who Made SilenceBoy Who Made Silence

Winner of the coveted Xeric Grant, The Boy Who Made Silence by Joshua Hagler has found a home at AAM Markosia
Added February 1st



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