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Thursday, January 31st, 2008


BlinkMax Ink Gallery Show

We invite you to take an advance look at the comic art series Max is unveiling at this weekend's gallery show

Added January 31st


ForumsForum Hubs Launch

New Forums! We launch our first topical hubs today... one for Doctor Who and one for the works of Joss Whedon

Added January 31st


Jake TinsleyJake at ComicsFest

Wham Bang Comics' Jake and Ben Tinsley attended the recent Las Vegas ComicsFest and we have photos to share

Added January 31st


X-Men: LegacyProfessor X's Fate

Messiah CompleX brought an end to the X-Men and killed Xavier's dream. X-Men Legacy looks at the fate of Charles Xavier
Added January 31st


SpooksSpooks Hits The Web

Filmmaker Ryan Schifrin, creator and co-writer of the military horror series Spooks, unveils the title's official web site
Added January 31st


The Hero InitiativeHero's New T-Shirts

You can look stylish and show your support for The Hero Initiative with two great new T-shirts by Scioli and Linsner
Added January 31st


Wednesday, January 30th, 2008


Joe QuesadaQuesada and Colbert

If you follow our new Rapid Fire News links you knew all about this interview. If you missed it, we have video to share!

Added January 30th


The Green LamaGreen Lama Is Risen

James Ritchey teams with AC Comics to bring a modern take on an old standard and we have the promo video

Added January 30th


Anna Mercury #1Avatar Press for April

Join us as we take a quick look at what Avatar Press will be shipping in March including Anna Mercury, Gravel and Narcopolis
Added January 30th


Don't Kill Jonn!Save the Superheroes
In an age where popular media can focus on aggressively promoted comic deaths, a grass roots movement arises
Added January 30th


Tuesday, January 29th, 2008


The ExpertsNear Mint Press Forum

New Forum! We are pleased to welcome Kenn Minter, The Experts and Near Mint Press to our growing creator family

Added January 29th


Chain links over textNew Links Added

Our ever growing links page adds 20 new sites taking the count to 2,135. When it comes to links, we cover comics!

Added January 29th


Justice Leagure: New FrontierNew Frontier Update
We've updated our Justice League: New Frontier hub with all the latest details on the much anticipated DVD release

Added November 29th


Immortal Iron FistGreen Mist of Death
The Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall and The Green Mist Of Death... It's the Golden Age Iron Fist vs the Prince of Orphans
Added January 29th


Project SuperpowersThis Week's Dynamite
Four new Dynamite titles in-stores this week as we see the as we see the much anticipated debut of Project Superpowers #0
Added January 29th


MessFoundation's Success

Kody Chamberlain's The Foundation has sold out at BOOM! following what some retails are calling the North Wind effect
Added January 29th


Monday, January 28th, 2008


ShippingDave Sim's Secret
Did you know that Glamourpuss isn't Dave Sim's next project? Learn where you can see Secret Project One!

Added January 28th


ShippingShipping This Week
Our comic release dates area reflects titles coming out through February 6th. We post 'em as Diamond announces 'em.

Added January 28th


Twisted TalesY: The Last Party

It's a full celebration commemorating the conclusion of Y: The Last Man with proceeds going to support the CBLDF

Added January 28th


MessRorschach To Web

Seattle-based Rorschach Entertainment will now offer all new products along with back issues for digital download
Added January 28th


Blue MondayOni Press in March

We have the complete rundown of all the Oni Press solicited books arriving in stores this coming March
Added January 28th


New Exiles #0New Exiles 2nd and #0
To meet issue demand, Marvel is going back to press with a second print of issue #1 to release alongside a #0 issue
Added January 28th

Sunday, January 27th, 2008


Twisted TalesTwisted Tales Gallery

In 1982 Pacific Comics launched a horror anthology called Twisted Tales and we're looking back with a new gallery

Added January 27th


The Down SideBrother Bones Details

Andrew Salmon takes a look at tales of horror as a gun wielding specter of justice haunts the dark streets of Cape Noire

Added January 27th


The Comic EyeThe Comic Eye
Out now from Blind Bat Press, The Comic Eye is a giant trade paperback of comic strips about comics, comic fans and creators
Added January 27th


Domino LadyThe Domino Lady
Enraged by the murder of her crusading politician father, a young socialite is determined to bring in her father's killers
Added January 27th


Saturday, January 26th, 2008


The Down SideThe Down Side Forum

New Forum! We are pleased to welcome Erik Burnham and his web comic The Down Side to our growing creator family

Added January 26th


Awesome AnthologyHot Shot of the Week

This week we choose Evil Twin Comics and Indie Spinner Rack's AWESOME fundraiser anthology showcasing indie stars

Added January 26th


Wham Bang ComicsLas Vegas ComicsFest

Wham Bang Comics' Jake and Ben Tinsley are setting up at this weekend's ComicsFest marking Jake's first show

Added January 26th


Tales From The FarmTales From The Farm
The Young Adult Library Services Association named Jeff Lemire's Essex County: Tales From the Farm in its top ten
Added January 26th


Hulk #1Marvel Digital Update
Interested in previewing a few Marvel Digital Comics? Want to see what they look like? Check out free this week!
Added January 26th


Walking Dead #50Reign of the Dead
In celebration of The Walking Dead #50, Image has made the Erik Larson and Ryan Ottley variant cover easier to obtain
Added January 26th


Friday, January 25th, 2008


The Misadventures of Clark and JeffersonContest Announced

The Misadventures of Clark & Jefferson out now from Ape Entertainment announces a contest tied to the series

Added January 25th


Giles aka RipperCatching up on Ripper

We've unearthed a few stories tied to the Buffy series spin-off Ripper including a confirmation from Joss Whedon

Added January 25th


Ork LycantrophisOrk Lycantrophis

Cinemacomics welcomes Marc Borstel’s Ork Lycantrophis to their title line-up targeting a February release

Added January 25th


Sky DollSoleil and Marvel
Marvel, joining with French comic publisher Soleil, will be publishing some of Europe’s most popular comics in English
Added January 25th


Blink!Laughs at Lakeside
Max Ink invites you to the opening reception for Laughs at Lakeside: Cartoon and Graphic Arts by Ohio artists
Added January 25th


Brother BonesBrother Bones Returns
Airship 27 Production and Cornerstone Book Publishers is pleased to announce the release of Brother Bones
Added January 25th


Thursday, January 24th, 2008


PogromTomao Talks Pogrom

Interview! We sit down with Matthew Tomao, creator and writer of the upcoming Devil's Due series Pogrom

Added January 24th


Center for Cartoon StudiesCartoon College

Cartoon College is a documentary feature in production about a year in the life of The Center for Cartoon Studies

Added January 24th


Chain links over textNew Links Added

Our ever growing links page adds 35 new sites taking the count to 2,115. When it comes to links, we cover comics!

Added January 24th


PogromDevil's Due for April
We have the complete rundown for a host of Devil's Due titles set to arrive in stores this coming April
Added January 24th


Grimm Fairy Tales #25Zenescope Milestone

In 2005 a small indie comic from an unknown publisher hit stands for the first time. It was entitled Grimm Fairy Tales.

Added January 24th


NovaNova's First Annual

The repercussions of Annihilation: Conquest reveal a look into Nova's past, and even his future, in Nova Annual #1

Added January 24th


Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008


Industry Stats2007 Industry Numbers

Diamond has released their Direct Market Sales Charts and Market Share report for 2007 and we have a clear winner

Added January 23rd


Robbie!Creator's Corner

Today's Corner update offers self publishing pointers, the writer's nemesis and info on marketing yourself

Added January 23rd


Ultimate HumanThis Week's Dynamite
Three new Dynamite titles in-stores this week and we're one week away from the debut of Project Superpowers #0
Added January 23rd


Ultimate HumanThis Week's Marvel
Hey there True Believers, here’s your official list of Marvel comics and collections arriving this Wednesday
Added January 23rd


Tuesday, January 22st, 2008


Indie Spinner RackMust Listen Podcast

This week's episode of Indie Spinner Rack and its discussion of digital downloading is absolute must listen goodness

Added January 22nd


The FaustiansFaustians #1 Preview

Exclusive! David Arhar and Penny Dreadful Press unveil the complete first issue of Faustians only here on Comic Related!

Added January 22nd


ShippingShipping This Week
Our comic release dates area reflects titles coming out through January 30th. We post 'em as Diamond announces 'em.

Added January 22nd

Heath LedgerHeath Ledger's Death

Very sad news as CNN is reporting that actor Heath Ledger was found dead today in a Manhattan apartment

Added January 22nd


Stjepan SejicSejic Joins Witchblade

Top Cow has announced that Stjepan Sejic will join writer Ron Marz as the ongoing artist for Witchblade as of #116

Added January 22nd


Cthulhu Tales #1Cthulhu Tales at Boom!

Steve Niles inaugurates a new era of terror with the launch of Boom! Studios' new monthly anthology, Cthulhu Tales
Added January 22nd


X-FactorX-Factor Torn Apart

In the wake of Messiah CompleX, X-Factor is left in shambles and issue #28 brings the team to their point of no return
Added January 22nd


Monday, January 21st, 2008


SketchSketching for a Cause

Blue Line Pro is sponsoring a Sketch Card Gallery Exhibit at Comics2Games and art generated will be auctioned to fight cancer
Added January 21st


HiroHeroes Download Fate

We have an update on our running coverage of the battle between NBC and iTunes which prevented the sale of season 2
Added January 21st


Chris YambarStar Trek Trailer

Yahoo Movies has unveiled the official teaser trailer for the upcoming Star Trek movie and we have the link to share
Added January 21st


Chris YambarTalking Chris Yambar

Over the weekend we had a chance to catch up with Chris Yambar on his upcoming slate of animation projects
Added January 21st


Golden's Iron Man PosterGolden Phoenix Poster

Phoenix Comic-Con will be sharing a free Michael Golden promo poster featuring some classic Iron Man imagery
Added January 21st



The first annual North East Ohio Independent Comics Expo is set to take place on Saturday, March 29th in Austintown, Ohio
Added January 21st


BadgerIDW Publishing in April

We have the complete rundown of a host of IDW Publishing's titles set to arrive in stores this coming April
Added January 21st


Spider-ManSpidey's Newest Foe

Spider-Man faces an all new menance (literally!) in Amazing Spider-Man. As Menace debuts, Spidey finds himself sued.
Added January 21st


Sunday, January 20th, 2008


Mid-Ohio-ConRoger Price Retires

Roger Price, the man behind Mid-Ohio-Con has announced his retirement and plans to sell the long running convention
Added January 20th


The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allen PooHot Shot of the Week

Did you read the first Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allen Poo? It's sequel scores as our new Hot Shot of the Week!
Added January 20th


The DarknessFull Darkness Preview

We're pleased to share a 10 image preview of Top Cow's Darkness #2 featuring Phil Hester and Michael Broussard
Added January 20th


Stardust KidBoom! Studios in March

We have the complete rundown of Boom! Studios titles solicited in the January Previews and in stores in March
Added January 20th


Saturday, January 19th, 2008


Groo The WandererGroo's PC Gallery

In 1982 Sergio Aragonés unveiled the first Groo series at Pacific Comics. Today, we're honoring the series with a new gallery.

Added January 19th


WatchmenWatching Watchman

Exclusive Coming! In this post we point you to some great film coverage and set the date for our next exclusive update!

Added January 19th


Hero InitiativeLunch with Mark Waid

What could be cooler than Lunch with Mark Waid? How about winning it for the benefit of the Hero Initiative?
Added January 19th


YoungbloodYoungblood Flows On

Image's rebirth of the Youngblood franchise is getting a second printing to ensure the issue remains in stock
Added January 19th


Friday, January 18th, 2008


Guy reading a newspaperMust Read Stories

A new mix of not to be missed stories. It's Giffen, ComicCon, Playboy, printers, Persepolis, Paul Levitz and more

Added January 18th


Chain links over textNew Links Added

Our ever growing links page adds 20 new sites taking the count to 2,080. When it comes to links, we cover comics!

Added January 18th


Iron ManIron Man Game Images

We're pleased to serve up five new images from the Iron Man video game due on store shelves this coming Spring 2008

Added January 18th


Fantastic FourBianchi's Fantasic Four

Marvel has unveiled the newest honorary member of the Fantastic Four...superstar artist Simone Bianchi
Added January 18th


Wild CardsWild Cards Hard Call

The world of Wild Cards returns to comics from Dabel Brothers with the appearances of some old favorite characters
Added January 18th


Dark KingdomBack To Dark Kingdom

This April, Frank Frazetta's Dark Kingdom roars to life under the creative direction of Mark Kidwell and Tim Vigil
Added January 18th


Thursday, January 17th, 2008


Ande Parks' BatmanFrom The Sketchbook

We open up our personal convention sketchbook sharing some great art. Page 6 in the series goes to Ande Parks.

Added January 17th


Comic RelatedRapid Fire News Live

We're now rolling more news and content into each 24 hour day, plus we share up a peek at what the future holds

Added January 17th


Justice LeagueWB pulls Justice League

The Justice League film may be in full spiral as Variety reports that Warner Bros. has pulled the plug on the project

Added January 17th


Green Lantern Corps 20Green Lantern Corps

Fallout from the Sinestro Corps War continues as Green Lantern Corps #20 sells out and second printing is unveiled
Added January 17th


PhantomMoonstone in May

Check out May's upcoming tiles from Moonstone Comics featuring the Phantom, Kolchak and Buckaroo Banzi
Added January 17th


Anita BlakeBlake Fights For Life

Anita Blake's freak party takes a deadly turn as she fights for her life while seeking the serial killer she’s trailing
Added January 17th


Wednesday, January 16th, 2008


SketchStuff In Your Drawer?

Bill Nicholes of Sketch Magazine and BlueLinePro is looking for unpublished work that's still in the drawer

Added January 16th


Silver SurferSilver Surfer Update

Tim Story moves to other projects as Marvel has yet to issue word on a new Fantastic Four or Silver Surfer film

Added January 16th


Steve HamakerSteve Hamaker Video

Coloring Comics with Steve Hamaker serves up a panel from Bone showing depth, mood, and dramatic lighting

Added January 16th


SerenitySerenity: Better Days

In March, Joss Whedon returns to the world of Serenity with the three-issue comics series Better Days
Added January 16th


North WindNorth Wind Returns

BOOM! Studios announced today that North Wind #1 will receive a second printing after breaking new ground with duel release
Added January 16th


X-Men No MoreX-Men No More

In the wake of Messiah CompleX’s conclusion, the X-Men are no more—but where do Xavier’s former students go from here?
Added January 16th


Tuesday, January 15th, 2008


Heroes' SylerTV Party on Heroes

Gordon Dymowski's TV Party column looks at Heroes and its success grounding the amazing in everyday stories

Added January 15th


ShippingIndie Comics Stage
Warren Ellis' community Whitechapel met a deluge of art and web comics as it opened its Indie Comics Stage yesterday

Added January 15th


ShippingShipping This Week
Our comic release dates area reflects titles coming out through January 23rd. We post 'em as Diamond announces 'em.

Added January 15th


The PerhapanautsPerhapanauts Monthly

The Perhapanauts by Rousseau and Dezago chart ongoing adventures of your favorite crypto zoological super team
Added January 15th


WitchfireAirship 27 Publisher

Airship 27 Productions is pleased to announce our new partnership with Cornerstone Book Publishers
Added January 15th


The TwelveThe Twelve Return

After being frozen for decades by the Nazis, the heroic Mystery Men of the World War II era are back in action
Added January 15th


Monday, January 14th, 2008


Ms. MarvelAn Invincible Fan Film

Created by David Guivant with a few friends and practically no budget, The Invincible Iron Man is a fan film you have to see
Added January 14th


JobMeet Morbid Myths

We invite you to meet Job and take a walk through Hard Way Studios and Alterna Comics Morbid Myths
Added January 14th


Superman ReturnsSuperman 2 News

We've updated our Superman film hub with news of the writer strike's impact on the film's release date and more
Added January 14th


Urban MonstersUrban Monsters Peek

In Urban Monsters, four creatures go on a road trip to Hollywood to prove that tinsel town really is controlled by monsters
Added January 14th


Spider-Man and his Amazing FriendsSpider-Man's Friends

Iceman and the ultimate version of Firestar lend some Amazing Friends support in Ultimate Spider-Man #118
Added January 14th


Dreamland ChroniclesDreamland Chronicles

Scott Christian Sava’s The Dreamland Chronicles is celebrating its 2nd Anniversary and welcomes its 4,000,000th reader
Added January 14th


Sunday, January 13th, 2008


Buffy Season 8 #11Hot Shot of the Week

Buffy is back in February with a standalone issue written by Joss Whedon and we've chosen it as this week's Hot Shot
Added Janurary 13th


Young Avengers VisionQuote of the Week

Paul Cornell's description of expectations vs. reality when working with Marvel scores this weeks Quote of the Week
Added Janurary 13th


Michael Golden DVD CoverGolden DVD Cover

Creator Chronicles: Michael Golden is breaking new ground by being the first DVD to ever offer original art sketch covers
Added January 13th


North WindHulk Smashes Sales
Marvel is proud to announce that Hulk #1, from Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness, has sold out at Diamond
Added January 13th


Saturday, January 12th, 2008


PodcastingPenny Dreadful Review

Ron Fortier steps in to share short reviews of Gothic Romance and The Faustians from Penny Dreadful Press

Added Janurary 12th


PodcastingComic Podcasting

Regularly we search the web tracking comic podcasts. Playing catch up, we just linked in 206 comic related shows.

Added Janurary 12th


North WindX-Force vs. Purifiers
In the wake of Messiah CompleX, the X-Men are no more, but some threats to mutantkind must be dealt with permanently
Added January 12th


North WindNorth Wind sells out
The title's simultaneous release on Myspace and in retail stores lead to a dramatic increased in title sales
Added January 12th


Friday, January 11th, 2008


Doctor Who ChristmasTitanic Adventure

Gordon Dymowski shares his thoughts on the recent Doctor Who Christmas Special which aired on the BBC on Christmas Day

Added January 11th


Iron ManHoly Lego Batman!

Today we take a look at the upcoming Lego Batman video game rolling our details, video and a ton of screen shots

Added January 11th


Iron ManIron Man Film News

We've updated our Iron Man Media hub with all the latest news on the film, the cameos and a mix of movie tie-ins

Added January 11th


Hulk Smash!IDW's Jonas Publishing
IDW Publishing is launching a new children's division called Jonas Publishing and a new imprint, Worthwhile Books
Added January 11th


Hulk Smash!Ultimate Human
Marvel is pleased to announce that the pivotal meeting of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner has sold out at Diamond
Added January 11th


Nixon's PalsNixon's Pals at Image
Casey and Burnham dig deep into the hidden super villain underbelly of Los Angeles in the graphic novel, Nixon's Pals
Added January 11th


Thursday, January 10th, 2008


Zero HuntersZero Hunters Trailer

We are pleased to share some great new promo video sent to us by our good friends at Cinemacomics

Added January 10th


HellboyHellboy 3, Yes 3!

Since Guillermo del Toro's being quoted as talking about it, we've started a page to track info on the possible third film

Added January 10th


Howard SternStern and Quesada

On Tuesday, Marvel's own Joe Quesada called in to the Howard Stern Show to discuss One More Day and we have the details

Added January 10th


Infinite HorizonBack on the Horizon
The debut issue of The Infinite Horizon sold out at a distribution level but will return alongside the second issue
Added January 10th


Iron ManIron Man Video Rolls
In Marvel's second AdverVideo, Iron Man arrives on the scene but will his genius and suit of armor be enough?
Added January 10th


Worlds of Dungeons and DragonsDevil's Due D&D
Bestselling author and editor James Lowder applies his talents to a new ongoing series Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons
Added January 10th


Wednesday, January 9th, 2008


Jamal Igle's DesparoFrom The Sketchbook

We open up our personal convention sketchbook sharing some great art. Page 5 in the series goes to Jamal Igle.

Added January 9th


Steve HamakerSteve Hamaker Video

Coloring Comics with Steve Hamaker serves up a solid demo featuring digital inking and coloring using Photoshop

Added January 9th


Chain links over textNew Links Added

Our ever growing links page adds 50 new sites taking the count to 2,060. When it comes to links, we cover comics!

Added January 9th


Ultimate HumanThis Week's Marvel
Hey there True Believers, here’s your official list of Marvel comics and collections arriving this week
Added January 9th


Minimate Fun!New Minimate Fun

Silence of the Lambs takes center stage in Minimate form while the Battlestar Galactica line goes decidedly retro
Added January 9th


ROK ComicsMusetoons and Crumb

Comics to mobile service ROK Comics has announced its latest additions: Crumb and Musetoons
Added January 9th


Tuesday, January 8th, 2008


Robbie!Great Site Coverage

Exclusive update! Who watches the Watchmen? We do and and we're getting more great coverage for it

Added January 8th


Robbie!Creator's Corner

Today's Corner update offers a great drawing introduction, info on comic lettering and a coloring tutorial

Added January 8th


ShippingShipping This Week
Our comic release dates area reflects titles coming out through January 16th. We post 'em as Diamond announces 'em.

Added January 8th

ScarfaceIDW's Scarface

Fans of the 1983 classic Scarface know the bullet riddled ending but now they'll learn out how the story began
Added January 8th


AngelX-Men Legacy Preview

With the X-Men no more, mutantkind must look to the past as they move forward like you’ve never seen before
Added January 8th


ZudaZuda Contest 2008

DC Comics announced today the ten entries in the first Zuda Comics contest of the new year. Let the games begin...
Added January 8th


Monday, January 7th, 2008


Justice League of AmericaComics Now! Debuts

I'm pleased to report that the realm of print comic journalism just gained a new title as Comics Now! debuts

Added January 7th


Justice League of AmericaJustice League Film

In our latest JL hub update we share news of filming delays, new video and all the latest hints regarding the storyline

Added January 7th


Top CowTop Cow Publisher

Top Cow announced today that Vice President of
Marketing & Sales, Filip Sablik has been promoted to Publisher
Added January 7th


Spider-Man, Peter ParkerWith Great Power...

You’ve seen how Peter Parker became Spidey, but now you’ll see what happened next in With Great Power
Added January 7th


Sunday, January 6th, 2008


ToyboyHonor Brigade Review

We share our review of the first five issues of The Honor Brigade, a superhero series from Spinner Rack Comics
Added January 6th


Anna MercuryHot Shot of the Week

Avatar Press and Warren Ellis unveil a teaser image asking who is Anna Mercury? Our answer is a Hot Shot of the Week!
Added January 6th


AscendNMB Publishing in '08

We invite you to take a look at NMB Publishing's recently announced plans for the first few months of 2008
Added January 6th


AscendAscend: Special Edition

Welcome to the post-apocalyptic Purgatory Wars, where the battle over harvested souls has destroyed the afterlife
Added January 6th


Saturday, January 5th, 2008


WatchmenOn The Watchmen Set

Exclusive! Who watches the Watchmen? We do and we're pleased to share our second behind the scenes report from the set!

Added January 5th


Chip MosherOne: Season 1 Preview

Exclusive! Jay Carvajal unveils the cover and first seven pages of his new series exclusively here on Comic Related!

Added January 5th


Chip MosherQuote of the Week

BOOM! Studios' Marketing
and Sales Director Chip Mosher's opinion on digital comics makes this week's Quote of the Week

Added January 5th


1001 Arabian Night: The Adventures of SinbadZenescope's Sinbad

Zenescope Entertainment is doing a new fantasy adventure series entitled 1001 Arabian Night: The Adventures of Sinbad
Added January 5th


ScornDiamond Does Scorn

Septagon Studios Inc. and Philip Defina are pleased to announce that Diamond Comic Distributors will be carrying Scorn
Added January 5th


Marvel AdvervVideoNew Marvel AdverVideo
A groundbreaking series of new videos designed to promote the popular, all ages Marvel Adventures line of comic books
Added January 5th


Friday, January 4th, 2008


Desperado PublishingHard Way Studios

We're pleased to welcome Hard Way Studios to the Comic Related family as we unveil and announce their new forums

Added January 4th


Captain Jack HarknessTracking Torchwood

Just 24 days until Torchwood returns to BBC America and we have the latest news, the cool video and more!

Added January 4th


North WindNorth Wind Calls
BOOM! Studios and MySpace Comic Books launch North Wind
simultaneously in stores and online
Added January 4th


Devil's DueWarmoth for Marketing
Devil's Due Publishing has hired Brian Warmoth as Marketing Manager as DDP launches big projects in 2008
Added January 4th


Thursday, January 3rd, 2008


Cinemacomics Misadventures Ships

Cinemacomics let us know that The Misadventures of Clark and Jefferson will be hitting store shelves tomorrow!

Added January 3rd


The Good Doctor Doctor Who News

The Christmas episode has aired and we've updated our Doctor Who hub with goodies... All the latest news and video!

Added January 3rd


Chain links over textNew Links Added

Our ever growing links page adds 30 new sites taking the count to 2,010. When it comes to links, we cover comics!

Added January 3rd


Green Lantern vs SinestroStore Books In Style
These slick new DC Direct bookends feature Green Lantern, Sinestro and they're inspired by the art of Ethan Van Sciver
Added January 3rd


ShadowlineAttention Writers
Most contests in the comic business gear toward artists. Shadowline is bucking the tide and gearing toward writers!
Added January 3rd


PatriotYoung Avengers Return
It's a six-part look at the roles of Patriot, Hulking, Wiccan, Vision, Stature and Hawkeye in the post-Civil War universe
Added January 3rd


Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008


Bizarre New World: Population ExplosionHonor Brigade Preview
Exclusive! Tom Stillwell has graciously allowed Comic Related to be the first site to unveil a Honor Brigade preview!

Added January 2nd


Steve HamakerSteve Hamaker Video

Coloring Comics with Steve Hamaker serves up solid info sharing a keyboard brush tool shortcut in photoshop

Added January 2nd


Kids' Comic ConKids' Comic Con

Kids' Comic Con 2008 is scheduled to take place on March 29th at Bronx Community College in New York and looks great

Added January 2nd


Friends of LuluDesign-A-Lulu Call
Friends of Lulu is looking for a few good artists to donate their talent to a fundraising and increased public awareness effort
Added January 2nd


Penny Dreadful PressAssistant: Wanted
David Arhar of Penny Dreadful Press has a staff opening we thought we'd share to assist in filling the position
Added January 2nd


WitchbladeTop Cow in March
We're pleased to share all the latest in from Top Cow Productions as we look at the titles they'll be shipping in March
Added January 2nd


Tuesday, January 1st, 2008


Site StatsDecember Site Stats

Our hits grew by over 43% in December blowing away expectations and giving us the strongest month in the site's history

Added January 1st


Hire An IllustratorSite of the Month

For their dedication to connecting artists with work, Hire An Illustrator is our choice for January's Site of the Month

Added January 1st


ShippingShipping This Week
Our comic release dates area reflects titles coming out through January 9th. We post 'em as Diamond announces 'em.

Added January 1st


HerculesThe Incredible Herc
Marvel reunites a past team and shares newly exclusive artist Daniel Acuna’s variant cover for Incredible Hercules 114
Added January 1st


PogromPogrom at Devil's Due
A fiery story scorched with historical conspiracy and religion gone awry is on its way from Devil's Due and Hypergraphia Comics
Added January 1st


The MothSteve Rude's Moth
Steve Rude shares word that The Moth will return for Free Comic Book Day 2008 and will serve to launch a new mini series
Added January 1st



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 Who Is Jackpot?

 Flash film update


 New Iron Man Shot

 Topic: New Frontier

 The Twelve Returns

 Jeff Smith on RASL

 Suydam's Skrulls

 Hero in Phoenix

 Buffy film talk


 Smallville's Canary

 Kara, Emerald City

 Topic: Web Traffic

 FCBD for 2008

 Beowulf to DVD

 NY Comic-Con


 Clandestine's Back

 Terminator for Free

 Toronto Collection

 Bernie Wrightson

 Sunday Comix

 Boneyard Hiatus

 New Indy 4 Photo

 Hulk/Iron Man


 Marvel vs. Science

 New Frontier Cast

 Scorn at Phoenix

 TwoFold Comics


 Topic: Distribution

 CNI Misadventures

 Jetta Tales GN Nod

 Midnight Fiction

 Saving Easter

 Talking Moonlight

 Supernatural Back


 X-Files 2 Photo

 Jesus n' Zombies

 Topic: Heroes

 Transfuzion March

 Loeb Talks Hulk

 Kill J'Onn J'Onzz?

 Mark Texeira


 Star Trek Photo

 Dan Dare Online

 Florida SuperCon

 MegaCon '08 Info

 Twelve Sells Out

 Topic: Indie Mag?


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