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Tuesday, September 30th, 2008


WantedWanted Cover Gallery
You've seen the film, but have you read the series by Millar, Johns and Mount? This week, we share the covers!

Added September 30th


Dr. WhoTime Lord Memories
Gordon Dymowski had high hopes for IDW's Doctor Who: The Forgotten and explains how he finds those hopes rewarded

Added September 30th


ShippingShipping This Week
Our release date area has been updated to reflect titles coming out through October 8th. We post 'em as they're announced.

Added September 30th


Mid-Ohio-ConVisit us at Booth #337

Whether you're an attendee or a comic creator, we'd love to meet you at Mid-Ohio-Con and add you to our coverage

Added September 30th


Miss Don't Touch MeNBM for December

In December NBM unveils Miss Don't Touch Me by Hubert & Kerascoet and
The Lindbergh Child by Rick Geary

Added September 30th


Castle WaitingPreview Castle Waiting

The long-awaited all bowling issue as Henry, Dayne, Chess, Tolly, Peace and Simon wage an ninepin war

Added September 30th


Monday, September 29th, 2008


DeadpoolHot Shot of the Week

Deadpool is a mad, brilliant, fun romp through a twisted psyche and it's our latest Hot Shot of the Week

Added September 29th


Iron ManIron Man on DVD

There's this movie about a superhero... Russell serves up a new To See or Not To See feature as Iron Man arrives on DVD

Added September 29th


Devil's DueDevil's Due December

Devil's Due Publishing gains three brand new series in December, as the publisher announces a packed catalog

Added September 29th


Geppi's MuseumMurder Mystery Fun

In celebration of Bouchercon XXXIX, Geppi’s Entertainment Museum will host a signing on October 10th

Added September 29th


Sunday, September 28th, 2008


Kingdom Come SupermanDC's Recent Reissues

DC's recent spate of “throwback” releases are so extensive and entertaining, it's hard to choose which to cover

Added September 28th


Mid-Ohio-ConMid-Ohio-Con Events

A preliminary panel programming and event schedule for Mid-Ohio-Con is live and we're pleased to share details

Added September 28th


SandmanEndless Reflections

In October, Gallery Nucleus will present Endless Reflections, an observance of 20 years of the art of Sandman

Added September 28th


RevampRevamp Prize Awarded

The results are in and the Project:Rooftop/Harris Comics "Revamp" contest reimagining Vampirella is now complete

Added September 28th


Saturday, September 27th, 2008


Chain links over textNew Links Added

Our ever growing links page adds 15 new sites taking the count to 2,660. When it comes to links, we cover comics!

Added September 27th


DeadpoolClosing Statements
Russell Burlingame kicks off a new column talking with Marc Andreyko about the critically-acclaimed series Manhunter

Added September 27th


FarscapeFarscape For Order

BOOM! Studios' new Farscape comics are available for order and they will be shipping this November

Added September 27th


ObamaIDW Gets Presidential

Just ahead of Election Day, IDW’s comic biographies of Barack Obama and John McCain will hit stores October 8

Added September 27th


Friday, September 26th, 2008



Spidey's DealThe Owley-Caster

At this year's Small Press Expo, the CBLF will auction off a one of a kind customized electric guitar featuring Owly

Added September 26th


Spidey's DealComics Team Players

Bill Gladman's Life in Four Colors takes a look at a mix of creative teams to presnet the Comics Team Players Hall of Fame

Added September 26th


How do you reconcile art, fatherhood, work and play? Scott Morse decided it's time to try within Tiger!Tiger!Tigers!

Added September 26th


Yellow BeltsThe Yellow Belts Live

You've heard them on our Related Recap podcast and they're the house band of Comic Related... Now see them live!

Added September 26th


Jesus Hates ZombiesJesus Hates Zombies

Jesus Hates Zombies featuring Lincoln Hates Werewolves in Yea, Though I Walk... Vol. 1 hit comic shops this week

Added September 26th


Thursday,September 25th, 2008


DeadpoolReflecting 'Pool
Russell Burlingame kicks off a new column talking with Deadpool series writer Daniel Way about the Merc With a Mouth

Added September 25th


Mid-Ohio-ConLove, Capes & MOC

The newest issue of Love and Capes by featured Mid-Ohio-Con guest Thom Zahler will debut at the 2008 show

Added September 25th


CapRuss on Cap Conclusion

With this week's release of Captain America #42, the 18-part Death of Captain America storyline draws to a close

Added September 25th


ImageImage@Baltimore Con

This upcoming weekend Image makes a big return to the Baltimore Comic Con and they're loaded with announcements

Added September 25th


A Thousand FacesA Thousand Faces

A Thousand Faces, the Quarterly Journal of Superhuman Fiction, will be on hand this weekend at Baltimore Comic Con

Added September 25th


MoonstoneMoonstone In January

In January, Moonstone is offering a double dose of origins featuring The Phantom and Buckaroo Banzai

Added September 25th


Wednesday,September 24th, 2008


The Related RecapThe Related Recap #36

Bob Hickey joins us for a discussion that goes from digital to print and back again covering a wide mix of comic projects

Added September 24th




SupermanA Week in Comics
Eric Ratcliffe's Why I Love Comics sits down with a week's worth of comics and he shares his thoughts on a mix of comics

Added September 24th


CyclopsBluewater In January

In January, Bluewater is focused on cyclops, moon missles, Vincent Price, Hillary, Waterbury and Imaginaries

Added September 24th


Webcomics!Shadowline Webcomics

The digital comics revolution continues as Image's Shadowline expands their web comics division

Added September 24th


AdHouse BooksAdHouse in October

We've received a full update from the House of Ad as TIGER! TIGER! TIGER! takes center stage in October

Added September 24th


Tuesday,September 23rd, 2008


HeroesWatching the Eclipse

Eric Ratcliffe shares a new column looking at each episode of the NBC series Heroes which just returned for its third season

Added September 23rd


HeroesConHeroesCon '09 Update

Comic Related is sharing all the latest news on the '09 show throughout the year and this week they actually honored us

Added September 23rd


The Hero InitiativeHero@Baltimore

Hero has a full slate at Baltimore with Steve Dillon, Tim Sale, Matt Wagner, Stuart Immonen, Nick Cardy and others

Added Septemeber 23rd


Hilary ClintonClinton at Bluewater

Bluewater presents a unique venture in the history of comic books, a biography featuring the historical Hilary Clinton

Added September 23rd


NyarlathotepNyarlathotep Unveiled

BOOM! Studios is set to bring H.P. Lovecraft's Nyarlathotep to life this winter with illustrations by Eisner winner Chuck BB

Added September 23rd


ComicsOnComicsComicsOnComics 8

ComicsonComics has announced two events featuring Brad Meltzer, Mark Evanier & Gregg Hurwitz

Added September 23rd


Monday,September 22nd, 2008


Jimmy CorriganJimmy Corrigan Covers
You've probably read the classic series by Chris Ware, but have you seen the original Acme Novelty Library covers?

Added September 22nd


Mid-Ohio-ConUnder Two Weeks!

October 4th and 5th is quickly approaching and Comic Related is hard at work getting ready for the 2008 Mid-Ohio-Con

Added September 22nd


ShippingShipping This Week
Our release date area has been updated to reflect titles coming out through October 1st. We post 'em as they're announced.

Added September 22nd


KabukiKabuki: Alchemy HC

Eisner-nominated David Mack presents a ground breaking collection of his acclaimed work in Kabuki: The Alchemy HC

Added September 22nd


Michael GoldenGolden@Baltimore Con

Michael Golden is heading to Baltimore Comic Con and he's bringing a few interesting heroes and villains with him

Added September 22nd


Arcana's Clockwork GirlArcana Comics News

We just received the latest Arcana Comics newsletter and it's loaded with complany news we're pleased to share

Added September 22nd


Sunday,September 21st, 2008



Joe KubertKubert's Comic Studio

Joe Kubert is the gift that keeps on giving and John Wilson shares a Graphics Content review looking at his Comic Book Studio

Added September 21st


Grant Morrison's First CrisisMorrison's Other Crisis

Did you know that Final Crisis mastermind Grant Morrison has written a Crisis story before? Russ shares the details...

Added September 21s


Slow BurnPreview Slow Storm

A firefighter in rural Kentucky, Ursa searches for her place in life, struggling to meet her own expectations

Added September 21st


Skyscrapers of the MidwestRead Skyscrapers

Have you picked up your copy of Skyscapers of the Midwest? If not, we invite you to preview what you're missing!

Added September 21st


FallconMCBA Fallcon

Records will be broken, hearts will warmed and MCBA will usher in a new level of what comic book celebrations should be

Added September 21st


Saturday,September 20th, 2008


The Walking DeadRuss on Walking Dead

Russell Burlingame points out a popular series you should be reading and shares thoughts on why it's so utterly good

Added September 20th


Chain links over textNew Links Added

Our ever growing links page adds 15 new sites taking the count to 2,645. When it comes to links, we cover comics!

Added September 20th


UnmaskedSPX Event Schedule

Small Press Expo (SPX) 2008 announces its slate of panels, creator Q&As and Spotlight sessions for SPX 2008

Added September 20th


Pilot SeasonLabor Days at Oni

A series smoothie of Bond movies, mid-twenties malaise, scraps of social theory, heroic booze and great artwork

Added September 20th


Friday,September 19th, 2008


Mid-Ohio-ConOh! Comics 20th@MOC

Bob Corby isn't just a friend of Comic Related and the organizer of SPACE, he's also a long running comic creator

Added September 19th


UnmaskedSPX & Ignatz Update

We're pleased to share a full update on the 2008 Ignatz Award Nominees plus a programming sneak preview

Added September 19th


Pilot SeasonAirship 27 Ghost Squad

Set in the 1930s, Ghost Squad Rise of the Black Legion is a fast paced thriller and pure purple prose, start to finish

Added September 19th


Pilot SeasonMechTechs Go Virtual

ShanghaiPop Interactive has launched the beta version of the MechTechs virtual world in support of the coming graphic novel

Added September 19th


Thursday,September 18th, 2008


Unmasked3rd Annual Unmasked

The PANEL collective presents their 3rd annual Unmasked Party, a free gathering to celebrate the '08 Mid-Ohio-Con

Added September 18th


Painting with FirePainting With Fire

John Wilson's Graphic Content pulls one from the video vault as he looks at Frazetta: Painting with Fire which is now on iTunes

Added September 18th


Pilot SeasonPilot Season Winners

Top Cow has announced that the winners of the 2008 Pilot Season campaign are Twilight Guardian and Genius

Added September 18th


RitualRitual for Christmas

AAM/Markosia has announced the launch of its newest series, Ritual, by Andy Briggs and Shawn McCauley

Added September 18th


Wednesday,September 17th, 2008


The Related RecapThe Related Recap #35

Jad Ziade and Alex Cahill of The New Radio join us for an extended interview discussing Poison The Cure and much more

Added September 17th




InvincibleA Week in Comics
Eric Ratcliffe's Why I Love Comics sits down with a week's worth of comics and he shares his thoughts on a mix of comics

Added September 17th


DinicartoonsDinicartoons@Top Cow

Top Cow has announced that superstar creator Paul Dini is bringing his Dinicartoons universe to Top Cow

Added September 17th


Steve NilesSteve Niles Webcast

Radical Publishing has announced a live webcast with Steve Niles discussing City of Dust on Tuesday, September 30th

Added September 17th


The Night of Your LifeNight Of Your Life

Cartoonist Jesse Reklaw turns the dreams of strangers into four-panel comic strips in The Night of Your Life

Added September 17th


Tuesday,September 16th, 2008


Russell BurlingameThe Gold Exchange
Russell Burlingame asks artist and incoming writer Dan Jurgens a mix of questions about issue #12 of Booster Gold

Added September 16th


DeadworldDeadworld Optioned
We congratulate Gary Reed and Desperado Publishing as Reed's long running series Deadworld is optioned for film

Added September 16th


ShippingShipping This Week
Our release date area has been updated to reflect titles coming out through Sept 24th. We post 'em as they're announced.

Added September 16th


Red Rocket 7SF's Neon Monster

Madman Atomic Comics' Mike and Laura Allred will celebrate the tenth anniversary of Red Rocket 7 at Neon Monster

Added September 16th


ROK ComicsROK Free to View

ROK Comics has announced thatmany of the comics published on the service are now Free To View on the web

Added September 16th


William ShatnerWilliam Shatner

Bluewater Productions has announced a partnership with iconic actor and bestselling author William Shatner

Added September 16th


Monday,September 15th, 2008


Doc SavageOnly One Doc Savage
Gordon Dymowski's TV Party looks at a character who can be considered the grandfather of American popular culture

Added September 15th


SergiA Few Broad Strokes
John Wilson's Graphic Content looks at a mix of topics in rapid fire sharing a new review he calls the Broad Strokes

Added September 15th


Jesus Hates ZombiesArthur Suydam & JHZ

Stephen Lindsay, creator and writer of Jesus Hates Zombies announce new edition featuring a cover by Arthur Suydam

Added September 15th


King of NekropolisKing of Nekropolis

Optimum Wound Comics launches Danijel Zezelj’s new webcomic, King of Nekropolis and a print edition will follow

Added September 15th


Sunday,September 14th, 2008


BoneyardBoneyard Gallery
Running for over seven years, we've selected NMB Publishing's horror and humor series Boneyard as out latest cover gallery

Added September 14th


Fred Van LenteFred Van Lente Talks
Why I Love Comics' Eric Ratcliffe shares an extended interview with the creatively prolific writer... Fred Van Lente

Added September 14th


Alterna ComicsAlterna Hits the Road

Alterna Comics will be out in full force for Baltimore Comic Con and for SPX the following week. Stop by and say hello!

Added September 14th


Dark HorseDavid Lloyd Honored

Association of Italian Comics Bookshops to present the first Comic Bookshops Career Prize to David Lloyd

Added September 14th


Saturday,September 13th, 2008


Chain links over textNew Links Added

Our ever growing links page adds 20 new sites taking the count to 2,630. When it comes to links, we cover comics!

Added September 13th


GlamourpussGlamourpuss Preview

Dave Sim's Glamourpuss #3 hits store shelves on September 17th and we're pleased to share a preview of issue #4

Added September 13th


ZenZen Origin for Free

Honoring Zen Intergalactic Ninja's return to comics, Devil's Due presents the original origin of Zen for free online

Added September 13th


Mid-Ohio-ConMid-Ohio-Con Update

Comic Related will have a table at Mid-Ohio-Con and we're pleased to share the latest on the upcoming show

Added September 13th


Friday,September 12th, 2008


Boom!This Week's BOOM!

Russell Burlingame shares the first of a mulit-part update looking at this week's titles from BOOM! Studios

Added September 12th


Spidey's DealHave To End This Way?

Bill Gladman's Life in Four Colors contemplates a great question... Did It Really Have To End This Way?

Added September 12th


HeroesConHeroesCon '09 Update

Comic Related has plans for an increased presence at the '09 show and we're tracking news regarding the growing guest list

Added September 12th


GI JoeJoe Is Go For January

IDW's G.I. Joe series will launch in January 2009 with a three tiered battle plan also leading into the coming film

Added September 12th


Thursday,September 11th, 2008


The StandRussell on Marvel

Russell Burlingame looks at a mix of topics tied to the House of Ideas including The Stand, midnight debuts & more

Added September 11th


Honoring 9-11Honoring 9-11

Bill Gladman's Life in Four Colors asks you to never forget and honors the memory of 9-11 in commentary & comics

Added September 11th


Locke and KeyLocke & Key Collected

Locke & Key surprised fans, garnered acclaim, sold-out and was optioned for film. Now the first story is being collected!

Added September 11th


Marvel ApesHero Wieringo Variant

Marvel Apes are swinging into stores and the Hero Initiative has unveiled a variant cover by the late Mike Wieringo

Added September 11th


Wednesday,September 10th, 2008


The Related RecapThe Related Recap #34

During this week's show we find ourselves sharing a slightly different Related Recap? What do we mean... click & listen!

Added September 10th



ShippingIron Manual Review
John Wilson's Graphic Content looks at the Iron Manual and along the way he admits a love for all things handbook

Added September 10th


ElephantmenElephantmen Go Mobile

Clickwheel LTD has announced the addition of the fan favorite Elephantmen series to its premium roster

Added September 10th


JHZJesus Hates Zombies

Available Sept 24th from Alterna, Jesus Hates Zombies featuring Lincoln Hates Werewolves unveils an 18 page preview

Added September 10th


Venice The Venice Chronicles

Preview The Venice Chonicles, a travelogue in pencil, watercolor and varying shades of silliness from AdHouse Books

Added September 10th


Tuesday,September 9th, 2008


RunawaysA Week in Comics
Eric Ratcliffe's Why I Love Comics sits down with a week's worth of comics and he shares his thoughts on a mix of comics

Added September 9th


ShippingIdentity Crisis Review
John Wilson shares a Graphic Content review and looks at Identity Crisis... the one that changed everything

Added September 9th


ShippingShipping This Week
Our release date area has been updated to reflect titles coming out through Sept 17th. We post 'em as they're announced.

Added September 9th


ScarletScarlet Veronica

When Veronica died, her undead alter ego became all that stands between the forces of evil and the end of the world

Added August 9th


Red DiariesThe Red Diaries

A conspiracy involving a man claiming to be the son of Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy sets the stage for a search for answers

Added August 9th


SPXBen Katchor@SPX '08

Fresh off his international comics exposition in he Netherlands Ben Katchor will soon make his first SPX appearance

Added August 9th


Monday,September 8th, 2008


FablesHot Shot of the Week

What many considered might be the final act of Bill Willingham’s Fables played itself out this week and the series contines

Added September 8th


Dracula vs WerewolfFrazetta's Dracula

Bill Gladman's Life in Four Colors takes you on a tour of Frank Frazetta's Dracula Meets the Wolfman and finds a fun read

Added September 8th


Why I Killed PeterWhy I Killed Peter

NBM Publishing has announced Why I Killed Peter which will by unveilled in November and we're previewing today

Added August 8th


Comic Book TrailersComic Book Trailers

New Legend Productions unveils a new web service that specializes in showcasing comic book related trailers

Added August 8th


Sunday,September 7th, 2008


Spider JerusalemTransmetropolitan

Two words... Spider Jerusalem. We celebrate Warren Ellis' and Darick Robertson's series in our latest cover gallery!

Added September 7th


Fearless ReadersFearless Readers

Bill Gladman's Life in Four Colors has been on the road and in this column he stops by another Fearless Readers

Added September 7th


Dark TowerDark Tower@Midnight

Marvel unveils the list of retailers participating in the midnight opening to commemorate Dark Tower: Treachery #1

Added September 7th


StoutJusko & Stout in Spain

The Cultural Festival of Aviles, Spain kicks off this week and it will be headlined by Joe Jusko and William Stout

Added September 7th


Saturday,September 6th, 2008


Chain links over textNew Links Added

Our ever growing links page adds 10 new sites taking the count to 2,610. When it comes to links, we cover comics!

Added September 6th


SupermanSave Superman House
Brad Meltzer invites fans to find their inner Supermen and help preserve the structure where the legend began

Added September 6th


Alterna ComicsAlterna Newsletter

We're pleased to share Alterna Comics latest newsletter presenting all the latest on their line of titles and appearances

Added September 6th


RunawaysRunaways for Free

The Runaways are back in a new ongoing and Marvel Digital is giving letting fans read the all-new Runaways #1 for free!

Added September 6th


Friday,September 5th, 2008



RunawaysA Week in Comics
Eric Ratcliffe's Why I Love Comics sits down with a week's worth of comics and he shares his thoughts on a mix of comics

Added September 5th


Book of Lies Meltzer's Book of Lies

Brad Meltzer’s new The Book of Lies was released this week and Russell explores a "comic geek DaVinci Code"

Added September 5th


ParadeParade With Fireworks

Eisner-nominated true story behind cartoonist Michael Cavallaro's family history to be collected this November

Added September 5th


TyphonTyphon Vol. 1 Signing

Seattle's Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery to welcome New York cartoonist & illustrator Danny Hellman

Added September 5th

Thursday,September 4th, 2008


ShippingShipping This Week
Our release date area has been updated to reflect titles coming out through Sept 10th. We post 'em as they're announced.

Added September 4th


DC Universe Further Consideration

Hot Shot Extra Russell continues his discussion of DC Universe: Last Will and Testament tying in Marv Wolfman and more

Added September 4th


The Long Hot Summer Long Hot Summer

Feature Column Bill Love's Novel Ideas checks out Image's The Long Hot Summer and finds it’s all about being cool

Added September 4th


Lost and FoundLost and Found

Bermuda Triangle, the Arctic Vortex, Stonehedge, and The Devil’s Triangle? Just ask Beau Smith where they all lead...

Added September 4th


FarscapeBoom! on Farscape

BOOM! Studios and The Jim Henson Company announce that Keith R.A. DeCandido will script the Farscape miniseries

Added September 4th


ConanCS Moore Studio News

This CS Moore Studio update shares the latest news and info on the statues, busts, and more from Clayburn Moore

Added September 4th


Wednesday,September 3rd, 2008


The Related RecapThe Related Recap #33

New Podcast It's a full show interview with Chris Pitzer discussing AdHouse Books, comics, publishing, the Eisners and more

Added September 3rd




Comics ReporterSite of the Month
AdHouse Books Chris Pitzer and AdHouse Books have garnered much respect as a boutique publisher of quality comics

Added September 3rd


Love and RocketsFantagraphics News

We're pleased to share Fantagraphics Books latest F.B.I. information update presenting all the latest on their line of titles

Added September 3rd


Barack ObamaObama Sells for Image

Savage Dragon's recent endorsement of Barack Obama heated up headlines and led to a pre-release sell out

Added September 3rd


ViperViper Comics Update

Viper Comics is serving a mix of news via their Newswire including all the latest on Middleman, Kid Houdini and more

Added September 3rd


Tuesday,September 2nd, 2008



Site StatsSite Stats for August

Another great month at Comic Related as we topped 2.2 million hits, 122,355 visitors and a pile of podcast downloads

Added September 2nd


Street AngelFrom The Sketchbook

We open up our growing convention sketchbook sharing some great art. Page 19 goes to the Comic Creators Cabal

Added September 2nd


Haven Top Shelf $3 Sale

Celebrating Surrogates movie wrap, surviving San Diego and a mix of upcoming releases, Top Shelf announces sale

Added September 2nd


Haven Red 5 for November

Atomic Robo and ZMD are appearing in the current September issue of Diamond Previews from Red 5 Comics

Added September 2nd


Monday,September 1st, 2008


Comic RelatedFour Year Anniversary

It's the quiet before the storm as Comic Related marks it's anniversary and looks forward to a mix of change in year five

Added September 1st


SupergirlHot Shot of the Week

Our Hot Shot heralds back to Brad Meltzer's Justice League and forward to DC Universe: Last Will and Testament

Added September 1st


Haven Mesmo Delivery

Preview Mesmo Delivery, the full color debut sequential work by Eisner Award winning Brazilian creator Rafael Grampá

Added September 1st


Haven Latest from Haven

Haven Dstributors serves up the latest on their growing company in a new newsletter and we invite you to check it out

Added September 1st



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